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It Is Fate To Be Loved by the Villains Chapter 264

264. Fertilization

Although she told Dowd to shut up for a second, it was much later that Victoria actually calmed down.

“…I’ll pretend I didn’t hear that.”

She barely regained her composure and pressed her temples and spat out those words.

Of course, compared to usual, I couldn’t help but feel the embarrassment and enthusiasm in my voice.

“For you and I to reconcile, it would be faster for me to die.”

Apart from the purpose of making you doubt the ear attached to the back.

The very premise that Seras and himself become like that is strange. At least, unless the ‘past’ issues associated with them were resolved, Victoria had no intention of becoming that kind of relationship with them.

However, the voice that followed was so resolute that neither persuasion nor counterargument entered.


Whether or not, Daud’s silent shrug was unnerving.

Should I say it as a gesture full of confidence that even if he refuses like that now, in the end it will be what he said?

I get a fever.

I just get pissed off.

“Once I get it. Let’s talk about this later.”

“…What is it? You’re acting like you’re busy now.”

“No, I’m actually going to be busy from now on.”

At those words, Victoria’s eyes narrowed.

Come to think of it, before she throws out this nonsense topic, she said, ‘We have time, so let’s talk’.

As if something was scheduled here.

She glanced around her.

Still, nothing.

It’s just him and Dawood in this room.

“…I mean, if you really intend to do weird things to me-“

“No. Unless you have the heart to do so.”


Sounds like you would if you had the heart to do it.

Victoria glanced down at her own body.

The body around this man… Compared to women who have a lot of ‘curves’ here and there, it is a poor body.

But with a body like this, you think so?


As expected, this man is a pervert.

Even now

“It’s nice to come up with strange thoughts by yourself.”

Suddenly, such a voice came from the other side.

“Wait, can you lower your head?”

At the unexpected words, while Victoria lowered her head.

Daud on the other side was already moving.

It’s not so fast that the reaction is impossible.

A human with her level of “Skill” Would be able to avoid it.

However, at least it was fast enough to deflect the ‘memorization’ flying from behind her.


– What.

Victoria’s eyes widened.

I am the best assassin on the continent. But while she couldn’t even sense the presence of someone like this, someone sneaked in?

To the extent that you can come close enough to deliver a ‘blow’?

While such astonishment crossed her mind, Daud, who had blocked the attack, was already moving on to the next move.

While the assailant, shocked at the fact that his attack had been ‘read’, stiffened his body, the body floated into the air thanks to the smooth joint technique.

He is a man who has trained quite deeply in the martial arts taught by Riru and Kasa. Few humans can match this man in a street fight where he can mix his hands.

While the man who was pinned to the floor passed out without being able to breathe.


Daud’s eyes shone ferociously as he struck down the assailant in an instant.

“There’s no way I won’t come. ‘Fate Street’.”

As if.

These things came to me, and I really felt like I was ‘lucky’.

“…So there is no need to be so depressed?”

I opened the press with a voice of embarrassment to Victoria, who was depressed.

The guy who attacked this place has been tied up and his ‘camouflage suit’ has been removed.

A full-body bodysuit that clings to the whole body. No matter how you look at it, it is not a worldview like this, but an object equipped with a ‘concealment room’ that can only be seen in SF worldviews.

To completely erase the appearance and presence. Perhaps, given that Victoria never imagined that there was anyone at all, it seemed like she could completely erase anything related to ‘energy’.

There is only one group on the continent that can use something like this.

“Since the technology system is completely different, it is natural that you do not know. Wouldn’t this be hard for even an adult human being to detect?”

In the first place, it is a skill of the Magic Tower. Just as you can’t notice what you don’t know, if a human wearing something like this decides to hide, even a human who has reached that level will allow the surprise itself.

Whether it’s the people who will be beaten and killed is another matter, though.

“…But you knew that.”

Such a gloomy answer came back to the comforting sentence I brought out.

Victoria, who had been noticeably drooping from a while ago, mumbled again.

“This is a shame. That an assassin would allow a human with hostile intentions to come so close…”


No, what is that?

< System Log >

[ I have found something that could be life threatening. ]

[ Apply ‘Skill: End of Life’ as A-class. ]

For me, this is because I have a ‘radar’ that’s overpowered.

I couldn’t help but notice this because it came to my mind the whole time I was with Victoria today.

Honestly, if it wasn’t for this, I probably wouldn’t have been beaten at least once.

[…You are really you too. Did you casually drag it all the way here, knowing that something like this was following you? Taking a shower at ease?]

From noble mtl dot com

‘No, he probably had no intention of attacking in the first place.’


‘Probably a spy. Considering what I’ve been doing, you know that a raid like this has a low chance of success.’

Actually, even though this guy was nearby, the desperation continued to stay in the C-D ranks.

At that level, it would be more correct to interpret it to the extent that he would use violence ‘in case of emergency’ rather than clearly intending to harm me.

However, the trigger.

[Then how did you know that this guy would attack like this?]

