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Retired Hero Wants To Sleep Chapter 127

Mission No.6 Greed (21)

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The whole pillar wriggled.

Like a single organism, the massive pillar began to lean to the right, twisting its waist at the far end of Ewald’s line of sight.

Once again, Ewald lowered his gaze to the corpse leaning up from the wall.

I hope I was mistaken, but the haunting face of the corpse uttered a monstrous voice at Ewald.

“… Ewald!”

‘Go upstairs right now! Hurry! Stay there and die!’

Ewald was speechless.

The movement of the pillar made up of fragments of this creature was intensifying.

Bending his legs and stretching his arms, Balt spurred his pillars with great leaping power and soared upwards. A strong wind brushed his face and forced the sticky blood down the nape of his neck.

Dozens of times to jump again as soon as the corpse is in your hand.

A sharp pain wrapped around his body, but Ewald couldn’t stop.

Ewald’s momentum as he rode up the pillar, whose end was still unknown, fell down the pillar.

‘Move up! It’s still a long way!’

“Can’t we just use magic to fly away?”

‘It’s dangerous! If you carelessly use magic that consumes a lot of mana in that space, you might be swallowed up by mana!’

Ewald gnashed his teeth. There are all sorts of odd restrictions.

But determined not to do anything dangerous, Ewald climbed his pole, suppressing the pain of his shoulder falling off.

The sunset that was at his eye level has gone down that much before he knew it.

He glanced down at the floor and could not fathom how high he had risen.

“Are you still far away?”

‘Of course!’

It’s natural. Ewald gritted his teeth and shot his body more and more upward through the wind that hit him on the cheek.

But the corpse that had come face to face with him over and over again lingered in Ewald’s head. Ebalt shook his head vigorously once and concentrated his whole mind on grabbing the corpse impaled on a pole.

He can’t even use flight magic, but if you let go of his hand here, you’ll die from a fall.

It was then.

Oh oh oh oh oh

His whole body trembled with a low sound that shook the whole space. Ewald felt the back of his head chill at the sound, like a gigantic animal beeping.

The bright yellow eyes that sprouted on the wall of the pillar towering in front of Ewald blinked at once. Ewald gnashed his teeth at that eerie sight.

‘Almost there! Go up a little bit more!’

A very welcome sound from what he had heard resonated in Ewald’s head.

I couldn’t even see how much time was left, but at Tosaf’s words of hope, Ebalt pulled his pole once more and soared into the sky.

‘I just need to go up about half of what has already been uploaded!’

Hearing that he was two-thirds of the way through, Ewald’s temper flared up.

He’s been climbing the poles for a few minutes now.

However, Ewald’s eyesight, which was grumbling like that, began to see the ceiling of the sky.

Ewald was fed up with the terrifying sky where the red energy was forming a net in a hideous form like a huge vein.

The dim light of that red light slightly brightened the vision that had been completely dark.

In Ewald’s field of vision, he saw the pillar swaying in a grand and terrifying way, like a giant snake twisting its body.

In particular, after confirming that the movement of his upper part was severe, Balt bounced in line with the direction of the tilt of his pillar.

Ewald acted prudently and boldly, as each movement was a life-or-death situation.

Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh

The low, harsh sound emitted by the pillar made Ewald’s hair stand on end.

But now it has definitely risen to the point where the end can be seen.

Ebalt nodded his head inward as he confirmed that a small yellow light was embedded in the ceiling in the distance.

That must be Benyadium.

It was correct that almost everything came up.

With hope growing clearer, Ewald gathered all his strength and flew up.

The pillar of the huge corpse on which Ewald was hanging tilted in a bizarre way. Obviously, there was a lot of movement at the top.

However, Balt was able to see the top wriggling with his own eyes as he steadily climbed up with the momentum to tear his corpse apart without jumping any further.

“Looks like you’re almost there!”

‘You’re right! It just needs to bounce a few more times!’

The ceiling spread out in front of him seemed to be within reach. It seemed to be less than 20 meters now.

As if to prove it, the bottom of Benyadium, which appeared in a particularly yellow color, was embedded in the ceiling.

‘Hold on to the pillar!’

Ewald grabbed the corpse impaled on the wall without raising an objection. At that moment, the pillar rocked violently and bent.

Ewald, who could have lost his balance and fallen if he caught on just a little bit later, stared into the air with his teeth exposed.

The bent pillar stopped its movement for an instant and then with tremendous force stretched up towards the yellow benyadium. The pillar formed by the corpse stepping on the corpse struck Benadium with devastating force.


Ewald’s body flipped over as if standing on his hands at the tremendous impact.

As he gripped his corpse so strongly that his fingers cramped, Balt closed his eyes at the dizzying force, but felt his fall through the air and the feeling of his pillar going down.

He is a mindset to bump into once again.


“Try to do something! What do you mean now!”

‘So who screams and makes a fuss!’

Ewald somehow raised his head and looked into the air. And a strange scene unfolded in front of Ewald’s eyes.

As if the lid had been opened, Beniadium’s figure was lifted up, tearing up the space and striking the pillars with such intense force that they were ignorant.

Bang bang bang!

‘Dead! Dead! Dead! Dead!’

Benyadium slammed the top of the pillar of darkness like a mole on the crown.

At this absurd scene, Ewald somehow pressed his trembling body against the pillar and gritted his teeth.

