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It Is Fate To Be Loved by the Villains Chapter 235

235. Review (3)

El Nore let out a deep sigh inside her.

In my head, the events of the past were replaying.

Before she returned to El Pante, she was in her estate.

“Nice to meet you, Viscount Campbell.”


“I remember seeing you once before, but have you been well?”

Anyone who sees a middle-aged man in front of her, blushing and unable to answer properly, would think that he might be bullying her, but El Nore was politely bowing his head in the manner of an aristocrat. Only

An angle where the crown of the head is visible.

It will be an unparalleled treat. When she’s Princess Tristan, the only person she can do something like this with is the emperor. In the first place, the name is an honorific.

…In a way, bullying seems right, but.

“Go, raise your head. I have no face.”

When Viscount Armin Campbell restlessly put her words out, El Nore nodded her head and returned to her normal posture.

I really want to listen to you.

The fact that the atmosphere was similar to that of a ‘new wife who wants to look good to her parents’ made Armin’s spine shudder, but anyway.

“I will ask you directly, Viscount.”

As I was clearing my throat several times with that thought in mind, a calm voice fell from the girl on the other side.

“How do I sleep with Daoud?”

Armin vomited up all the tea she had been drinking and then kek-keek for a while longer.

Then, with her blank eyes, she looked at the woman in front of her.

She doesn’t even seem to understand what the hell she just heard.

“…If you ask me to prove my qualifications, I’ll do anything.”

After saying that, El Nore pulled out her sword with her cool eyes.

Armin was frightened by her sudden action and stepped back from her.

Of course, it was clear that the move wasn’t meant to cut him, but Princess Tristan’s sword in hand was enough to evoke such a reaction from the viscount in the countryside, who had nothing to do with fighting.

“Even if I give up one of these arms-“

“I don’t take it even if I give it! Hey, put the sword in!”

When Armin freaked out and said that, El Nore calmly nodded and drew his sword.

To be honest, if I had just told you to cut it, I would have really cut it. Armin barely managed to get over his dry saliva at such a terrifying sensation.

“Can I ask you something, Princess Tristan?”


“…Could you please explain why you are asking such a question?”

At that question, El Nore tilted her head as if asking a rather strange question.

“Isn’t it strange that I and Daud aren’t doing it?”


As Armin kept his mouth shut at the answer that fell like a sweet pumpkin, Elnor continued to speak with a snort.

“However, since that man is so wooden, I don’t know how to do it… Even if I create an atmosphere, he doesn’t come over…”


Oh, you’ve already done that.

Since you failed to flirt, you’re asking your parents for advice.


Is this right… ?

Such a thought popped into Armin’s head, but he soon cleared his throat and turned his words around.

Anyway, he wasn’t a man with a big heart to talk to a great nobleman who could follow the emperor.

To be honest, I was careful with any woman, so if I could just hold on to that guy who was harassing women just by making eye contact, that would be fine.

“…First of all, it would be better to increase the time attached.”

So, let’s give you only ‘sound’ advice that you can think of.

It was with that purpose in mind.

Although Elnor’s eyes burned uncomfortably after hearing his words, Armin managed to continue his speech in a stuttering manner.

“Even if he doesn’t seem like that, he’s always paying attention to the people around him. Rather than not noticing it because it was a wooden stone… There is a high probability that they are intentionally ‘avoiding’.”


Upon hearing that, Elnor’s eyes widened.

I had never taken that kind of approach before, so it was a natural attitude.

“…Do you mean avoiding me? Why-“

“Probably, the princess is not the only one avoiding it. Even when I was young, there were many cases where I just avoided getting involved with women.”

To be precise, it’s more like he just ran away because he didn’t know how to treat a woman.

Although it’s a problem that the history of scattering pheromones here and there on such a topic is brilliant.

It was certain that the statue of Yeo-nan had existed since then.

“Then how-“

“It’s simple. If it is a tree that does not fall after taking 10 shots, you can shoot 100 or 1000 times.”


“My insider passed on to me like that. It’s not that he hates princesses, he’s just passive.”


“If you headbutt more aggressively from now on, something will work out.”

If Daoud had heard the advice, she would have screamed what a terrible thing it was, but after hearing it, El Nore’s face showed a hint of enlightenment.

“For example… well. Isn’t it around this time of year when her club activities are in full swing in El Pante?”

