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It Is Fate To Be Loved by the Villains Chapter 240

240. Midnight Tryst (2)

[Well, I thought so.]


Victoria Ebatrice looked at her opponent through the crystal ball with a rare frown.

If you hear what you have just said and come back with a light answer like this, everyone will probably have a similar reaction.

“…The reaction is that I was expecting something else.”

As I brought those words out in a grunting voice, the Marquis Bogut on the other side of the crystal ball smiled and replied.

[Maybe I’d recommend just accepting defeat.]


[You don’t know because you haven’t been involved with them yet, but you already died at the time you were involved with the ‘devil’ related topic?]


At the lingering sentence, Victoria’s face distorted even more than before.

“…I’ve never lost a competition to kill someone.”

[I don’t know.]

The face of the Marquis Bogart, who said that, was smiling as usual, but underneath that was an expression close to a mockery.

[Then this must be the first time. Because that will definitely be faster.]

While Victoria’s expression became even more contorted, her explanation followed.

[…Although it is very likely that it is not ‘death’ in the dictionary sense.]

“…What are you talking about?”

[If you explain that to you, I will be punished according to the Imperial Penal Code.]


[Ah, excuse me. Were you just a child because you didn’t attend the coming-of-age ceremony of the Beasts? He was an adult in terms of age and imperial law, right?]

“…I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

Victoria, who tilted her head, quickly cleared her throat and continued.

“…Anyway, if I really succeed in killing you, that’s a big deal in its own way. It will definitely affect both the successful country and the empire.”

From what I’ve heard, it’s all the more so considering that Seras is the Emperor’s closest aide.

At least, Victoria had a sense of professionalism to the extent of being considerate of clients so that they would not be swept away by such aftermath.

“Don’t worry, I’ll do it right after the report-“

[No, reviews are not required.]

The Marquis of Bogart replied indifferently.

[Because I am a person who has enough dignity to respect the privacy of others.]


I’m not quite sure what this human is talking about.

Anyway, what needs to be done will have to be done. At least she wasn’t the type to talk.

‘…Not an easy opponent.’

Aside from the hostility she had towards her sister, the evaluation of the other person’s capabilities was done coldly.

The other person, like himself, is the pinnacle of the only two assassins on the continent. It is highly likely that killing them will not be an easy task no matter what advantage they bring.

In that case, the first thing to do is, of course, search. You need to collect information about the other party.

‘…It must have been a side building.’

Thinking so, Victoria immediately remembered the location of her private room in Seras and prepared to leave.

She climbs out the window and moves with a movement close to that of a winged bird.

She boasted a terrifying flight distance, enough to allow her tiny body to swim several meters in the air with each step, step by step, but the accompanying noise was almost non-existent.


And look, she has done this.

She stops thinking about it and throws it away.

Who taught you these things? Who did you train with?

The lush forest where she lived with her sister when she was young. Friends who lived together. And again-


Now, it’s all a thing of the past.

It’s likely the damn woman’s mistake that her hometown was all gone in the first place.

Thought so, Victoria gritted her teeth.

‘…They’re flirting with the people of the empire on that subject.’

Just a while ago, I still remember the way I fawned over the man named Daud with a look that seemed like he would give away all of his liver and gallbladder.

The feelings that she herself has towards the human being Doud Campbell, no matter how well she puts it, have no more meaning than a ‘request target’.

Is it the devil’s vessel, is it a piece, is that the key to the world? She said that maybe she also has a piece of herself inside her body or something.

More than that, it is an unchanging fact that she is one of the ‘humans of the Empire’ who bloodied her past.

If you hate it, you hate it. A human being who will not have a reason to like it even after washing his/her eyes.

While I was thinking that, the building next door immediately caught my eye. In the first place, it was not too far away, but it was natural that it was right away because it came with such terrifying movements.

She seized Seras’ private room, and she immediately slammed her body into a nearby tree.

After landing lightly and almost silent this time, she closes her eyes and concentrates on the ‘presence’ in the room.

Grand Assassin’s super senses provide more than just information that can be received with the five senses. That alone conveys the inner scene to her as vividly as if she were seeing it with her own eyes.



Victoria couldn’t help but be dazed right away.

The sight “Delivered” To her was definitely beyond her expectations.

It’s not Seras inside, but one more person. I saw a sign, a man. A human she probably knows. Clearly-

‘Doud Campbell?’

When she came up with that name, she still tilted her head with a dazed expression.

That’s because what those two were doing was very strange.

It’s like headbutting. Face-to-face, forehead-to-head, lips-to-mouth as if exchanging breath.


Victoria’s face turned red.

‘…Uh, uh, uh uh uh-?!’

Such a scream resounded warmly and coldly from inside her.

‘What are those bastards doing-?!’

Of course, he seemed to be able to keep his eyes open even though he said so.

Actually, Fenol Laifek doesn’t have many friends.

