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Retired Hero Wants To Sleep Chapter 69

Mission No.3 Little Devils (29)

“Crazy, really! Let’s run away!”

Ewald had to growl. As he watched the countless dwarves rushing in, he felt like he would burst out swearing.

There is no such thing as a pack of dogs.

Ewald, who had blocked the attacks of thousands of Dwarves in every way, was gradually pushed upwards as if a prey were being driven.

The dwarf’s ax flew as he pushed back his crew. My teeth trembled at the Dwarf’s physical strength as he threw an ax that was so huge that a person would have to hold it with both hands.

However, Ewald, who had no time to grumble, began to hit all the ignorantly sized axes with his sword.

Tudong, empty!

A sharp pain passed through his wrist. He knew that his strength was high, but when he saw at least hundreds of Dwarves rushing at him like this, Balt felt chills running down his spine.

It would have been better if he had come in alone, but there were too many things to worry about because he was running away with a line of crew members behind him.

Shock magic exploded in front of Ebalt.


At least ten Dwarves were swept away by magic and soared into the air.

However, far more dwarves rushed in front of Ebalt, filling the empty space again.

It was an urgent situation, but Ewald looked at the situation behind his back even in the midst of it.

The sight of Ekryn wielding a huge Zweihender caught Ewald’s eyes at first glance.

“Stop coming, you short bastards!”

But the ax flew without a reply.

After blocking all of them one by one, Balt stopped his backward step.

It took too much stamina to climb up while blocking it like this.

Ewald, who judged that, swung his arm with fearsome force, then quickly stepped back, raising both his hands above his head and reciting his magic words.

Formulas spewed out of Ewald’s mouth, who rarely used chanting.

Having completed his magic formula in an instant, Ebalt stretched out his raised hand under his feet.

“Gegnheill sprenging!”

Top-notch impact magic. The formula was so complicated that it couldn’t be compared to sprenging, and it was a magic that had strong aftereffects, but Ewald was not in a position to cover hot or cold food.


The mana that suddenly turned into a gale at Ebalt’s fingertips hit all the dwarves and stone steps in front of Ebalt’s feet.


This wasn’t a level of magic that you would just watch and sleep on.

The clump of power that was so compacted that it was visible that the space was distorted in an instant radiated out over dozens of meters, not enough to knock down the stone steps and sweep away the dwarves standing on them.

Ebalt, who had used magic that was not often used in normal fights because of his strong concentration of mana, gnashed his teeth at the dwarves who climbed up even after being hit by the magic. However, the collapsing stone steps landed on the floor and crashed down with the dwarves.

After confirming the situation in front of his feet, which had turned into a cliff in an instant, Ebalt hurriedly turned around.

He seems to have blocked the hole through which he escaped, but he judged that at least the pressure from the dwarves following behind him had been resolved, and soared towards the front of the group with tremendous leaping power.

“Ekryn, bow down!”

Not even looking back, Ekryn lowered herself as if she were stuck on the stairs.

A dwarf was charging, but I could see the exact way to attack.

Ewald threw his magic at a sharp angle like a knife.


Several dwarves were thrown out without screaming.

With the thought that he could be so poisonous, Balt landed in front of Eccrine and patted his strange-looking gloves to infuse his mana.

At the same time, Ewald’s hands and gloves swelled abnormally.

As soon as he confirmed that, Ebalt looked back and shouted.

“Stay close! Let go of one person…”

Something is strange.

Ewald did a quick count and noticed that the little one was missing.

There is no Usbel.

* * *


Amira appeared with a tired face somewhere.

And behind Amira, a man who looked like a wizard to anyone could see a completely haggard look.

Zelena quickly brought the two into the room and locked the doorknob.

Only then could the wizard breathe a sigh of relief with a pale face.

“You worked hard to come.”

“Oh, no.”

After guiding the wizard to her seat, Zelena got to the point.

“I want to find a place where mana management is active.”

“Mana management?”

The wizard made a slightly surprised expression.

“May I ask what you are doing?”

At that question, Zelena paused her words and looked into the wizard’s eyes. But she let out a short sigh and opened her mouth.

“The wizard is missing.”

“… Yes, I know that too.”

Then the conversation becomes easier.

Zelena got right to her point.

“I want to find a place where mana is concentrated.”

“Do you think the wizards were abducted for some purpose?”

Zelena nodded her head.

The wizard also nodded her head and took out various magic tools from the bag she brought.

The wizard, who had been scattering, arranging, and tossing all sorts of powder and bizarre items, began creating magic formulas in a calm tone.

Minutes to do so. Finally, the wizard completed the magic word.

“Leita Mana.”

Outwardly, nothing has changed.

However, the wizard looked around him and began to check the mana arrangement.

A pale blue mist appeared in the wizard’s field of vision.

As soon as the point of blue congealing entered his field of vision, which minimized the color of natural mana, the wizard stopped his body.

Then he quickly pointed to a point and opened his mouth.

“There it is.”

Zelena and Amira’s gaze turned to the direction the wizard pointed.


Spreading her map on the table, Zelena called out to Amira.

Amira quickly put her compass on the map and backed lightly behind her.

“Can you check the distance?”

“You can only check the direction. Still up to the street…”

“Can you guess how much mana is accumulated?”

The wizard nodded.

