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Return of the EX-Class Genius Villain Chapter 42

world representative

Cedric, who had been blank for a while, asked me.

“What the hell was that?”

“A bow?”

“okay. It’s gone. What happened?”

He answered by touching the bracelet with his finger.

“It was a gift.”

“Hmm… To think that there are people who give such ridiculous treasures as gifts… … .”

that’s the emperor

Well, I don’t think the emperor himself knew that this bracelet had anything like this.

“It was so great that it reminded me of the rain of fire in the phantasmagoria that my older brother realized. Of course, the power is incomparable.”

“Ah, not quite like that.”

You wouldn’t be able to say such a thing if you were directly hit by your father’s misfortune.

“It’s because you can’t see your brother’s faults. The arrows you shot earlier were great, but your brother’s is several orders of magnitude higher than that.”

You seem to have accepted something the other way around?

“Anyway, it was a really great bow. If rumors spread that there is such a thing, many villains will target you. Always take good care of yourself.”

Anyway, this bow can’t be used without me.

If I hold on to it for a moment, everyone will pass out?

And even if it wasn’t because of this, the villains would try to kill me right away whenever they had an opportunity.

Even thinking about it, he nodded his head.

“I will keep this in mind, uncle.”


I asked him again, nodding his head in satisfaction.

“How can I help you?”

“Where! That bastard is mine!”

Kkadeudeuk- Kung!

Cedric’s foot, which had been almost attached to the ground, took a step forward.


At the recoil, the poisonous spider that was tying Cedric’s body vomits blood.

‘Also… … .’

A person named Cedric needs to touch his ego like this to do his job well.

Leon, who was released from bondage due to the reaction, approached me.

“My lord, I congratulate you for obtaining a good weapon.”

“Ah, Sir Leon. Thank you. Our relationship has changed a bit, but let’s not be too rigid.”

“All right.”

Like the old Leon, I joke around and have a good time.

Leon seemed to feel the same way, and his expression softened a bit.

“In case you don’t know, I’ll go and see if there are any survivors.”

Previously, it was impossible to pass through this place because of the magic curtain spread by the poisonous spider and the magical thread like a spider’s web, but now it’s a little different.

Every time Cedric took a step forward, his body was visibly shaking, and the size of the magic screen was rapidly shrinking.

I think we can just leave it to Cedric.

“I’m coming too.”

Whether it’s confirmation kills or whatever, I’ll have to do it.

Having a lot of karma shouldn’t be a reason to earn less karma, right?

“I see.”

So, while being escorted by Leon, I inspected the land devastated by arrows.

Most of the villains died without even fully preserving their corpses, but very few survived with their limbs blown off.

Then I


While wandering around, I stabbed them in the heart with the sword I picked up.

『The Seeker of Good (EX)

Steals the evil one’s karma.

Possession Karma: 10,920』

Each one has nearly 30 points of evil karma.

‘It’s definitely easier to collect karma than ‘seeker of evil’.’

When I killed a good person in my previous life, it was difficult to find someone who had 20 points, let alone 30, but in the case of evil people, the absolute value of points is much higher than that of good people.

It must mean that it is difficult to be a good person and not to commit evil even if you are a good person.


If the karma gathered at this speed, I think I will be able to prepare to some extent even if the crisis I saw in the vision actually comes.

While I was smiling happily, Leon, who had been looking around, approached me.

“Looks like there are only two of them alive now.”

“I see.”

the first guy

The poisonous spider is in such a state that it would not be strange even if it collapsed right away.

and the rest of the guy.

He seems to be a guy who knows how to hide quite a bit, but I can see everything in my ‘eyes’.

『Ramsen (41 years old), master of pain (C)

From no pain to excruciating pain, you can apply any pain you want to your body.』

He is a superhuman with really insignificant traits.

However, seeing that he is still alive even after being hit by my arrows, it seems that he has attained quite a level as a superman.