‘No, I just said that I killed Count Nicholas, so he seemed angry. I scratched a little with it.’


From the moment I said I “Killed” Count Nicholas.

Maybe we can become close friends with you.

From there, he must have started to come up with the idea of going to Hakoji here in earnest.

Since then, the level of despair has gone up.

[You used the deceased as bait.]

‘Isn’t that bastard still good?’


‘I don’t think he’s crazy enough to hear what you’re talking about.’

Caliban thought for a while with a hmm sound. Maybe he was even stroking his chin.

[… Acknowledged.]

‘Isn’t it?’

Dawud-Caliban. Season 1 Grand Consolidation.

‘Anyway, if this side attacks us in any way, that’ll be a pretty good excuse.’

As she said that, she wiped her lips.

You don’t know how anxiously I waited for it to come out like this from the other side first.

I was wondering if there would be an ambush if I was leisurely strolling around the streets with Victoria, but I never thought they would create an ‘opportunity’ like this first.

[Did you go on a date with that intention?]

‘How much?’

[…I feel sorry for that young lady too…]

Cleanly ignoring the words coming from there, I looked at the system window for a while.

In fact, among what Caliban just said, there was something to reflect on.

< System Log >

[ ‘Skill: Fatal Charm’ activates! ]

[ The favorability of the target ‘Victoria Ebatrice’ will be upgraded to ‘Trust Level 5’! ]

You completely failed to seduce Victoria. My goal was to at least put ‘dearness’ on it.

[…What, dude?]

‘No, I boasted that I could really twist everything in one day. It’s okay to regret this much.’


Around the silence of Caliban, who seemed to have nothing to say, only the sound of someone continuing to murmur murmured.

“Assassin is disqualified. Where did you lose your mind…”

To Victoria, who is drowning in self-abasement with her head wrapped around her head, she sighs again and opens her mouth.

“It’s okay, maybe.”

“I can’t do that, so I keep going like this-!”

“Well, isn’t it because you’re crazy about me?”

Actually, I just threw it out without much thought.

The child seemed to be in such a bad mood, so I threw a laugh at him to relieve it. I was probably just thinking about the reaction of shooting nonsense like usual.

By the way.


Victoria’s body just stopped.

Uh, doing it.

As if caught off guard by something.


Beau fills her face with blush to the point of admiration, then jumps up and thrusts a finger at me.

With her pupils trembling anxiously here and there, she shot at her words.

“That, that, that, that, that, that, that! No, no, no-!”


He’s broken.

Why are you like this all of a sudden?

Thinking that way, he continued to point at me with a reddened face as if he was about to explode, then stared blankly at Victoria.

Perhaps it was only then that he realized that his condition was strange, so he stayed still.

“Ah, ugh, ugh!”

Isn’t it going to disappear while making such a strange sound?

“…What is it?”

[…That’s right. What?]

Caliban and I had no choice but to exchange words of bewilderment.

And at the same time as Victoria rushed out of the room, a window rose again in front of her eyes.

< System Message >

[ The affinity of the target ‘Victoria Evatryce’ will be upgraded to ‘Friendship Level 1’! ]




[…No, the reaction is really strange. Isn’t there some kind of background?]

“Looks like… I guess.”

Should I ask Seras later? For what reason are you doing that?

Well, right now, good is good. If you raise your favorability like this, you’ve achieved the purpose of bringing that guy right away.

Now the important thing.

“…That’s a good use.”

Muttering like that.

I looked down at my ‘right to fight’, which was spread out and tied up in front of my eyes.

To be honest, I couldn’t stop laughing.

“It’s good to sell.”

Earl Rebel sighed heavily as he said that in his bed.

I had just heard from an aide about what Dowd Campbell, who dispatched the ‘personnel’, was doing now.

To come in the middle of enemy lines, wear a woman, and be happy. Isn’t this a f*cking psychopath?

Earl Revel, who gave a much more accurate evaluation than expected, sighed deeply and continued.

“Let it go on like that. Don’t neglect to manage the informants you have posted around you.”

“I will follow your orders.”

That’s how the conversation was about to end normally.

If it hadn’t been for the roaring sound of the sky falling over Count Revel’s mansion.

“What, what?”

“This is the front door of the mansion!”

Earl Revel and his aide hurriedly looked out the window.

Dust is flying. The sound of walls collapsing can also be heard sporadically.

Into the chaos where screams and shouts echoed in all directions, Earl Revel’s gaze turned around to find the cause of this situation.

And finally.

Into the heart of the Count who found it, reason and logic died intact.


Is this correct?


Earl Revel opened his mouth in an astonishing voice.

Because it is a scene that deviated from common sense, such a reaction comes out first before you feel any emotion.

“Are you Doud Campbell?”

“…Looks like it, Count.”

“Did he break down the front door of my mansion just now?”


“In the middle of enemy lines?”


“Alone, naked?”


The aide had no choice but to maintain a positive silence.

It Is Fate To Be Loved by the Villains

It Is Fate To Be Loved by the Villains

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