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Retired Hero Wants To Sleep Chapter 107

Mission No.6 Greed (1)

“Listen carefully.”

I don’t know if you’ll understand, but at least I, Radvan Centavius, who’s in a situation where I shouldn’t have said that,

I raised my famous sword, Capoteron, to Pargonia, the dragon with crazy eyes, and opened his mouth.

“From your point of view, everyone except dragons are insignificant beings like bugs, but we are also beings who can think like you and call on the name of God while being swayed by emotions.”

The eyes of a guy the size of a human head covered the pupils that were torn vertically with the eyelids just once.

I got goosebumps from that golden skin, but I knew all too well that it would be dangerous to step back.

“Did the gods give you the right to look down on us like that?”

Even I, Rad van Centavius, felt his knees quiver for the first time.

That Pargonia, moving like a mountain in front of my eyes,

It was moving its long neck, its muzzle wide open and ferocious enough to swallow ten of her at once.

“You greedy and arrogant person, you unfortunate being who cannot enjoy the blessing of oblivion.”

I could feel the smell of sulfur from that dragon’s breath.

“The mountain of your greed that you built by gathering our blood!”

The capoteron in his hand vibrated slightly and began to cry.

“We will destroy it with our own hands!”

Capoteron let out a maddening noise.

Perhaps because of that momentum, Pargonia narrowed her eyes and lowered her high head to the floor.

“Look, man.”

Pargonia spoke sullenly in a voice full of obvious ridicule.

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“Even I who have been there since the beginning and will witness the end.”

So Pargonia started growling.

“It’s the first time I’ve seen such shameless thieves.”

At that moment, Imperial Emperor Peter Elgenor, who stuffed jewels into the pockets of his clothes and backpack, started running away.

“Hey! Bounce!”

From 『Oman Daejabron (五萬大雜論), where there is no hindrance to life, but if you know it, it becomes bones and flesh that can be enough to serve as a side dish for a drinking party.”

Excerpted from ‘I wish I could live without it: So why do you make me go through all this trouble by asking to rob a dragon’s rare, you f*cking son of a b*tch, Elgenor!’.

A lofty archaeologist, a historical historian, and the first knight of the empire, Radvan Centavius.

“Human bastard, when are you leaving?”

“… Are you crazy?”

Ewald, who was looking at Dvahur who roamed around Ewald while humming a song, looked at him with a creepy expression, and eventually blew the words to Dvahuru to go away.

Dvahur, however, was not angry, sat down in his chair and started twitching his feet.

No matter how you look at it, that kid is nothing more or less than an excited kid packing his bag the day before a picnic.

I don’t know what the corridor was all about, and when Lafon said that he would give the passage to the corridor, this one-armed dwarf fell flat on his face and even bowed.

He didn’t know where to send it, and trouble was sure to happen, but Ewald had no complaints. He said that he would make the latest Schheim if he would bring me something like benyadium or something, but there was no reason to refuse.

Although he was worried about the dozens of stolen Schheims and the missing Prince, the fact that Ewald’s party had nothing to do right away also helped Ewald’s part-time job in mining.

Besides, as Lafon requested, if you dig up all the benyadium you have and bring it to you, he will make a wonderful Schheim. He is also much stronger, more stable, and cool than Shuheim’s zero-type Dvahur, created by Dvahur.

It was an offer that Ewald, suffering from terminal illness, could not refuse.

Even if he doesn’t have greed for weapons, his greed for equipment is Ebalt, at the level of a dragon.

Crucially, being able to customize the magic itself deployed in Schheim was a great advantage to Ewald.

“Meister Dvahur.”

“Yes, yes, Ohisa-sama.”

I don’t know what the right to read the corridor is, but I think it’s really great. Dvahur bent down to Lafon, groaning like Usbel.

“I will give you the right to read, but I also want to participate in the production of Schheim.”

Dvahur’s face hardened at once.

“… That’s a bit troublesome.”

Dvahur opened his mouth with the most docile face.

“I will complete the best Schheim even without supervision.”

“Not surveillance.”

Lafon set the toolbox he was holding down on the floor.

“I also want to participate in the production.”

“… Yes?”

In an instant, Dvahur’s face changed.

That was a subtle mockery.

“You mean Ohisa-sama is making it?”

It’s that expression again. That expression that strangely ignores the opponent. Dva Hour, who reflected on his face with the feeling of “Do you know how to make it?”, Was a typical old man.

It was such an annoying face that Ewald almost slapped Dvahur in the face instead of Lafon.

‘… There will be another fight.’

Watching other people’s fights was quite interesting, but thinking that he didn’t want to see them noisy, Ewald put down his beer mug and prepared to support Lafon.

And Dvahuru provoked Lafon.

“It would be no joke to make Schheim.”

“I don’t participate for fun either.”

Lafon, with a serious face, crouched down to check his equipment.

However, Dvahur’s face was filled with a deeper mocking smile.

“I’m sorry, Ohisa-sama, but I can’t accept that request. It’s just interfering with my work…”

“Did you just say interruption?”

Lafon, who was examining the tool, raised his head with a frown.

“… To be honest, it seems like it would get in the way.”

“I am also a dwarf. Now, isn’t that a completely unacceptable statement!”

I’m going to fight.

Ebalt hissed, leaned back in his chair, and turned his head to Dvahur. Ewald, naturally clasping his hands together and supporting the back of his head, launched support fire for Lafon.

“You seem to have skills, but let’s make it well together.”

“Get out of here, human! How do you know if Ohisa-sama has any skills or not!”

