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Retired Hero Wants To Sleep Chapter 85

Mission No.1 Ruler of the World (1)

“I am the one who rules the world.

I am the one who brings despair to the world.

I am! He came to covet the delicacies of the world!”

As soon as the very annoying voice ended, Captain Ewald’s low voice gracefully spread out.

“Sleep before I hang you upside down.”

An excerpt from ‘Still awake but cute Usbel’s sleep talking’ in 『Kontinentalen Speer』. The best bard on the continent. By Adele Meles.

‘It’s almost done.’

The space of the abyss wriggled.

Darkness so pure that not even a single piece of light could be found surrounded Usbel.

‘It’s coming soon.’

How long have you waited in this darkness?

The space of the phase system that passed from the demon world to the middle world, along with severe fluctuations, pressed the existence held inside.

The crushing of her whole body, the tightness in her chest enveloped Usbel.

But this much can be tolerated.

Compared to the pain he endured when he passed from the demon realm to the phase realm, this was nothing.

And the end is coming soon.

It was exerting force on Usbel’s body.

A space where magical powers and spiritual powers are mixed as if swirling around.

‘It’s open!’

Finally, at the end of Usbel’s vision, he saw a small dot of light.

The light, which was so small that it looked like it would disappear quickly, pulsated weakly and gradually grew larger.

No, Usbel was approaching the exit.

There really isn’t much left now.


‘I descend.’

A demon who manifests from the demon world to the middle world.

That demon becomes the demon king.

Usbel quickly approached the light, suppressing her pounding chest.

She broke through the space where her feet couldn’t even feel gravity, and she jumped into the light.

And everything brightened up.

Two horns sprouted from her head.

Large bat-like wings.

A black tail similar to that of a cat, protruding from the butt.

Uth Bell, who sat comfortably on the ground with her legs outstretched, flashed her demonic yellow eyes.

Her strength went into her tight thighs.

“This is…”

The light that surrounded her slowly began to fade.

She fell gently around her as her soft moonlight embraced her with him.

“This is Middle-earth.”

Usbel took a deep breath with her beaming smile.


“… What?”

Her magic and psychic powers rushed around her.

“Uh? Uh? Uh uh uh huh?”

Her sensations, which she had never felt before, came over her.

At the same time, her mana began to be pulled out of Usu Bell’s whole body in an instant.

“What, what, this! What! Hey! Go away!”

Even if she told her non-intelligent magical power and spiritual power to go away, she wouldn’t say ‘yes!’, But Usbel stirred her arms and went wild.

However, her body, unable to create the necessary mana cores in her middle-earth, was rapidly draining her mana.

In an instant, as if she were getting older by one year per second, Usbel’s skin and bone were adjoining her.

Uthbel immediately fell to the side in a phenomenon so sudden that he could not even find a countermeasure.


However, it did not mean that her mana and spiritual power would not cling to her just because she fell down.

No, rather, like ants that climbed up on her ground and surrounded her earthworms, her magical powers and spiritual powers were exhilaratingly extracting life from Usbel.

At this rate, I will be mummified alive!

But her Usbel’s face, which was difficult to lift her finger, gradually turned pale.

“… Oops.”

Ursbel, who was quickly thinking about what kind of magic she should use and how to stop this phenomenon of extracting her magic and vitality from her like a vampire, eventually spat out her magic.

“Aww, Fjölbrigðið!”

I don’t know why or why her form-shifting magic came out of her mouth, but in an instant, the flow of her magical power that started from her body enveloped her.

Her slender body was soon enveloped in a shimmering light.

And in an instant, her little body was exposed in the air.

She was only about 140 cm tall, and her little demon wearing a baggy dress replaced the missing nice-bodied demon woman.

Only then did Usbel rise from her seat.

Her magical powers and psychic powers that gnawed at her were ‘huh? I don’t think it’s him?’, And she backed away.

However, Usu Bell’s face, which had sucked a fair amount of her magic power and vitality, was in a severely haggard state.

Usbel raised her trembling hands and brought them close to her face, looked at her skin-to-bone hands and arms, and then fumbled to touch her own face.

Get her wrinkled!

“Ugh. At this rate, the skin will stick to the bones.”

A state where her skin is already sharing high-fives with her bones all over her body.

Usu Bell, who felt relieved for a moment at the fact that her magic was no longer draining, began to stand up from her seat.

“Agogogogo, is the crucible worn out?”

There’s no way aging will progress in the meantime, but Usbel immediately understood why the old demons were screaming at her, saying that every bone ached.

This. It is also difficult to walk.

As soon as she came over from the realm of her demons, she was very sorry for what had happened, but she had no time to feel sorry for her.

She looked as if she had been starving for three weeks, and her eyelids were severely sunken. She held her wobbly knees with both hands and lifted her upper body.

“Agogogo, anyway.”

And her eyes twinkled in the moonlight.

“It has descended!”


“Captain. I have something to report.”

Fredericke Henrich sat in his office and looked over the papers, then raised his eyes.