I thought it might be a bit dangerous for me to deal with now, so I ordered Leon.

“He is a villain that cannot be tortured. Just kill them.”

“I receive an order.”

At my words, Leon disappeared leaving behind an afterimage.

And that was the end of Ramsen’s life.


A much cleaner and sharper sword than before.

The guy hiding behind the rock, not knowing that he was caught by us, was decapitated along with the rock by Leon’s blade. I can’t resist once properly.

If I had at least had the will to fight and resisted, it wouldn’t have ended like that.


I turned my attention away from him and turned my head to where Cedric was.

“Five… … .”

Cedric was carrying a poisonous spider on his shoulder.

“Did you capture him alive?”

“I went up to 1m in front, and I passed out on my own.”

Do you use your strength until you pass out?

It’s definitely different from Lansen.

Tarantula Master is a guy who knows how to use force when he needs to use it.

“It is over now.”

“I mean.”

I looked around.

There were only four people alive in this place, which was the secret laboratory of the ‘Swamp’, including the fainted Tarantula.

“It must have been filmed well, right?”

“I guess so.”

Cedric took out a flat marble from his bosom and pressed the button, and something appeared in the sky.

Its true identity was a video sphere equipped with an automatic shooting function.

“Are you going to reveal this to the world?”

“It should be.”

“… Instead, delete the scene where you shot the bow when you released it. Do you know why without telling me?”

“Thank you for your concern, but I will reveal all of that.”

“It will be dangerous.”

that’s what i want

Actually, after killing the villains and getting a lot of karma, I feel like my thirst is getting worse.

“I have a knight who will protect me no matter what.”

Cedric looked at Leon, who was standing next to me, and nodded.

“exactly… It wasn’t bad.”

I was a little surprised.

‘What did this man say after losing to me the other day?’

Did you say he was a strong man?

That’s why Cedric has such a strong pride and doesn’t easily admit others.

The person who was recognized by him… I mean, what about your father?

Saying that such Cedric wasn’t bad for Leon was literally the best compliment.

Leon… … .

‘How rampant he was.’

I’ll have to go home and check the video.

“How was the lab?”

“I killed them all.”

Except for Carter.

No, since he only has his soul left, should we consider him dead?

“Good job. So, do you have anything else to do here?”


I nodded, and Cedric and Leon straightened their postures.

waiting for my next words

I didn’t waste time and immediately brought out what they wanted to hear.

“I declare that the subjugation of the secret laboratory in ‘Swamp’ has been successfully completed. thank you for your effort.”

At my words, the two of them smiled and shouted.

“thank you for your effort!”

“Good job!”

It was a pleasant villain subjugation in many ways.

“Let’s go back home.”

* * *

I opened the fantasy door twice to come home.

Once to go to Count Lou, and once to come home.

It took less than 20 seconds to draw the magic circle to open the fantasy gate, but it took more than 1 minute to say goodbye to Cedric at Count Lou.

Thanks to that, 200 points of karma disappeared, but well, that’s enough to be able to use it casually now.

“Did you come?”

“Huh, Father?”

Surprisingly, my father came home before me.

“What happened?”

Krishnar isn’t that kind of a guy, and besides, the place where my father went is the home of a guy full of swamps.

I never thought they’d end the fight faster than us.

“I’ll talk to you later.”


Nodding his head, he approached the information manager and asked.

“What about Sir James?”

“I’ve already dealt with the Prophet, and now I’m chasing the remnants who are fleeing.”

“Is there any contact with the Cameri Kingdom?”

“They said that the Archduke’s name was well worth it.”

It looks like you’ve already met the Kingdom Army.

“Don’t provoke the kingdom too much and tell them to come back after killing them in moderation.”

“I receive an order.”

I looked away from him as he approached the communication port and signaled to my father, who nodded.

After a while, I was able to see my father alone in a closed room.

“What happened? Wasn’t the sucking horse there?”

“there was. We even fought.”

The father’s expression is not serious.