“What was it?”

Ewald took a sip of his beer and searched for his memory.

“Did you make a mechanical doll or something?”

Mechanical doll?

A strange tension appeared on Dvahur’s face at Ewald’s words that flew in unexpectedly.

“… What?”

“Kamache? Well, I guess that’s what the name is. Seeing that Ohisa-sama over there made it, it doesn’t seem like she’s mechanically skilled. Don’t ignore it too much, let’s work together.”

In an instant, the tension on Dvahur’s face turned into darkness.

I thought he would laugh or be surprised, but Ewald, wondering why he sat down with such an expression, glanced at Lafon.

And Lafon’s face had changed so much that the word ‘damn’ flowed.

“What are you making?”

“… Kamache.”

Ewald tilted his head.

Did he say something wrong?

In an instant, Dvahur’s gaze returned to Lafon.

In his field of vision, which had been moved fiercely, Lafon, who had the equipment in a tin, was secretly running away.


Often often.

“Ohisa-sama, did you hear that human just now talking about Kamache?”

“That, well. I’m not sure.”

Ewald’s face hardened.

What is Kamache so Lafon is so flustered?

“Didn’t that human just tell you that Ohisa-sama made Kamache!”

“Ki-Ki-Kitsuka-sama didn’t see it wrong. Ka, it’s Kamache. How nasty…”

Lafon, who was about to run away openly, bumped into something small and soft and let go of the box he was holding with a squeaking sound.

Lafon, who was sitting on the floor, lifted his head while stroking his forehead, and Usbel, who caused a collision with Lafon, was looking down at Lafon with an innocent smile.

“Kamache? Kamache?”

Why is this crazy demon girl?

Lafon looked up at Usbel’s face and prayed to the God of Heaven and Earth.

‘Shut up, please!’

Usbel laughed loudly and hit Lafon with the last blow.

“He said he would give me a ride, he said he would give me a ride. A machine, just like a rattle, as tall as a man, that!”

“Ho, ho, ho, ho, mu, the girl doesn’t even know what he’s talking about.”

I have to run away.

Lafon looked completely bewildered and was ready to run away even if she crawled away, but she looked down at her Lafon with a terrifying expression as she grabbed her small shoulder with her one remaining right arm.


“… Hi go.”

She bared her sharp teeth.

“Let’s have an interview.”

* * *

“… Útbua.”

With a deadpan voice, Lafon cast a magic word that summoned her Kamache.

The sound of her machine and the sound of metal clashing made her wake up, and the machine she did not know from which space was summoned swallowed Lafon.

Ewald’s party had seen that scene many times, but Dvahur, who saw Kamache maneuver in front of him for the first time, sent a well-mixed look of surprise, half anger, at Kamache.


“… No.”

I don’t know what to say, and I don’t know how to start by saying no.

Even though it was inside the mechanical doll Kamache, it seemed like Lapon’s sullen expression could be seen. The Kamache just stood there with her shoulders drooping.

Of course, Dvahuru was silent with an expression that had incinerated all her absurdity.

“What kind of thinking! Did you make this yourself?”

“… Yes.”

It’s kind of sad.

Kamache, who had her head bowed at the sight of her mom having found her test paper with a perfect score, was holding her fingers together.

After all, it is a famous machine that reflects everything of the occupants as it is.

“What are you doing here? Are you making kamache?”

Was it not possible to make Ewald couldn’t understand at all why Barak Barak Dbahur was so rampant.

However, looking at Lafon, who looked so intimidated, I could guess that the green-haired kid had made a serious mistake.

And Lafon’s voice mixed with the sound of the machine came out a little.

“That is…”

“That’s it!”

“… I’ve been wanting to try making one.”

“What, what, what!”

If we do well, we might see Dvahur collapse from a ruptured brain vessel sometime today.

Grasping the back of his neck, which suddenly became stiff, Dvahur wriggled his body as if dizzy, and Ewald directed medical advice towards Dvahur.

“Hey, breathe. Breathe If you don’t rest, you will die.”

“Shut up, you damned human squire!”

“… Aren’t you really treating me too harshly these days?”

In the end, Dvahur staggered and sat down on an empty chair.


Dvahur, who was drooping down with an expression of life, raised his head at Lafon’s voice.

“… Please speak.”

“Can I unlock it?”

“… You are.”

I have no energy to speak. Dvahur leaned back against the chair and let out a sigh, telling Kazelheim to collapse.

At Dvahur’s words, Lafon, who sent Kamache back, jumped out of the air.

Lafon, who still looked helpless, quietly approached Dvahur’s side and lowered his head.

“I’m sorry.”

“… Do you know what I’m sorry for?”

“It’s something I shouldn’t have noticed.”

“… What’s up?”

Dvahur, who couldn’t even get angry and reprimanded in a dying voice, let out a rough sigh and threw his head back.

His brain hurts


In the end, unable to hold back his curiosity, Ebalt tapped Dvahur on the shoulder and opened his mouth.

“What’s the fuss about Kamache?”

“… You human bastard.”


Dva Hour let out a long sigh for the last time and moved his lips with his eyes wide open.

“That is a forbidden technique.”


The droopy Dvahur shook his head and let out a weak voice.

“It means that the dragon is twisted.”

Retired Hero Wants To Sleep

Retired Hero Wants To Sleep

은퇴용사는 잠들고 싶다
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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
A comic continental epic unfolded by Ewald Kitsuka, the continent’s best magic swordsman who sealed the rare demon king to himself.


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