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Return of the EX-Class Genius Villain Chapter 21

Please make it public

The people who came running in a hurry lowered their heads at the same time and shouted.

“The great hero, Duke Lamott and his family! Welcome to Talon City Hall!”

People who spit out the same words all at once, as if the words were matched.

We looked at our father, wondering what this was all about.

“Heh heh, they seem to be City Hall employees.”

“But how did he know we were coming and waited like this?”

“Well… I was in a bit of a hurry, so I informed them in advance to let them go through the procedure right away, and they seem to be out there like that.”

When the lord went on an inspection tour, I saw the village chief inviting all the residents who were working to welcome the lord.

‘Somehow I remember that time.’


We followed our father into City Hall.

After a while.

A female employee at the city hall, who had been explaining various things about adoption in a state of fascination, held out the paper to her father with trembling hands.

“Hey, you can put your seal here.”

Whoops, that’ll tear the paper.

I clicked my tongue inwardly, but my father took the paper and sealed it as if he was used to it.

Next, my brothers also thump the seal prepared by their father! thud! took a picture

The staff who received the documents from us smiled brightly and said.

“Congratulations on joining the family! I wish you only happy things in the future!”

“Thank you.”

“thank you!”

My father put one knee on the floor and was eye level with us.

Then, one by one, from me to Lamba, he dragged them into his arms.

My father’s embrace was much wider than I thought.

“Martin, Arlene, Tom, Ellis, Pierre, Lamba.”

Calling our names like that, my father hugged us tightly.

My father’s heart was beating furiously, unlike a 9-star superman.

“Let’s live happily ever after.”

Today we

became a complete family.

* * *

The original plan was to visit the imperial castle after completing the adoption process at City Hall.

However, the children’s emotions were so intense that it was judged that visiting the castle was unreasonable. Then I put it off and went home.

To my father’s home!

The reason he came to the house inside the imperial castle, not the villa outside, was because he had another place to go tomorrow.

‘The Superman Association… … .’

All superhumans, other than villains, must register with the association and obtain a supercertification.

Father asked us when we would go to the association, and the children shouted ‘Tomorrow!’ in unison.

Originally, children do not like to procrastinate on anything.

That’s how we set up tomorrow’s schedule, washed, ate, and went to our respective rooms.

To be honest, I’m a bit tired.

Because I’ve been through a lot today.

It would be strange if you’ve even faced demons and there’s no mental exhaustion.

but it’s kinda weird

Even though I am so tired, I can’t sleep.

I was usually able to fall asleep right away when I lay down, but I had already been unable to sleep for an hour.

‘God… … .’

My heart is pounding.

All of these things that came to me after the regression feel like a dream I don’t want to wake from.

‘Is it possible for me to be this happy? … .’

Suddenly, the words I heard in the space of awakening come to mind.

– Martin.

– There is no fixed destiny.

– No one knows what the future holds. All humans live like that. isn’t it?

-Don’t blame God this time, find the path you need to go on your own. We always support Martin.

this is so strange… … .

It’s the same whether I called God in my previous life or now, but there is no response. However, unlike in my previous life, now I feel that I am truly supported by God.

So said.

I don’t know if he’s listening.

“Thank you for giving me another chance to live this life.”

“In return, the destruction of Roden you so long to prevent.”

“I will block it.”

Even for me and my family.

* * *

The scale of the fog forest spread by Kumalai was not small, and thanks to that, it was observed by many people who passed through it.

What the hell happened there!

Various unconfirmed rumors spread here and there.

The place that set fire to this was the White Tiger Knights!

The White Tiger Knights, who succeeded in capturing a few remnants of the villains who were fleeing, published the information they found from the captured villains as they were.

【The identities of the villains are the ‘Swamp’ and ‘Black Sun’, organizations affiliated with the 5 major villains!]

[The Villains’ target is the grand duke of the Lamot family!]

