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Return of the EX-Class Genius Villain Chapter 69

Healing Light

I ran into the room where Aline was lying.

‘this… … .’

Allin lying in bed and moaning, and the children hugging each other and crying.

Watching it makes my heart ache.


I stroked the head of Ramba who was hugging me and approached the bed.

Arlene looked very precarious even by the looks of it.

‘My father must be in the same state as Arlene… … .’

Having come to me with such a body and even opening the fantasy gate twice, I feel once again how great my father’s mental strength is.


I put my finger on the warrior’s bracelet.

A light as bright as the sun emanates from the bracelet and wraps around my hand.

‘I’m glad I got this.’

When Apollo, who had attacked me in the past, apologized through Alice, I proudly demanded compensation. Longing for a verbal apology is not a real apology.

In response, Apollo suggested several things, and after much thought, this was what I received.

healing light.

A miraculous ability to instantly heal anyone as long as they are not dead.

Apollo, the owner of this power called ‘healing light’, is also the god of medicine.

You should be able to raise Aline without a problem.

I believe so.

“It will be fine, Arlene.”

As he puts his light-filled hand on Arlene’s head, the light is sucked into Arlene’s head.

“after… … .”

The effect is awesome.

20 seconds? In that short period of time, Allin was fully recovered.

Apollo, who seemed less distant, also said that a god is a god.

“Oh oh… Holy saint!”

The elderly people who had been quiet in the room suddenly knelt at me.

“… Who are these people again?”

James bowed his head in response to my question.

“They are the healers of the Holy Kingdom.”

“I see.”

Well, now is not the time to worry about these inspirations.

“I will go back to my father. Take care of Aline and her younger siblings.”

“Please leave it to me.”

After waving to his younger siblings, he quickly headed to where his father was.

* * *

I went into my room and threw myself on the bed.

“Ugh~ I’m tired.”

Fortunately, he returned in time to treat his father.

Thanks to that, now my body is in a completely empty state.

Like ‘Apollon’s Palace’, ‘Healing Light’ also consumed mana.

Similarly, mental strength was consumed.

It was fortunate that when using the light, I didn’t consume as much mental power as I had to use ‘float’ like when dealing with the palace, but I almost couldn’t heal Aline and my father.

“Let’s go to sleep now.”

After all, sleep is the best medicine for fatigue.

I closed my eyes to sleep.

By the way,

Things that were quiet until now are making noise and making it impossible to sleep.

[Stupid Martin! Why the hell didn’t you take me out!]

Cater screamed.

[master! What the hell did you do? How could we come to the past?]

Arin poured out questions like a shotgun.

It was.

Surprisingly, Arin and Kater returned together as a set with me.

Is it because you are bound by your soul?

Anyway, I don’t know why the things that were quiet right after returning are suddenly like this.

[Answer me, Martin!]

‘under… Shut up! Like you did with Apollo in the past, you could come out on your own! Why are you f*cking with me?’

[At that time, it was possible because you were thinking of me, even subconsciously. But when he caught the phoenix, he didn’t think of me at all!]

‘… Did you?’

[It was!]

Come to think of it, why didn’t I think of summoning Kater?

If he had the body of a demon king, he might have been able to block that fireball.

I have so many things, I don’t think I thought about using Kater.

I thought so and read Kater.

‘I’ll definitely take it out for the next Phoenix Raid.’

[Are you promising?]


[Now that I’ve gained a new power, I’ll show you properly then!]

When Kater, who was shouting confidently, disappeared, Arin stepped forward this time.

[Master, only God can turn back time. But how did you do it?]

‘Can God turn back time?’

there is no scam

[Of course, there are limits. Ordinary gods can only turn back their own time. You have to be at least a god with some time-related powers to be able to project powers over a wide area. But the Master just… … .]


[no. It’s too early to tell now.]

‘Can’t I just tell you?’

[I think that would be a bit difficult. If I go through this one or two more times in the future, I think I’ll know for sure.]

Are you saying you want me to die one or two more times?

I smiled and looked at the karma window.

『The Seeker of Good (EX)

Steals the evil one’s karma.

Possessed Karma: 0』


It is clean.

Completely initialized.

If he had died when there were over 30,000 of them, he would have hit the ground and regretted it.

Do I have to say that I was good at putting 9 stars in advance?

Anyway, one thing is certain with this.

‘The point of return is also related to the karma you possess.’

I’ve been thinking about it, but that’s all there is to it.

When I died in my first life, I think I went further because I had a lot more karma than when I died this time.

Of course, the difference in karma was only a few thousand, but the first regression was 20 years, and this time it was only a week, so I admit that the calculations are a little off.

But what if that’s all I can think of right now?

‘If I die a few more times, I’ll know for sure.’

Anyway, this incident has made me realize a few things.

First, don’t be discouraged.

Second, don’t die.

Third, if you really want to die, don’t spare it and use karma.

Fourth, always think of what you have now so that you can use it anytime.

Not summoning Kater was an idiot, even now that I think about it.

The most useful thing I can use right now is Kater.

‘Well, it must be learning one by one after dying like this and coming back to life.’

I fell asleep thinking positively.

* * *

I woke up with my chest tight.

When I look down, I smile.

‘Ramba… … .’

The guy who didn’t even hold my hand when he said he was all grown up is sleeping on top of me.

‘Looks like he was very worried.’

By the way, the fact that Lamba is here means that Arlene has woken up safely, doesn’t it?

Feeling better, I hugged Lamba tightly and rocked it around.

“Ugh! brother! Let go!”

After rolling around like that for a while, I let go, and Lamba whimpers while moving away from me.