Her secretary tilted her head as she set another document down in front of her.

Fredericke shook her head, seemingly tired, and turned her gaze to her secretary.

“What is going on?”

“Uh… It seems that the Demon King has appeared.”


Frederique stood up from her seat.


“That is… , Three days ago.”

At that moment, Frederique frowned severely and showed his teeth.

“Why are you reporting that now, Akenton!”


The secretary, called Arkenton, continued her debriefing, scratching her head.

“Abnormal mana release was measured, but it was because the mana was reduced in an instant. The measured magic power was too small in the first place, but gradually the magic power decreased.”

“… As soon as you show up?”

“Yes. It’s because it’s a shame that it’s hard to see him as the Demon King.”

“How much is it?”

“… 30,000 pole lumens.”

30 thousand pole lumens.

Frederique tilted her head at the magic accumulation that slightly exceeded that of a beginner mage.

“30,000, not 300,000?”

“… The result of the measurement a moment ago was 25,000 polumens.”

It is an accumulation of magical power that cannot exceed that of a beginner mage.

“Devil… Did you say That figure is not the Demon Lord, it’s just a monster.”

“That’s right, but there are reports of damage.”

Tension quickly set on Frederique’s face.

“What is the damage area and how much damage?”

“This is Tansburg, and the damage is…”

Arkenton replied as he rummaged through the papers.

“Groceries are gone.”

Frederique’s eyes were half closed.

“… Grocery?”

“… I think they mainly stole bread or ham.”

A cold wind blew through Frederique’s office.

Contemplating what to say, she calmly and cautiously opened her mouth.

“Is it looting to operate a large army?”

“I was told it was about 2 or 3 servings.”

Fredericke cupped her forehead.

“The demon king ordered bread and ham… You stole two or three servings?”

“Looks like you stole the milk too.”

Gradually, Frederique’s face said, ‘Yes. I’m not interested anymore.’

“Are you a livelihood demon?”

“… The amount of damage was not so great that it was a little difficult to write a damage report. But the demon… We have confirmed that a presumed entity is moving progressively toward Rotume and engaging in predatory behavior.”

“… The demon king who is coming to the capital plundering bread and ham?”

It can’t be anything other than a simple and easy-going demon king.

Frederique sat down with an expressionless face.

I don’t know what now.

“Are you sure about the Demon King?”

“Yes. The magic pattern was the Demon.”

Fredericke nodded slightly.

“Okay. Thank you for the report that the Demon King, who steals bread and ham with the magic power of a wizard who has just entered magic, is coming to Rotume.”

“If you don’t know, shouldn’t you come up with a countermeasure? They might be using smoke screen tactics.”

The tired-eyed Fredericke turned her face to her secretary asking if she made sense.

“… A smokescreen tactic to steal bread and ham?”

Akenton thought for a moment, then shook her head from side to side.

“You don’t want to fight a strategist like that, do you?”

Arkenton, of course, agreed with Frederique.

Still, Arkenton opened his mouth to Frederike, as if he was trying to faithfully fulfill the role of secretary and bookkeeper.

“There is nothing to lose by preparing, right? If it’s really a powerful demon king, even with a 1 in 100 million chance…”

Frederique was deep in thought.

Eventually, she stood up and handed the document to her secretary, Akenton.

From noble mtl dot com

“It’s a power of attorney. You do it yourself.”

“That… I will.”


“Catch him!”

A small, black shadow jumped out of the private house.

It was Usbel, holding a large piece of ham in his mouth and holding a piece of bread in his right hand.

Uthbel, who was trying to stuff the ham that couldn’t fit in her mouth somehow into her stomach, took the bread in her hand to her mouth as well.

If caught, everything is taken away.

Judging that even if she was caught, she would feel less unfair if she ate all of it and was caught, and she quickly ran away, shoving her food into her mouth.

As a demon lord, she lamented how she had gotten to this point and finished it yesterday.

There is no business in hunger.

Having experienced firsthand that hunger is scarier than compatible mama, she was desperately running away.

But she didn’t let go of the bluff.

“If I conquer the world, I will definitely repay you!”

“What is that madman talking about!”

Usbel, who was as nimble as she was, flung her body to and fro like a squirrel and fled the village.

Her sorrowful moonlight fell on Usbel.

In order to descend as a demon king, she broke through the far upper world and came over from her demon realm.

However, as soon as she came over, her magical powers ran out quickly, and her hunger dominated her to such an extent that she wondered if she was cursed with hunger even if she ate.

She couldn’t even exert her strength, and the mana core that didn’t exist in her Pandemonium was heavily entrenched near her Danjeon. Usbel leaned against the trunk of her tree.

“Wow, that’s sad.”

As she took her leftover bread to her mouth, she choked on the grittiness.

“… I’ll bring milk too.”

Trembling at her strangely cute sadness, she bowed her head with her sullen expression.

At the same time, a loud growl erupted from her little belly.

“… You growl without even noticing.”

But her stomach roared louder, and answered.

