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It Is Fate To Be Loved by the Villains Chapter 242

242. Midnight Tryst (4)

Victoria Ebatrice’s spirit was sinking into a very deep place.

It’s one of the things I’ve learned before. If it’s a situation that really makes you angry, it’s a situation where you should be the most calm.

The person who taught me that is now walking around with a pale face next to the person who made him angry, but that’s not his job.


I took a deep breath as I tightly gripped the dual dagger in my hand.

Erasing emotions. Maximize your senses.

It hardens your reason coldly enough to remind you of a calm lake with no ripples.

And the place where her sharpened mind will be pinned is her damn sister, whom she has repeatedly said she kills openly before.

And now, the target.



He is smiling as if he has lost his mind in a bewildered appearance.

She doesn’t even pay attention to her, so blatantly that if a stranger sees her, she might think she’s laughing.

It’s not that it’s not, because Victoria’s feelings weren’t too different from that.

‘…Are you kidding me?’

A raging heart erupted from within.

It is true that her older sister has always been ahead of her since she was a child.


Isn’t it a reaction that would make her resentment soar that she didn’t lift a finger even after covering her blatant murderous intent?

Perhaps if Daud himself had heard it, he would have made an excuse saying that he wasn’t specifically ignoring you and that he would be in that state even if he put a real knife through, but unfortunately there was no time or anything to explain that.

‘-Leaving me behind-‘

At the same time that sentence comes to mind, a cool flame dwells in my eyes.

The images of the past, crying while hugging an old toy, soar up among the corpses on poles.

Never stop.

Incessantly, in such hell.

I remember waiting for someone.

-Sister, sister, when, when are you coming…?

Memories related to someone.


The color in Victoria’s eyes becomes more muddy.

Like soot sticking to the floor, sticky, gloomy emotions are contained in both hands.

It is not an exaggeration to say that the purpose is not to assassinate, but to tear the other person to pieces, with hatred in both hands.

The title Grand Assassin is a title bestowed only on those who have risen to the point where their lives could be threatened if they made a mistake, even the strongest people on the continent who have reached the stage of sainthood. If you’re in such a stupid state, it wouldn’t be strange if you were slaughtered in an instant even if you were in the same state.

My leg muscles are tense. Power strong enough to sever the carotid artery in Seras’ neck at any moment was condensed on that side.

And the next moment.

Just before the body was thrown out.

Suddenly, something strange came into her field of vision.


White mixed with gray.

Two colors, as if they were ‘mixed’.


Even Victoria herself couldn’t figure out why she was making such a bewildered voice.

But the next moment.


The dagger in her hand fell gently.

Then, her breathing quickened.

It was a breath full of joy, as if in rapture.

“… Huh?”

< System Message >

[ Combines the two forms of magic contained in the ‘Seal of the Fallen’! ]

[ Synthetic Roll… ]

[ Success! ]

[ A wave of desire is emitted from the seal! ]

< Side Effect! >

[ Due to the successful synthesis effect, different properties are given to the two different demons! ]

[ Significantly weakens all resistances of targets affected by the effect of ‘Gray Magi’! All forms of defensive stats are reduced by two stages! ]

[ The ‘Enchantment’ effect is applied as the effect of ‘White Devil’! Temporarily greatly increases the target’s fundamental desire! ]

< System Message >

[ All the magic contained in the ‘Seal’ has been exhausted. The related ‘color’ related abilities are unavailable until recharged! ]


I let out a deep sigh as I looked at the windows floating in front of me.

With my eyes, I carefully examine Victoria, who was influenced by the magi flowing from my seal.

Has it been eaten?

The kid even dropped his weapon, and most of all, it seemed like it was all of a sudden.

I watch Victoria clutching her head with a blank gaze.

[What is it? What did you do?]

‘…I wasn’t really aiming for this either.’

The seal helps me deal with the demonic energy of the demons I come into contact with.

And I’ve had some pretty… ‘Sticky’ contact lately with both the gray and white devils.

It is said that both of the different colored demons are stored.

If you use the magic of the gray demon that stops time and the magic of the white demon that enchants the target at the same time, you will be able to exert a certain suppression effect in some way, so I poured everything without hesitation.

However, I didn’t expect it to come out with such an ‘additional effect’.

< Tip! >

[ Because of what you’ve done, a special function is added to the Seal of the Fallen Heaven! ]

[ The ‘Synthesize Magic’ attribute is added to ‘Seal of Fallen Heaven’. ]

[ If you combine two or more different types of magic, a special phenomenon will occur in addition to the original effect! ]

[ Raising the following abilities enhances the effect. ]

– Skill: King of Pandemonium

As if they were reacting to my words, such windows appeared in front of my eyes.