[The son of the great hero, Hwan-seong, defeats the joint efforts of the 5 villains alone!]

The information released by the White Tiger Knights spread quickly, and within a few hours the atmosphere in the imperial castle was literally burning.

Why not?

It is surprising that Hwanseong, who seemed likely to live the rest of his life alone, adopted as many as six children at once, and among those children, the eldest, who seemed to be a strong successor in the future, played such an active role.

From dawn, Martin’s name began to speak on people’s lips.

And that was the reason why the Superman Association’s Talon branch was crowded with people from early in the morning.

As long as it turns out that Martin is a superman, he has to come to get his super certification issued as soon as possible.

“Hey, Meltys.”

“Oh! Aren’t you Viscount Kaom? long time no see.”

Viscount Kaom grabbed Meltys by the shoulder as he tried to bend down in surprise at the nobleman’s appearance.

“It’s okay, it’s okay. Now that I’m here as a reporter, I don’t have to be so polite.”

“all right.”

“By the way, are you also here to report on the son of the duke of Lamot?”

“Right, what. Aren’t there at least a hundred journalists here?”

Now, not only reporters from the Talon Empire were here, but there were also quite a few reporters from other countries residing in the imperial castle.

“It’s about the Duke, the 5th hero, and his children, so you can’t help but be interested. But you look a little tired.”

“Haha, I was out early, so I’m a bit tired.”

“Since when have you been with me?”

“uh… Was it two o’clock? It came about then.”

Hwan is someone with enough power to open the door to a closed association.

It wouldn’t be strange if it came early in the morning.

“… You came early. Then, has the duke not joined the association yet?”

“I haven’t seen it since I’ve been here, so I guess.”

“Hmm… When are you going to come?”

“If you wait, you will come. Won’t you come back in a week?”

Viscount Kaom asked with an angry face.

“Hey, are you going to wait here for a week?”

“If you can shoot a decent video, you can wait even longer. In the past, I rolled in the snow for a year to take a picture of a Turangta tiger.”

Aren’t you a journalist with a true professional spirit!

While Viscount Kaom nodded in admiration, Meltys cautiously opened his mouth.

“Hey, by the way, Viscount, can I ask you something?”


“Will the big boy of the LaMotte family open up information today?”

“Why are you asking me that?”

“Aren’t you in a good mood?”

Viscount Kaom did not deny it.

It was true that I had a strangely good feeling compared to other people.

“Well, what are you going to do… … .”

Superintendents go through an inspection process before being registered as a hero by the association.

If there are no abnormalities in the inspection, the super-human will be issued a super-certification immediately after leaving the inspection room, and from then on, he will become a hero.

What’s interesting here is that superhumans often release their own information.

The staff conducting the examination are those who made a ‘covenant of silence’, and die the moment they reveal the information of others they saw in the examination room. However, the superintendent himself discloses information about himself without any obligation.

These are what you might call nerds.

Reporter Meltys asked Viscount Kaom about it.

I wondered if there was any chance that Martin could be such an eccentric.

Of course, Viscount Kaom did not think that the heir to the Duke of Lamot would be such an eccentric.

However… … .

‘It’s a strange feeling.’

I keep feeling like something is going to explode.


“Well? Oh, I don’t know either.”


It was then that the conversation stopped for a while.

someone shouted loudly.

“Here they come!”

When I turned my head to the opposite side of the association building, I saw a luxury carriage approaching, escorted by dignified knights.

“Then shall we take a picture?”

Like Meltis, Viscount Kaom, who had come here as a reporter now, took out a crystal ball for video transmission like the other reporters.

* * *

“Brother… scared.”

“It’s okay, Ramba. The knights are watching over you, and your older brother and father are here too.”

As I was comforting the crying Lamba, I let out a sigh.

‘I should have just come a little later.’

Why are there so many damn people?

The problem is that the closer you get to the association, the more people there are.

Seeing our youngest child struggling, I want to open the window right away and shout out to him to get out.

