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Retired Hero Wants To Sleep Chapter 97

Mission No.5 A world only for you (8)

“Are you ready?”

“Of course, Mr. West.”

Before the main gun was pointed at him, Ewald grabbed Ekryn’s collar and waist tightly and flew down towards Schheim at tremendous speed.

Elif roughly threw it over there, so Ekryn roughly threw it in front of it. Ewald, who had finished his rough calculations, threw Eccrine as well.

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Thrown by Ewald’s strength, Ewald, who was so ignorant that the wind brushing her cheek felt painful, Ekryn penetrated Schheim at a speed enough to curl up her face.

Ekrin, who almost pierced through the torso on the other side due to the piercing so hard, held Zweihender briefly while trying to organize the completely shaken skull.

“You crazy human! What would you do if you drilled a hole like that!”

“You have to survive first to repair it!”

Ewald, who had an expression asking what he was going to do about making a hole in Shuheim in a situation where he would evaporate in the middle world if he did so, responded to Dvahur’s words and flew right in front of Shuheim.

Now is the time for the bait to run amok. Ewald began to strangle furiously, narrowly circumventing the reversible range of the main gun.

However, Schheim seemed to think that even within the margin of error, if he brushed against it, he could kill it.


‘Ah, that crazy Schheim is real.’

Twisting his body at a speed close to teleportation, Balt started gliding at insane speed, casting a barrel roll to avoid the beam passing by his toes.

He would have died five or six times if he hadn’t used magic that allowed him to fly at will without mana control.

Ewald rubbed his goosebumps several times and yelled at Dvahur.

“You do something too, you useless bastard!”

At Ebalt’s words, which were almost like screaming, blood vessels of enormous thickness swelled in Dvahur’s forehead.

“f*ck it!”

Could there be a simpler, clearer, more damning command than this? However, as soon as Dvahur’s order was issued, the dwarf’s ax, which was flying at the same speed as Dvahur’s, became lodged in Shuheim Dvahur’s torso.

Bubbuck, furbuck, buck, puck!

Dvahur shuddered in his aching heart as he wondered why the sound of an ax being thrust into Shuheim Dvahur throbbed so much, but now it was urgent to retrieve Dvahur.

He made it himself, but this thing called Dvahur is something that could conquer the continent.

However, when he was watching Shu Heim Dvahur get torn apart right in front of him, Dvahur trembled at the illusion that his limbs were being ripped off.

“Take it easy, you bastards!”

At this rate, Dvahur will die!

However, it is absurd to say that Schheim should be handled gently while flying at this speed. The dwarves started to dismantle Chuck Schheim, not listening to Dvahur. No, as Dvahur commanded, he began to grind.


Schheim Dvahur staggered greatly. At the same time, the dwarf Dvahur stumbled.

At that moment, his left engine was ripped from Schheim and dislodged from the fuselage.

Dvahuru looked like he was about to cry at any moment, but he raised the output of the device he carried on his back and flew near Shuheim’s cockpit, screaming with bitterness.

“Turn around! Turn the nose! Right now! Yes you bastard! My dvahurruuu!”

If you do well, I will shed tears.

The magician controlling Shuheim seemed to go mad with fear as Dvahur shouted with a terrifying face as he rammed an ignorant-looking ax hanging outside the window into Shuheim’s torso.

“Didn’t I tell you to turn around! Yes Inom!”

With a sense of crisis that he had to turn around now to save his body even if Shuheim fell, Dvahur struck Shuheim like a child. That sight was enough to terrify the people inside Schheim.

But the inside was already a mess.

With such a narrow aisle and the loss of one of his engines, Raschheim was rocking erratically, unable to keep his balance.



Elif’s club hit the soldier in front of him.

Of course, the elf, who couldn’t even make eye contact with the opponent this time, shrank in disgust, but four of the soldiers who were swayed by the elf’s gaze had already passed out after being beaten with clubs.

No matter how blind she was, the person holding the stick was Elif, and she was a swordsman who boasted of a terrifying swordsmanship.

On the other hand, Ekryn, who was on the other side of Elif, was personally showing how to use Zweihender in a confined space.

The soldiers who stood in her way stepped back, frightened by the flying Zweihender, cutting off chairs and furniture at once.

However, Zweihender’s range was not short. In an instant, his armor was cut off and the soldier fell with a serious wound around his chest.

Kneeling down the face of the soldier who was sitting on the floor, Ekrin pushed forward with her larger-than-average body and scratched the floor with her Zweihender.

Felix was distracted in the cockpit, chasing Ewald’s position and looking back. However, it was Ewald that he had to focus on right now.

Because they came to kill Ewald.

“Bottom left! Lower!”

Felix, who had been throwing all sorts of curse words at Ewald, who showed flying skills close to that of a bird, insisted on the pilot.

But just because he’s a pilot doesn’t mean he can’t.

It was hard enough just to follow Ebalt flying at that crazy speed with his eyes.

“You’re coming back! Left! More up! Stomach!”

Ewald, who moved almost 30 meters in an instant in terms of distance, flew around like a medicine.

Of course, Ewald also didn’t have time to raise the medicine. Death is certain even if it is brushed by mistake, so where is the time to relax? Ewald was on the verge of dying as he was electrocuted every time that crazy main gun passed at a distance of 10 meters, making his whole body stiff.

But he just dies if he doesn’t move fast. Ewald desperately continued his flight.

“… Crazy like that.”

Felix felt Ewald’s movement speed up to the point where he could see it. Here he couldn’t afford to be surprised at how much faster he could be. Just a dot of deep blue light flying around in front of the edge of the golden light created by the main gun.

In addition, the sound of grabbing people was pouring out from behind, and Felix almost fell into a panic when he heard the terrifying sound of Schheim’s torso being torn apart.

