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Retired Hero Wants To Sleep Chapter 95

Mission No.5 A world only for you (6)

Ewald opened his eyes like a ghost.

Because it was underground, it was just awkward in the morning when there was no light.

The dwarven sanctuary, Kazelheim, was wrapped in primordial darkness so that the dimly lit room was not easily visible.

After living here for a few months, you’ll either go insane or your personality will have to change.

Ewald got up from his seat and pulled up the blanket.

Then Ewald found Usbel asleep, naked and lying next to him, snoring at him.

Ewald, who seems to have developed some tolerance now, distorted his impression and was not taken aback.

However, I wasn’t panicked, but it was the same that I spread my heat.

Holding on to her own pants, Balt lifted Usbel, who was sleeping soundly with a happy smile, in a hug, and Balt raised his body with a warm smile that made the viewer uneasy.

“uuu, master?”

Usbel’s eyes opened at her pleasant sway and recoil.

She twitched her body once, thinking that Usbel would be sorry even in her less awake state, but she smiled strangely, and she stared blankly at Ewald’s face.


Usbel, who had been calling Ebalt in her pensive voice, soon painted a very happy smile on her lips.

Ewald hugged Usbel as if she were holding her princess, and she painted a smile similar to Usbel’s.

hehehe, master, master. I am very happy, happy.”

“Oh, is that so?”

Ewald walked toward the only open window, holding the naked Usbel tightly in his arms with a soft gait. Usbel smiled happily and rubbed her face against Balt’s upper body after taking off her top.

And Ewald threw her Usbel out of her window.

“Ouch! aaa!”

The thud of Usbel’s fall came from below.

With the same expression on his face, Ebalt patted his hands and closed the window completely and turned back.

Come to think of it, even when I was on an adventure with LaHaf, LaHaf, who was naked and sleeping in my arms, came to mind. I remember that even though he told me not to do it, he said he couldn’t help it because it was cold.

Is having a bad sleeping habit unique to the demons?

From noble mtl dot com

“It’s not some kind of cold-blooded animal.”

After she threw away her Us Bell and turned around, Balt stretched her aching body and reached for the clothes she had taken off.

Grabbing her top, Ebalt picked up her clothes from the sofa.

At that moment, Ewald noticed something under his clothes.

It is Lapon, who uses his green hair as a blanket and exhales evenly with his hands gathered in front of his face.

It was so hot last night that Ewald had to hold his breath when he found Lafon lying without a single thread on.

I’m going to be in a lot of trouble if I throw this away.

Lafon, whose body was so well-proportioned that it was more like a beautiful rather than a s*xy one because it was a child’s body, was crouching down.

As soon as the outlines of his two huge breasts came into his field of vision, which made him think they were not luxurious compared to his body type, Balt quickly turned his body back in dismay.

“Don’t turn over!”

At Ewald’s big words, Lafon turned to the other side with his eyebrows furrowed.

It doesn’t look like it has any intention of breaking it.

The huge hangover brought on by the two beers made Laphone one piece with the sofa.

In the end, Ewald had to let out a mad laugh.

“There are so many different kinds of sh*t from the morning.”

And then Ewald’s visit opens,

“Hey, human. Need to prepare…”

The god of death appeared.

Time has stopped. Ewald, who was just about to put a blanket over Lapon, froze on the spot, and Dvahur, who was holding on to the doorknob, stopped after witnessing a scene that was enough to cause misunderstandings.

“Ah, hey, Dvahur, that’s…”

The doorknob shattered with a hiss.

And on Ewald’s retina, the image of Dvahur pulling out an ax and charging at Ewald was engraved.

“Get lost!”

* * *

Lafon bowed his head in front of Ewald as he knelt down.

“The girl acted indecently last night…”

In fact, the bigger ugliness was in the morning. Last night I was drunk and gave myself a few injections, but this morning…

After clasping his hands a couple of times to block Dvahur’s axe, Balt took a deep breath.

Ewald was very uncomfortable since he had fought a life-and-death battle with Dvahur from the morning.

Dvahur shuddered at all the f*cking nonsense running rampant, but after Ewald’s explanation that he was innocent, he only cursed at Ewald’s room without a word of apology and left Ewald’s room.

“I have no face.”

“… It is sober from now on.”

“I have to do that anyway.”

Lafon, who had been bowing his head ready to rush into the rat hole at any moment, jerked his head to the beat of his heart, his head still clenching from hangover.

“I heard that a human proverb says that if you drink, you are a dog, but the girl showed me that. I’m so sorry I don’t know what to do.”

I’m not sure since when the phrase “Dog when drunk” Was a proverb, but Ewald sighed and crossed his arms.

“You can’t do this from now on.”

“Remember, I will keep in mind again.”

“Oops, oops! Yes, yes, sir. Not so. I’ll keep that in mind. I’ll keep that in mind. So please let me down, generous master.”

Unsatisfied with the ropes, Ewald tied Usbel tightly from neck to toe with a dwarf chain, and hung Usbel from the ceiling.

Ewald grabbed her shoulder with a clear smile and gave her a strong swish as soon as her Usbel had finished.

“Wow, wow!”

Usbel, who was spinning like her top, twisted her chains and soared more and more toward her ceiling until she slowly began to come to a halt.


