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It Is Fate To Be Loved by the Villains Chapter 244

244. Is this true?

“Rather than that, Daud.”

After the bombshell declaration that he became an advisor to the exorcist club.

While the emperor’s mood was rapidly deteriorating, Sullivan opened his mouth without hesitation.

“Hey, that, you know.”

… Uncharacteristically, he twists his back and continues his conversation.

There is a slight blush on his face, and seeing the way he picks his neck with a big smile, he seems to be quite ashamed.

His Majesty the Emperor was making an expression as if he were looking at a dead cockroach corpse.

“…That bet you bet. If you are a member of the club, you can bet on them.”


“I also became a club advisor.”


As I answered with a little uneasiness, Sullivan opened his mouth while looking at me startled.

“…Can I do it too?”


“Wouldn’t it be possible to monopolize you just by winning?”

“It will work, gentlemen! Please have a conscience!”

Before I could say anything, a scream of opposition erupted.

Cecil and Sulli.

In other words, His Majesty the Emperor and the Prime Minister.

Basically, it’s an antagonism that doesn’t mix like water and oil, but the atmosphere between the two is more than that.

When Elnor and Sullivan were put together, the level of hostility that really ate each other came out, but now these two have a more insidious relationship, smiling and sarcastic.

“…I have a lot to say on the subject of match fixing or something prepared in advance, Your Majesty.”


“If you want, I can look at the referee for the match.”

“…Does that seem necessary?”

His Majesty the Emperor replied with a smile.

However, the slight twitching of the corners of his mouth was something he couldn’t hide.

“How could you entrust such a job to a woman who has forgotten her age and covets a much younger man? Have you ever thought that there is a level of thief’s heart?”

It was the same smiling face, but when Sullivan heard it, a large well was engraved on his forehead.

“Oops. I think I will live longer than a person without conscience who tries to hold on to a man in his prime without knowing what to do with the body of tomorrow. Wasn’t I a landslide winner for the amount of time I could keep by that man’s side?”

“…Did you say anything?”


These two are in a relationship where they pour out abusive language with a smile on their face.

Then, a fierce debate continues with each other.

“This f*cking b*tch is-“

“It would be nice to have a lot of fat on your body, you old witch-“


To say that it was a conversation between two politicians who ruled an empire, it was a place of primary criticism that was dignified and intelligent, and at least human dignity was thrown into the gutter.

When I’m listening to it, it feels like my qi is speeding up as well, so I close my eyes and listen to the conversation between the two as much as possible with one ear and let it flow with the other.

I am a tree. I am the wind I am a lake…

“…This piece of trash…”

“…If you don’t know how old you are, you’re just nasty…”

In the meantime, two women who must have poured out all their emotions to explode were glaring at each other while exhaling heavily.

And in the meantime, I calmly drink tea with a careless expression on my face.

Now that you both seem to have calmed down, you can open your mouth.

Actually, everything else is okay.

I have to ask this much.

“…By the way.”

I return the words to the two pairs of gazes focused on me.

“Who is running the Empire now?”

If the emperor and prime minister are both here, who is in charge of administrative duties during peacetime?

In the first place, is it okay for people in this position to do such ridiculous things here just because of me?

It was a question full of such questions, but neither the emperor nor Sullivan just shrugged.

“Rad is having a hard time.”

“I also have the right to appoint a business representative.”

“…No, those are only used in emergencies-“

I was about to say that, but my mouth was shut.

Because there were two pairs of eyes flying at the same time, as if saying, ‘Then this is an emergency or what?’.


From noble mtl dot com

What is my club?

It was all I had to make because of school rules…

[Think about it, Daud.]


[Really, if you tease your lower body well, you can make this eternally static Prime Minister and His Majesty the emperor get along well-]

The soul linker is completely removed from the arm.

I have been actively pushing this sound since a long time ago, as if I had a taste for this person and this concept.

In the meantime, Prime Minister Sullivan was bringing up a topic that could not be ignored with a wry smile.

“The problem is that there is a person who will smile very broadly when the two of us are away.”

At Sullivan’s words, the emperor also hardened slightly.

“…Are you talking about the Council of Elders?”

“The Marquis Bogart is a nuisance in many ways, but at least he knows how to keep his line in front of us…”

A meaningful light briefly dwells in that gaze.

“The other guy is the problem. Your business representative.”


“…Count Nicholas. 2Nd member of the Council of Elders. He thinks His Majesty knows the name.”

“Count Nicholas?”

The emperor’s face frowned slightly.

It seems that just listening to it makes me feel uncomfortable.

“I am a person who has no problems with my work ability.”

Looking at the reaction, Sullivan’s mouth seemed to have a bitter smile that he couldn’t hide.

“…There are some problems with that reputation, though.”

His Majesty the Emperor sighed and took the pipe from his bosom.

I haven’t seen it used that often while traveling with me, but when I hear about this person, I feel like I have to smoke one.

“The Butcher.”

The words fell out like chewing and spitting out.

“There is a story that half of the ‘extermination’ of subhumans in the empire was done by the hands of that person. They act like a human with a sense of mission to catch and kill them all.”


“I heard that there are some sub-species around you. That’s not a very nice nickname.”

My eyes narrow slightly.

How does this person know that?

Aren’t Seras or Victoria thoroughly hiding their sub-species?

However, His Majesty tilted his head at my expression.

It seems strange that you don’t know that.

“The story of the Grand Assassin in the Holy Land is already famous, and in the case of his younger brother… Well. Didn’t he already talk about it in front of me once?”



The time I told Seras to act like a dog in front of Professor Walter.

When I think about it, I did something very sorry.

While I was chewing on those sentences, His Majesty came out with words that I couldn’t quite hear.

