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Return of the EX-Class Genius Villain Chapter 79

Demon World Camp

Why is Latun suddenly appearing here?

I jumped up and asked.

“You mean Latun has been to this demon realm before?”


“her… Then there is nothing wrong with it.”

If it is Latun, the transcendental one, if he is the one who revived the dead by turning time, it would not be impossible to create a space where demons do not exist in the world of demons.

“Where is it? far?”

[It’s less than a day away. I don’t know the information from far away.]

“Hey, that’s good.”

[Are you planning to go?]

“Of course I should go.”

do you know

Maybe Ratoon left something there.

My heart is pounding.

* * *

next day.

The members of my team, who are going on an expedition today, are lined up in front of me.

“I am ready.”

“thank you for your effort.”

Our ‘Team Martin’ consisted of 20 people, including me as the team leader and Alice as the assistant team leader.

The fantasy knights led by Leon and Aline and the hunters who followed Alice on Earth became my teammates.

“Then let’s go.”


I proceeded without hesitation using Kater as a navigation.

Around three hours later, Elise asks if my movements were suspicious.

“Is it okay if we go this fast?”

“The destination has also been set, and we have confirmed that there are no demons on the way there.”

“yes? who… ah! Are you Cater?”


Ellis knew about Kater as he had been with me for a long time.

Even Alice knew that Kater was receiving certain information through Magi from the moment she entered the abandoned world.

I was open to this information, at least to people I trusted, and Ellis was one of the people I trusted.

Ellis, whose face felt a little more at ease, looked around and said.

“It’s definitely different from Earth or Roden.”

“Iknow, right.”

Everything is big here.

Each tree stretches so long that you can’t see the end, and the sun floating in the sky is enormous. It feels strange that the sun is so big and the temperature is not that high. I think that the reason why the color of this world is generally red is because of that sun.

“There’s a demon corpse over there.”

A fish about 10m long is lying down. It might be a bit odd to see it as a fish in that it has legs, but it looks like a fish anyway.

Judging by the decapitated appearance, it seems that he was killed by the Sword Saint.

“uh… Wait.”

Alice manipulated the terminal made in Roden.

In this demonic world, things like earth radio waves didn’t work properly, so only Roden’s were used here.

It is ironic that Earth and Roden are incomparably different in the level of development of science and technology, and here they are using Roden’s inferior terminal.

“Ah, it’s a registered object.”

I thought so.

It’s still uncharted territory.

“Then let’s just move on.”


The steps after that were a bit slow.

After seeing the corpse of the demon, I had no choice but to be a little more careful.

After another about three hours, we found a stake.

“That’s it.”

“From now on, I will take the formation a little bigger.”

Following my instructions, the team widened the gap.

Unlike before, faces with tension.

I will be the same.

“If you find anything unusual, please report it immediately.”

From now on, this is uncharted territory.

* * *

Martin’s team isn’t the only team exploring uncharted territory today. Martin’s team isn’t the first to venture into uncharted territory.

Except for Pedro, who serves as the control tower, almost all 9-star superhumans and hunters in the abandoned world set their own directions and formed a team to explore or were going to go out.

There was even a team that had not yet returned to the headquarters and had not been reported, but saw a living Witchbeast.

Here, those who were climbing high mountains were also one such team.

“Why are dinosaurs in a place like this… … .”

It was Kim Jeong-moon, the leader of the ‘Kim Jeong-moon Team’, who was hiding behind a large rock and talking as if he was dumbfounded.

“dinosaur? What is it?”

“The creature that ruled the earth a long time ago.”

“Is that life on Earth?”

When Executor Kerbel, the deputy team leader, shouted in surprise, Kim Jung-moon quickly covered Kerbel’s mouth.

“Why are you screaming and screaming all of a sudden!”

“… Eup.”

“I’ll take your hand away, so speak quietly. Even if you are that big, you don’t know if your ears are bright.”


When Kim Jung-moon slowly removed his hand, Kerbel said with an incomprehensible face.

“No, I think I will fall down after a few hits with my hammer, but why do I need to be so careful? Let’s just grab it and move on.”

“Seeing something like that means that there may be other demons nearby. Like you said, I know that it’s not that strong. But if it gets caught and a fight breaks out, can you be sure that no other monsters will come after hearing that noise?”

It made some sense, but Kerbel wasn’t happy with it.

“If you look at the report written by the Sword Saint, it says that there are few monsters that are as good as the Skeleton King. The others said they weren’t that strong. Isn’t the team leader being too cautious? Only then will the exploration be properly conducted?”

“That’s what I can say because it’s such a great swordsman. Just because you’re weak by his standards, don’t assume that others will be the same.”

At Kim Jung-moon’s words, Kerbel pursed her lips like someone with a lot to say, but eventually closed her mouth.

Because the person leading the team now was Kim Jung-moon.

And the team members who were watching them let out a sigh of relief.

‘It seems like the two of us can’t hear even if we talk like that, but my ears must be very bright.’

‘The difference between the team leader and the deputy team leader is too great.’

‘we… Will I be safe?’

‘Maybe I entered the wrong team?’

The team members were roughly thinking that way.

Kim Jeong-moon, who had been watching the beast that looked like a dinosaur for a while, sent a hand signal to his teammates when the beast showed no signs of leaving.

Turn around and go up.

It was a hand signal with such a meaning.

Following the command of the team leader, the team members moved quietly and left the spot, but fortunately, the demon did not notice them.

Some distance away from the Witchbeast, they diligently climbed the mountain and finally reached the top.

While Kim Jung-moon was looking at the large forest below, Kerbell approached with a frustrated expression and asked.

