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Retired Hero Wants To Sleep Chapter 100

Mission No.5 A world only for you (11)

Elif blinked her eyes.

But I couldn’t remember who the man in front of me was.

Ewald’s hand snatched a dagger that didn’t suit a small girl from her hand.

Everything went slowly

Ewald pushed the little elf away with his left hand. However, Elif, who was caught in the slow-moving time, was hardly pushed back.

Firmly clenching her teeth, Balt pushed her away from her dagger even harder.

Ebalt’s hand gripped her dagger tightly.

Elif’s father was slowly charging towards Elif, still screaming at her with a demonic face.

At that moment, his foot slipped on a piece of chair. His father’s body, which had suddenly lost his balance, collapsed over Elif.

However, Ewald had already pushed Elif out of there.

Neither slowly nor quickly, his father’s body bent forward and fell.

Elif watched the scene, only blinking her eyes.

He is a father who collapses to where he was.

He puts his dagger straight up where he was.

And the tip of the dagger plunged his sharp body into his father’s falling heart.

The sound of flesh cracking was heard.

Elif involuntarily turned her head away and closed her eyes.

But Ebalt grabbed her chin and put her back in her original position.

“Look smart!”

A tremendous shout erupted from Ewald.

Elif, her tears welling up, woke her up at the sound.

Involuntarily, Elif raised her eyes and saw her demonic father fall over the dagger.

Elif drew in her breath quickly.

Her time returned as soon as she rooted her dagger into the chest of her father, who was slowly collapsing.

My father, who had fallen out with a loud noise, let out a painful scream as he lay on the floor.

At her shocking scene, Elif shook her head.

She didn’t stab herself. My father ran and was stabbed.

But strange memories of her that she couldn’t deny were running amok in her elf’s head.

It was then.

Ewald gripped her little elf’s head tightly and turned her head away.

The place where Elif’s gaze landed. Where she was, her mother rose like a ghost of her.

“Kill it, this X like X!”

The brute-like father’s shout broke out. Seized with excruciating pain, he lifted his upper body as if to stand up.

Ewald hugged Elif with his large body.

Elif, her vision obscured, squeezed Ewald’s arm and closed her eyes tightly.


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The ghastly screams of his father rang in Elif’s eardrums.

Elif, shivering with his body shrunk, buried his face in Ebalt’s chest.

The scream disappeared in an instant.

And a voice so benevolent and sad spread out gently.

“… Run away.”


Elif screamed.

However, Ewald did not let go of the struggling Elif. Elif unconsciously tried to scream as he drew in his rapid breath.

But even faster than that, Elif’s mother let out her last words.

“You should be happy from now on.”

A scream caught in Elif’s throat.

Elif let out a gasping sound once and gave strength to the hand that held Ebalt while screaming like a beast in sobs that could not be controlled.

A small beast is howling in Ewald’s arms.

For a moment, Ewald felt the rapidly growing Elif.

Ewald, holding her tight as she returned to the elf he knew from her girlish form, let out a sigh of relief as she felt the space slowly vibrate.

The sub-world of others.

A world only for you.

Hell only for her ego.

Ewald, who had watched Elif go mad dozens of times for fear of stabbing his father, felt deeply relieved that he had finally entered Elif’s subworld.

He started cracking open with a crackling sound.

Just as Ebalt’s subsystem was broken, Elif’s subsystem began to crumble as well.

Ewald slowly removed Elif from his arms.

The face of Elef, who had completely returned to his adult form, was a funny face covered in tears and runny nose, but Ewald gently stroked the Elf’s head and quietly opened his mouth.

“Are you okay. Because you didn’t do it.”

Elif’s blue eyes met Ewald’s green ones.

“It’s not your fault.”

And the whole space collapsed.

* * *

Schheim began to tilt rapidly.

Felix was struggling to control Shuheim, but Shuheim was on the verge of being torn apart by dwarf attacks from all directions.