Usu Bell, who did not know at all that this was happening to create a mana core for beings from the other world, was resentful of her rumbling stomach without knowing the speed.

Unable to come to her senses from her immediate hunger, she turned her head away.

The scent of food wafting from far away tickled Usbel’s nose.


‘Here it is.’

Smell of meat. Smell of bread. Soup? I don’t know what it was, but the savory smell seemed to grab Usu Bell’s hair and pull her into the house.

Even if it’s late at night, it’s a long time late.

It didn’t matter to Usbel why there was such a well-prepared feast at this time and in this place. No, she didn’t even have time to think.

Usbel’s chin drooped and her mouth watered at the food that just filled her table for eight.

Already her body, preoccupied with food, was trudging toward her table.

A turkey that smells of fragrant spices, dishes prepared to taste like pork or beef, various soups, various fruits, and even bread that exudes a rich aroma.

Wiping the drool dripping from her chin with her sleeve, she sat down on her chair.


“Okay, let’s eat well!”

Usbel’s hands moved at the speed of light.

She’s not a thousand-handed Kannon, but Usbel started sucking her food so that her arms looked like dozens.


It was.

It was really good.

It was insanely delicious.

All the hard work and suffering she had had so far began to disappear from her Usu Bell’s mind like snow melting.

In line with that, the food on the table also began to be deleted.

Clap clap clap clap clap.

Usbel, who was eating her food with great speed, ate her food with fresh apple juice as a lubricant.

“Delicious! Wowaaa, delicious!”

After coming to Middle-earth, for the first time, Usbel found the meaning of her life.

I don’t know if it’s the devil or what.

If I could eat this kind of food for every meal every day, I would surely conquer this world and become the Demon King.

She swore Us Bell.

And she diligently ate her food as best she could.




Usbel’s whole body was swallowed up by a strange magical power.

Her whole body was paralyzed.

Did it happen?

But even under that circumstance, there was only one thing that dominated her thoughts of Usbel.

‘I have to swallow what’s in my mouth!’

Finally, after swallowing all the food in his mouth, Usbel passed out with a satisfied face.


Uth Bell, who was lying on her floor, opened her eyes.

She was eating, admiring the delicacies that were obviously dreamlike, but now she was lying on the cold floor for some reason.

It was dark around her, and I could even feel the flow of her strange magical power.

Usbel, who suddenly came to her senses, raised her body.

And she, Uusbel, noticed the reality that befell her.

“… Oh, you got caught.”

These cowardly bastards! Tempting yourself with food!

It was unfair!

I was upset!

Even if you catch it, you should have eaten all the food before catching it!

These bloodless and tearless bastards!

Usbel lay on her feet and struggled.

Usbel, wagging her arms and legs, spewing out this profit, cute fury.

But soon she dropped her limp body and stared at her ceiling.

And she let out a cute sigh and nodded her head.

“… Will you give me something to eat?”


How long she had been held there was no telling.

Suffering from numerous interrogations and experiments during that time, she sat down on the Odokani chair.

During this time, the only thing she could sustain was the three meals a day, three well-prepared meals.

“… Would you get angry if I asked for meat for lunch?”

They don’t serve dinner often, but the wizard sisters will get angry if you ask for meat from lunch.

But Usbel smiled meaningfully and brought her right hand near her navel.

After descending to Middle-earth and depriving her of her strength to the extent that her skin and bones were in contact with her, she was caught and captured for roughly four and a half years.

In the meantime, her Uth Bell’s mana core was strengthened.

In addition, she learned how to block her magical energy flowing from this mana core.

These stupid human bastards won’t notice.

“Not long! This Demon King Usbel will rule the world and covet her food!”

Her mouthwateringly dripping, Usbel wiggled her arms.

“It’s not long, you stupid people!”

Just try to escape. I’ll rob you of the restaurant.

Intoxicated by such a grand plan, Usbel, who was shaking her body, heard someone’s footsteps in her ears.

She wondered if anyone would hear what she said, and Usbel, who shuddered at her body, sat upright in her chair and straightened her back.

She herself is the devil

This is Demon King Usbel.

And at the end of that thought, the door of the prison where she was imprisoning Usbel opened, and her two men appeared.

It was an old man and a man who looked like he wouldn’t be cheap for some reason.

First of all, Marcus’ mouth opened.

“That’s him.”

Sitting inside the bizarre magic circle, Usbel immediately twitched her eyebrows.

Are you a guy?

However, Ewald was making a futile expression toward Usbel.

“Is this the Demon King?”

This is the Demon King! He descended into this middle world as a demon king!

Although I got caught because I was obsessed with food!

However, Usbel only twitched her lips, as if telling her to misunderstand.

“… It’s a child.”

Okay. It’s okay to think of it as a child.

I am the demon lord who puts all the delicious things in this world under my feet.

So, Usbel laughed at the most important master of fate in her life.

Retired Hero Wants To Sleep

Retired Hero Wants To Sleep

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
A comic continental epic unfolded by Ewald Kitsuka, the continent’s best magic swordsman who sealed the rare demon king to himself.


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