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Retired Hero Wants To Sleep Chapter 149

Mission No.8 Warrior, rest in peace (1)

The buzz is ringing, the trip is over

A temporary stage with a magic light hanging from a rotten tree

An empty auction house after the onlookers have gone

We have blood-stained faces

They gather at the tavern in front of the imperial castle and drink poisonous wine.

I regret living because of my dead comrades

If you lead the flute and go out to the street

The only ones who catch up and use evil are the little ones

The girls stand against the walls of the ladies’ house

You are giggling ironically

The full moon is bright, and some guys

howling like an ogre, and some

Like a goblin, I’m talking about it, but this

What do you do when you are stuck in the corner of a mountain and struggling?

It’s like a business that doesn’t pay rent

Leave it to your wife

When you go through the night market and come to the general store

We are getting excited

Do a sword dance with one leg up

nodding their heads and casting spells

From 『Oman Daejabron (五萬大雜論), where there is no hindrance to life, but if you know it, it becomes bones and flesh that can be enough to serve as a side dish for a drinking party.”

Excerpted from “Farm Dance: In Memory of Lennox Poland.” A lofty archaeologist, a historical historian, and the first knight of the empire, Radvan Centavius.

(Huhan ancestral rites Nong(禯), Dance(舞). This article is a parody of poet Shin Gyeong-rim’s Nongmu(農舞).

“… It’s completely black.”

With the capo gone, Capoteron transformed into a completely jet-black sword.

Everything from the pommel to the tip of the sword has turned black, and Capoteron doesn’t even reflect light.

Ewald felt strange as he seemed to be sucked into the darkness if left in the dark.

“Because I don’t have a capo.”

A calm, but deep, sorrowful voice came from Theron.

Looking at Theron, Ewald, who couldn’t dare to break the Capoteron, stood up while dusting off his clothes. The capoterone swayed slowly in his hand.

Since the capo is gone, should we call Theron? However, thinking that if the devil was Theron and the sword was Theron, he would not get confused, and that he would have to change the given name anyway, so Balt threw the idea of ​​a sword name out of his head.

“Master, Master!”

Ewald, who had been silently looking at Theron, turned his head at Usbel’s voice.

Usbel seems to be very urgent.

“Quickly, quickly!”

“… Why?”

Ewald turned to Usbel with a face asking to be sorted out once things were settled.

However, as he turned his body around, Balt suddenly froze when he found something lying where Usbel was pointing.

It was a human-shaped corpse.

It hadn’t occurred to me at all that that thing with its chest cut crosswise and lying motionless would be alive.

However, recognizing the corpse’s face, Balt quickly moved his stiff body and leaped toward his corpse.

This is obviously…

Ewald knelt beside his corpse’s shoulder.

Where the capo disappeared. Ewald passed out and couldn’t see it, but apparently the corpse that appeared where the capo disappeared was a corpse Ewald knew.

Completely severed wings, skin that had lost its life and turned gray, and a single horn growing from its forehead.

“… Ipone.”

Ewald’s face hardened calmly.

From noble mtl dot com

“… Was it you?”

A girl who was teased by her fellow demons for having a rhino-like horn on her forehead.

A small girl who teased Ewald as a child.

Even after decades passed, Ewald, who was still staring at the small demon lying on the ground, gritted his teeth in an indescribable feeling.

“Are you familiar with the demons? Are you a demon you know, Master?”

Instead of answering, Ewald pulled the backpack off his back. Ewald put the backpack down, took out a white cloth from one corner of the backpack, smoothed it out, and laid it down on Ipone’s face.

The cloth sat down on Ipone’s bloodless face.

“… Master?”

Again, Ewald did not answer.

Instead, Balt pushed his mana into his fingertips.

“Heilagur eldur.”

The flames engulfed the body of the dead demon Ipone. Usbel backed away from the sudden fire, but Ewald turned his terrifying eyes to Ipone without avoiding the fire right in front of him.

The flames gushed like hell. The flame burned Ipone’s entire body, but the too intense light covered even that and turned into flames.

The super-high flame instantly wrapped around Ipone’s body and burned everything that remained. Ewald, who was watching all of that, gained mana in an instant.

He had nothing left. All traces of life that made up Ipone were lost in the flames of hell. Not even a single bone fragment was left.

However, Ewald, who had rescued the only trace of Ipone from the ashes, stood up.

Ewald, who left no explanation, carefully packed the horn of Ipone, which resembles that of a rhinoceros, in his backpack.

“I don’t know who he is…”

Ewald gritted his teeth.

“I will kill you.”

* * *

‘… After all, Ipone couldn’t do it. I’m too weak.’

A shadow nodded from a towering tree nearly a kilometer away from Ewald.

‘I can’t do it now.’

The shadow quickly jumped from the tree. The shadow, which landed on the floor without a sound, pressed the hood deeply and turned around.

However, before taking two steps, the shadow revealed it, moving its head towards Ewald, who was so far away that he doubted whether he could see it properly.

‘There is still plenty of time.’

The shadow, which clenched its fists tightly, moved its body violently.

‘You must die, Ewald.’

* * *

“Then that would be fine too. I will be fine.”

“Can you open the coordinates?”

“Yes, yes.”

Usbel smiled brightly and nodded her head.

“Then you can fix the coordinates here to me.”

Theron, who was listening to the conversation between the two unknown people, eagerly picked up the shards of light that had spilled earlier, then realized that the conversation was about herself, and sneakily walked towards the two.

“Then how should I formulate a summons?”