The fact that he could move like this was a miracle in itself.

“Hold on tight, everyone!”

It was only 50 meters from the ground. In this state, even if they were swept to the ground, they would not die.

But it was still a few hundred meters to the edge of the Great Kswice Forest.

If you fall into this cursed forest, you will not live. Felix desperately lifted the nose and struggled to crash Schheim as far away as possible.

Schheim began to sink rapidly. However, the forward sliding speed also increased.

It was almost a calculation based on the senses, but following this route, only the tip of Schheim would be caught at the edge of the forest.

No, it should be.

Felix desperately tugged at the control stick, watching the ground gradually approaching.

In an instant, a strong shock was applied to Schheim.

Felix, who was strapped tightly to his chair, staggered almost to the point of being thrown out.

However, the shock that started like that swallowed Schheim and let out a roar.

The middle part of Schheim’s fuselage was torn off.

Shuheim, who lost his balance in an instant, was swept forward with the momentum that flew in front of him.

Felix screamed in pain as his whole body was broken, but the sound of Schheim overturning swallowed up Felix’s screams.

The sound of breaking trees came loudly. But the sound quickly died away, and a soft impact whirled round and round.

Felix had a hunch.

He got out of Kshwice.

Schheim collapsed to the ground as he plowed up the soft grass and floor. And the last shock hit Felix.

Schheim stopped.

Fumbling through the pitch-black darkness to see if his cockpit part had been driven into the ground, Felix cut the ropes tied to his chair with a dagger. He fell to the floor as the strength that held him momentarily disappeared.

“… Whoa.”

The sky where the sunset was completely disappearing came into Felix’s eyes.

Felix, who tried hard to catch up on his dizzying vision, grabbed everyone who was still in Shuheim and escaped Shuheim.

A cool breeze passed Felix coolly.

Felix looked around with his face smeared with blood and dust, looked at the outermost trees of the Kshwice Great Forest beyond him, and let out a sigh dotted with unknown relief.

However, Felix’s face hardened quickly when he saw a group of dwarves flying from behind.

At the forefront, Dvahur wailed fiercely, wielding an axe.

“This bastard will tear you apart!”

Shuheim, who had been split in two, entered Dvahur’s gaze.

I didn’t wage a battle just to see this.

However, Dvahur turned the object of his wrath upon realizing that just for sinking Shuheim Dvahur, it was something that he had to give thanks to the Gods of Heaven and Earth for a few days, leaving Jung Ansoo behind.

Pointing out that nasty-looking Felix, Dvahur shouted at the dwarves who were still able to fight.

“Catch them alive! I swear to Tosaf that I will never kill you gracefully!”

His voice was so good that even Felix from so far away could hear Dvahur’s roar.

And Felix never had the heart to be caught easily. Although Schheim Dvahur was destroyed, Felix still had cards left.

Felix turned his back to Schheim, who only had the front part remaining, and took something out of his bosom.

He wasn’t a weapon. It was just a small box or something. Strangely, however, Felix, who took it out too carefully, urged the personnel who could not get out of Schheim.

His own enlisted men seem to have been sacked. The only people flying through the air were the Dwarves.

However, the number of Dwarves had decreased considerably to the extent that they could be counted on one hand.

Felix gritted his teeth at the thought that it would be worth a try with this amount of people.

And above all, Felix had LaHaf.

If Rahaf were to step in at full strength, he might be able to take this fight to victory beyond what is worth doing. But Felix thought he had to settle everything before Raharp could join the battle.

This is because Rahaf is an existence that does not know where to bounce.

“… Yes dude.”

Dvahur’s party quickly closed the distance with Felix.

Dvahur, whose fighting power had already reached its end due to his anger at Shuheim, turned his enormous ax backwards and flew toward Felix with the momentum of a double-dip.

After that, Dwarves, Eccrine, and Spea also flew in.

