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Retired Hero Wants To Sleep Chapter 133

Mission No.7 The girl who picks up time (5)

“Are you going to find Capoteron?”

Lingehorn furrowed his eyebrows at Ewald’s declaration. Even Lafon hardened his impression with an uneasy look.

“Hey, shorty. Did that friend just say he was going to find Capoteron?”

However, the sediment between the two races that had been built up over the centuries showed no signs of being diluted at all by Ewald’s words.

“You only have to grow old, did you even get thin ears? If something is stuck in your ear, remove it and listen.”

It’s not an ear hole, it’s an ear hole.

Ewald, who never expected such harsh words to come out of Lafon’s mouth, smiled admiringly, but Lingehorn showed it with a sh*t-chewed face.

“… Your attitude towards customers is very bad.”

“You are standing there talking like a guest. Wouldn’t you treat a guest only when the guest is like a guest, son-of-a-b*tch?”

“Well, it’s a strange thing to treat a guy who doesn’t even look like an owner as an owner, new owner X.”

We’re going to hit each other.

Not wanting to see the 8th class master of magic and the anti-dragon weapon Kamache go wild, Ebalt lightly raised his hand.

“Now, now, calm down, and let’s talk about the capoteron.”

As if they didn’t even want to look at each other, Lafon and Lingehorn, who turned around slightly, began to fall apart. Thanks to this, Ewald had to look at both sides while speaking.

“What do you mean by capoteron? That she started singing?”

“Exactly. And that too loudly.”

The song of the mighty sword… Ewald looked at Lingehorn with a bewildered face.

“Is it so dangerous for Capoteron to sing?”

“Everything is dangerous.”

Rin Gehon looked away from Ewald for a moment, then she twitched her lips.

“This is the first time Capoteron has ever sung.”

“… But how do you know if it’s dangerous or not?”

You have to sound sensible.

Ewald snorted at her with that look on her face, but Lynn Gehorn still opened her mouth with her hard face.

“The mere vibration of the capoteron drove the creatures around the capoteron crazy, wouldn’t something worse happen if they sang?”

“Does life really go crazy when capoteron vibrates?”

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Ewald slightly furrowed his eyebrows.

Then it’s a bit difficult.

“Exactly. Even when we sealed Capoteron in Corin’s prison, he was also insane. Of course, that was when the capoteron vibrated. Perhaps he cried when he learned that Capoteron was trying to seal him away.”

Rin Gehon, who opened her mouth like that, continued her speech.

“So, the fact that Capoteron sings could bring a great disaster to the entire continent. Therefore, we are working with the dwarves to find a way to stabilize Capoteron.”

Was it? That’s why they were cooperating by putting on a play like a banquet of pretense or something.

“Well, I’m well aware of that.”

Ewald nodded and said.

“I will do that for you.”

Linde Horn’s face tilted to her side.

“Would you like to help stabilize the capoterone?”

“Oh, you don’t understand me so much. When you say you’re going to find it, don’t you mean you’re going to get it?”

“Go, are you going to go get it?”

With her face that wouldn’t be strange when she exploded, Lynn Gehon glared at Ebalt. Of course, that didn’t mean Ewald would blink an eye, and Ewald looked at Lingehorn with a single smile as if it were natural.

Then the lips of her silent Linde Horn moved.

“Okay, let me ask you a favor.”


“Ewald Kitska, Magic Swordsman of Destruction, what we ask of you is to find the stability of Capoteron.”

For an instant, a strange expression passed over Ewald’s face.

For an instant, she read the expression on Lin Gehon’s face.

That’s a slight sneer.

“It doesn’t make sense that a human would go looking for Capoteron. All you have to do is stabilize the capoterone.”

That ridicule turned into language and flew to Ewald.

“Aha, did you ignore the words of going to get it?”

Ewald, of course,

“Well, you’ve been sincere in talking about bullsh*t since earlier.”

The opponent was the head of the elves, and he spat out a voice full of disrespect.

“I’m going to get the capoteron, so just clear the way.”

The face of an enraged elf appeared in front of Ewald.

Ewald, in the experience of thinking that the face of an elf is like that when he is angry, sent a single, smiling expression to Lingehorn.

“… Hey there, human. A final warning. Stabilize the capoterone. I am willing to leave that up to you.”

“That is your case.”

As he stood up with the sound of a young car in his mouth, Balt stretched his body and twisted his body.

“Tell me the way to Corinne’s prison or cell.”

Lynn Gehorn, her completely frowned face, muttered something of her in her elven language and turned her head away from Ewald. Lafon, who quickly confirmed that, quietly called Ewald.

“Ha, ha, but Mr. Kitsuka.”

“Yes, Ohisa-sama.”

Lafon let out a cautious voice as Ewald looked at him with a grin.

“Are you saying that if you go to find the Capoteron, that sword will be owned by Kitsuka-sama?”

“… Nonsense.”

Lingehorn murmured at Lafon’s question.

However, Ewald, the person in charge, raised his hand over Lafon’s head with the same smile and slowly stroked the green hair.

“That capoteron.”

Behind the strange tension, Ewald’s lips opened.

“I will split it.”

* * *

“Are you crazy?”

Lynn Gehorn, her face turning red, let out her roar at Balt as he built a vein around her neck.

Ebalt plugged his ears with his fingers and turned a frown to Lin Gehon.

“Does it look crazy?”

“Sounds obvious! How could you say something like that without being crazy?!”

“Squat, squat, split, what the hell do you mean by that? You split capoteron!”

