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It Is Fate To Be Loved by the Villains Chapter 237

237. Head to Head (2)

Without even thinking about wiping the water droplets dripping from the corners of his mouth, he stared blankly at Elijah.

What did he just say?

“I’m telling you in advance.”

Seeing my appearance like that, Elijah opened her mouth while screaming.

She herself is quite ashamed of what she just said.

“What are you talking about, are you joking, or are you saying something wrong? Do you understand?”


She couldn’t get her words out, but her mouth was wide open when Elijah fired her words like a rapid-fire cannon.

All the counter punches I tried to pull out from this side are blocked in an instant.

“You heard it right now. I confessed now. To the teacher.”




“Don’t give me stupid answers. Honestly, even the teacher knows everything, but she has been avoiding it until now.”


As she slurred her words, she came back with an answer again.

“I’m not talking about asking for an answer right away. It was so sudden, and I know it’s not something to be decided so easily.”

Elijah, who had put those words together without even a chance to breathe, continued her words while looking straight into my eyes even in that state.

“I can only promise you one thing.”

His eyes are upright, completely different from the expression he used to talk nonsense so far.

Make sure to hit this word straight into the ear.

“I am not affected by the nature of the soul that teacher has.”


“By the way, do you know what I mean by ‘confessing’ to the teacher?”


Before he could say anything, Elijah slammed the cup of her tea in front of him into his mouth.

It must be hot enough that the steam would come up, but that seemed like a good thing. As if you don’t even care.

“Well done! Enough!”

With that last word, he hurriedly ran out of my room.

It was a good look to say that it almost ran away.


What is it?


No, what is it really?

How far did it get after jumping out of Daoud’s room?

Elijah sat down in her seat, covering her bright red face with both of her hands.

She did.

I did it.

She thought so much about whether or not to do it, but she surrendered herself to the momentary urge and ran into it.

‘Ah, how will I look at the teacher’s face from now on… !’

A voice mingled with such crying came out muttering inside.

Will I get rejected? Will be rejected

Just looking around him, she sees that she is full of people who are far greater than Elijah herself. Is there any chance she will look back on herself?

Of course, the reason why he confessed like a headbutt.

[That was a good approach, wasn’t it?]


It must be because of the ‘advice’ that this hateful person has given you now.

It is because of this person that I have continuously instructed you to aggressively dash over there and advised you to ‘confess’ first before it is too late.

[Hmmm. I especially liked the part where you pointed out that you don’t get the constitution of the soul.]


[Unlike other sluts who fell in love with you because of your ‘ability’, I really sincerely looked only at you and fell in love. I became your prisoner. I completely fell in love as a human to human-]

“You said it was noisy…”

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Elijah barely answered, stroking her ear over her burning ear.

Of course, accepting that low temperature even though you knew that you would make fun of yourself at this level.

She must have been sweet with herself because of her impatience at having Daud’s ‘first’ taken away by her dubious opponent.

[Unknown opponent? Wasn’t that the student council president, wasn’t she convinced that she was someone who did something?]

“…No, it’s a little strange.”

Elijah answered, narrowing her eyes.

You don’t even have to use the eyes of truth. Elnor and Dowd didn’t do ‘that’.

If so, there would have been a clear change in the relationship between the two, but at least from Elijah’s point of view, the atmosphere between the two did not change much compared to before.

However, there is no doubt that at least Daoud was robbed of ‘that’ in the Duchy of Tristan. Whoever-

[Then it’s the devil, what.]


[It’s obvious. Friendship with the devil means that the devil scrapes the ‘soul information’ of the target. It’s like preserving it in case of an unexpected situation. So that there is no damage when rewinding.]

“What do you mean by that?”

[It’s a story that something big will happen to that man soon.]


This angel is basically always muttering unkind information like this.

It clearly gives information about the situation, but it feels like it leaves out things like “Why is that” Or “What that means”.

[That man is a hot potato even in the back world. I’ve been researching this and that. Then, a lot of interesting things come out.]

“I’m not curious.”

[Aren’t you really curious?]

“No. I don’t think he’ll tell you anyway, and at least if the angel just keeps his mouth shut, he’ll be satisfied with that.”

[…Aren’t you a little too much for me?]

The angel grumbled like that.

[Then I’ll be generous and tell you one thing. If you’re a hero with a holy sword anyway, you have to prepare.]


[That man will have an accident soon.]


[…I’m not surprised, he.]

The chi angel sighed and continued.

[It’s more like breaking the steering wheel 180 degrees than getting into an accident… But an accident is an accident. Because the entire world line that should have been rolled has changed.]

“Please explain, Chiangel. Please.”

[Even if I tell them, they don’t understand because they don’t understand. But at least I know that something will happen ‘at this point’. Because it has always been.]

It cannot be compared to demons that exist beyond the time axis. In the first place, that part is governed by the gray devil, who is no different from the chief.

However, if you are a chiangel, you will stand on the same line and at least be able to grasp the ‘flow’.

Even within the time axis that has been ‘repeated’ several times, this is where the biggest stem is decided.

And, in most cases.

At this point, it would happen that the man’s ‘end’ was decided.

Gray, purple, white, blue, brown, red, and forgotten yellow.

Depending on which one of the seven demons you treat, the future will change completely.

It is absurd that those changes include even the fate of the demons themselves and the world.

