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Retired Hero Wants To Sleep Chapter 76

Mission No.4 Reunion (06)


Ewald, Usbel, and Fionir’s eyes quickly moved to the place where the voice came from.

Zelena, who was slowly descending from the second floor while supporting her handrail, met his gaze and smiled as she took off her difficult step one step at a time.

With her face asking where she was moving when her body was in that state, Ewald tried to stand up, but Zelena didn’t even pay attention to her and continued her words.

“I was so sick that I couldn’t sleep, so I thought about getting a drink of water, but I hear all sorts of strange noises?”

Ebalt stood up at once, but Zelena stopped Ebalt’s movement just by lightly raising her arm and cautiously walked down the stairs.

“… Zelena.”

Zelena, who had walked to the seat where Balt and the others were sitting, pulled out an empty chair and sat down in front of the table.

“Is it okay for me to have a drink too?”

“… Her body is at that point, but the alcohol goes down her throat…”

“Then shall we cut open the stomach and put it directly into the stomach?”

Ewald, confirming that nothing had changed and that his mouth was rough, frowned and pushed the bottle in front of Zelena.

Zelena, who took Ewald’s glass of wine as well, filled her glass with her amber-colored hard liquor and then emptied it in one go.

“Ugh, that’s thrilling.”

“… Think about your body.”

“I didn’t expect to be hacked this far, but compared to when I was with you in the past, it’s not even hurt, so I have no choice but to laugh and pass it over.”

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I don’t think I’m sorry.”

Usbel said, looking at Zelena with an almost ray of light in contrast to her cute voice.

“It’s okay, little lady. From the young lady’s point of view, if there’s a human who wants to kill her master, it’s only right to kill her. Don’t mind.”

Another glass of alcohol went down Zelena’s gullet.

“By the way, you seem to be a child from a wealthy family, but why do you treat this scoundrel as your master?”

“I’m not a child of a house, I’m a demon.”

“… What tribe?”

“He is the official demon king. I don’t know if it was officially approved or not, but in terms of rank, it’s certain that the Demon King has descended.”

Usbel, who was a preliminary demon king candidate.

He boasted about becoming a demon king in the demon world, and when he was told to go somewhere and say something like that, Usbel descended to the middle world.

She is now, though she maintains a position that makes it impossible to tell whether she is a maid, maid, or colleague because her nose is pierced by a former warrior.

Zelena quietly looked into Balt’s eyes, threw away her absurd smile, and took on a strange look.

“Your hobby has changed, Ewald? Wasn’t he the only one who collected elves as playthings in the past?”

“… How can you make a joke with such a tight bite?”

However, Usbel immediately responded to Zelena’s joke.

“Master, Master!”

Usbel jumped up from her seat and pressed her face against Ewald.

“Are you an elf? Those with long ears? What? What do you collect as a pacifier?”

“… You, Selena.”

Ebalt, who covered his face with his hands, glared at Zelena between his fingers, but Ebalt, who had already entered Usbel’s range, took a deep breath at Usbel’s question.

“I request an explanation immediately! Right now, right now!”

Zelena turned her grin on her face away from the two of them.

“Is it good for you, master, to have big breasts? Is it like that?

“… Why do you talk about breasts?”

“Then ears? Are you ears? Are you attracted to long ones? No no! The masters I’ve seen so far have been full of hearts! It was everything!”

“… It really splits you up, you.”



“… Oh my goodness!”

Zelena, who had just brought her newly poured wine glass to her mouth, glanced at Usbel’s swollen breast as if it were about to explode, and she let out a sly surprise.

“Does it look like a demon?”

“… Is the way to determine whether or not you can expand your breasts?”

“What, what are you talking about?”

After emptying her third full glass, Zelena exhaled her breath mixed with alcohol.

“Admit that you have been living in that state of mind, Ewald. In that respect, you had a mysticism that was close to self-torture. But let’s go over the facts.”

“… I hope you stop, Zelena.”

“If you hear this story from another human being, it will be for you, but if you hear it from me, the victim, wouldn’t the meaning be a little different?”

The glass crashed against the table, creating a strange rhythm.

“I’m just talking for myself.”

At that word, Ewald shut his mouth.

“Since there is an audience, should I be brief?”

Zelena lifted the bottle.

“Exactly 30 years ago, a warlock appeared here in the Duchy of Sarmus. And that madman experimented with black magic on children.”


“That black magic was an experiment in which children were used as hosts to summon creatures from the underworld or hell. A huge number of children were kidnapped from the Principality of Sarmus and the Kingdom of Stett, as far as the borders of the Empire.”

As the tilted bottle returned to its original state, a clear sound echoed through the surroundings.

“Among them was my daughter.”

Zelena moved her goblet slowly.

“Of course I frantically searched for Alina, and in the meantime I got in touch with your captain. That man also came down to Sarmus with the missing children.”

A strong smell of liquor swayed along the border of the glass.

“I finally found it.”

Zelena let out a short sigh.

“Although it was very late…”

This time, Ewald grabbed the bottle.

“I couldn’t confirm whether the experiment was a success or a failure. The things we met at the entrance were not people, but ‘almost’ demonic creatures. Why did I say “Almost”…”


“Because they had a child’s head next to them.”

Fionir felt goosebumps creeping up on his arms.

“More than half of the personnel deployed were slaughtered. From people who couldn’t even swing a knife and were cut into two pieces, to people who were eaten alive. It was just living hell.”

As soon as he turned the bottle slightly, Balt started blowing his bottle without a glass at all.

