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Return of the EX-Class Genius Villain Chapter 82

let’s go

First came out of the cave.

‘It’s spectacular.’

Seeing the vast swarm of monsters spread so far that I couldn’t see the end, I got goosebumps.

What’s surprising is that even though I came out, the monsters didn’t show any movement.

I thought we’d start a fight as soon as we came out, but in this situation it’s great.

‘It’s a plan change.’

I raised my hand slightly to stop the team members from behind and called Kater.

‘Leave the crown and come out quietly.’


With a small wind noise, Kater jumped out of her bracelet and stood in front of me.

“… … .”

The magic beasts were still silent even though Kater jumped out.

Even though we are seeing that the place where we are is outside the cave.

‘I hope it goes on like this.’

I took the crown from my bracelet, eagerly hoping they would stay still.



The moment the crown came out of the bracelet and was on my hand.

Whoa whoa whoa-


The Witch Beasts cried out in unison and raised their bodies.


Then it is.

Things don’t always go easy.

I lowered my hand and shouted.

“Stop it!”

Shu Shu Shu Shuk-

The team members who escaped from the cave, led by Leon, rush towards the monsters approaching like a tidal wave.

“Start, brother!”

Unlike the others, Alin stood in front of me with almost no distance.

I put the crown on my head, trusting my teammates.


A crown comes to tighten the head.

Even though it is an object without reason, the will of the crown is transmitted.

The one made of the demon king’s bones rejects me, not the demon king.


Arin shouted in anger and pulled the crown that was about to break my head, but I couldn’t stand it.

I rather dried Arin.

‘do not do that.’

This is a fight between me and the crown.

If Arin intervenes, even if I win, I have nothing to gain.

At my words, Arin transformed into the coat again, and I focused on the crown.

It wasn’t long before I realized what I had to do.

The key is balance.

The point is how much karma should be converted into the power of the source.

Too much source power will devour the crown, making dominion useless. To become a crown where only divine power exists.

Conversely, too little and you won’t be able to properly capture dominance.

somewhere in the middle

I need to find that point.

And found.

‘This tidyer.’

The moment I found that point, I was able to feel one thing again.

‘I’m talented in this way.’

After all, it has always been like that.

Even though there wasn’t a specific table of numbers, I always knew how much it consumed when converting karma into abilities.

That’s a pretty accurate value.

You do something you have never learned or experienced at once. There is no other way to explain this other than talent.

Even now.


I quickly found the balance point.

The moment I just wanted to know, I found out on my own.

‘How could this be?’

It’s a phenomenon that I can’t understand even considering that my characteristic is to deal with karma.

Of course, now is not the time to be thinking about that.

‘First of all, the crown.’

I switched karma right away.

‘Convert 6,015 points to source power.’

『The Seeker of Good (EX)

Steals the evil one’s karma.

Retained Karma: 22,110』

Karma disappears and the body is filled with the power of the source.

I brought all that power to my head in an instant.

don’t be slow Yes, it just disappears in vain.


The crown that seemed like it would break my head at any moment loosened its power.

The power of the source embraced the crown, and soon began to permeate.

The crown accepted the power of the source without the slightest resistance, as if it had never rejected me.

I felt joy and anxiety at the same time.

I’m happy that the crown’s dominance seems to be stronger than I thought, and I’m worried that it will take quite a while.

‘I’ll have to hold on well.’

Now I have no choice but to trust my teammates.

* * *

The moment Martin focused on the crown, among those who jumped out of the cave, the first person to face the witch was Leon, not Kate, who could be said to be the strongest of the current ‘Martin Team’, or Ellis, the 9-star hunter.

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Leon gently swung his sword with a blue river.

It was so similar that if Pedro had seen it, he would have applauded saying that it was the same as James.


The strong air that flew from his sword instantly disappeared as if moving in space, then appeared and blew away three demon beasts running from tens of meters away at the same time.

‘What just happened?’

Leon was startled.

Because that wasn’t the attack he intended.

Leon recognized that something inside him was changing in real time.

However, the surprise and doubt were only for a moment, and he soon focused.

‘I am a knight.’

A knight protects his lord.

What we need to do now is to prevent the monsters from going to Martin. focus on that one In fact, doing just one is not easy.

So, Leon erased all thoughts.

His heart was as hard as a rock when he left a distance of 10m from the beast who was running from the lead.

Chow ah-

Leon, who was running, stopped and cut his sword from left to right.

squeak- squeak- squeak-

In one blow, the heads of the three demons were blown off.

Even though the three Witchbeasts were not in a straight line, their heads flew off at the same time as if they were.

This, too, was not intended.

However, Leon no longer lost his eyes on other things.

Just focused on the now.

“You cannot pass this place!”

I couldn’t understand Leon’s words, but the declaration was lodged in the beasts’ hearts as if it had become the truth and the law, and from that point on, the beasts’ running speed slowed significantly.

[It’s pretty.]

Cater brushes past Leon, who has become the gatekeeper.

Carter’s new model, which stretched as if it had become a line, reached the forefront of the faltering Demonic Beast.


Leon widened his eyes at the corpses of the beasts torn to pieces.

It’s because I didn’t know Kater’s power was this much.

Cater’s voice echoed in Leon’s surprised ears.

[You are defensive. I am an attack.]

bang!! bang!!

As soon as the words were finished, Kater charged at the Witchbeasts.

It is like a wolf running rampant among a flock of sheep.

Leon looked back at Cater.

