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Retired Hero Wants To Sleep Chapter 58

Mission No.3 Little Devils (18)

“There are no people around the horse. Seven strokes, it fits perfectly.”

But Ewald was very annoyed that there were no seven people riding the horse.

“The corpse… What?”

Uthbel stopped in the air and stretched out his hand in front of him.

“About 500 meters. It’s full of people.”

“How many?”

“Well, well, okay. Roughly 70?”

“… Many, many.”

Ewald calmed the ghost horse in the air and turned his gaze to where Usbel was pointing.


“Yes, yes, Master.”

“Go down and collect the body. How many are there?”

“One piece.”

“Put it on a horse.”


Usbel, who cut through the wind, was pinned to the ground.

However, the horses, completely unaware of Usbel’s actions, showed no reaction, and Usbel followed Ewald’s instructions and soared into the air again.

“… Is it fast?”

“It’s Usbel, it’s Usbel.”

Usbel, who flopped up in the air, spoke quietly.

“It was a body that had been dead for a long time.”

“… It’s not the corpse of a horse thief.”

“Yes? And uhhhhh.”

Usbel, whose eyes were filled with strength, moved his small hand around and opened his mouth.

“There are three large groups of people. The one on the left has just come together. A tent? There’s a lot of stuff in there, and… Twenty? Most of them are in the middle. And let’s see. One, two, three…”

Usbel, who had carefully examined each one, nodded his head.

“Seven people are piled up.”

“… Are they piled up?”

“How many of them are in really bad shape? The light flickers.”

“I’ll turn around.”

Ewald ruffled his hair.

“Shall we go closer?”

“No, wait.”

“Yes? Yes?”

“If you go in now and take hostages, it will be a headache.”

“Can’t we just kill the guy holding the hostage?”

What a nasty sound

“Is it better to kill you with a single knife, or do you prefer to harass and kill you for the rest of your life?”

“Oh, the latter, the latter.”

Ewald, who threw a line that he did not know who was the demon king, muttered to himself.

“Let’s see…”

With those words, Ewald, who went into trouble mode, stared ahead without saying anything for about a minute.

Ewald, who had finally finished his thoughts, looked back at Usbel and flashed an evil smile that didn’t match the situation at all.


“Yes, yes, master?”

“Can you do some acting?”

* * *

“Boss, boss!”

“… Things are noisy.”

“No, boss, shouldn’t we sort things out soon?”

“What arrangement?”


“… Girls?”

“Isn’t that why we can’t meet the deadline?”

The man called Boss scratched her head roughly.

“Si X, just wait.”

“… I get it.”

A strange feeling persisted in her head, so the sharp-edged leader of the bandits turned her body over while swearing for no reason.

Even if something went wrong, the foreboding that something was going to go wrong was ominous and wouldn’t let go of her head.

And somewhere, an alluring voice saturated the space.

“Oh my goodness…”

From noble mtl dot com

All eyes turned to where the sticky voice came from.

The half-moon that was tilting gave off a faint, pale light, and the figure of a woman floating in front of it was pathetically beautiful.

Seeing something in the form of a human being free from gravity and standing freely in the air, the bandits instinctively grabbed their weapons.

Then the woman in front of her licked her lips with her bright red tongue.

Can a silhouette alone be so sensual? Her enchanting body glistened against the moonlight so that it was hard to breathe.

At that moment, demonic wings bloomed behind her woman’s back.

It was well over 4 meters tall, and its wings, similar to those of a bat, were darker than darkness and exuded a solemn fear.

There was a soft, bright yellow light in the woman’s eyes as she watched those who felt her extreme terror back away from her wincing.

“It looks delicious.”

As soon as she could speak, five pale lights emanated from the fingertips of her woman’s hands, disturbing the moonlight.

“Who, who are you?”

There was also a magician with a large liver. But she still moved her fingers with a smile.

“Does food speak?”

The woman licked her fingernails once, then raised her right hand high into the sky with a smile that no man could build, letting out her infernal voice.

“Don’t miss any, my knight.”

Behind her woman, the ghost Ma, blazing with blue flames, appeared, raising both legs.

A surreal sight that covered her whole body with goosebumps.

The cry of a ghost horse that seemed to have just appeared from hell pierced people’s ears.

The ghost horse, with a scream that could not be heard in this world, jumped into the air with a black rider on its back.

“Welcome to the article! Welcome knight!”

“Oh, Lord Valkier!”

‘… He made a sound like a valquier and sat down.’

Ewald laughed out loud and injected magic into the ghost horse.

A groan erupted once again from the ghost horse that was twisting the poodle’s neck.


The bandits threw away their weapons and started running away.

The idea of ​​resisting has long since been completely destroyed. Those who fell, fell, fell over, and became a mess tried their best to run away from the ghost horse as far as possible.

However, Ewald changed the course of the ghost horse.

Ewald, who was turning in a big circle as if driving a huge flock of sheep, grabbed the scruff of the neck of the running horseman at the end.

“Help me! Help me!”

Without answering, Ewald threw the magician in his hand into the crowd.

The bandits, who had already let go of their nerves, began to get swept away as Ewald drove them. Just as a shepherd dog drives sheep into a circle, Ewald drove the bandits into a pile.

Ebalt, who had distorted the ghost horse’s course, looked at the group of bandits. Then he clenched his fists and held them high above his head.

You can send them all in one room if you stick together like this.

Ebalt quickly put a few strands of mana on his fingers. With the practice repeated thousands of times, the mana in Ebalt’s hand began to vibrate violently.

