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Retired Hero Wants To Sleep Chapter 102

Mission No.5 A world only for you (13)

“So, did you just send that human?”

Shupea lit a cigarette and made a strange expression.

“You were born a very saint, you were born a saint.”

Of course, if you observe it with the same mindset as hahahahae, you will not be able to find a single requirement for a saint in Ewald.

Of course, Ewald didn’t enjoy it too much just letting Rahaf take a human named Felix. Felix not only provided the clue to hurting his own crew, but he was also the one who turned Dvahur into scrap metal, so of course there can be no good feelings.

However, remembering that he had something to receive from Lahalf, Ewald chewed bitter feelings and looked at the place where Lahalf had disappeared for a moment before turning to his crew.

What is past is past.

At that time, Pionir approached Ewald with a calm expression.

“Can you hear the reason why he just sent him away?”

Although Pionir was aware of most of the situation, he still did not understand Ewald’s decision to send Felix back.

Ewald looked anxiously at the backs of Rahaf and his party, who were gradually moving away, then quietly opened his mouth.

“First of all, it’s because of Rahaf.”

“… Are you talking about that demon?”

Ewald nodded his head.

“He also has a personality similar to mine, so he can’t see his bastard touching others. Did you hear that too? My dog ​​bit a person and I’m sorry.”

Certainly, Rahaf said something like that.

“That guy won’t say he’s sorry even if he dies soon.”

Scratching his chin, Balt spoke.

“Because he is the dog he raises, even if he punishes him, he says he will do it himself. If I had personally punished Felix or whatever, I wouldn’t have stood still.”

“Are there other reasons?”

Ebalt nodded his head with a snap.

“It’s because of Schheim.”

At the word Shuheim, Dvahur’s sharp eyes, which had been holding an ax in silence, flew towards Ewald, but Ewald glanced at those eyes and tried to pretend he didn’t know, and coughed.

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“The reason why he let go is the biggest reason for the lost 18th Shuheim in the principality.”

A deeper question appeared on Fior’s face.

“What is the connection between the disappearance of Schheim and the release of Felix?”

“There is. Very much.”

Usbel fluttered the hem of her puffy skirt as she ran round and round around Ewald and Fionir.

Come to think of it, Usbel, who hadn’t been doing much lately except for falling out of her window, turned to Fionair with a sparkling face with pride that she had done one big thing.

“He. It stinks.”

Recognizing the reality that he would never be able to adapt to Usbel’s speech no matter how long he stayed in this group, Fiornier sighed in embarrassment and opened his mouth again.

“Mr. Usbel, could you explain a little more clearly?”

“It smells, it smells. From that guy named Felix.”

“Then what does it smell like?”

Usbel jumped up and opened her mouth with a subtle evil smile.

“The smell of demons.”

Fiornier tilted his head, thinking that it was only natural that Felix, who served as Rahaf’s aide, butler, and pet dog, smelled like demons.

However, Fionir, who correctly grasped that Felix was not saying that he smelled of Lahalf’s demons, soon hardened his expression and nodded his head.

“Are you saying that you smell of other demons besides Lahaf?”

“Wow, wow! Smart, smart Master asked me three times, but you understand everything at once?”

Usbel smiled at her, ready to applaud her.

Ewald had to put a large hand on Uth Bell’s head and calm her down.

“Right now, there’s no way to know who took that Schheim and where, but there’s only one piece of information we do know, right?”

Pressing hard on Usbel, who was floundering under her palm and playing cat, Ewald gave Fionir a smirk.

Fionir replied with a nod of his head as if he understood as Ewald expected.

“We only know that another demon has stolen it.”


Ewald opened his mouth in a tone of small confidence.

“But there are less than seven demons on this continent, right?”

“Are there very few of them?”

“Well then. We are not some kind of Dottegi market, and it is not that we are just coming to the middle ground with wholesale prices. Even if there are only seven of us, except for the four who were with the master, there are only two left.”

Usbel turned her head left and right cutely with a strange pride.

This will increase your understanding of the situation.

Fionir looked at Ewald with a keen gaze.

“Did you do something?”


Ewald grinned at Fionir.

“Isn’t that obvious?”

I guess I asked something too obvious.

Fionir nodded his head at Ebalt without saying anything.

“All right.”

Ewald, thinking that he would understand even if he said just this much, and that he would prepare something even if he didn’t say anything, Ewald looked at the road where LaHaf had disappeared.

But Ewald, who was stroking Usbel’s head, had something on his mind. Although he didn’t show it, that little difference kept Ebalt on his mind.

‘But why did a guy who cares for Rahaf so much want to kill me?’

Ewald silently cast his gaze toward the direction where LaHaf had disappeared.

‘If I die, she’s the one I’ll be most sad about…’

* * *

Felix, who had been strewn about like his corpse in an improvised carriage, groaned only when he reached a distance from Kazelheim.

Felix, who had not opened his mouth at the end despite the pain as if all the bones in his body were broken, spat out bloody saliva and lifted his eyelids with difficulty.

Of course, he said that most of his injuries were inflicted by Laharp, so Felix didn’t say much.

Even if I hit you, I hit you.

Rahaf choked Felix with exactly that feeling.