Usbel, who had already rolled her eyes like her snail’s shell and was laughing,

“Lord, sir, I am ambiguous.”

Her chains unwound in the opposite direction and began to rotate in her reverse direction.


After repeating the process of ascending to her ceiling about 20 times, Usbel was freed from her chains.

* * *

“I can maneuver.”

At Yannick’s words, Felix bowed his head deeply.

“You worked hard.”

Taking a heartfelt example, Felix slowly raised his head.

Yannick, with a proud expression on his face, tapped Felix on the shoulder and smiled shyly.

“No. Given this precious opportunity…”


Blood splattered across Felix’s expressionless face.

Yannick stopped talking, not even realizing that something had gone all the way down his throat.

“You can rest now.”

The sharpened dagger was shining in Felix’s hand.

It cut his throat so quickly that Yannick collapsed on the spot before he even had time to feel the pain.

Felix turned from his seat.

At the same time, Felix opened his mouth to the soldiers entering the space and moved his steps.

“We leave in 10 minutes.”

As soon as the sound was over, the creepy sound of weapons being drawn came from all directions.

“Let everyone go without pain.”

* * *

“Captain, Dvahur has started moving.”

Ewald glanced around at Pionir’s brief report.

Thinking he was moving faster than expected, Balt nodded and gazed at the distant horizon.

“Looking at the direction, it seems to be the Kingdom of Doublea.”

“… After all, he is a Felix or something.”

While quietly gazing at the horizon, Balt glanced down at the Kswice Great Forest spreading beneath his feet.

The Forest of Evil, the Forest of the Dead, from which those who enter cannot return.

A space of fear where even Ewald doesn’t know what will happen if he goes down there.

From the ledge of the Dwarven Tower, which towered well over 50 meters above the tallest tree in the Kshwice Great Forest, Ewald scratched his chin and looked in all directions.

“Hey, Dvahur.”

“Why, human bastard.”

“Just in case, tell your kids to be careful not to fall over there.”

“Do you mean that?”

Dvahur, who was frowning at the sunlight, snorted as he checked each dwarf carrying strange equipment.

“I think we can finish it in the afternoon or so.”

“You should do it sooner.”

Ewald quickly concluded his words with his gaze directed to the southwest.

“If you’re from Doublea, you’ll be there in two hours.”

* * *

“Trenrich, preparations are complete.”

Fifty elite soldiers lined up in front of Felix.

Among his private soldiers, he was fully armed and awaited Felix’s command, with his skill and teamwork outstanding enough to be called the most elite.

Felix, himself heavily armed and fully prepared for battle, stood in front of the men with sharp edges.

“I will explain briefly.”

The blood shed by the wizards he had summoned had not yet hardened and was sticky under Felix’s feet.

However, the smell of blood did not reach Felix, who was seized with anger, jealousy, and an unknown sense of duty.

“Now we set out to kill Ewald Kitska.”

Most of the soldiers who couldn’t overcome the bulhog were watching Felix without moving.

“This Ewald Kitska is stronger and wiser than any opponent we’ve ever faced. But today we must risk our lives to kill him.”

Felix sprayed his sharp eyes in all directions.

“You will remember a great threat that appeared on this continent around the time you were born, the rare demon king Belzedeus. And you must also be well aware of how many people suffered and sacrificed because of the existence of Beelzedeus.”

The soldiers were silently listening to Felix.

“Ewald Kitska is a noble person who sealed the vicious Beelzedeus in his body. However, that vicious and fearful Beelzedeus is still looking for a chance to come back to life by being sealed in the body of Ewald Kitska.”

Felix’s clenched fist shot up.

“Today we must mournfully kill Ewald Kitska, our leader and scapegoat. If you miss this opportunity now, Beelzedeus will be resurrected through Ewald Kitska. The pinnacle of evil that terrorized the entire continent and gave it nightmares returns to the continent. We will stop it!”

Felix’s speech continued.

“In the next two hours we will see Ewald Kitska face to face. We will confront that terrifying force head-on. But, to emphasize once again, the peace of the continent is in our hands. We must eliminate Ewald Kitska and pass this peace on to our precious people and descendants. That is our calling.”

Felix’s eyes turned fierce.

“We must kill innocent people for the future of the continent. Blame all your sins on me.”

Felix’s long talk came to an end. At the same time, a man guarding Felix’s side whispered to Felix.

“We can start right away.”

Felix nodded and turned to his soldiers.

“All on board!”

The soldiers climbed Schheim in perfect order.

Everyone’s expression didn’t change, but Felix entered Schheim without hiding his completely stiff face.

Felix, who told the wizards who were manipulating various instrument panels and appliances the last coordinates, sat right behind Schheim’s cockpit and looked straight ahead.

From the underground cavity, a long passage opened before my eyes.

And Felix’s mouth opened.


The slight tremor gradually grew.

Schheim, the strongest combat weapon created by the pinnacle of Dwarf technology and the essence of Elf magic, began to float its huge body into the air.

However, no one noticed that a shadow melted into Schheim.

Retired Hero Wants To Sleep

Retired Hero Wants To Sleep

은퇴용사는 잠들고 싶다
Score 9.2
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
A comic continental epic unfolded by Ewald Kitsuka, the continent’s best magic swordsman who sealed the rare demon king to himself.


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