“Are you going to kill me too!”

‘Because it’s not!’

In an instant, a huge moan erupted from the pillar.

Seeing that the corpse Ewald was holding was also crying, it seems that all the corpses on the pillar are crying.

Balt shuddered at how terrifying it was and shrunk his body.

However, a tremendous shout exploded directly into Ewald’s brain.

‘Backpack! Backpack!’

“What’s with the backpack!”

‘Come on while the pillars are out of their minds!’

I don’t know what it means, but Ewald yanked the corpse he was holding onto strongly and soared upwards.

Before he could leap several times, Balt was able to grab onto the tip of his corpse’s pillar. Quickly climbing to the end, Balt was able to confirm the ferocious figure spread across the top of his pillar.

In the middle of the top of the column, a good 20 meters in diameter, teeth about two people’s length jutted upward.

“Driving me crazy!”

However, as soon as it appeared in Ewald’s eyes, Tosaf’s shout hit Ewald’s brain once again.

‘Jump as high as you can!’

“As commanded!”

Ewald kicked off the floor with all his might and soared into the air. And before Tosap could tell, he untied the backpack and held it in one hand.

Oh oh oh oh!

His mouth was huge enough to easily swallow Ebalt, and his teeth flashed in his mouth, letting out a scream. At the same time, the lower part of the pillar was bent bulging.

Intending to run

Urgent Tosaf’s voice broke out.

‘Throw it!’

Ewald twisted his body in the air and moved his shoulders vigorously.

Aiming precisely at the pillar – which now looked like a giant monster snake – Ewald shot his backpack into its massive jaws.

He didn’t know that the backpack could make the sound of cutting through the wind. But as soon as Ebalt, having drained all his remaining power, threw the backpack into his target’s throat.

As the body floated up slightly with the recoil, Balt twisted his body in pain as if his shoulder would be cut off.

And flames shot up from the huge pillar that swallowed the backpack.

Koo Goong, Koo Goong!

The flames that started from the muzzle began to explode layer by layer toward the bottom in a chain.

Explosions so intense that the air shuddered and rushed down the column dozens of times in an instant.

It’s spectacular.

The space that had been filled with darkness flashed all over in the light of the explosion.

Flesh and corpse.

Those huge black objects were swallowed up in flames and disappeared without a trace.

But Ewald only then felt his gravity begin to pull him down.


Ewald began to fall in an instant.

There was still a series of explosions down there, extending downward, but that didn’t matter.

If you fall from here you will die. Even before that thought disappeared, Ewald reflexively seized mana.

“Frjálslega fljúga!”


Tosaf’s voice broke out in despair. Ewald, who had a dazed expression wondering what was wrong with using flight magic, recalled what Tosaf had said along with the flow of wind surrounding him.

If you use magic here, you might be swallowed up by mana.

Ewald’s heart went cold.

At the same time, all the mana that surrounded Ebalt changed its color.

This is not mana

“… sh*t.”

It was to live.

And the mana of all these spaces surrounding Ewald twisted toward Ewald.

I never thought there would come a moment when I felt like living mana. Ewald felt a coolness he had never felt before.

This wasn’t the life spouting out of living things.

All of the mana that existed in space was transformed into living itself.

Even the mana that lifted him into the air and the mana he had captured with his magic seemed to hover around Ewald, contemplating when to tear Ewald to death.

‘What, what are you doing? Are you crazy?’

It’s something different in color.

Ewald raised his head reflexively at Tosaf’s cry.

Something was falling from the benyadium that was floating right above his head.

No, it’s not something, it’s someone.

As soon as he saw the blonde haired girl who started to fall freely toward him with her white hem fluttering, Ewald was overcome with emotions he could not express.

Jumping down in a straight line toward Ewald,

“… Eh, you crazy pretty girl.”

It was Supea.

Ebalt spread his arms toward Shu Pea, who fell to his chest in an instant.

At that moment, all the mana in space was launched towards Ebalt.

And a tremendous shout exploded from Shupea’s mouth, who was drawing an evil smile.


Shupea was half a beat faster. Ewald’s mana was immediately transformed into the wind that would tear Ewald, but before thrusting the sharp blade at Ewald, it bounced off the shield summoned by Speah.

However, tens of thousands of strands of mana that flew toward Ebalt spun with fierce force and pierced them toward Ebalt and Spea.

Thousands of sounds exploded in an instant, bouncing off the protective shield created by Supera.

It only lasted for a few seconds, but this crazy mana attack was blocked first.

However, Shupea’s protective shield rapidly faded.

Shupea let out a tremendous shout with her teeth tightly closed.

“Protect! A little! Please!”

Phut! Quack! Zeng!

Outside of the faded protective shield, exactly three layers of protective shields spread out.

The colorful protective shield that surpassed the golden light began to fall downward, deflecting all attacks while covering Ebalt and Spea.

I lived. Ewald let out a sigh of relief and opened his closed eyes.

However, Ewald could sense that the sigh earlier was a hasty sigh of relief.

All the mana existing in the space came together as one, revealing its gigantic appearance, which caught Ewald’s eyes.

And the spear of mana pierced the two of them.

Retired Hero Wants To Sleep

Retired Hero Wants To Sleep

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
A comic continental epic unfolded by Ewald Kitsuka, the continent’s best magic swordsman who sealed the rare demon king to himself.


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