[Right now, most of the vessels of the devil have gathered in this club, right? We haven’t all gathered yet.]

“…Isn’t it? Does it matter?”

[Not important. It’s the man deciding who to put inside his ‘borderline’ for the first time. The difference between who you like more and who you like less will be divided. Demons are very sensitive to such things?]

The explanation was added that perhaps who would pass, who would be placed in a certain position, and those things would play a major role.

At the angel’s words, Elijah slightly frowned at her face with a serious expression.

“…I mean, in other words.”

It’s a funny thing even she thinks, but she probably sums up her archangel’s remark…

“The fate of the demons and the world is determined by who and how you accept the club?”

[Yes. Are you pretty smart?]

Hearing the angel’s words, Elijah immediately replied bluntly.

“The devil and the world, aren’t fates decided too roughly?”


“The world is destroyed and the future is changed because of some kind of club activity, and it sounds very crazy-“

[…I admit that it sounds like that, but it’s not that it’s going to change right away, it’s that there’s a ‘moment’ this time.]

The chiangsa let out a sigh and accepted the words.

[So you should wholeheartedly support that there is no harm there, right? Maybe from now on, all sorts of things will happen.]

So, the devil himself was worried about the man’s safety, so he picked up the ‘soul information’.

At that, Elijah responded with a frown on her face.

“…I know, me too. I swore several times that I would protect the teacher’s life.”

[Yes. I have to work hard to save her life so that at least I can hear the answer to her confession-]

Elijah slammed her holy sword into her floor without a word.

It was a decision to hold a rough discipline, and by the time I actually picked it up, the chiangel’s voice had become a bit gruff.

[…Aren’t you really too much for me?]

“You need to learn how to stop teasing me, angel.”

[Yes, yes. By the way.]

The chinchel continued with a grin.

[…I’m really afraid of love. Isn’t it?]

After all, it is these emotions that determine the bond between the man and the demons.

It’s the most fundamental and primitive, but that’s why it’s the most powerful.

Because of that.

Because of that one feeling.

How ridiculous it is that the direction of such beings and the future of the world can be changed with just one trivial decision by that man.

It is not for nothing that Doud Campbell is talked about as the ‘key to the world’ among those who know his identity.

[Anyway. The announcement of the screening results is tomorrow, right?]

The chiangel continued with a voice mixed with laughter.

[Let’s see. Who will that man choose and how to roll?]

Truly, it was a meaningful voice.

“All passed.”




“All of them are new members of the club. Without exception, without discrimination, everyone is under me. Let them know that for now.”

As soon as I brought those words out to the people I had called into the room, a heavy silence spread.

It seems like they didn’t even know that they would openly hear such a crazy sound.

“…Hey, it’s funny to say this as an applicant…”

Faynole cautiously raised her hand and asked a question. A bitter smile hung on his face, which was clearly impossible to hide.

“…This kid said that the purpose of joining the club was to develop strength and kill his older sister? Mr. Elnor said he would shut down the place altogether. But you want to just… take it?”

“Yes. I receive it.”

Daoud spoke calmly.

“As the general manager, I promise to fully cooperate with the purpose of joining. I have a duty to do so.”

“…Then the purpose of my joining is to become their ‘property’, how about that-“

“I will do my best to make it rough. Until you feel awkward or flawed no matter what you call yourself a b*tch or a sow.”


No, I didn’t ask you to do that.

How has this person’s taste changed in the meantime?

While the smile cracked slightly on Faynol’s face, Dowd spoke calmly again.

“However, there are conditions.”

Yes, then it is.

At those words, the faces of everyone in the room returned to their senses.

Perhaps this is the main point.

“In a few weeks, we have the Elfante School Art. Do you know?”

“…That’s right.”

El Nore nodded his head calmly.

In other words, it is the ‘performance presentation’ of each club and department.

“Elfante, isn’t it one of the biggest events in the empire? It doesn’t end inside the academy, because prominent outside forces are often invited.”

“Yes. Anyway, we are also a club, so wouldn’t it be possible to go to such a prestigious event without a good record. Like an exorcist, I plan to do some devil-related activities.”

“So what conditions are you going to place on it?”

“Until then is the time limit.”


Suddenly, the sentence that Dawood brought out made everyone in the room bewildered.

Time limit, what?

“Until then.”

Daoud said with a yawn.

Thanks to the simulation running all night to see if this would work or not, he looked tired.

“If anyone can ‘beat’ me in any way, I will accept the conditions set out at the time of joining.”

That’s right.

It fell.

“Any field is fine. Go ahead with what you are confident in.”

“…Are you serious?”

At the words of Elnor, who asked in an absurd tone, Daud smiled and added the words.

Of course, it was an atmosphere of sincerity.

“Dan. If you lose.”

Starting with the expression on his face that said, ‘If you are going to attack, prepare yourself and attack’.

“On the contrary, you must listen to ‘what I ask for’ one by one.”


A heavy silence fell into the room.

This is probably an appropriate response.

One human, with six demon vessels in front of them.

If you are presenting a 1:6 ‘match’ with such a confident attitude.

[…Isn’t this a crazy bastard?]

At the words of the angel, Elijah clenched his forehead in agreement.

It Is Fate To Be Loved by the Villains

It Is Fate To Be Loved by the Villains

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