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Retired Hero Wants To Sleep Chapter 88

Mission No.4 Reunion (17)

Usbel flowed down Ewald’s back.

The crew, who were distracted by her Ebalt’s story, couldn’t even properly react to Usbel’s sudden action, but Ekrin, who was by Usbel’s side, tilted her sword to the floor and poured her calm mana into her. Turned to the body of

Through the darkness of dawn, Usbel’s eyes emitted a terrifying light. Eccrine felt extremely tense at that bloody appearance, but someone grabbed Eccrine’s arm.

It was Ewald.

“… Seo, Mr. Seo?”

“Back off.”

Grabbing Ecrine’s arm, Ewald gently pulled her arm. At the same time, Ewald leaned between Usbel and Eccrine.

Eccrine, who had an expression asking what the hell were you doing, frowned slightly, but Ewald shook her head once and completely blocked Eccrine’s body.

In an instant, Usbel jumped out towards Ewald. Yellow eyes continued for a long time, leaving traces in the air.

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At too high a speed, Ekryn reflexively returned and grabbed her sword.

But Ewald got down on his one knee and spread his arms from side to side.

Usbel hurled her own body at her Ebalt’s torso with her terrifying speed.


Ewald, who hugged Usbel’s small body, was pushed so hard that she tumbled on the stone floor several times.

“Oops! Hey! It’s funny!”

“Noisy, noisy!”

The crew did not respond and just stared blankly until Usbel and Ewald, who were performing unplanned slapstick, moved far away.

But Usbel, who started to cry with her really man-eating face, struck Balt’s chest down on her with that little hand.

“Say something! Where does it go if I tell you about it? Is it sticky!”

“Oh country! Hey! No, broken ribs!”

“Shut up! Shut up! Shut up! Just shut up!”

It was a sight of a small girl lashing out at her grown-up, but Usbel, who had struck Ewald with such force that she could have beaten a cow with her bare hands, finally grabbed her Ewald’s collar tightly and thumped her chest. Buried her face in

Almost crossing the Three Tao River, Balt shook his head and slightly lifted his head.

In his field of vision came a scene where Usbel, who could only see the top of his head, was weeping sadly with her face buried in his chest.

Ewald coughed involuntarily.

But he already felt his chest getting damp, and he lifted his torso, stroking Usbel’s little head with a bitter smile.

“… Sorry for not telling you earlier.”

“Shut up!”

Ebalt, who had finally raised his body fully, could only look at Usbel in silence as he was cradled like a baby and crying.

* * *

“So, Captain, do you think someone took the magic token from Cotru Nouveau to find out your mana patterns?”

Ewald nodded lightly.

“People looking for the captain will most likely try to kill him.”

Ewald nodded his head to Pionir again.

“And if you kill the captain, the mad demon king Belzedeus will be released… In summary, that’s how it works.”

In response to his nod, Balt shrugged his shoulders.

“Is that right?”

“… Are you dull or crazy? What are you talking about laughing right now?”

Shupea threw out a loud growl and glared at Ewald.

Either that or not, Ewald smiled at Shupea.

“They say they’re coming, but what are you going to do?”

“And then, when the uncle dies, it won’t end with one or two dies!”

“Eheh, I have no intention of dying.”

Ewald still smiled single-single, and the expressions of the crew members who saw it were colored with Spea’s growls.

Are you laughing now?

“I’ll tell you something too, Captain. You seem to be taking things too lightly.”

Join Adele.

Even so, the pride of the members was severely crushed just because he was the captain and suffered alone, but Ewald’s reaction was like dropping Meteor into a burning house.

“… West.”

Even Eccrine, who doesn’t say anything other than that and shoots beams from her eyes.

Zelena shook her head and backed away from her.

She said that for 27 years she was locked up, after all that was the story. Leaning against her tree with that look on her face, she took her dagger tucked into her waistband in her hand and began a swishing sword dance.

“Then what? It’s not a big deal, is it?”

“Because it’s not like that.”

Of course, the situation was serious.

However, even as Ewald, there was no sharp method.

It is almost certain that there will be those who will come to find him one day.

Usbel, who hadn’t been away from Ewald since the incident earlier, grabbed Ewald by the hem of his pants and started to cry.

“Master, master, run away with me. Run away far away How are you? The weather is a little bad, but I will make a living.”

“… If you dig the ground, will the demon world come out?”

“Are you not coming out?”

What kind of potato is the makai? Ewald smiled and stroked Usbel’s head.

Zelena’s story continued.

“Shouldn’t we at least set up a defense plan? Or ask the emperor for a favor.”

“I think the most useless defense is talking to Kasper.”

“… But.”

It seems that the emperor of the empire, the most powerful person on the continent, is recognized as such by Ebalt.

Each member of the crew was spitting out a lot of profanity and harsh words out of worry and pity, but I had to realize that there was no way to do it.

Ewald shrugs his shoulders for the same reason.

“It’s best to strike first, but I can’t be sure that the same guy stole Dvahur’s magic token, so I don’t have a plan right now. I just have to be careful…”

“In that case, I would like to say something about the girl.”

“… Yes, please.”

With her green hair flowing, Lafon calmly smiled at Ewald.

“How about getting help from a girl?”

* * *

“… Are you sane?”

“Of course it comes.”

Ewald furrowed his forehead and looked at Lafon.

“Even if it’s Ohisa-sama, that’s a bit…”

“If only we could ask for your cooperation, wouldn’t you be sure?”

After scratching his head, Balt made a very unwilling face.

As such, Lafon’s proposal was quite harsh.

