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Retired Hero Wants To Sleep Chapter 62

Mission No.3 Little Devils (22)

“If you are disrespectful any more, I cannot be held responsible for what happens next.”


Ewald felt a bit puzzled.

It would have been nice if he had a temper so that he would just break everything, but even when he openly argued with him, the guards who showed a standard reaction only looked at Ewald fiercely.

“It doesn’t work.”

“Whether it works or not, your behavior right now is very rude. Hurry back before things get too big.”

If Ebalt was an undercover officer, he is a standard guard that makes you want to give him a certificate of commendation. Thanks to this, Balt’s heart softened considerably when he was about to mess with him.

He was also strange at the same time.

It was to the point of not fitting that he had such an upright guard under a viscount who was mad enough to take the dispatch at the post office with the authority of the head of the sang.

Then you can’t help it. It’s a straight line

Ewald took an Imperial Army badge from his bosom and showed it to his guards.

“My name is Ewald Kitska.”

“You are suffering.”

The guard, who was not taken aback and gave a concise salute, waited for Ewald’s words.

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“I came to see Viscount Pelut.”

“Please wait a moment.”

The guard turned around with a modest gesture, said something to the inside of the castle gate, and then opened the side door.

Ewald quietly entered the side door.

All the guards who were patrolling the castle’s courtyard greeted Ebalt kindly and went on their way.

Sensing that something was wrong, Ebalt tilted his head and entered the introspection.

The interior of the castle decorated with modest decorations caught Ewald’s eyes.

Inside the castle, which was so simple that it seemed empty, Ewald had to feel strange again.

“Kitsuka-sama, this is it.”

An old attendant humbly bowed his head and guided Ebalt.

It’s not making a fuss, and it’s not looking down on you. The attendant, who had been guiding Ebalt in a calm manner, opened the door of what appeared to be his reception room and slightly bowed his head.

“Please wait a moment.”

The voice of the attendant who entered the reception room, leaving Ewald behind, came through the door to Ewald.

“Bocchan, a guest has come to visit.”

Young master?

“Oh, dear. Grandpa, I’m really sorry for the guest, but could you tell me to wait a moment?”

“I will tell you that.”

“Aww, no. Just ask them to come in.”

It was a young male voice with a slight sigh.

Ewald had to intuit that something was not right with what he was calculating.

Then the servant opened the door and reappeared.

“Sorry to have kept you waiting. Please come in.”

“Ah yes.”

Ewald entered the audience room through the wide open door.

However, Ewald felt even more confused by the interior scenery that did not match the reception room at all.

I could see three mountains of precarious parchment, no matter how many they were piled up on the large desk, and a completely haggard young man was sitting in the gap between the papers.

Is this an office, not a reception room?

“Please sit there.”

A young man stood up and offered Ewald a chair.

However, as he stood up, he touched a mountain of papers, and countless parchments crumbled away.

“Hey, this. Sorry. Tidy up for a moment. Hi go.”

Something is too plain

Ewald, who thought it would be great if the arrogant kid was sitting as per the scenario, felt a serious burden and sat down on the chair he recommended.

“Excuse me, may I ask who you are?”

The young man, who had both hands full of parchment, asked Ewald with a childlike smile.

To be honest, Ewald, who came in to play a game, recalled a puzzled look at this incomprehensible situation.

“My name is Kitsuka.”

“Ah, I see.”

In the end, the young man who had sorted out all the parchment carefully put it on the desk and let out a sigh of relief.

He is somehow cute.

The young man came to the other side of Ewald. Leaning slightly in his chair, he smiled and opened his mouth.

“Hello. Viscount Pelut.”

Was he the Viscount?

Ewald, who came in expecting that he had gone on a fox hunt, tilted his head at an unexpected variable. But Ebalt, who soon grasped the reality, nodded his head inwardly.

“What did you come for?”

“That is…”

Ewald, who was thinking of another scenario, quickly erased that thought.

Ewald, who chose the straight forward method as when passing through the castle gate, cleared his throat and brought up his business.

“There was no standing horse at the station, so I came here to inquire.”


Viscount Pelut’s face darkened.

“Ha, sorry.”

The Viscount, who did not even ask for the title of Ewald, lowered his head. And the Viscount, who had a really sorry expression on his face, raised his head and spoke slowly.

“There are some circumstances, but whatever the case, it is because of my immorality. Sorry.”

“… You are the Viscount, right?”

“hahahaha, that’s right. He’s still young and looks like a thunderclap, but he’s still acting as the resident governor of Schhattenberg.”


A mischievous expression appeared on the viscount’s face.

“Oh, you don’t seem to know our situation. Since my father is a bit ill, I am acting as an administrator. But everything is still immature and full of mistakes.”

The viscount, who even scratched his head with a hehehe sound, instantly returned to his original expression and scratched his head.

“Sorry. It’s been a long time since I talked to someone my age, so I didn’t know… Please forgive the rudeness.”

“… Ah yes.”

Sensing that he was completely mistaken, Ewald sighed involuntarily.

Hearing that sigh, the Viscount judged that Ewald was in trouble because there was no dispatch, and opened his mouth to Ewald with a very apologetic face.

“How many do you need?”


“Fresh words. It will take about a week for the dispatch to return to the station, so please use our horses as a temporary measure if you wish.”

Is there such a desirable young man?

Ebalt, who almost cried out that he was sorry for misunderstanding at the moment, shook his head.

“It’s not like that.”

“Regardless of the circumstances, I am the one who is unusually useful to the dispatch of the post office, so I must take responsibility for this as well. Don’t be afraid…”


“… Or you can just return it to the next station.”