There are still a lot of witches.

It was because he decided that it would be better to leave the front to Kater and protect Martin from the rear.

And Leon’s thoughts were not wrong.


I can see the flying monsters flying in with the wind, and the monsters approaching bypassing Kater.


Those who bypass it will be able to block it somehow.

Even if you miss a few, the remaining team members will take care of them.

But what do those flying monsters do?

Of course there is a way.

That’s what blows away the strong wind.

The problem was that the amount of mana consumed when using that method was too great.

Considering the endless hordes of monsters and Martin’s manipulation of the crown, which may end at any moment, it can be said that blowing strong energy to lose strength is the worst of the bad.

‘But I can’t help it.’

There is no other way now.

For now, the first priority is to keep them from reaching Martin.


Leon took up his posture to launch a river into the sky.

Many thoughts came and went before reaching a conclusion, but now his thoughts were faster than ever.



The Demonic Beast resembling a crow flying in front explodes in the strong air.

bang! bang! bang!

Leon blew strong air without a break.

There was no time to care about the detouring witches.

However, there were too many demon beasts to drop them one by one, and soon after, demon beasts passing overhead began to appear.

Around that time, Leon wondered if he should leave the magic beasts approaching the ground to his teammates and stick close to Martin to defend them.

But that was then.


A dazzling light emanates from the sky behind.

like the sun.

The light was bright enough to shine even to Kater, who was slaughtering the Witchbeasts from a place quite far away.

‘be used to… … .’

It’s a feeling I’ve experienced several times before.

For a split second, Leon knew what that light was.

‘Palace of Apollo!’

This is exactly what the master felt when he shot the bow.

Leon, delighted at the thought of Martin waking up, stepped back without hesitation.

And at that time, the sun in the sky split apart and fell like a meteor.

While aiming only for flying monsters.

Kwak Kwa Kwa Kwa Kwam!

For Leon, an unknown number of magical beasts disappeared with a single arrow.

Leon, who was stepping back, stopped with one person beside him.

“… Alice?”

It was clear that the bow was right to show off such destructive power.

What was different from what was expected was that the owner of the bow was Elise, not Martin.

‘They said Alice’s constellation is Apollo.’

This fact had been forgotten because Martin, who had nothing to do with God, handled the bow better than Alice, the apostle of God.

“Are you okay?”

Alice’s face turned pale as if she had been overdoing it.

Certainly, the destructive power from earlier was so great that Elise’s current condition was understandable.

“Ten seconds… No, just rest for about 20 seconds and you will be fine.”

Leon stopped in front of her and said.

“Then I will earn you those 20 seconds.”


Alice didn’t hesitate and sat down on the spot.

It seems that he intends to rest properly while he is resting.

Leon didn’t feel bad about being trusted, so he smiled.

‘I have to do it properly.’

Others do too much for the sake of their lord, but it is impossible for them to reserve their strength forever.

Aren’t flying monsters filling the already empty space?

Leon closed his eyes and recalled the sensation of the time when he slashed the heads of three monsters at the same time.

I feel like I can somehow do it now.


Leon took a deep breath and widened his senses.

Magic beasts entering the realm of spirit one by one.

It fills up to the point where it soon becomes dizzy.

Leon did not move even in the midst of the offensive, which seemed to have to be blown away immediately.

I didn’t open my eyes and just focused on the feeling.

“Unstoppable Lord!”

One of the fantasy knights saw Leon like that and shouted.

But Leon didn’t even flinch.

There are people in the world who become stronger in crises, and Leon believed that he was that kind of person.

I had such an experience in the fight against Kumalai, who was the death penalty in the past.

And Leon’s faith was rewarded.


It was very small, but I could see something like a solid line connecting the monsters.

It’s not actually connecting the demons.

Leon tried to find a path to drop as many of those monsters as possible at once, and it only appeared as a solid line in his image.

Kwak Kwah Kwah-

On top of the sword, the mighty sword steel that was different from before shone brightly.

With his eyes closed, Leon raised his sword diagonally.


Just like the time when he first killed the beast, the strong energy that appeared in the air as if it was teleporting through the space and pierced the first beast.


Kang Ki did not disappear, continued to move forward, and after releasing the second demon beast, turned at a right angle.

puck! puck! puck! puck!

As if it had willpower, it constantly changes direction from the sky and drops demonic beasts.

And finally, I reached the end of the line that was in my image.


Leon lowered the raised sword with all his might.


The river that reached the end caused a huge explosion and disappeared.

“… … .”

There were no more flying monsters floating in the sky.

Martin’s ‘Magic Concentration’, which moves only as planned and achieves a pre-determined goal.

A swordsman’s “air sword” that slashes through space and slashes opponents regardless of distance.

Leon didn’t know it, but at this moment he perfected a technique that seemed to be a combination of those two secret techniques.

‘… I did it!’

Leon clenched his fist.

Someone pushed his back as he staggered from exhaustion of mana.

“Are you okay?”

“I don’t think 20 seconds have passed yet.”

“How can you sit still after seeing something like that? Did you gain strength just by looking at it?”

Elise’s voice felt like the magic power that had been showing the floor was being recharged.

Savoring the feeling of being able to fight forever, Leon raised his sword again.

“Let’s keep going.”

There were still many witches.

Return of the EX-Class Genius Villain

Return of the EX-Class Genius Villain

EX급 천재 빌런의 회귀
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Status: Completed Type: Author: Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
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