Felix knew that thanks to him, he was able to safely get himself out of the Ewald and the dwarves.

“I’ll get better if I rest for a week, so be patient.”

With a frosty voice, Rahaf made a threatening remark toward Felix.

However, Felix pervertedly felt the warmth in Rahaf’s voice.

Stupid to himself at the strange feeling, Felix coughed dryly, biting the foam of his blood into his mouth.

“… I should stop by from the nearest town.”

“It’s okay, Lahaf.”

“I make the decision.”

Rahaf cut off Felix’s story with a single stroke.

Felix, who knew Laharp’s character better than anyone else, was speechless and lay down in his carriage.


“Yes, Rahaf-sama.”

After calling Felix, Rahaf paused for a moment before speaking in a low, fast tone.

“Why did you try to kill Ewald?”

“… How can I be capable of killing Ebalt-sama?”

“Do you want to die?”

The bright yellow eyes of Rahaf were fixed on Felix.

You can’t lie about living against a demon who is more sensitive to living than any other human killer. Felix, who noticed it belatedly, shut his mouth.

Felix, keenly aware of the meaning of the human existence of Ebalt to Rahaf, could not bear to speak any more.

“Do you know why I asked you to find Ewald?”

Instead, Rahaf’s question flew in.

Felix kept his mouth shut at Rahaf’s question again.

Felix was silent, and Laharp answered his own question in a tone that was slightly reproving him.

“It was to kill Beelzedeus.”

Felix waited silently for Rahaf to speak.

“So, just knowing that Ewald is alive is fruitful enough for now.”

No way.

“And now I’m content just that he’s alive.”

Felix wanted to put on a puzzled look, but he had to sigh as he realized he didn’t have the strength to do so.

Rahaf heard that sigh.


Rahaf’s eyes turned to Felix’s face.

“Did someone tell you that if you kill Ewald, Belzedeus will die?”

Felix’s heart sank.

Do you mean that LaHaf knows the dynamics between Beelzedeus and Ebalt differently?

Felix, who was looking at Rahaf with anxious eyes, witnessed her lips slowly open.

“For the next two and a half years, if Ewald survives during that time and fills the 30 years.”

Twisted conclusion.

Felix felt his heart race.

“Beelzedeus will perish.”

A future that was the exact opposite of what she had been talking about flew from Rahaf to Felix.

“I have to protect Ewald.”

* * *

“Are you okay?”

Elif, who was sitting on the bed, trembled with a groan at the sight of Ewald who opened the door and appeared.

Having no way of knowing why he was reacting like that, Balt sat down next to Elif, thinking it was because he wasn’t feeling well yet.

“I’m the chief.”

Seeing his voice dragging out, he seems to be in good spirits.

Feeling that the thing he was most worried about was gone, Ewald showed Elif his unique heart-warming smile.

“Are you okay?”

Elif also gave Ewald a bright smile. However, Ewald as well as Elif knew that it was very difficult to smile like that.

So, Ewald punched Elif on the shoulder, who couldn’t answer, and stood up.

“Get some rest.”

However, as Ewald turned around, Elif’s voice, which seemed to crawl all over, caught him.

“By the way, it’s the captain.”


Ewald looked back and saw Elif, head bowed, clutching the duvet cover tightly. Unable to meet Balt’s eyes, she looked at his feet and moved her trembling lips.

“That… Didn’t I stab Dad?”

Is that what you’re talking about?

Ewald smiled and put his hand on Elif’s head.

The large hand slowly stroked the head of the elf gently, giving the elf a strange sense of relief.

“From what I saw, yes.”

“… Is it like that?”

Cutting her horse’s tail short, Elif let out an uneasy voice.

But instead of answering, Ewald added warmth to the hand that was stroking Elif’s head.

“Did I really not kill you?”

Something hot surged up through Elif’s chest.

“Am I not bad?”

I heard Elif’s face. With tears in her eyes, she forced her blurred vision to focus on Balt and opened her mouth with a trembling voice.

“I… I didn’t kill you, right?”

Her longing shook her as her elf filled her chest and her throat.

Her twisted nightmares, which had been sealed in her memory until now, were shattering bit by bit.

Elif, who had erased her memories herself while holding the scene of her mistakenly believing that she had killed her father, held in her heart all her life. Like a child, she choked and cried.

Even Ewald felt his throat tighten.

With a subdued voice, Ewald called out to Elif.



Ebalt carefully stroked Elif, who was about to burst into tears, and said a soft word to her.

“I’m glad you’re alive.”

Thank god.

Ebalt kindly whispered to Elif, who held a ray of light she had found in that hellish past in her hand.

“Thank you for being alive.”


And at that word, her elf’s emotions exploded.


Ewald didn’t even have time to joke about what she would do if her grown-up girl cries like this, and Ewald rushed into her arms and quietly hugged Elif, who had begun to weep bitterly.

Elif wept to her heart’s content in the arms of her own boss, who had shattered her trauma that had been attached to her for more than ten years.


Retired Hero Wants To Sleep

Retired Hero Wants To Sleep

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
A comic continental epic unfolded by Ewald Kitsuka, the continent’s best magic swordsman who sealed the rare demon king to himself.


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