However, the senses of Shupea, who was at the rear, caught something strange.

There was only one thing that stimulated Shupea’s sixth sense, although it was impossible to explain in one word.


“Oh, sh*t! Everyone stop!”

A boom sounded, and a hemispherical protective shield formed between Felix and Dvahur’s party.

Dvahur tilted his head at the sudden appearance of the protective shield, but the dwarven senses also caught something strange.

The feeling that Shupea felt.

A thrilling threat was perceived by Dvahur.

At that moment, Dvahur twisted his body and shouted behind him.


However, Felix had already thrown the object he was holding in his hand at Dva Hur.

In perfect order, the group of dwarves spread out according to Dvahur’s order.

However, Shupea, who witnessed it from behind, frowned harshly and shouted.

“You fools! I have to hide behind a protective shield. What if they scatter!”

Spea’s protective shield wriggled violently once and then swelled up. At that moment, a brilliant golden orb spread out in a radius of nearly ten meters.

The object Felix had thrown contracted into a point without a sound.

And the flames of hell engulfed everyone flying towards Felix.

Spea’s protective shield was struck by blue flames.

The protective shield, which was bent twice very briefly, shattered from the edge.

Felix’s flames, which swallowed even the fragments of the protective shield that were scattered as if they were being ground, swept away everything in front of him.

“Driving me crazy!”

Shupea gnashed her teeth and emitted divine power.

Fortunately, Eccrine and some dwarves slowed down as they descended toward Felix and landed behind the shield, but most of the dwarves were engulfed in flames.

The group of Dwarves, twisting their bodies in pain as their whole bodies burned, fell to the ground.

Cruelty spread across Felix’s face as he watched the dwarf fall, which had turned into a lump of charcoal in an instant.

However, Dvahurr shook off the fire from his whole body and fell to the ground.

With a thump, Dvahur fixed his massive body and, like a yaksha, pulled the ax back and fired at Felix.


Felix managed to twist himself.

But it was a pointless action.

Something snatched Dvahur, who was attacking Felix with terrifying momentum.

He was pulled into the flying position, and Dvahur gritted his teeth and swung the axe, but even that was blocked by the feeling of hitting the wall.

Dvahur, who was completely bewildered, felt a sharp pain in his back.

Dva Hour screamed involuntarily and savagely ground his face on the floor.

In the pain of his back being crushed, Dvahur shrank back and grabbed his axe. However, there was a foot pressing down on Dvahur’s thick wrist.

“If you run wild, you’ll get scolded, you dwarf.”


His wrist is broken

Dvahur gritted his teeth and raised his gaze against the foot that was trampling on his wrist.

Laharp, with a pair of wings spread and a cruel smile like a child on his mouth, was looking down at Dvahur, tilting his head.

“Hoo? You are a very patient child.”

Laharp put strength on his toes.

Feeling his bones crushing and digging into his flesh, Dvahur gnashed his teeth even more, but he didn’t groan once as he glared at Laharp’s face.

Rahaf’s smile grew thicker as he looked at it.


“Do it.”

Rahaf’s gaze quickly turned to where the sound came from.

Dvahur, who had been stepped on by Laharp’s feet, also turned his head and looked there.


There, Ewald, who was holding Elif in his arms, was bowing his upper body with a very tired expression.

Ewald, who had no empty hands because he was holding Elif, greeted him with a wink.

“It’s been a while.”

However, rather than Ewald’s voice, Rahaf raised his eyes at the presence of a ‘woman’ in Ewald’s arms.

Ewald also looked at Laharp like that, and he let out a laugh that he had never seen before.

“Cut your eyes, Rahaf.”

Retired Hero Wants To Sleep

Retired Hero Wants To Sleep

은퇴용사는 잠들고 싶다
Score 9.2
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
A comic continental epic unfolded by Ewald Kitsuka, the continent’s best magic swordsman who sealed the rare demon king to himself.


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