“How far is the detectable range?”

“About 100m is the limit. How old are you, vice-captain?”

“120m. under… There you are.”

A detection radius of only 120 m means that the detection is almost useless. You can see more than that through the eyes of the general public.

However, if you enter the forest below, the story will be different.

In that forest, tall trees will block your view, and there will be more things you can detect with your senses than with your eyes.

“This bastard’s magic must be the problem.”

It’s all because of the magic that spreads in the atmosphere.

Magi irregularly disrupts the flow of radio waves, and the communication equipment brought from Earth is completely inoperative. A situation where even that common drone cannot fly.

In this respect, Roden’s equipment was also severely restricted.

The communication tool didn’t work properly even if it was a little far away.

It was for that reason that people had to go and explore the unknown territory one by one.

For humans, the Demon Egg was an uncomfortable place in many ways.

“Do you intend to avoid all the demons you encounter in the future?”

“It’s subjugation. Wouldn’t it be better to catch me later and do it all at once?”

“Then what does this exploration mean?”

“It means making a map, and you can also check the location where the demon is located. Why are you so dissatisfied?”

“What are the complaints! Why is the team leader so sensitive!”

It looks like a fight is about to break out.

While the team members were watching the two with anxious eyes, their mouths were closed at the same time.

“intuition… Oh?”

“sh*t! It seems so.”

Kim Jung-moon and Kerbel understood the current situation. We figured out why we were so sensitive to each other.

That’s because of that unique intuition that only a 9-star superman can have.

And that also meant that there was something ominous nearby that stimulated their intuition.

Not just one, but two at the same time, so there’s no doubt about it.

“Let’s step back for now.”

“That would be nice.”

Kim Jung-moon summoned the spear, and Kerbell looked around while holding the hammer tightly.

It was at that time that the other team members were also nervous and tried to withdraw.

Whoa whoa whoa-

A groan is heard from far away.

thud! thud! thud! thud!

Soon the ground started to vibrate.

“Something is coming.”

At Kerbel’s murmur, the team members’ eyes turned to the vast forest below.

And it wasn’t long before the team members could see people running through the forest.


“Sir James!”

They were the ‘James Team’ led by John, one of the teenage hunters, and James, the sophomore of the Phantom Knights, who first went on an expedition into unknown territory.

Just as Kim Jung-moon was looking down at them and contemplating what to do, Kerbell moved first.

“Let’s help first!”


Kervel kicked off the ground and ran down to where they were running.

“sh*t! I do not know! Let’s find one and see!”

Kim Jung-moon and the rest of the team also followed suit.

But they soon had to stop.



It was because of the appearance of something that broke the trees of the large forest and jumped out.

Whoa whoa whoa-

The Demonic Beast that showed up with a scream.

It looked like a gorilla, it seemed to be well over 100m tall, and the hair on the head was burnt, making it look like a bald head, and there was an X-shaped scar on its cheek.

At this moment, everyone who saw the gorilla witch recalled the report of the swordsman they had seen before.

『… Like this, witches are weak. Wouldn’t it be possible to catch it with an 8-star superman? However, as in any world, there are strong individuals in the abandoned world. Although the number is small, there are monsters that are as big as the ‘Skeleton King’, which was called the disaster of the earth, and there are definitely monsters that are stronger than that. Shall we give an example? Yeomma and I went around killing monsters, and one day we met a huge monster. Its rough appearance resembles a gorilla, so we named it ‘Gorilla King’. It was incredibly strong. Even though I and Yeomma attacked with pincers, I couldn’t kill it, and it only burned my hair and left a small scar on my cheek. Therefore, I recommend that those who read this report run away unconditionally if they encounter the ‘Gorilla King’. to the next… … .』

“King Gorilla… … .”

Kim Jeong-moon, who came to his senses at Kerbel’s muttering in a daze, looked back and shouted.


The team members who had been running below all turned around and headed back to the high ground.

But their steps had to stop again.


It was because I saw a huge ball of fire ejecting from the gorilla king’s mouth and flying towards the peak of the mountain in the path they ran.

“Everyone take cover!”

At Kim Jung-moon’s cry, everyone fled and hid in a nearby rocky place.


With a deafening explosion, chunks of rock fall from the sky like showers.

bang! bang! bang!

As Kerbel swings her hammer and knocks out the stones, she sees a mountain whose peak has disappeared.

‘Is it a disaster… … .’

To the extent that I was in awe of the Sword Master and the Yeomma who left scars on such a monster and even came back alive.

That was such a monster.

* * *


I raised my hand to stop my teammates at the sound of a distant explosion.


It was small, but it was clearly audible.

I asked Alice who approached me.

“Did you hear?”


“Do you know where it is?”

Elise shook her head.

“I don’t know. Still, it was not the direction where the headquarters was located.”

“It’s frustrating because the communication port is dead.”

“What should I do? Would you like to go back?”

It can’t be.

“Let’s keep going.”


We moved on.

As Carter assured, there were no demons he encountered along the way.

We moved for six hours in such a comfortable state, and finally we were able to reach our destination.


There is an entrance to the cave where Kater pointed.

After I ordered the team members to hide, I cautiously approached the entrance of the cave with only Cater and Leon.

And there I was able to find a familiar sign.

“what? this?”

“Anyway, it looks like Hangeul.”


There was a sign written in Korean.

【128th Pandemonium Ratoon Camp】

Return of the EX-Class Genius Villain

Return of the EX-Class Genius Villain

EX급 천재 빌런의 회귀
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Status: Completed Type: Author: Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
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