‘…This again…’

My goal right now is to raise the specs as the gray devil said, and the biggest axis among them is the seal of the fallen angel related to the devil.

Additional features that come in unexpectedly like this are elements that I can’t help but welcome from my point of view.

< System Message >

[ The target ‘Victoria’ is very strongly affected by the ‘Wave of Desire’ you create! ]

[ The target’s ‘fundamental desire’ is maximized! ]

Of course, that’s it.

It seems that Victoria was influenced a lot by not knowing what this was, to the point that a window like this popped up in front of her eyes right away.

Originally, it should have ended with just getting a bit confused and dazed.


As a test, I wave my hand in front of him.

I did it because I was anxious because there was no reaction, but fortunately or unfortunately, the reaction came back right away.

Victoria, who had been watching her hands fluttering in front of her with her blank eyes, suddenly attacked my hand as if she were about to pounce.


I tried to get rid of her hand while being frightened.

Before I can fall far enough, Victoria grabs my hand in hers.

Feels like being held in a mechanical vise. I wanted to attack like this, but I just stayed still while holding on to it. I instinctively feel that way too.

As if.

As if something “Gets closer” To you and then immediately tries to “Get away from you” And stops it without even realizing it.

“…I don’t like…”

Then, those words flowed out like a mumble.

Obviously, that’s not a sane thing to say. The eyes are unfocused, and there is no intelligence in the voice.

However, the ‘desperate’ feeling I feel in Victoria’s grip, who is holding my hand right now, is very valid.

The following sentence was probably in that context as well.

“Don’t leave me… Don’t leave me, me, ho, alone…”

With a tearful voice, he stammered out those sentences.

“Well, I’ll do anything, don’t leave…”

With those words.

The hand he held with both hands.



The feeling of my brain stopping for a moment struck me, but the appearance of this guy holding my hand was truly terrifying to remove her hand.

While she was unable to do this or that, Victoria pulled out her tiny tongue, and with her melted eyes, she smeared her own saliva on her hand, sticky and slow. As if expressing your will to obey.

Dazedly, slowly, fawningly. Like being affectionate.

With teary eyes, he breathes heavily and licks my hand eagerly.

And while my brain was frozen in this mysterious situation.

A second voice comes from nearby.

From noble mtl dot com

“…Eh, ehehehe-“


Seras, who was in a state that could be compared to the insane Victoria, was completely depleted of intelligence, and grabbed my other arm from behind.

“…You are doing a good job- Senior-“


Have you been drinking?

It is terrifyingly similar to the vibe that radiates from the whole body similar to that of an old man who is stuck in a tavern every day and blows bottles.

“Please include me too, hee-“

With those words.

He takes the other hand Victoria is not holding.

Ah, he put it in his mouth like he was biting, and then he sucked it like he was sucking on candy.


If Victoria licks something painstakingly, in a way, she is licking it with so much care that it almost feels erotic, I feel like this guy is doing this purely as an expression of his own affection.

It’s like a pet playing cute with its owner.

Her feelings are completely different, but I know very well that this guy is also sticking to his ‘instinctive desire’ right now.

Only the sound of splashing water echoes slowly in the room.

My sister is sucking my finger hard, sitting next to her on her knees side by side.


No, what the hell.

How long will this last?

Isn’t this going to have a bad effect on the two of you?

< System Message >

[ ‘Wave of Desire’ lasts about 5 minutes! ]

[ The associated effect will disappear without any side effects once the duration has elapsed! ]

As if responding to my words, I let out a sigh of relief when I saw the window popping up again.


There are no ill effects on these guys right now, and after a while, they’ll both come back to their senses.

That’s fortunate.

All I have to do is stand here and wash my hands until these guys come to their senses.


Looking back on the sentence, even if it’s really strange, I’ve never experienced a situation that’s so bizarre.

I want something like this, though.

‘…Looks like you succeeded in passing it, right?’

At least, I think I succeeded in preventing these two from dying and killing each other in this strange way.

The intended purpose must have been achieved-

[Yes, you pervert.]


[Why don’t you say no once?]


I didn’t order it to be like this, so what are you saying?

I agree that, objectively, it’s very difficult for my little one to refute such a statement right now.

< System Message >

[ The mood of the target ‘Red Devil’ is rapidly getting worse. ]

[ The mood of the target ‘Fenol Laipek’ is rapidly getting worse. ]

[ Targets are also affected by your ‘Wave of Desire’! ]

[ We are starting to make efforts to implement the planned work in a little more detail! ]


I don’t know what you’re talking about, and I don’t know why these guys suddenly appear in front of me.

It was clear that the window didn’t feel very good.

It Is Fate To Be Loved by the Villains

It Is Fate To Be Loved by the Villains

악당에게 사랑받는 운명입니다,Fated to Be Loved by Villains
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Status: Ongoing Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
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