An interrogator belonging to the Heretic Interrogation Center, a mage of the Mage Tower, and almost a loner at the academy.

In addition to the fact that she had almost no chance to get involved with her classmates, there are quite a few people who have a grudge here and there because of the Red Night incident that happened before.

There is Percy, who is connected in a priestly relationship when placing enemies in the Mage Tower, but they are a bit indifferent now because they haven’t interacted with each other for too long.

In that case.

It’s a funny story, but it’s a story that there is only ‘this side’ who can talk openly.

[As I said before, I’m against getting close to him.]

The dark voice of the red devil echoed in my head.

I don’t know if you know it, but the way you cross your arms, snort, and look down on me with high-pressure eyes is a look that reminds me of myself.

[I’ve only met him once, but I understand. I’m not an ordinary rambler. Being nice to you isn’t because you’re good, it’s the same for any girl around you-]

Fynol, who had been quietly listening to such an evaluation, tilted his head and intervened in the middle.

“You also melted after meeting Mr. Dawood, didn’t you?”


No, in the first place.

The evaluation itself is a bit strange.

If you’re going to bite me for being a playboy, you should approach me in a way that I’m sneaky or that my insides are obvious, ‘I know he’s a good person, but he’s not just nice to you’?

“Didn’t I tell you not to go near Mr. Dowd, since you’re obviously the black-and-white type who must be scheming in the beginning?”


“I think it’s kind of ugly to say two things with one mouth-“


Faynol giggled and moved on.

Originally, talking to demons like this was something I avoided as much as possible. It’s because the other side tries to exert ‘influence’ on his mind whenever he has a chance.

She doesn’t know how annoying it was to try to interfere in her every matter like a mother who left her child at the water’s edge.


Actually, I wonder if blocking all senses is something that can be termed as ‘overprotection’.

Since he was saved by Dawood once, it must be funny to dwell on the past.

And what should I say?

I still feel that the restraints that bind my whole body are actually more helpful. Suppressing the devil’s demonic energy with all sorts of spells, it should be said that he was able to face this side only with personality to personality.

And that’s why.

On the contrary, it feels friendly. To the point of being a good companion for her who has no friends.

Perhaps this fact will become clearer just by lightly bringing out the following words.

“Wouldn’t it be nice if you could take this opportunity to open up and get to know Mr. Daud?”

Now, we are in the middle of chasing Dawood’s ‘sign’ late at night.

It is easy to determine the man’s location. It wasn’t too difficult for Faynol, who was gifted with mana handling, to memorize and track a person’s ‘magic wave’.

‘Late night tryst…’

At the very least, it would be a situation that fits quite well with the contents of the ‘match’ that she proposes to Daud. Thinking like that, I laughed a lot.

[…No need.]

A blunt answer came from inside.

It’s still a look that contains a lot of shyness. Faynole immediately smiled mischievously and tried to add something.

[In the first place, that man will be in big trouble soon.]


[Even if you have the seal, there’s no way anything good will happen because you’re so deeply entangled with the devil on a human level. It is inevitable.]

These words followed with a long drawn out sigh.

It was a sentence full of certainty that something bad would happen to Daud soon, but Faynol only tilted his head instead of replying to it.

[…Have you heard?]

“I heard. But I was just ignoring it.”


“To begin with, Mr. Daud isn’t someone who would die so easily, and I don’t want to lose him to other humans. So, I will also… ‘Try’ a lot.”



Fei Play nodded her head calmly.

“You saved me once, so I have to save you once too. Wouldn’t that be cognition?”

Even risking your life.

Even if it means giving her everything.

[…Do whatever you want.]

A relationship that shares the same spirit. You know very well that you won’t listen to me.

At the words of the red devil’s snort, Faynole smiled and moved on again.

[By the way, what is the game you propose?]

But even if you share the same spirit, you can’t know everything. If she doesn’t finish talking, she will inevitably come up with something she doesn’t know, as if she just asked a question.



“You will find out soon. You will definitely like it when you start.”

[I’m a little nervous…]

While they were talking, Feynall’s body was in a state where Daud’s waves were felt right in front of him. It definitely feels close.

‘…Isn’t this your room?’

What are you doing in someone else’s room at this time? Thinking so, Faynole raised her hand to knock.

I immediately stopped moving at the sound I heard from inside.

Something, the sound of violently ‘bumping’ into each other is resounding.

For example, flesh and flesh.

I can hear something similar to moaning.



Fanol and the Red Devil fell silent at the same time.

There was only one thing that came to mind from this sound.


Painol, who had been silent for quite some time, opened her mouth with a slightly subdued voice.

“Who had a similar idea to me?”

[…Similar idea?]

“So, the proposed match.”

It was a sentence full of sincerity enough for the red devil to catch a back goal in an instant.

It Is Fate To Be Loved by the Villains

It Is Fate To Be Loved by the Villains

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