“Anyway, shouldn’t it be simple? If it’s long, it’s complicated.”

“It’s easy to say, that…”

“But you can’t carry it with you. It won’t work.”

Ewald nodded his head.

“I said it was a 5 kilometer radius, so it must be so.”

“So, yes. I think it would be fine if it was in the form of summoning the main body. It will. There will be no crowd.”

Usbel put her clue at the end of those words.

“If it’s in the demon realm.”

“Is it a demon?”

Theron, who gathered the fragments of light with his hand, tilted his head at the word demonic. Only then did Ewald and Usbel turn their heads toward Theron.

Come to think of it, Balt scratched his head at the thought that he was talking about completely excluding the opinions of the person concerned.

“Did you pick it all up?”

“Because I don’t have much.”

It was a sad voice. It was because there were not many memories to pick up.

In stark contrast to such gruesome content, the fragments of brilliant light collided with each other to create a clear, crackling sound.

“Mr. Theron, did I mention that I came to destroy Capoteron?”

“It was.”

Theron’s expression darkened involuntarily.

“But no matter how you calculate it, it will take too long to break the capoterone. We’re a bit busy, so we don’t have much time to destroy it.”

“Did you come here without any countermeasures?”

With the face of a really strange person, Theron lifted his head and looked at Ewald.

Ewald, who scratched his head more forcefully with a look that seemed to have been stabbed, smiled strangely.

“… Then you can just leave me in Corinne’s prison.”

Theron, with an openly sullen expression, kicked a stone with her foot and turned away.

However, Ewald, who had no intention of doing so, opened his mouth with a grin.

“But it is also dangerous to leave. You never know what kind of demons will use Capoteron to descend as the Demon King. So that’s just…”

Theron’s expressionless face turned to Ewald.

“How about settling down?”

“Affection… Are you okay?”

Theron tilted his head.

“Are you saying we want to go together?”

“No, that is also dangerous in its own way. We have to prepare for the future as well.”

Looking at Theron’s face, Ewald began scratching his chin.

“Even after I die, there must be a sealed book…”

One of Ewald’s fingers pointed at Theron.

“I would like to settle down in the Demon Realm.”

Theron’s brow furrowed slightly.

“What are you going to do if the demon absorbs me and becomes the demon king?”

Usbel interjected.

“It’s impossible in the demon realm, impossible. And you, if you go to the demon world, you’ll be the best? When demons come to the demon realm, they are almost at the level of idols.”

A demonic idol… Unable to imagine what kind of idol he would be, Ewald quietly listened to Usbel’s words.

“Perhaps, perhaps you are invading the Pandemonium, are you just making a fuss? As long as you don’t reveal your true colors, the demons won’t touch the devil, probably. Maybe?”

I don’t know why, but Usbel, who had a very worried face, gently grabbed Theron’s black hem and lifted her head.

“So, so…”

Usbel’s face formed an inappropriate smile.

“Live, Theron.”

Theron’s face froze.

“So it’s nothing else. If you’re in the middle world, you’ll get hit and run here and there, so why don’t you settle down in the demon realm?”

Theron, dazed, took her eyes off Usbel and then moved her eyes to Ewald.

“Anyway, since it’s a devil, it’s probably more convenient to go to the demon world than to the middle world, and in hell, there’s no way to know the coordinates, so there’s no way to move it, except…”

Ewald, who had been scratching his head for a long time, quietly brought up the main topic.

“And sometimes, if I ask you to come over here and lend me a capoteron.”

Actually, that is the purpose.

No matter how much Ewald was not interested in weapons, Capoteron was a knife that made even such Ewald tasteless.

When I returned to Kaselheim this time, I wanted to ask for Dvahur or Lafon to be made the same, but after hearing that it took 50 years to make, Ewald had no choice but to pay attention to the finished product.


Theron nodded her head. Ewald smiled brightly, but Theron made a condition.

“Instead, let me come even if I want to come.”

Ewald furrowed his eyebrows.

“… Yes?”

“Is there a market or marketplace or something like that in the demon realm, demon lady?”

Theron opened her mouth anxiously, looking down at her Usbel, who was holding on to the hem of her own dress.

“There shouldn’t be anything delicious or anything like that in the Demon Realm…”

Lured by her food and descended to Middle-earth, Usbel, lured and captured by her food, nodded vigorously to her.

“If you want something to eat in the Demon Realm, you can’t, you can’t. Get hurt You have a stomach ulcer.”

Usbel, who gave really intuitive advice, looked back at Ewald with a smile.

“I think you can set it in both directions, Master. Master can summon Capoteron, and Capoteron can summon Master.”

Ewald’s face was naturally contorted.

“… What are you planning to do by summoning me to the Demon Realm?”


A giggling laugh fell from above Usbel’s head, whose mouth was wide open with a sad face. Usbel turned his head in confusion, and even Ewald looked at the being that let go of that laugh.

Theron, who laughed quietly while covering her mouth with her slender hand, drew a pretty smile with a face that didn’t look like a devil at all.

“Mr. Ewald, is it really bad to take him?”

“No no! There is nothing to eat in the Demon Realm!”

Theron gently stroked the head of Usbel, who was dangling and had a sullen expression on his face, and gave a short bow to Ewald.

“Then I’ll take care of you, Mr. Ewald.”

Retired Hero Wants To Sleep

Retired Hero Wants To Sleep

은퇴용사는 잠들고 싶다
Score 9.2
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
A comic continental epic unfolded by Ewald Kitsuka, the continent’s best magic swordsman who sealed the rare demon king to himself.


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