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Return of the EX-Class Genius Villain Chapter 47

Demon King’s Weapon

Prior to a proper conversation with Kim Jung-moon, I turned off ‘nature assimilation’.

Now that we have revealed that we have dragons on our side, there is no need to hide my weakness any longer by consuming karma.

『Release ‘Nature Assimilation’.

Possession Karma: 10,220』

‘I spent 5 minutes… … .’

I don’t want to see it fall below it once I’ve only filmed it.

‘I have to go hunting for villains again soon.’

If possible, I would like to see some earth villains as well.

How much karma will they give?

Just imagining it makes me feel better.

Across the gate, I sat down on the chair prepared by Seongguk.

“Are you all right?”

“… it’s okay.”

It doesn’t look good at all.

“If it’s hard, what should we do next time?”

“It doesn’t matter how hard it is, but… I think it would be better to do it next time.”


“We also want to take the time to build a proper representative.”

I nodded.

Kim Jung-moon himself says that, but further conversation is meaningless.

“Let’s see it tomorrow at this time. I want the three of you to come tomorrow, is that okay?”

“of course.”

“Then see you tomorrow.”

The first meeting with Lee Gye-in ended like that.

* * *

After breaking up with Kim Jong-moon, I couldn’t return to the embassy.


The ceremony of appointing a warrior has not yet been completed.

Back on the podium, I uttered an enthused speech.

The fact that the hero showed up is proof that danger is approaching Roden, and it will begin today when the gate is breached.

The Lodens, who had seen the dragon a while ago and the otherworlder through the gate, focused on my words. Thanks to you, I was able to finish my speech with a proud heart.

And so, after my speech,

The ceremony of appointing me as a warrior ended with the Pope’s proclamation that he recognized me as a warrior in accordance with God’s will.

After a brief exchange of greetings with high-ranking members of the church, we were finally able to return to the embassy.

“Did I do well?”

“Yes, you did well.”

“Which part do you think you did best?”

He said, putting down the knife and fork he was holding to meet Arias’ expectations, whose eyes were shining brightly.

“If you don’t want to taste disaster, please don’t be rude to our champion!”

He looked so immature and tyrannical.

In that sense, I meant to tease you, but Arias seems to have taken my words as they are.

It was because she had a big smile, unlike her usual facial expression.

“Did you like that part?”

“… yes.”

“Also! I paid the most attention to that part too!”

What part did you pay attention to?

I don’t know at all.

Perhaps no one here knows but Colsen.

But Colsen is… … .


“Hmmmm. Try some of this too.”

A grown man is sitting playing house.


“I’ll cut some… … .”



Colsen, who was cheating on Alice, didn’t look at me until after he had been hit by a honey chestnut.

“Go, why are you hitting me all of a sudden, Master?”

“Why are you bothering Alice so much?”

When I see a little boy’s love, I want to tease him.

While I was waiting with a happy heart to find out what excuse he would make, I had the experience of being slapped in the back of the head with words.

“Brother, I am fine! It doesn’t bother me at all!”

Elise didn’t stop talking and was stroking Colsen’s forehead where she had been hit by me.

ah… Legs lose strength.

‘Elis, even you… … .’

My teeth tremble at the feeling of betrayal.

How I raised you… … .

‘I can’t be that fat!’

Of course, the adult Colsen from the previous life, apart from that strange way of speaking, looked pretty cool. But isn’t that what you don’t know what will happen in this life?

I calmed my bubbling heart and tried to persuade Elise with all my heart.

However, my plan was canceled before I even tried it. Arias took me by the arm and brought me to my father’s house.

After being seated in a chair by the dragon’s irresistible grip, the father opened his mouth.

“Let’s stop kidding and have a serious talk.”

I wasn’t kidding… … .

In any case, I thought I would talk about the meeting tomorrow, so I straightened up.

“Why did you invite three people to the meeting?”

“Well… Maybe it’s a position that can decide Roden’s future fate, but honestly, I’m not very smart. I thought I needed someone smart.”

“Then why three and not two?”

“I need one strong person.”

Arias, who was listening carefully, pointed at himself with his finger.


I had the executor in mind.

“Arias-sama is strong, but she can’t go to Earth.”

“Are you going to go to Earth?”

“Yes, that Kim Jong-moon. I was told that I was one of the top 10 people on the planet.”

Arias shook his head.

“Yes, he was strong. I almost took the ‘Pier’ I shot by myself and was fine. Well… If I had to compare it, would it be similar to Carseden?”


As one of the 5 major villains, he is the owner of the ‘Black Sun’ and Leon’s old teacher.

“Have you ever fought Carseden?”

“Yeah, he was a pretty strong guy. Well, there are rumors that it hasn’t been the same since the Sword Saint cut off his arm. The strength I saw in that man named Kim Jeong-moon today was just about that. But you… … .”

“Yes, do you speak?”

“Did you mean you were going to Earth to find out the power of the teenage hunters or something?”

“Yes, I was very disappointed with Kim Jong-moon’s appearance today.”

“What if they are weaker than you think?”

“What if you’re weak… … .”

Arias narrowed his eyes before I could even reply.

“then no.”


“If you’re weak, you’re saying you’ll take care of the Earth.”

“… I’m not like the worst demon king ever, right?”

“Then what are you going to do?”

“I want to get my hands off it.”

“Are you taking your hand off?”

“It is literally. I don’t have any interest in that anymore and I just want to do my own thing.”

“What if they are strong?”

“Of course, we have to actively interact.”

According to the saintess, their strength did not come from pure magical power.

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They said that each of them had a god they worshiped, and they gained power through that god.

‘Did they say it was a constellation?’

I intend to try contacting those constellations through Earthlings.