Ebalt’s favorite magic, shockwave.


The vast expanse of mana shook. As soon as Balt’s mana hit the space’s mana as close to a fight, as soon as he rotated, a shockwave was blasted toward the ground as if he was throwing his fist down.


Dust and a roar spread in all directions. However, Ewald fiddled with mana once again and inserted a shock wave again.



It’s a confirmation kill.

This time, besides dust, there were people flying around. People bounced off the ground and fell to the ground like scarecrows. Meanwhile, Ewald pursued the missing personnel.

However, with its power in this range, it could not escape. Ebalt quickly drove the ghost horse around the outskirts of the herd and turned his horse’s head.


“Yes, yes, master!”

The little kid who had blown up the alluring woman’s figure suddenly ran towards Ebalt.

“Good job? Did I do well?”

“Come on, good job.”

Usbel puffed out his cheeks and then pursed his lips at Balt.

“Aren’t you saying you’re good?”

“No, it’s much better to work hard than to be good at it.”

Ewald jumped off the ghost horse and sent it back to the underworld, gently stroking Usbel’s head.

“Nice, this guy.”

“Ehehehehe, ehhehehe.”

Usbel, who was enjoying being stroked by Ewald due to his injury, looked around to see if there were any guys who had run away, then looked up at Ewald with a hop.

“Master, Master, what are you going to do now?”

“Well, of course.”

Ewald grabbed the rope he had prepared.

“I have to drag it.”

* * *

“Captain, this is the captain.”

Elif, who was rubbing his eyes in a sleepy voice, came down the stairs and almost fell twice before arriving on the first floor.

Looking pitiful for her since she fell with only her armor roughly removed, she found the door to her inn wide open and wrapped her arms around her.

She then spotted a man of great stature standing tall in front of the open door.

The owner uncle

“Mister, aren’t you cold?”

“… Are you awake?”

The owner, who did not even look back, was staring at the entrance of the village in silence. He hadn’t slept a sigh all night, and he looked quite haggard.

“I can’t see the captain, but do you know where he went…”

In an instant, the owner kicked in the door and ran out.

Elif, wondering if it was so wrong to ask, found people who appeared on the other side of her owner.

It shows the seven horses walking proudly in front, the people lying on each horse’s back, and the people being led in an orderly manner in four rows.


“Oh, oh, oh, oh!”

The innkeeper, who had been running and showing off her lung capacity to the fullest, collapsed into her seat gasping for breath. Then he began bowing, bowing his head to the ground a number of times.

Elif walked towards the inn door.

The sun, which began to rise toward noon beyond the morning before I knew it, felt exceptionally warm. But as soon as she saw someone walking ahead of her, holding on to a thick rope, Elif spat out an absurd voice.


It’s Ewald.

Elif thought for a moment that he might be tired after such a forced march the day before.

Why are you like that?


“Yes, it’s a big tooth!”

“Wake up the kids!”

“Yes, yes.”

Ewald, who glanced at the elf who ran into the building after wandering around at the door, put more strength into his hand holding the rope.

“Walk quickly, children!”

More than fifty bandits were dragged along as Ewald pulled them without making a sound.

“Shall I ask? If you don’t want to be struck by lightning again, walk straight.”

Despite the overwhelmingly large number of people, it seems that there is a reason why they are obediently listened to. Come to think of it, I saw thieves with scorched marks in places and their hair standing upright.

Ewald, who had completely entered the village, ordered Usbel to take hostages and the wounded, then looked back at the bandits. It’s a situation that people who don’t know come to misunderstand that it’s like a prisoner who was captured very pitifully.

However, Ewald, who didn’t look at all sorry for the bandits who were exhausted from the mess, opened his mouth with a pitiful face.

“Aren’t you on your knees straight?”

The bandits, who had fallen to their knees recklessly, lost even the will to resist any longer and bowed their heads.

“… Mister?”

The crew members that Elif had woken up approached Ewald with tired faces.

Among them, Shupea, who seemed to be the most crazy, let out a long yawn and spat out nonsense.

“Mister, did you kidnap them?”

“… Did you sleep less?”

Ewald, who couldn’t sleep all night, looked at the crew with a slightly annoyed face.

“Quickly wash up and get ready to leave.”

“Yes, yes, I got it.”

Then the sound of horses’ hooves was heard from where the innkeeper ran.

Ewald turned and headed towards where his horse was coming.

A man clad in luxurious clothes quickly ran after his horse.

In an instant, the man stopped in front of Balt, pulled the reins of his horse, turned his arrogant face to Ebalt, and opened his mouth with a look of contempt.

“Who are you?”

Ewald’s expression frowned.

“What are you?”

“Are you?”

This time the man’s face darkened.

“You bastard! How safe are you now? Can’t you just hang your head right now!”

“… Aha, head?”

“Such an arrogant bastard!”

At Ewald’s command, the members of the crew who went in to wash themselves stopped abruptly.

Is that crazy person going to commit suicide?

The crew, who knew the dirty Ewald’s personality better than anyone else, hurriedly flinched his legs to get out of the expected damage area, but Ewald said in a polite voice.

“Oh, is that so?”

Is the boss crazy?

However, Ewald, who responded in such a soft voice, spat out words with a bright smile to the person who came to visit him.

“Get down, you bastard.”

Retired Hero Wants To Sleep

Retired Hero Wants To Sleep

은퇴용사는 잠들고 싶다
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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
A comic continental epic unfolded by Ewald Kitsuka, the continent’s best magic swordsman who sealed the rare demon king to himself.


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