“Brother, it was bad!”

“Hyung missed our Ramba very much, but our Ramba didn’t miss you hyung?”

“Because we’re only seeing each other in two days?”

‘It’s not two days for me.’

I said with a grin.

“Two days is not long enough. Let’s play with our Ramba, hyung.”

Jumping up and approaching, Lamba wow! I screamed and ran out of the room.

“Cute guy.”

While giggling and laughing, I went to the restaurant with the intention of having a meal while waking up. I see my father and Arlene eating.

“Are you alright? How is your father?”

At my question, the two smiled and said it was okay.

my mind is a little relieved

It’s worth the hard work in the morning.

As I sit next to Arlene waiting for the rice to come out, my father asks.

“What was that that treated Arlene and me this morning? Didn’t you waste precious medicine because of me?”

“ah… That’s the same ability I received when I apologized to the god Apollo in the past.”

“You mean it’s not medicine?”

“Yes, I guess it’s some kind of authority?”

It is said that it is not disposable!

“But why?”

“Now there’s a commotion outside because of that.”

“Hmm… … .”

I guess I know the cause.

The therapist grandfathers who saw me and called me a saint and knelt down were probably talking about strange things outside.

‘I’m famous now, but I’m sure I’ll become more famous in the future.’

There’s not much inspiration anymore.

“I have more to tell you than that.”


“Actually, I met God on Earth.”

I talked about my meeting with Loki and the video he showed me.

In my last life, I didn’t tell my father because I was afraid I would worry him.

My father listened to my story and, as expected, had a serious face.

“That’s what happened to that friend… … .”

“Do not worry too much. Isn’t the swordsman someone who can be defeated so easily?”

“If the other person isn’t a demon, that would be the case.”

“Honestly, when I watched only the part where the last video was cut off, Geomseong-nim looked stronger.”

The already strong swordsman even heard a crazy weapon called the sword of darkness, but I don’t think I’ll lose to anyone.

Even if the opponent is a demon.

“There’s no way that friend left the sword in the dungeon for nothing.”

“I think there must be something wrong.”

“Hmm… It’s a matter.”

After thinking about something for a moment, the father opened his mouth.

“Martin, you seem almost certain that the sword castle is all right.”


“That’s it.”


“If that’s your gut feeling, that friend is probably still alive. Let’s wait and see.”

It wasn’t just the words, but the father’s face looked genuinely comfortable.

‘You say you trust only my senses and put your mind at ease?’

To be honest, I’m a bit dumbfounded to see my father, who is no other person but a fancier, like this.

Still, what is good is good.


I smile awkwardly and nod my head, but I feel a strong gaze from the side.

When I glanced up, Aline was smiling at me.

“Why are you laughing so much… … ?”

“Now it seems that my father believes in my brother as much as I do. I mean… You will become stronger.”

“… … .”

“I will follow you until the end. I will be your strength.”

“okay… … .”

Aline’s eyes are shining more than ever.

‘I can’t stop it.’

I know better than anyone else that I can’t stop Aline from being stubborn.

“Thank you. Don’t overdo it though.”

“yes. That shouldn’t be the case, but… If, by chance, you return again, you must tell me and my father without suffering alone. Understand?”

“… okay.”

“Then let’s eat. Hehe.”

Well… … .

I feel weird.

* * *

When the meal was over and the servants removed the dishes, the father asked.

“What do you plan to do with the Phoenix Raid?”

“I think we should go with a ranged attack.”

“Well, I think the same way.”

The last battle proved that at least me and my father could hold on to the firebird.

There is no need to disperse the power of superhumans because they are worried that the firebird will run away.

“A few people from a distance catch the firebird and hit it with the power of the majority.”

“Then I must find someone to catch the fire bird with me.”


The chains implemented by my father’s fantasy capture the enemy almost instantly and there is almost no distance restriction, whereas my river net can be used at least 30m away, and it has the disadvantage of being dumb when the opponent avoids it, but my father’s Tougher than chains.

In other words, in this plan, where ranged attacks are the main focus, I cannot take on the role of catching the enemy.

“Then you should call Oliver.”

You thought the same as me.

“I will contact you through Kim Jung-moon.”


Oliver, the 10th Hunter on Earth and the original user of the chain.

he needs it

“Can you tell me how much karma you have left?”


“No one?”


It hurts my heart to think of the bloody karma that disappeared along with the regression.

“Did they all disappear in return?”

“I guess so.”

“Then go around the Earth’s dungeons and collect some karma until the Phoenix Raid.”


You might want to stock up some karma because you might be using ‘Apollon’s Palace’ this time.

I thought so, but my father didn’t mean to save karma in that sense.

“As long as you’ve confirmed that your return is related to karma, you should always have at least 1 karma.”

“Because if you die with no karma like now, you might not be able to return?”

“Yes, no matter how urgent the karma is, you must never leave it at zero in the future.”

also father.

Always give me the advice I need.

“I will.”

“Then let’s rest for a bit and then head over to Earth around evening.”


That was when we were about to get up.

“My lord, I apologize during the meal.”

James came over.

“I’m about to eat and get up. But what is it?”

“The Pope has visited.”

“His Holiness the Pope? Hurry up and take me to the drawing room.”

But James says something strange.

“He said he would wait outside.”

“Are you asking me to come outside?”


James’ eyes turn to mine.

“He wanted to see the Archduke.”

I didn’t know at this time.

I never thought I would gain so much karma from meeting the Pope.

Return of the EX-Class Genius Villain

Return of the EX-Class Genius Villain

EX급 천재 빌런의 회귀
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