Did you ever say lose?

It can’t be.

“So what?”

“He has crossed the limits of his body. If you were a 9-star superhuman, you would know what I mean, right?”

I was at a loss for words for a moment.

For a 9-star superhuman, transcending the limits of the physical body means that they have become unified beyond handling their characteristics.

If what my father said is true, the man who handles the swamp must have become the swamp itself.

As a father who couldn’t cross his limits, he wouldn’t lose, but he wouldn’t have been able to kill such a guy.

So that’s probably why you came back.

However… … .

“Nonsense. Krishnar couldn’t cross his limits until he met me 10 years later.”

“Are you sure?”

“yes! certainty… … .”

I closed my mouth while talking.

The only reason I was able to kill him quickly in my previous life was because of my traits.

With Karma, I summoned a cloak that completely covered my body for a short time and an extreme poison that could damage even a 9-star superhuman.

The guy who never imagined that I would be able to find it was easily taken by my ambushes because he was preoccupied with the news of Cedric rampaging in the ‘Swamp’ headquarters.

‘Maybe it wasn’t that he couldn’t cross his limits, but that he died too soon and didn’t even have a chance to demonstrate his power?’

I shared those thoughts with my father, and when I was finished, he nodded.

“I think so too.”

“You were hiding your power. Krishnar now… You won’t be able to kill it as easily as you did in your previous life.”

Then my father said something unexpected.

“Maybe I feel fortunate.”

“yes? why?”

“Look at this. It came to you.”

What my father handed me was a letter.

When I read it, it says that there will be a ceremony for appointing warriors in about a week, so come to the Holy Kingdom.

A fact I knew anyway.

I tilted my head as I couldn’t understand why this letter had anything to do with being glad I didn’t kill Krishnar, and then my father handed me another letter.

“What is this again?”

“It was sent directly from the holy country through the bailiff.”

“A bailiff?”

“They say it was a letter written by the bailiff after hearing the pope.”

The five pillars that support the holy kingdom.

They are monsters that are said to have reached 9 stars in their individual strength.

They are also those who have such strong independence that even the pope cannot interfere in the Holy Land.

‘They were strange people.’

I was the one the Paladins tried to catch because their eyes were turned upside down.

Since the saintess referred to me as the ‘worst demon ever’, I had no choice but to do so.

Even so, the enforcers didn’t particularly try to catch me.

Rather, one of them accompanied me for about a week and then parted ways in a friendly atmosphere.

The letter that the executor personally came and delivered… … .

I received a letter from my father and read it quickly.

“Well… … .”

Roughly, the contents were as follows.

1. The saintess foretold that the gate would be opened at the ceremony of appointing my warrior.

2. In the world beyond the gate, a place called Earth is inhabited by human species similar to us, civilization has developed, and there are many superhumans.

3. Their disposition seemed not too aggressive, but I can’t be sure.

4. Therefore, I will try to talk with them first.

“Is this real?”

“The saintess’ wisdom is usually correct.”

“This has never happened in my previous life.”

“At that time, there was no such thing as a warrior appointment ceremony for you. So many things have already changed from my previous life.”

I understood why my father said he was glad Krishnar didn’t die.

It must mean that such a strong person should not die in order to face the danger that will come in earnest.

Why does the scene in the illusion come to mind?

“You know from reading the letter, but no one knows what will happen there. It can be dangerous. Would you like to go anyway?”

I looked at the last part of the letter once again.

The end of the letter where the hero’s greatness is written in every word.

Therein lies the Pope’s true business.

【We hope that the hero will lead us as the representative of Roden during our meeting with the people of the other world.】

The Pope wants me to be the representative of our Roden world.

After thinking for a while, I opened my mouth to look into my father’s eyes.

“I… … .”

Return of the EX-Class Genius Villain

Return of the EX-Class Genius Villain

EX급 천재 빌런의 회귀
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Status: Completed Type: Author: Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
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