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It Is Fate To Be Loved by the Villains Chapter 88

88. Dramatic at first (2)

The last thing I remember was being so furious that I saw Daud and another woman hugging.

Right now, everything is just hazy.

To the extent that the act of thinking itself feels meaningless, the entire consciousness is hazy, like a fog.

I can hear something collapsing nearby and people screaming, but it’s faint, like it’s coming from far away.


Let her gaze wander in the air for a while.

In a gray landscape where all colors have been lost like a faded photograph, you can see the outline of a person looking down at you, albeit vaguely.

It is a mysterious atmosphere floating in the air against gravity.

All I can think about is that even a grotesque figure without a thread on it can do that.


Even with that blurry outline, the ‘shape’ was clearly recognizable.

If you grow a few more years and grow up, will you look like this?


It was the first thought that passed through my blank mind.

Because it was someone I had seen many times in my dreams. Because he was the person I missed the most.

However, that one thing is definitely felt.

This one has the same shape.

She is not the same as the mother she remembers.

Its ‘essence’ is as different as the sky and the earth.


‘Something’ in the form of a mother is anxiously talking to herself.

to stop doing something please stop It feels like trying to dry it.

However, the voice is not transmitted.

As if, in the ‘current state’, the voice of that being could not reach him.


And, even that figure quickly disappears.

Elnor looked blankly at the fading figure.

‘…I, now, what-‘

But, even with that thought barely popping up in my floating head.

A mysterious voice, like a hissing snake, came straight through.

– Why don’t you do it?

do what?

– That man, don’t you want to make it yours forever?


– You don’t want to be sick anymore, do you?

But, nonetheless.

Daoud is Daoud.

-If you don’t want to kill, is there a way to make a puppet?

I remember this…

It’s the same voice I heard earlier when I tried to give Daoud the ring for the first time.

However, much more than then.

A feeling she has a hard time ‘resisting’.

As if something was eating away at a much greater part of her than before.


He shook his head, barely remembering that thought.

No matter how much the other person makes you angry. no matter how much you hurt yourself

Daoud is Daoud.

do you kill To make a puppet?

I don’t want to harm that man, just as this voice is reaching me now.

– I’ll do it.

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However, such a voice pierces through the blank consciousness.

gradually increases in size. It’s so depressing that my tinnitus rings in my ears.

But, just like that, the voice kept getting louder, louder, louder.

Right around the time I thought I couldn’t stand it.

All of a sudden the voice disappears.


I don’t know English.

I don’t know why, so I blankly blink my eyes.

I examine the surroundings with the reason that has returned, even if it is a thread. I strain my dazed eyes to figure out a little more about what’s going on.

And, thanks to my consciousness being focused on ‘sight’.

Elnor could see the face of Daud, who was right in front of him.

The touch of his lips overlaid on his own.


I’d heard Beatrix vehemently claim that first kisses taste like cherries, but Elnor’s first impression was just that dirty dust and gritky sensations were exchanged.

It would be funny to think of the feelings of cherries and all in the chaos around here now. It’s clear that this man didn’t prepare anything to kiss himself.


fit your mouth


So, that.

That’s it.



Only then can the surroundings be clearly recognized.

In a world where everything is dyed in gray and stands still like a faded photograph.

Only Daoud and her are moving straight. Just like she and he exist in a world where everything is still.

That too, with a kiss.

Her eyes widened even more than before.


a kiss?

This man to himself?


why? why the hell

I thought you were flirting with another girl like that just a while ago?

“…Come on, sleep…”

expression is broken the heart sinks The heat that ran through the whole body made me lose all strength.

Meanwhile, the lips fall.

It was then that I saw Daoud’s face seriously for the first time.

“Are you awake?”

Hearing that voice, Elnor’s face turned red.

Maybe it’s the effect of that kiss earlier, he looks dozens of times cooler than usual.

Of course, I usually couldn’t see anything but this guy, but now, more than that.

breathing quickens Unknowingly, I think of these and other thoughts sequentially.

What did you eat today?

Did you brush properly?

Wouldn’t this man be unpleasant now? You can’t do that.

If I did, I might not do it again next time-


Wait a minute.


no, anyway. Now is not the time to start thinking about those things by wandering around in one room.

Calm down, Elnor. What to pursue is to be pursued.

Regarding this man’s lack of fidelity right now, I’m sure-

“Then, I’ll do it again.”

“…What? no, what-”

Hearing Daud’s words, she reflexively pulled back to increase the distance, but as if she had noticed, the man’s arms wrapped around her waist tightly.

If you consider the difference in ability between the two, you can probably easily shake it off.

But, I can’t. I just can’t resist

As soon as she sensed that this man wanted her, all she could do was blush and stiffen her whole face.

while doing so

The second shock came.

Again, Daoud’s lips rest on hers.

One more drink, and this time, even the tongue comes into the mouth.

“Ah, ooh, da, dawd, ah, ah… now, wait…”

I tried to connect the sentences somehow, but it was all futile.

The mouth is teased recklessly. Daoud’s tongue, which came inside, was immediately intertwined with her own.

It was soggy, pulling, hot, sticky, and thick.

I felt a bit unfair.

It’s your first kiss What is this man so good at?


As the saliva entangled, all the thoughts that had accumulated so far in Elnor’s jumbled head collapsed.

Before arguing, what, what.


this sense.

this fidelity.

The coziness of being filled with this man.