To return your horse to par? No matter how much you are a count, giving away seven horses for free is a loss. Are you saying you’re going to take that kind of damage?

Ewald shook his head vigorously once.

“Viscount Pelut.”

“Ah yes. Please speak.”

“First of all, I’m sorry for misunderstanding.”

“… Yes?”

The viscount tilted his head with an innocent face and carefully looked at Ewald’s face.

“What are you talking about…”

“I heard some information at the post office.”

“Information… Yo. This?”

“They said that all the parbals were in a hurry and there was no standing horse. I heard that the viscount took it.”

“… Yes, it was my order.”

“Let’s be honest.”

Sensing something, Ewald turned his sharp gaze to the viscount.

“The Viscount said he took it all, but the Viscount is silent right now.”

“That’s right.”

“Then which bastard took it?”

“Oh, hey, not a kid…”

“Did you say you were responsible? Then please answer. Which bastard took it?”


The viscount leaned back in his chair. The viscount, who pressed his throbbing head with his hand, opened his mouth with a tired face.

“If you promise me one thing, I will.”

“Tell me.”

“Please do not hold Theo responsible.”

“… Who?”

“I am the person in charge of the post office.”

The viscount let out a long sigh.

“I don’t notice much, but seeing that you talk like that, Kitsuka-sama seems to be in a high position. He might be able to bring back the pabal. But if that happens, Theo will be the first to be reprimanded. I can’t cover Theo because I don’t have the strength.”

‘Look at this friend?’

Ewald was genuinely impressed.

“If you can guarantee that, I will tell you.”

“I won’t even let the emperor touch it.”

“hahahaha, thank you for saying that even as a joke.”

‘… I’m not kidding.’

So, the viscount, completely unaware of Balt’s feelings, nodded his head with a determined expression.

“Great. Keep your promise, and I’ll tell you who took it. You’ve probably heard from Theo, right? He called out a delegation for a fox hunt.”

“I heard that.”

“Marquis Schröter took it.”

Ewald’s eyes narrowed.

“That big-headed, unassuming bastard?”

“… Yes?”

“Oh, isn’t it? Well, that kid is a Duke. So, is that the bastard son?”

The Viscount made a surprised expression at Ewald’s joke of calling the people of the Schröter family, whether they were marquises or dukes, bastards. However, the viscount, who soon let out a laugh, wiped away his tears with a big smile.

“You are amazing. It’s the first time I’ve ever seen someone call the Marquis a cub.”

Ewald is what even the emperor calls a baby.

“Perhaps the tall and unassuming person is Duke Marcel Schröter, and his son is Marquis Uwe Schröter.”

“Your son is right.”

Laughter erupted from Viscount Gearko’s mouth.

“Aww, I’m sorry. Instead, he cursed at me, so I’m relieved.”

The viscount, desperately suppressing laughter, nodded and let out a self-deprecating sigh.

“So you had better just give up.”

“You mean you can’t touch the marquis?”

“… Isn’t that the reality?”

The viscount turned his face slightly sideways with a bitterness that was not appropriate for his age, and only smiled subtlely.

Ewald was slightly annoyed.

“How many pills did you take?”

“Seventy fills.”

“… How many?”

“A total of seventy pieces, including the words of all the family members and extras.”

“… Sons, grandchildren, and daughters-in-law are all gathered.”

The viscount laughed bitterly.

“In-laws and even eighth cousins ​​gathered.”

Ewald scratched his head.

“Seventy is too many.”

“A lot. Because I wiped out all the post office.”

“No, it means that it is too much to drag alone.”

“… Yes?”

The Viscount, who had no way of knowing what Ewald was thinking, only blinked his eyes, but Ewald gave a chuckle and nodded his head.

“Well, we can bring it somehow.”

Are you bringing?

The Viscount, who had in mind the situation in which the Marquis would return to the estate with all seventy feathers in mind, looked at the reckless and aggressive Ebalt with a curious look.

“All right. Where is the Marquis now?”

“Probably in Kaihu.”


“It is a village open only during the fox hunting season. A village is all about stables, inns, and restaurants.”

“Is it like a villa?”

“Well, you can look at it that way. Just go five kilometers north of here and you’ll find it easily.”

“All right. Then.”

There is no time to wander around as long as the schedule is set.

Ewald jumped up from his seat.

“… Are you really going?”

“Well, because I promised to be back by tomorrow morning.”

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With a refreshing smile, Ewald turned his eyes full of goodwill toward the viscount. Then he threw out a quiet voice.

“Viscount, may I ask for your name?”

Ewald smiled and held out his right hand.

Looking at the hand, the viscount nodded happily and held Ewald’s hand tightly.

“Felut, this is Leonhard Pelut.”

A truly childlike smile was drawn on the viscount.

For Viscount Leonhard, Ewald increased the intensity of his smile.

“Kitska, this is Ewald Kitska.”

Leonhard’s hand stopped.

Leonhardt, who stopped shaking his hand up and down, opened his mouth to Ebalt with a strangely distorted smile on his lips.

“… It won’t be.”

“Well, it’s normal to think so.”

“No, it cannot be. Mr. Ewald Kitska…”

Ewald raised his left hand and lightly tapped Leonhardt’s arm with a warm smile he had never seen before.

“I’m coming.”

Retired Hero Wants To Sleep

Retired Hero Wants To Sleep

은퇴용사는 잠들고 싶다
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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
A comic continental epic unfolded by Ewald Kitsuka, the continent’s best magic swordsman who sealed the rare demon king to himself.


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