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Retired Hero Wants To Sleep Chapter 124

Mission No.6 Greed (18)

Ewald wriggled his lips, unable to bring down the sword he was holding.

There would be no way to say the word Tosap without this boy going mad.

However, Ewald could not deny the words of this handsome boy who came down here from the top of a building designed to be isolated from reality in this already abnormal space.

“What did you just say…”

He tried to speak, but Ewald had to let out a hiss at the unknown huge feeling. It didn’t have physical force or mana, but the obvious feeling that his whole body was being squeezed made him almost step back.

Ebalt, who couldn’t even breathe properly, gritted his teeth. And he had a hunch.

The energy that this boy is emitting right now is not human energy.

‘I’m going crazy.’

This boy was not human.

“… What did you say?”

“When you say that, it’s only right to put away your weapons or something.”

The handsome boy, who lightly reprimanded him with a lively voice, moved his hand and passed in front of Balt.

At that moment, the sharp knife in Ewald’s hand turned into a gorgeous bouquet.

“You brought all these.”

The boy, who took a bouquet of flowers from Ewald, inhaled the scent as he nibbled at the bouquet, the handle of his knife clearly remaining.

“Thank you.”

The handsome boy, who was drawing a rich smile, tilted his head and looked at the bouquet, then turned his gaze to Balt and opened his mouth.

“Are you Freesia?”

“… You know better because you made it yourself.”

“I’m just made of flowers, shouldn’t Freesia be considered copying you?”

There is no room for objection.

Ewald bowed his head slightly to the boy in front of him and showed his respect.

Then, seeing Balt, the boy smiled broadly and bowed his head in response.

“Nice to meet you.”

The handsome boy with a bright smile continued to sniff his bouquet and hum his song.

At that time, Shupea, who had approached Ewald with her Koopa Koopa gear, grabbed Ewald’s pants dance just as she was crawling.

“Ah, ah, ah, mister… Mister, Mister, Ji, what the hell are you doing now…”

The appearance of the other members was also similar to Shupea.

He could hear it, but he couldn’t keep his mouth shut from the confusion that seemed to have exploded in his head.

Ewald held out his hand to the young man and let out a quiet voice.

“It will be good for you to take an example.”

All eyes turned to the handsome boy.

“This is the god of fire, metal, smelting, and the dwarves.”

Then Balt finished his last words.


Tosaf, who received the gaze of people with all sorts of mixed emotions, such as surprise, horror, and mystery, smiled and waved at the people.

“Nice to meet you.”

* * *

Entering the stool-shaped building, Ewald and the crew sat huddled together at a large table in the middle of the vast lobby on the first floor.

It was so annoying that there was only one table in a space that looked over 50 meters in width and height.

However, seeing Tosaf, the god of the dwarves, often walking around with a teacup and kettle on a tray, the people who had reached the point where they thought it might be because of a meteorite falling right on top of their heads, looked at each other and blinked their eyes with a hint of tension.

“I don’t know if it will suit your taste. It’s been a while since I’ve been treating guests, so please understand if it’s not worth it.”

Dressed neatly, Tosaf set down the kettle, teacup, and plate with the raw meat on the tray in front of the crowd and hurried off to somewhere.

As soon as Tosaf disappeared, everyone who glanced down at the raw meat lying on the plate was in serious agony about what kind of combination this was.

I’ll take care of tea and cookies.

But tea and raw meat…

It’s a combination I don’t even want to imagine.

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“… Mister.”

Ewald’s gaze moved from the raw meat to Spea.

And at the end of that gaze, Shupea begged with her face dripping with sorrow.

“Let’s run away.”

“… I try to treat you as best I can, but that would be difficult.”

Supera gasped and straightened her back. Supea, who straightened her back at a right angle, froze as it was, but only her lips trembled and she turned her neck to Tosaf, who emitted a clicking sound.

Turning her blue face to Tosaf, Shupea trembled and prayed to God to see if she had the courage to face Tosaf’s iridescent eyes.

“Sah, save me.”

“… Of course you will, the lady that Valkier loves.”

No matter how bullying they may be, the essence of Supea is that of priests.

He brought his two hands together, barely holding on to the spirit that was approaching panic, as he had never encountered such a powerful being other than the god he served.

“Valkier, please protect me. Valkier-sama, please protect me. Valquier-sama, please protect me.”

“… Do I become some kind of reverse god?

Tosaf sighed slightly as he turned his pale face to the people.

“How bad is my reputation among humans?”

I don’t know what the word cock net means, but the people who didn’t think of dying at God’s word were just looking at the raw meat in front of their eyes.

“Release your tension. It’s nice to have a guest after a long time.”

Tosaf, who quickly returned to his bright youthful appearance, set the rest of the food on the tray on the table.

It was a well-bred caterpillar.


His instinct to live prevented his desire to pick up and throw the bowl.

Having received the grace of that instinct, Shupea shed tears and smiled at Tosaf.

“… Why are you doing this to me?”

“What are you saying?”

Tosaf smiled brightly and looked back at the others.

Elif sat there and passed out with his eyes wide open, and Adele was a runaway soul. Adele even picked up a fork and started teasing his caterpillar.

However, Ewald, who was staring at this unusual food combination with an annoyed face, opened his mouth by sliding the teacup away.