Of course, the effect will be obvious. At least if it’s ‘there’.

But he hated the very method of getting there. He doesn’t even want to imagine.

“I will do my best to address your concerns.”

“You don’t even know the way, do you? What do you want to do…”


Lafon was lost in thought for a moment.

Then he lightly nodded his head.

“Come to think of it, I didn’t know the way.”

“… Ah yes.”

“But if you only go to the forest…”

Lafon blurted out his words like that.

It was also at that time that Ewald’s eyebrows twitched.

“Don’t you know what kind of place it is?”

“Of course. It is a very dangerous place for humans.”

I didn’t like the fact that Kshwice Great Forest was only devalued as ‘a fairly dangerous place’, but Ewald soon had to scratch his head.

For Lafon, who has ‘eyes to see the truth’, the Great Forest of Kswice is just a forest with many wild animals.

Ewald had a constant annoyed look on his head as he felt like a cramp was coming.

But no matter how much I thought about it, Lafon’s proposal was sweet, sure, and attractive.

Crucially, the proposal perfectly reflected Ewald’s sly personality and predilection for f*cking.

Then Lafon politely lowered his head and opened his mouth.

“Please trust me once.”

When it comes to this, I have nothing to say. No matter how small and delicate a girl looks, Lafon is a dwarf Ohisa, a half-god.

In the end Balt nodded his head.

“Great. Good.”

With a light sigh, Ewald’s face that couldn’t be helped turned to a smile.

“Please only take responsibility for what you are responsible for.”

To that subtle smile, Lafon responded with her bright smile.

* * *

Midnight dukedom.

Reaching the closest location to the castle, Ewald looked up at the towering building and sighed.

It is in front of the dark magic guild.

“It really looks like they’ve all been kidnapped.”

Zelena nodded her head at Ewald’s words.

“You can say that there are almost no mages in the principality right now. The same goes for the Stett Kingdom and the Luxen Kingdom. Wizards are disappearing all the way to the borders of the empire.”

After scratching his head for a moment, Ebalt looked back at Pionir.

“Did you say that magic that can detect a specific mana pattern is 3 classes?”

“That’s right. It is called Uppgötva einstaka Mana.”

Because of yesterday’s uproar in the duchy, Balt couldn’t bring all of his crew back in, so Balt clicked his tongue at Fionair, who looked completely bewildered.

“Are you sick?”

“That, that…”

Fionir, sick to his stomach from flying through the sky to avoid being seen, looked like he wanted to vomit coolly.

However, something worse than the aftereffects that flew through the sky was turning Pioneer’s insides even more.

“Ah, Captain, but do I really have to make that magic myself?”

Although he didn’t live very long, it was a serious burden for Pionir to ask a first-class magician to make such a magic device even if he studied all his life.

“I know very little about secondary magic. And when all the wizards have been kidnapped, it’s too difficult to rescue other wizards.”


“Can’t it be done within three days at the latest?”

Besides, since it’s a closed guild, no one will come in, and magic items will overflow inside.

Ewald was making such calculations.

Of course, Pionir, who had the trauma of being a first-class wizard all his life intact, was breaking out in a cold sweat.

“It might take three years, not three days.”

Pionir protested against Ewald with a serious expression.

However, Ewald gave Pionir a nice smile.

“You can just try it.”

Upon breaking through the door of the magic guild where no one was there, Balt turned over his bookshelf with a funny face.

“Oh, was it like this?”

Balt nodded his head after looking through the magic book with the diagram and explanation of the magic uppgötva einstaka Mana Pionir talked about.

“I can’t use this either.”

“Yes yes? You say you can’t use it?”

Fionir’s face aged rapidly. What I had hoped for was shattered and fell.

However, Ewald handed the book to Fionair with an expression that he did not expect.

“Read it.”

“Hey, I read it. But mana control…”

“Mana control?”

Fionir nodded his head.

“Uppgötva einstaka Mana is based on uppgötva Mana, so you have to master the uppgötva Mana of the 2nd class completely. The only detection magic I can do is leita mana…”

“Do not control mana and try.”

“… Yes?”

Fionir stuttered his words, unable to bear the words, “Why don’t you tell me to hold the sword upside down and swing it?”

“Ah, no matter how much uppgötva Mana is skipped and mana is controlled, reagents and things like that…”

“Try it, just.”

Ewald, who kindly showed his teeth and smiled wickedly, tapped Pionir on the shoulder.

He wanted to protest to the magician, asking where such corruption was, but Fionir eventually nodded his head with a devastated smile.

“Captain, even if you cast leita mana like this and turn the extra mana around, there’s no way the 3rd class magic will suddenly pop out.”

Ewald’s eyes sharpened.

Right now, Fionir was forming leita mana magic without uttering any magic formulas. That is, while talking about different things from time to time.

However, the flow of mana felt in front of Ewald’s eyes was the same as the mana management described in the magic book.

“At least the outermost mana shell…”

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Ewald grabbed Fionir by the shoulder.

“Start language.”

“… Yes?”

Facing Ewald’s sharp eyes, Fiornier was completely dazed.

However, Ewald shook Pionir’s shoulder again and spoke clearly.

“Start the car.”

“… Uppgötva einstaka Mana?”



A blue orb rose from Fionir’s chest.

Retired Hero Wants To Sleep

Retired Hero Wants To Sleep

은퇴용사는 잠들고 싶다
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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
A comic continental epic unfolded by Ewald Kitsuka, the continent’s best magic swordsman who sealed the rare demon king to himself.


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