“In my experience, mana cannot be concentrated for such a long time. Unless there is something that constantly grabs mana…”

Zelena nodded.

But soon, Zelena’s anxious voice came through.

“… Is that direction really correct?”

“I am sure.”

Zelena’s face hardened in an instant.

And the sorcerer, having let go of mana, looked at Zelena with her somewhat weary face.

“Do they overlap if they are on the same line?”

“That… It will look like this. You can’t even triangulate.”

The somewhat troubled wizard answered with her weary face, and Zelena nodded her head with a stiffer face.

“Do you have any guesses? As you said, the reason why mana is gathered.”

“… I just can’t get a feel for it.”

“All right. Thank you.”

“If there’s anything more I can help with, let me know.”

At the wizard’s words, Zelena smiled.

“Thank you for coming this far. Please return carefully.”

Zelena, who hurriedly sent the wizard back, locked her door in slow motion and turned around with her hard face.

“Where is it, Dooryeong-nim?”

“That direction is the principality.”

“… Yes?”


Amira, who was looking at Zelena with exactly that expression, made a confused expression.

And Zelena bit her lip and opened her mouth.

“Why is mana concentrated in the principality?”

* * *

“Is everyone okay?”

They looked tired and haggard, but no one was hurt.

That alone put Ewald at ease.

Of course, he was worried about Usubel, who had fallen behind, but since he was the strongest Usubel out of the group except for himself, Ebalt clenched his fists, which were almost bigger than a human head, thinking that he should overcome the urgent situation in front of him first.

It was only then that a strange building came into Ewald’s eyes.

A bizarre structure built at the top of the stairs.

The building, which soared at least several tens of meters, was far from a normal residential area.

It’s like…

It was a building that should be called a castle.

‘No way…’

“Ewald Kitska!”

He thought the iron was cracking. A terrifying scream erupted from the building.

It was also at that time that the corners of Ewald’s mouth, which had been momentarily in a fighting stance, began to twist severely.


A mischievous laugh came out of Ewald’s mouth.

I’m sure I’ve heard this voice before.

And as soon as the laughter disappeared, a short shadow fell from the second floor of the building toward the ground.

The shadow of a one-armed dwarf without a left arm.

“… It’s completely twisted.”

“Thanks to Mr. Tosaf! Glory be to him who made this happen while I was alive!”

“… Ah, that fanatic bastard.”

The dwarf, Dvahur, who shouted thanks to the dwarf god, put an ax that looked at least twice as large as the other dwarves’, slung over his shoulder, and slowly approached Ebalt with a smile on his face.

“Ewald Kitska!”

Dvahur’s shadowy eyes were shining blue.

“… Strange.”

Dvahur, who was so lucky, tilted his head.

From noble mtl dot com

“Can humans not age for more than 30 years?”

“I must have been bitten by a vampire, you bastard.”

“Is that human humor?”

No matter what he was wearing, every time he raised the ax, a metallic clang clack clattered in Ewald’s ears.

“Move behind me. Don’t stray too far from the radius. If you don’t want to die, don’t come in front of me.”

What Ewald cared about the most was the crew.

That dwarf named Dvahur is a dwarf who has entered the level of a monster.

Although he didn’t show it, Ewald is about to turn serious tension all over his body.

Hopefully the crew didn’t get hurt and it went well…

“Dwarf, here is a human who has come to pay for his sins!”

“Baus Tossaf!”

A roaring roar erupted all at once.

I couldn’t even guess how many thousands of people had to shout at once to make a sound like this. However, starting from that sound, a huge number of blue eyes began to emanate from Dvahur’s back.

Cold sweat ran down Ewald’s back.

At this number, there is no possibility of ending without seeing blood. And that includes crew members too.

It’s a waste.

With his gloved fist clenched tightly once more, Ebalt took a fighting stance. Dva Hur also showed a willingness to fight back by putting his left foot forward.

And behind Dvahur, a huge number of Dwarves appeared.

“I’ll take the one on the right, Mr. West.”

However, Ebalt blocked Ekryn’s front with his right arm.

“If you have to, take the kids and run away. I can buy that much time.”


“It is an order.”

Ewald’s broad back, not looking back, was reflected by Ekryn.

Even Ecrin, who had only recently met Ewald, could fully feel that Ewald would not give in to his will.

In the end, Ekryn withdrew with a heavy expression.

“Brave Dwarf…”

“Hold on, hold on! Attention everyone!”

The sharp girl’s voice burst through the cave.

Dwarves and Balts, who were tensed up in an imminent situation, heard her voice and all of them lifted their heads in the direction they came from.

A small figure appeared near the top of the castle-like building.

A grotesque smile appeared on Ewald’s lips after confirming that.

That’s Usbel.

But before Ewald could say anything, Usbel jumped off the building.

She was carrying something the size of herself on Usbel’s back as she fell to the floor in an instant.


Usbel landed on the floor. But her landing was light enough to make no sound.

As soon as she touched the floor, she confidently spread her feet from side to side.

“Now, from now on, from now on!”

At the same time, Usbel let out a sonorous voice as she lowered the human figure on her back to the floor.

“Start hostage taking!”

Retired Hero Wants To Sleep

Retired Hero Wants To Sleep

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
A comic continental epic unfolded by Ewald Kitsuka, the continent’s best magic swordsman who sealed the rare demon king to himself.


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