“Just kidding.”

Tosaf’s tender face turned to Ewald.

“It’s a joke. How can you treat guests like this? …”

However, Ebalt opened his mouth, throwing a look that was not the same at Tosaf.

“The two-headed bastard sat down and said something like a dog.”

* * *

Tosaf’s face hardened in an instant.

Supea raised her final prayers towards Valkier, and Elif, who passed out while sitting, showed no response, while Adele, who had sent her soul away, tried to talk to the caterpillar.

But Ebalt moved his lips quickly, clearly seeing Tosaf’s face harden.

“There are no believers here who believe in you, so if you treat me like this, just joke around. Before I get upset and throw it all over.”

At Balt’s rant, Shupea waved his hands with a white face.

“Ah, ah, ah, mister! What nonsense are you talking to God now! Then die…”

“Listen carefully, Shupea.”

Ewald slammed the teacup on the table and fired a terrifying gaze at Shupea.

“If you are a Valquier child, act like a Valquier child. If you went to someone else’s house to play and the other house’s parents hit you for no reason, do you think your parents would stop doing that?”

Ewald let out a cold voice and fixed his fiery gaze on Speaa.

“Do you believe in Valkier or Tosaf? I sat down and said something stupid. If you have faith like that, just give it to the dog. Are you more afraid of that than the god you believe in right now?”

Balt’s words that pierced his heart directly made Shupea shut his mouth.

However, Ebalt, who took his eyes off Shu Pea, stretched out his finger at Tosaf and uttered a terrifying remark.

“Do you think something like this can touch you or me? If this kills us, do you think Valquier, who has been obsessed with humans, will just watch it?”

Tosaf, who was referred to as “Something like this,” Frowned and glared at Ewald.

“If you meet Valkier after you die, at least you shouldn’t feel sorry for this.”

After speaking, Balt found Shu Pea mercilessly lowering his head toward the table.

However, whether it was or not, Ewald clearly met Tosaf’s eyes and raised the teacup.

Then he opened his mouth with a business smile.

“Would you like another drink?”

“I see.”

Contrary to expectations, Tosaf smiled broadly and took the kettle to Ewald’s empty glass.

“May I ask for your name?”

Tosaf shrieked and poured the clear tea into Ewald’s cup.

In addition, the expression was shining brightly as if it had hardened when.

Ewald then tilted his teacup in a polite manner and slightly lowered his head.

“My name is Ewald Kitska.”

“Mrs. Ewald Kitska.”

Tosaf looked at Walt contemptuously and opened his mouth.

“I’ll have fun watching you while you’re alive in this world.”

“It is an honour.”

Eliminating all sarcasm, Ewald politely bowed to Tosaf.

Even Tosaf, bowing to Ewald, pulled a chair into the narrow corner of the table and slumped slightly.

And before everyone’s eyes, the scenery was distorted.

Ebalt quickly opened his mouth.

“How about waking the kids up soon?”


At Ewald’s suggestion, Tosaf slightly raised both hands, exuding a richness that would not match the appearance of a handsome boy.

The eyes of Elif, who had fainted, and Adele, who had lost her soul, regained their focus.

Since Shupea had already sensed that the scenery around her was changing since Ewald started talking, Tosaf did not bother.

What was revealed in the eyes of everyone who came back to their senses,

“… That’s why you made the mess.”

It was Surado (修羅道) covered in blood.

* * *

“The name of this building is Benyadium.”

Ebalt shook his head slightly with a puzzled look on his face.

“… Did you say Benadium?”

Tosaf nodded and stood up from his chair while looking at Ewald.

Tosaf’s feet touched the floor, and sticky blood spread out.

At the same time, a stench that stung her nostrils shot out in all directions, and the three women, sitting on her chair, lifted her feet and pulled them closer to her stomach.

It’s all about what she doesn’t want to be touched.

However, Ewald pushed the chair back after Tosaf and stood up.

He could feel his flesh and blood crushing under his feet, but it didn’t convey much emotion to him.

The dwarven god Tosaf saw through that Ewald’s appearance was not a bluff, and slowly moved to Ewald’s side.

“This building was created to absorb mana.”

“Could it be that the benadium ore the dwarves are talking about is a fragment of this building?”

Tosaf nodded his head.

“Perhaps. The pieces that fell off this building flowed into Middle-earth. I tried to block it, but I couldn’t control the fragments.”

This time, Ewald nodded.

However, Ewald opened his mouth while quickly examining the surrounding situation.

“I’m sorry, but what the hell is this mess?”

“Before you answer, could you promise to help me a little bit?”

Ewald scratched his head with a very troubled expression.

“I’ll help you if you want, but you know nothing comes for free, right?”

Ewald, who openly began to negotiate with Tosav, put his hand on the back of his chair and tapped it with his fingers.

But what I regretted the most now was Tosaf, and of course Tosaf nodded his head.

“What is all this anyway?”


Tossaf calmly opened his mouth.

“It is a creature that has fallen into Kswice.”

Retired Hero Wants To Sleep

Retired Hero Wants To Sleep

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
A comic continental epic unfolded by Ewald Kitsuka, the continent’s best magic swordsman who sealed the rare demon king to himself.


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