“Can we get off?”

When Arlene asked anxiously, her father smiled and stroked Lamba’s head as if telling her not to worry.

“The carriage will go inside.”


does that work?

“Originally, the wagon can’t go inside, right?”

“You know that, Martin. But this father has that much power.”

“Five… … .”

Is this the power of the 5 continental heroes?

Thanks to my father’s power, the wagon we were riding in was able to cross the front gate of the association.

* * *

I followed the staff who had been waiting at the entrance of the association building and went inside and went through a simple Q&A process.

Originally, it was said to be a very difficult procedure, but perhaps because the guardian and guarantor was the great hero Hwanseong, it was only a formal process and passed quickly.

And in front of the prosecutor’s office that finally arrived.

“You cannot bring metal weapons into this room. If you have them, please put them in the box in front of you.”

At the words of the staff, we stood still.

Because there were no weapons.

By the way,

“Hehe, why is this here?”

Our Pierre laughed awkwardly and put two daggers in a box.

‘That’s Kater’s and a bread knife… … .’

It’s Kater’s. Even if you say that, when did you get the bread knife again?

I think that sooner or later, we will have to conduct intensive education on Pierre’s hand habits.

“Which one do you want to start with?”

Before I could even open my mouth, the youngest, Lamba, raised his hand first.

“Me! I’ll do it first!”

Lamba is a 7-year-old child who is very curious.

At the training center for training villains, he had no choice but to suppress his curiosity and live, but it seems to have been released while escaping.

‘This is how children should be.’

A hearty smile came out.

“Okay, let the youngest go first. do well.”


I stroked Lamba’s head and told the staff.

“I will leave it up to you.”

“Don’t worry. On average, it takes about 3 minutes.”

The two of them entered the examination room.

The children were staring at the door of the examination room with their fists clenched, wondering what they were so worried about.

and after a while


Along with the sound, something appeared on the video sphere in the waiting room.

【Name: Ramba Lamot

Age: 7

Star : 1

Attribute: Phantom Summoner (SS)]

That was Lamba’s superhuman information.

“I guess the youngest wanted to show it to us.”

“I guess so.”

It wasn’t just my family here.

However, all the employees who are with them are those who have made a ‘silent covenant’. You won’t have to worry about leaking information.

What’s interesting is their faces.

All of them are looking at the video sphere with astonished faces.

SS class isn’t common, so it was surprising enough.

After a while, when the door opened, Lamba came out and smiled brightly, waving her super-certification.

“I am a hero now too!”

A figure that has completely shaken off the discomfort of being a hero, which was formed through repeated brainwashing of villains.

I felt lucky.

Pierre entered next.

Somehow, I ended up entering the younger generation.

Pierre, Elise, Tom, and Arlene entered and exited in order, and the children always disclosed limited information so that information only appeared in the waiting room.

All of the children were superhuman, and none of them were below B-class, so the staff continued to be astonished.

And when the information about Aline, a superhuman with the same SSS-class characteristics as her father, came up, she literally opened her mouth.

‘It’s fun.’

There are superhumans who film useless things like reaction videos and upload them to the superhuman community. Until now, I couldn’t understand why they uploaded such a thing or why such a video was popular, but when I saw them, I understood at once.

“Lastly, Martin Lamott, please enter.”

After clapping hands with Arlene as she came out of the examination room, she went inside.

The face of the employee, who had been expressionless until he came here, was red as if it would explode if he was stabbed.

he asked me

“Would you like to disclose information to the waiting room like everyone else?”


I said to him, who tilted his head in puzzlement.

“Please make it public so that everyone in the world can see it.”

Characteristics that become stronger by punishing evil, 『Seeker of Goodness』.

By revealing that, I will be a true hero today.

‘Do some fishing.’

Return of the EX-Class Genius Villain

Return of the EX-Class Genius Villain

EX급 천재 빌런의 회귀
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