Lafon also seemed to have been quite shocked, but his face was drained of blood. Dangling from Ewald’s waist, she raised her urgent face to Ewald.

“No, well, just…”

However, Ewald opened his mouth to the heads of the two races with a bright smile.

“I’m going to split it.”

Eventually, Lafon opened her cute mouth.

“Even if I break it, it will be fine. But one thing’s for sure, it’ll break that damned capoteron in two. Split or break. Either horizontally or vertically.”

“What an insane human being! Do you think you know what kind of knife a capoteron is!”

“Do I really need to know?”

Finally, Lindehorn exploded.

“Capoteron is a sword of arbitration that holds angels and demons in one body! It is a symbol of harmony and unity, and a sword that defines the boundary between good and evil! The shape of the first and last hand held by Valkier and Rauspe! Are you going to break the symbol now?”

Ewald nodded his head as if he didn’t want to hear it.


Perhaps they answered too succinctly, Lingehon and Lafon stared blankly at Ewald for about 10 seconds.

But first, Rin Gehon, who brought her back to her senses, threw her temper.

“I’m just saying this knowing what a terrible catastrophe will happen if Capoteron is destroyed!”

Ebalt put a hand on his waist with a sullen expression.

“There will be some repercussions. But is there any basis for the saying that a broken capoteron is catastrophic?”

“… I am here.”

There is? Ewald, who was looking at Lingehorn, quickly pulled his gaze down and turned to Lafon.

Lafon cautiously brought up the story.

“It has been 300 years since Capoteron was created.”

Ewald and Lingehorn looked at Lafon at the same time, and at the end of their gaze, Lafon began to move his hardened lips with difficulty.

“For all these long years, good and evil energies will be gathered in the Capoteron. This is because the two beings in Caroteron are the Angel of Fruit and the Devil of Harvest. However, the moment Capoteron is destroyed, the accumulated good and evil energy will be released in an instant, and then a tremendous explosion will occur.”


Something like that happened. Ewald glanced at Lafon’s hand, which was shaking with tension. No matter how you look at it, it wasn’t just what he was saying, but it doesn’t seem like he was talking about accurate information either.

So Ebalt nodded as if he agreed and opened his mouth lightly.

“Then we’ll have to split it in the distant sea.”

Lingehorn spewed fire from his mouth.

“Did you see such a crazy person! You have heard clearly what will happen if you destroy the capoterone, but does that mean you can split it in the distant sea?”

As if it was annoying, Balt started digging his ears.

“Or throw it into a volcano. Aren’t there many ways?”

“Shut up!”

Lingehorn’s eyes, which were vigorous and resilient, turned to Ewald.

And, of course, Ewald pursed his lips once and opened his mouth.


Ewald picked up a dripping sneer and continued speaking without containing it.

“If you’re not going to have a big bout, go home.”

Mana began to gather.

The mana that flowed into Lingehorn’s hands instantly emitted a deep blue light.

However, Ebalt lifted his left lip and grabbed his right hand.

And behind Ewald’s back, a demon surged up.

The smoke in the form of black energy exuded black energy and transformed into a devil’s face.

In that momentum, Rin Gehon lost her mana she was collecting.

The mana rushed to the tip of her interrupted magic formula scattered into the air, scattering the strong wind, and Ebalt’s bright yellow eyes shook her whole body and shook her Linde Horn.

“Inspiration, listen carefully. I’m going to mess with that capoteron no matter what.”

In that bright yellow color, Balt’s eyes radiated a ghastly aura, emitting a life force similar to that of his demons.

“The elf owes me something, so I don’t really care about you and me going to war, so if you want to stop it, stop it.”

In an instant, Balt lifted his right shoulder and shook his arm. At the same time, the spirit of the demon that had surrounded Ebalt was shattered and erased.

“Well, the dwarf owes me a few mines, so he should stay still.”

Taking his gaze away from Lin Gehon, who was just silent with a tired face, Balt slightly knelt down on his knees and lightly grabbed Lafon’s arm.

“By the way, does it say that an explosion occurs when capoteron is split?”

Lafon, who was so shocked that he couldn’t immediately respond to Raebald’s question, fixed his cute face blankly, then quickly shook his head.

“It is an analogy because the two beings imbued with the creation of the Capoteron have those qualities.”

“So you’re guessing?”

Ewald smiled right in front of Lafon’s face.

“Oh, since I had no intention of destroying the Capoteron in the first place, there must be no reason to leave such a document?”


Ewald gently stroked Lafon’s hair once again with a face that said,

“Then let’s split up.”

Spit out a crazy sound

“Ki, Kitsuka-sama, please think again. You never know what will happen if Capoteron is destroyed. Please please…”

“Hey, Ohisa-sama. I don’t know what happens if you destroy the capoteron, but I do know what happens if you don’t break the capoteron.”

Spreading his knees with a grunt, Balt let out a short sigh and straightened his rigid body.

Lafon, who had been looking up at Ewald, spoke in a voice mixed with worry and fear.

“What will happen if you don’t break the capoteron?”

“Do you know why I’m making this fuss about breaking the capoterone?”

After answering questions with questions, Ewald spat out a very quiet voice to Lafon, who was staring at him with a frustrated face.

“The sword that Beelzedeus so longed for is the Capoteron.”

Retired Hero Wants To Sleep

Retired Hero Wants To Sleep

은퇴용사는 잠들고 싶다
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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
A comic continental epic unfolded by Ewald Kitsuka, the continent’s best magic swordsman who sealed the rare demon king to himself.


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