The power that dyed the entire planet into darkness.

Shouldn’t God be able to stop it?

When I explained my intentions to Arias, she hardened her face.

“It is a dangerous idea. You can’t think that a divine being will act the way you think.”

“I have no intention of moving God my way.”


“I’m just trying to struggle. ah!”

“Why are you suddenly like this?”

“Oh, no.”

Why am I suddenly surprised?

It’s because I realized that I’m a little weird.

From a certain moment on, the vision I had seen in the examination room was not considered a future with a high possibility of realization, but a definite future.

That’s why I was moving on the premise of such a future.

‘Was it from then?’

It probably started like this after seeing Morton, the four-horned demon, who was about to descend on Roden.


My father smiled warmly and held my hand.

“Don’t be in a hurry. There is a lot of time.”

You must have a lot of time. Because Lamba, now seven years old, had the appearance of a young man in the vision.

‘But why am I so anxious?’

But seeing his father’s face makes me strangely comfortable again.

“I know what you mean.”

“yes… … .”

“Whether there is sparring or not, let’s go with three people, including the strong and the wise. Don’t let me in too.”

“Five… If a strong man like my father goes with me, I will be reassured.”

Father laughed.

“I am in the wise position.”

“Are you the father?”

“this… Have you forgotten that I am the head of the Darramot family?”

“No, no. That’s not the case, I was wondering who else would be suitable for the position of a strong man other than my father.”

My father spat out the name of a man who could not be more famous in our time.

“Sword Saint.”

“… yes?”

“I will call the Sword Saint.”

* * *

Whiper, who went all the way to the Kadar Mountains through the fantasy portal implemented by Martin, finally arrived near the headquarters of the ‘Black Sun’.

‘Duke Lamotte… … .’

In the past, he lost his headquarters village, Leon, and one arm of his teacher because of the cheers accompanied by the swordsman.

What kind of evil is this?

However, while coming this far, the resentment towards them has faded, and now Whiper only wants to face the teacher.

I have a lot to say.

There are many things to be heard, and many things to be heard.

We have to tell you how Leon has been, we have to hear how Kumalai’s rescue is going, and finally.

-It all happened because of Carseden. The guy was too greedy. The only one who had to deal with that was your priest. It just happened to explode.

The story that the Queen of the Earth told us needs to be heard as to what it means.

‘The Queen must have misunderstood something.’

The masters he knew would never do anything to his disciples for his own greed.


A thunderbolt covered his body.

After being defeated by a ghost, the new place he moved to is a place where there are few people.

You can use your abilities to your heart’s content.


Whiper rose to the sky and looked towards the village.

And soon he could see the town rising in smoke.

‘What is this… … .’

Looks like you’ve been attacked.

Whiper quickly flew to the village.


His eyes narrowly tremble when he gets down at the entrance of the village.

“everyone… Where are you going?”

There is not a single person visible through the entrance. Even those who should guard the entrance are nowhere to be seen.


He ran at full speed toward his master’s abode.

Huper, who arrived at the master’s residence before long, widened his eyes in astonishment.

The master was in the front yard of the residence.

with someone else.

“What… … .”

The problem is that the master is lying on the ground in a terrible shape, and a man is putting his foot on the chest of such a master.

“Yeah man! Who are you!”

The man’s head turned to Whiper’s shout.

The man who looked at Whiper for a moment opened his mouth.

“Those brains. You must be this bastard’s great disciple, a guy like Whiperun.”

Strangely, the anger that had been boiling in his voice subsided in an instant.

The surroundings began to come in clearly to Whiper’s eyes, who had regained his reason.

Crimson hair burning red and flames filling the town.

A powerful person who overwhelms the five major villains, the teacher.

Whiper seemed to know who the man was.

“Yeomma (炎魔)… … .”

“Your hair doesn’t seem too bad.”

A man who draws arcs in his eyes and speaks.

Soon after, he admitted that he was a demon.

“Dae, why are you in our village!”

“This guy wasn’t like that originally, but at some point he became a guy who deserved to die.”

“All villains originally live like us! But why did you only attack us!”

“Don’t you know? Did you hide it even from you, the great disciple?”

Yeomma tilted her head and put strength on her foot on Karseden’s chest.



Carseden vomited blood, and while he was looking up at the sky, he was covered in the blood himself.

“Stop it, you bastard!”

Whiper reflexively tried to attack Yeomma.

However, before he could even move, Yeomma raised his hand, and the surroundings of Whiper were engulfed in fire.

It was a fire that didn’t do any damage right away, but Whiper, who knew roughly how powerful it was, couldn’t attack Yeomma.

Even in the midst of that, the enma, who hadn’t looked away from Carseden, turned back to Whiper.

“Latun, an ancient warrior, has stopped the invasion of the Demon Realm a long time ago.”

The image of the flames swaying beyond the wall of fire looks like a demon.

“At the time, the leader of the Demon World possessed the weapon he received from the Demon King. It was a weapon made by the demon king by ripping off his own body. Could it be a biological weapon?”

“… Why the hell are you saying that now!”

“Originally, those things have been managed by our family. But a few years ago a thief broke in and stole the weapon.”

Yeomma’s eyes turned to Carseden again, and Whiper could see that the thief was his teacher.


In Yeomma’s hand, a fire so strong that it could not be compared to the wall of fire that was imprisoning Whiper was created.

“therefore. Where is the demon lord’s weapon you stole, Carseden?”

Carseden, who hadn’t opened her mouth except for vomiting blood, spoke for the first time.

“Martin… Lamot.”

Return of the EX-Class Genius Villain

Return of the EX-Class Genius Villain

EX급 천재 빌런의 회귀
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