“Clean up the dwarves! Hurry!”

Shouting at the soldiers, Felix cast a furious glance at Dvahur, who was still brandishing an ax in the cockpit window.

Dvahur also swung his axe, glaring at Felix with eyes that would eat people.

Dvahur, who couldn’t figure out how to feel about the fact that his body was holding up well despite his own strength, witnessed something jump out of Schheim.

They are Felix’s soldiers.

Watching dozens of people take off like birds in an instant, Dvahur quickly shouted.

“Get away from Schheim! Prepare for battle!”

The dwarves holding Shuheim Dvahur flashed their terrifying eyes, pulled out the ax they had inserted into Shuheim, and bounced back in perfect order.

And the dogfight between Felix’s elite soldiers and the dwarves began.

In an instant, Schheim moved away from the dwarves and soldiers.

In a situation where the melee began, the two forces, which did not need to fly at the speed to catch up with Schheim, fired their weapons at each other.

The ax and the sword met.

If it was on the ground, there was no need to calculate space, but the formation was quickly disrupted in a dog fight that required attention in all directions as well as up and down.

It was the same that neither the crazy Dwarves nor the sharp-tempered soldiers were accustomed to air combat.

But no one had any intention of fighting on the ground.

In an instant, the two soldiers broke into two pieces and fell into the forest. However, the two dwarves also fell into the forest with the propulsion system on their backs smashed.

If it’s this high, it’s an instant death.

Felix’s soldiers and dwarves were paying attention to the point where they thought it was fortunate that they died without seeing Kswice’s nightmare.

The battle between the two forces began to unfold with more fierce momentum.

* * *

“Are you okay?”

Instead of answering, Ekrin nodded and pulled Zweihender off the shoulder of the last soldier. A considerable amount of blood spurted from the soldier’s body, but deciding that he was not going to die, Eccrine turned and headed towards the cockpit.

There were only a few wizards and Felix.

“I take the lead.”

There was nothing to follow, but Elif nodded at Eccrine’s words and took a step back.

Felix turned his face back full of rage.

In front of his eyes, Balt was flirting, but behind his back, a monstrous swordsman was walking toward him.

Eventually, Felix stood up and drew a dagger in each hand.

Ekryn issued a classic recommendation for surrender.

“How about surrendering now?”

“… Are you kidding me?”

Felix twitched his lips and let out a sneer.

“This is a polite request.”

“You are crazy.”

Felix shifted to the center of his aisle and lowered his stance.

Ekryn stopped for a moment at Felix’s posture as she lightly wrapped around the handle of the dagger.


Ekrin dropped the heavy Zweihender to the floor. Before the heavy metal sound made by metal colliding with metal had disappeared, Ekryn drew two swords from his thighs.

And Eccrine, similar to Felix’s posture, lowered his body and raised his sword while firmly supporting the floor.

At that moment, the sneer disappeared from Felix’s face. However, Felix’s expression did not disappear when he saw Ekryn.

Felix’s eyes were on Elif.

No, further back than that.

At that moment, a cold chill hit Elif’s back.

“Oh my, who are these people?”

A dull pain pierced Elif’s back.

Elif gasped in pain as his entire back was being ripped open, but someone’s slender fingers lightly blocked Elif’s mouth.

“Ewald… Smell?”

Next to Elif’s face, Rahaf’s face, which had completely lost its smile, appeared terrifyingly.

And Elif’s eyes suddenly lost focus.

* * *

Sensing that the main gun had stopped firing, Ewald flew toward Schheim at tremendous speed.

He was flying, moving his body in all directions, afraid that an attack might come, but the attack certainly stopped.

I don’t know what the reason was, but the intuition that it was definitely not a good sign gripped Ewald.

‘Don’t be late. Please.’

Schheim approached quickly. The remaining distance is only about 50 meters.

Ebalt held a few strands of his mana in his hand.

It was then. Someone jumped out of Schheim.

The person who appeared in Ewald’s vision, who had good eyesight, soared into the air while clutching his stomach, spraying red blood.

It was Eccrine.


Ekryn, who stumbled, but managed to rise into the air, moved away from Ewald. But as he was about to fly to her, Balt saw someone fall after her ecrin.

A shadow that is not flying up, but falling.

It was an elf.

Ewald gritted his teeth and increased his speed.

At this height, the moment you touch the floor, you die instantly.

Desperately pulling out the new model, Ewald chased after Elif’s body. However, the elf, fully exposed to gravity, was rapidly falling.

Liquid splashed on Ewald’s face as he chased after the elf.

It’s a drop of blood

The trail of blood that started from Elif’s back surged in the wind and hit Ewald’s face hard.

Too close to the forest. But Ewald did not stop.

Ewald, who was violently shot down toward the floor, finally hugged Elif by the waist.

‘I got it!’

It looks like it could rise.

Ewald pulled him up, suppressing the rattling of his bones with sheer strength, whether his whole body was twisted or not.

But he did not come to mind easily. His falling speed was only slightly reduced.


Ewald screamed and turned his mana.

He could feel his shoulder muscles snapping. However, Ewald did not let go of mana or strength.

The forest was quickly approaching.

Ewald struggled and lifted his body.

At last his gravity yielded to Ebalt. He no longer felt the pull down. Ewald grinned involuntarily and opened his closed eyes.


“… Damn it.”

With the feeling of his feet touching the ground, the dense forest of Kswice opened before Ewald’s eyes.

Retired Hero Wants To Sleep

Retired Hero Wants To Sleep

은퇴용사는 잠들고 싶다
Score 9.2
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
A comic continental epic unfolded by Ewald Kitsuka, the continent’s best magic swordsman who sealed the rare demon king to himself.


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