“…Yes, definitely.”

“Why don’t you create a lot of opportunities for the two of you to be together there? It will be easy for everyone since it is mandatory to attend after school.”

“… Surely!”

“That guy is weak to coercion. When he pushes, he can’t win and listens to everything.”

El Nore clenched her fists.

“…Father, no, Master.”

In a very earnest voice, El Nore let go of her heart and shouted.

“I will repay the favor with all my life… !”



Is that enough?

An expression that seemed to say that spread across Armin’s face.

I’m sure I’ve heard of such a story.

That’s why I came here so far.

Of course, there was also a hellish backlash with the president of Atalanta.

– Princess Tristan. This is a serious violation of school rules. No matter how much you bring the family’s authority, you can’t afford to look at this-


-…Please reconsider. From the president’s point of view, if he accepted this, he would have no choice but to get caught up in the suspicion that he was giving preferential treatment-


– Elnor, you b*tch! You’re the student council president now! I’m going to join a club where I’m going to go to the middle of the day, and I’m going to have a good time-!


-I think I’m going to die just because of that dawd, but why are you doing this to me-! I’m really hard-!


…I don’t know who it was like a nightmare, but it was definitely a nightmare.

So, even if I did something like that, I came here to somehow increase the time I can spend with this man.

What do these people mean?

She sulked and looked at the human sitting next to her. Then her mouth opens in disapproval.

“…Your Majesty, what are you doing here-“

Elnor’s mouth, which was about to say that, fell shut.

It must have been because Cecilia’s 11-year-old eyes, which had always kept her narrow eyes, widened slightly.

The iris, reminiscent of a torn reptile’s pupil, shines playfully, and soon the emperor brings his hand to his mouth and makes a hissing motion.

Then, a sentence suitable for such a look flowed out.

“Nice to meet you, ‘Senior’. My name is Cecil.”


Oh my god.

El Nore, who roughly noticed the meaning behind her, pressed her forehead.

Usually she’s the type to give something like that to others, but since her opponent is her opponent, she can’t help it.

“…What kind of prank did you come into the academy for, lung-“

Again, in a hissing motion, El Nore changed her words with a sigh.

“…Cecile junior.”

“Are you kidding me? I am a freshman who grew up in a rural village and entered through special admissions.”


There is a degree that the settings are broken.

While El Nore wriggled her expression for a long time, Daud’s expression, sitting in her judges’ seat, changed in a similar way.

As if he wanted to quickly finish this mess and rest, a formal question flowed out.

“…Starting with candidate #1, let’s ask some questions. The motivation for joining our club is-“

“I will enter and destroy everyone inside.”


“That way we can close this place and bring you to the student council.”


After looking for something to say for a long time, Daud finally gave up and turned his head the other way.

“Damn it-“

Oh, that’s not it.

Cecilia 11 years old, no, seeing Cecile’s expression, Dowd swallowed her words.

“…What happened to code number 2 in our club?”

“I want to experience what school life is like.”

From noble mtl dot com


“I joined the club because I heard that the head of the club was such a nice person. Please take good care of me, Senior Dawood.”

Dawood turned his head with a face asking him to get me out of this hell, but Faynol skipped without even asking.

It’s true that I’ve seen it before, but I don’t know what words will come out if I touch it wrong.

Finally, Daud, who faced Victoria’s side, cleared his throat and opened his mouth.

Exactly, that’s what I was trying to do.

The answer was coming out before then.

“I want to kill her sister.”


“Let’s get some information about the demons here.”

“What is that-“

“That will help me too.”

Victoria answered casually.

Victoria glanced around her, as if reaffirming her own words, while Daud and Elijah looked at her dumbfounded.

Those sunken eyes shine brightly. She meets the eyes of everyone in this place once in a while.

And, in Daud’s eyes, it’s clearly visible.

The heavy ‘purple’ light sunk in Victoria’s eyes.

The same feeling I saw with Seras.

“… !”


It was a sign of a ‘bowl’.

A demon of the same color as Seras.

“I hope you guys will cooperate on that.”


Then, Daoud in the judges seat was seen covering his face.

Should I hit them all, damn it.

It was clear that he was speaking roughly like that.

It Is Fate To Be Loved by the Villains

It Is Fate To Be Loved by the Villains

악당에게 사랑받는 운명입니다,Fated to Be Loved by Villains
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