“Your captain sorted it out. But this human also had a strange personality, so he couldn’t bear to touch his children’s heads. Thanks to that, identification was easy.”

The poisoned wine flowed down Ewald’s throat.

“But when I counted the things I collected, it turns out that even if the number is short, it is still short. That was less than half of the missing children.”

“Then the rest of the children…”

To Pionir’s cautious question, Zelena gave a rather weak answer.

“I did a search and found the bodies of children. But even if you add them all up, it’s almost 30 people empty.”

“… No way.”

“The rest of them were enchanted.”

Zelena, who had stolen the bottle from Ewald, glared at her bottle with a slight frown.

“When I got to the room where the children were being held, my daughter was there too.”

It was painful.

“And one of the kids turned into a monster.”

Zelena’s voice distorted calmly.

“Also, after several of her colleagues died and the monster was caught, she started to get anxious. It’s crazy to imagine that there will be more than 30 monsters that even people with a lot of adventure skills can barely defeat. Of course, even if there are children who are not properly enchanted…”

Zelena dropped her gaze to her drinking glass.

“I couldn’t figure it out. There was no way she could turn back… Do you let go of the children turning into monsters, or do you want them before more people are sacrificed…”

Zelena gently pushed the glass away.

“That was the situation.”


“In the end, your captain drove the remaining children to one place.”

The empty glass rolled across her table.

“… And this man took Alina from my arms. A child who cries that he is not enchanted…”

Fionir began to breathe carefully.

“I won’t ask you to understand. Because I was on the verge of going crazy at the time. He exclaimed not my child. I had no choice but to. I’d rather die with my own hands. But your captain took the crying child by the hand and disappeared into the inner cave.”

Ewald hung his head.

“I really wanted to grind this human. I cried that Alina might not have been enchanted, and she cried Alina too. But her cries of Alina went farther into the back of the cave.”

Oh my god.

“I don’t remember the details after that. It seems like something is blocking the cave. Actually, I wasn’t crazy at the time. Of all the people who went there in search of her children, I was the only one alive.”

“… After that.”

“Looks like he fainted. When I woke up, it was home.”

Zelena snatched her bottle from Ewald, who was speechless with her head down.

“That’s what it is. Nothing more, nothing less.”


“I can’t say I did well.”

This is the last drink At that thought, Zelena poured her drink into her mouth at once.

“You just did what you had to do, Ewald.”

“… Zelena.”

“If such a situation comes again, I will curse you again.”

Ewald’s heavy head slowly turned towards Zelena.

And Zelena passed on the smile of her years to Ewald.

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“You want me to do what you did.”

It was difficult to even breathe in the completely subdued atmosphere.

And it was Zelena who broke the atmosphere.

“End of this dirty talk.”

Zelena’s sharp gaze flew towards Ewald.

“Should I listen to you, Ewald?”

* * *

“Oh, you woke up in the Corridor of the Dead?”

Ewald, who left out the story about Beelzedeus and added another story, nodded slowly.

“So you still look so fresh?”


“Then it was while you were sleeping that you lost Dvahur?”

Zelena’s gaze, full of curiosity, turned to Ewald.

Ewald’s face was completely distorted.

“… I saw you stealing with both eyes open.”

“You said you let Ewald of the world steal yours?”

“… I have a little story.”

“It’s fun. The sun will rise in two places tomorrow.”

Zelena, who had been staring at Ebalt with a chuckle, pressed one hand to her throbbing abdomen. Usbel glanced at her hand, but she quickly shifted her gaze to her Ewald, and she let go of a little bit of apologetic feeling.

“So you’re giving up on Dvahur?”

“… What kind of stuff would you give up on? I am struggling to find it.”

“Then why are you in the principality?”

Then, Ewald’s gaze quickly moved toward Zelena.

It seems that Zelena knows something about Dvahur.

“Do you know anything about Dvahur?”

“You’re a dwarf.”

“… This woman really is.”

At all, Zelena openly giggled. She looks pretty funny.

“I don’t know if it’s because I really don’t know. Are all of Ewald’s sources dead?”

“Where is the source of information waiting for over 27 years?”

Ebalt let out a sigh mixed with sighs, and Zelena, who confirmed the sigh, erased her laughing expression.

This is something you do without really knowing.

“… You really don’t know.”

“I don’t even know what I don’t know. Schheim is here.”

Ewald finished his words as if to affirm, and lifted his bent body.

Zelena’s face, looking at Ewald, grew more and more suspicious.

“Ewald, I’m asking because I really don’t know, but do you think that Dvahur is in the duchy?”

“I have physical evidence, not thoughts. A huge amount of mana is gathered on the other side.”

“Are you on the other side?”

“Inside the Duchy. We will start the search tomorrow morning.”

“Do you really think Schheim will be in the Duchy?”

“There is no reason for a large amount of magic circles to be concentrated at a high concentration. And there is solid evidence.”

“… Evidence?”

Ewald nodded his head.

“I found the mana pattern of the energy generation magic circle used in the main gun.”

Zelena shut her mouth as soon as Ewald finished.

And in earnest, Zelena’s thoughts began to tangle.

‘Why is Dvahur in the principality… ?’

Dvahur must be…

However, the thought that the principality had produced Schheim in the past came to Zelena’s head.

For an instant, her thinking stopped.

“No way!”

Retired Hero Wants To Sleep

Retired Hero Wants To Sleep

은퇴용사는 잠들고 싶다
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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
A comic continental epic unfolded by Ewald Kitsuka, the continent’s best magic swordsman who sealed the rare demon king to himself.


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