He was driving out all the gloomy emotions that had been eating him up until now.

The feeling that the whole body is filled with warm things.


After all, Elnor.

before doing anything.

Without realizing it, he wrapped his arms around Daoud’s waist.

Certainly, it wasn’t an expression of intent to question something.

‘…Those things, right now, don’t matter anyway.’

Indeed it was.


When I opened my mouth, a thread of saliva stretched out.

Is this right?

It’s my first time doing it, so I don’t know if I’m good or not…!

[It sounds good. Haven’t you also jumped a bit with swallows?]


have you tried

[Then, the flirtatious talent was born, it was born. If it’s the first time you’re doing something related to that, you’re just good at it. After all, is professional garbage different?]


You shut up, little.

As I thought of that, several messages lined up in front of my eyes.

< System Message >

[ Corruption level of target ‘Elnor’ drops by more than 250% in a short period of time! ]

[The ‘runaway’ state is lifted! ]

[ A terrifying achievement! A new title has been granted to you! ]

< System Message >

[ ‘Title’ system added! ]

[ Depending on the title equipped, you can receive additional proficiency for non-combat actions! ]

[ The current title given to you is ‘The Lover’! ]

[When you tail a woman, more proficient, versatile, and masterful techniques are possible than ever before! ]


Is he messing with me right now?

The title is a playboy, well, why are the effects like this?

No, I’ll take care of this later.

“Elnor, it’s okay…”

“…ah, ha, ha, ha-”


I keep my mouth shut even though I pretend to not look okay.

The nape of the neck and the tips of the ears are reddened, and he is breathing heavily.

“Wait. I will help you.”

While saying that, I tried to approach him.

“… Closer, won’t you come closer?”

Elnor gasped and restrained me.

“Now, if you approach, it is dangerous in many ways.”


At those words, my expression hardened again.

If it is dangerous, there are many directions that can be interpreted.

I’m in a good mood right now, but it’s after I went out of control once. There’s always the possibility that there will be other sequelae.

In fact, right now, the energy of the gray devil has not been extinguished yet. Because the world is still standing still

In addition, Elnor’s ‘suspicion’ status is still maintained.

If so, the brass that I have to do from now on is clear.

I calmed down and opened my mouth to Elnor again.

I had to come up with something that would make this person feel better from now on.

[The effect of ‘Title: Lover’ is in effect! ]

[Your actions will be corrected! ]



“Recently, just hearing your voice makes me tickle at the bottom of my neck. If I don’t see you for a few hours, I want to see you again. It’s to the point where I want to say a prayer of thanks before going to bed every day to the god who gave me such a fiancee.”


Elnor’s mouth fell open.

And I am astonished at having said this.


I never meant to say it this far.

It’s like my mouth is out of my control and moves on my own.

no, don’t fuck

Really don’t give a damn…!

This must have happened because of that title or something. I need to release it right now-

< System Message >

[Title: You have requested to unlock the Playboy. ]

[This is the only title. Disabling is not possible! ]

fuck you bastard!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

“…That was what you were thinking.”

As I screamed inwardly, Elnor squirmed and averted his gaze.

At least it’s fortunate that he’s not as angry with me as before.

My actions that led to the influence of the ‘title’ were not fortunate at all.


“…something else.”

He approached Elnor, whose face was still red, and lowered his head.

I hug her and push her into my chest, kissing her on the forehead.

“I love you.”


It was hard to see, but it was clear that Elnor was now stiff and his mouth was twitching.

Because it wouldn’t be funny at all.

And that’s me too.


Title or whatever, please stop.

I’m dying of shame…!

However, such screams are futile.

My body, already out of control, kisses Elnor on the forehead again and whispers in his ear.

“I love you.”

A thin moan of “Ugh, Lee Geuk” came up from the inside of my chest. It was clear that Elnor was shaking.

It was hard to see because her face was buried in her body, but seeing that the tips of her ears protruding from the side of her head were red, it was easy to tell what condition she was in.

[Wow, science! Ahahahahaha! Ahahahaha-! I, out of breath, out of breath, whoops, me, I’m dying! Please stop!]

What do people who have already died once say?

No, more than that, I really want to stop.

Soon, Elnor stretched out his arm to stop me from lowering my head again to kiss her.

“Ha, don’t do that…”

“I do not like it.”

I told him not to do it with his mouth, but he gently pulled down his arm, which had no strength at all. Even though Elnor could easily get away with me if he wanted to.

kiss again and whisper

“He, Mann, Daoud, people are watching, watching…”

It seems that time has stopped and no one will see it, but Elnor muttered something like that, probably because it was embarrassing to have people around.


“Look, yes.”

My fucking mouth answered Elnor in an urgent voice, and I lowered my head.

kiss again and whisper

“I love you.”

“Ah, this, that…”

wear it again…

“That, stop, stop!”

“Are you not mad anymore?”

“It didn’t happen! It didn’t happen!”


At the same time as Elnor said so with an almost tearful momentum.

A window popped up in front of me.

< System Message >

[ Target Elnor’s ‘suspicion’ status is lifted! ]

[ Corruption level increase/decrease is corrected properly! ]



You did it.

Although my dignity seems dead.

It Is Fate To Be Loved by the Villains

It Is Fate To Be Loved by the Villains

악당에게 사랑받는 운명입니다,Fated to Be Loved by Villains
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Status: Ongoing Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
Fated to Be Loved by Villains raw mtl I was proposed to by the final boss.


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