“And, it seems that the younger brother is involved in some kind of contractual relationship with the Marquis Bogut. Did she say Victoria?”


That makes no sense.

‘…Why are you cooperating with such a person?’

Although it is said that it was not Count Nicholas himself who committed such a heinous act, the Marquis Bogart is unmistakably belonging to the same human being as that human being.

Unlike Seras, who definitely belongs to the Holy Kingdom, he is a free agent who accepts any request, but it is unlikely that he accepted it without knowing it.

“…Probably have a common goal of working together. I don’t know what.”

Perhaps he shared the same question as me, His Majesty also smiled bitterly at the words.

“Anyway, the problem is that the Marquis Bogut is also planning to move over here just in time for the Elfante School Art. If you come over to that person, it is said that the person with the highest voice in the imperial administration, including the empire, will become that side, even for a moment.”

His Majesty continued with a serious expression.

“…And Count Nicholas is a man who could do something stupid even in such a fleeting moment. You’re a human specializing in garbage that barely crosses the line.”


I know the hidden meaning between the lines.

Perhaps, if you are a human obsessed with catching and killing sub-species.

There is a possibility that he will reach out to me with a pretty good probability.

At least, as soon as I find out that there are two demi-species around me, I will do that right away.

“A human who acted as a hunting dog for the elders. If you smell it, they will come to bite you. At least while we’re away, be careful not to be seen by them.”

“…In the first place.”

He sighs and continues his words.

“Why did you come to see me when you know that such a person can thrive?”

“…Do you really not know?”

After hearing my words, Sullivan replied with a puzzled expression.

“Neither I nor Your Majesty are fools. I mean, I didn’t come all the way here just by seeing that you were creating a club and designating a business representative.”


“…Really. About half.”

At my suspicious gaze, Sullivan cleared his throat and answered.

So half of it would mean that I really ran out to make a club, but anyway.

Sullivan went on to explain.

“…Apart from the ‘demonic powers’ that even the Magic Tower appeals to, your position is important. Dowd.”

“Where am I?”

“People with good eyes and clear ears are bound to exist everywhere. No matter how hard you try to suppress it in Elfante, your popularity is already quite widespread.”


That’s what I thought.

I tried to quietly suppress most of the incidents I was involved in, but it was absolutely impossible for my presence to be completely covered, no matter what the scale.

“I am acquainted with the Warchief of the Tribal Alliance. The only human on the continent who has been to the imperial palace, has visited the Duchy of Tristan as if it were his own home, has an irreplaceable friendship with the incumbent warrior, and maintains friendship with many of the most dangerous vessels of the devil on the continent.”

Sullivan, who recited my specs, sighed deeply and said.

“If such a human would gather all the human beings who are related to him and create a ‘force’. It’s hard to see it as a simple club anymore.”

“What is that-“

“I don’t know if you’re aware of it, but if you combine all the humans gathered in your club, you can wage a war of conquest against some of the weaker countries. Even with a high probability of winning.”

Suddenly, my breath stops.

As soon as I heard those words, I instantly understood the meaning underlying them.

“…And if you gather those forces and form a ‘group’ in some form. Even if you don’t mean to, there will definitely be people who misunderstand.”


“It’s a clique. Your own, Doud Campbell’s own clique. Possible to affect ‘continental units’ in any form. Didn’t all the smart people try to line up somehow?”

…At the audition for the club, there was a huge crowd.

I vaguely guessed that it was simply because I thought Elijah and I were well known.

“And there are enough conditions to consider forming such factions as the cornerstone for the ‘next step’.”

Said Sullivan, swirling his pen around in his hand.

“Because you are in an environment where you can become ‘king’ in any form if you meet the conditions.”


My head goes blank.

“Two nobles with the highest authority in the empire are supporting you. It is an open fact that they are even closely related to the family of Duke Tristan. Because everyone must have seen dancing with the princess at the social gathering in the imperial palace last time.”


“What if you and the gongnyeo get married and have ‘authority’, and the ‘talents’ you currently have are combined? The possibility of a self-reliant state in the form of a ‘duchy’ is abundant.”

“…Those bigots and opportunists who think they’re smart enough think so. It must be the level of power that is reflected on the outside.”

While I was silent, His Majesty the Emperor also sneered and agreed.

“And, in other words.”

Said Sullivan, frowning slightly.

“As there are so many people who want to line you up, there must be a lot of people in the empire who are wary of you.”


“If you say it’s your fault for simply gathering people around you and forming a club, that would be a denunciation of a psychopath. But… It is true that the atmosphere is unusual.”

Sullivan ran a hand through his hair.

“The Council of Elders, the servants under His Majesty, and even the nobles attached to me… We used to have a serious relationship behind the scenes, but lately the level of friction has risen to the surface. It must feel like the hot potato that is you has ignited the fuse.”


“…Your Majesty, you must have come here half as a joke, but at least that’s why I’m here. You never know who will play a prank on you.”

And the number one target for such alerts is the aforementioned Count Nicholas.

Those words were added, but I still looked dazed listening to them.

I have been listening to him all the time, and only then do I understand.

< System Log >

[ Depending on how you run the club, the upcoming Main Quest – Chapter 5, ‘The Great War of the Empire’ will be decided! ]

…Why did such a message appear before me?



To Caliban, who answered with a hard voice, he continued with a voice that was still bewildered.

‘…These two are very kind.’



Speaks in a puzzled voice.

‘…Just because I created a club, are you saying that a war could break out right now?’


‘Even because they misunderstood my intentions?’

[It sounds like that to my ears too.]




It Is Fate To Be Loved by the Villains

It Is Fate To Be Loved by the Villains

악당에게 사랑받는 운명입니다,Fated to Be Loved by Villains
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