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It Is Fate To Be Loved by the Villains Chapter 225

225. Harvest Festival


It’s good that you calmed down well when you almost got scolded by Elnor.

A second storm awaited.

Unlike Elnor, this is a person I can’t even speak, so the quality is even worse.

“So, Daud.”


“Do you have any excuses?”

Thinking about it, since I was little, I haven’t been so scolded by my father.

I entered the body of a child with the spirit of a grown adult, so of course it is, but it seems that I was widely known as a child who was precocious even in the territory.

Is that why my father and Young Ji-min all liked me?

In that respect.

Kneeling down to my knees in front of my father and being robbed like this is something I’m not used to.

I’m always gentle and I can’t really say anything bad to others, but like everyone knows, when someone like this gets angry, it’s really scary.

He stormed into my room and brought me to my knees, but it has been several tens of minutes since I crossed my arms and waited for the stern instruction to fall.

If the main reason.

“Why am I being treated as an honored guest in the Duchy of Tristan?”


“Why is it that you are treated more cordially than other counts or marquises?”

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I become mute at the sound of a harsh voice.

From his father’s point of view, he was running the estate peacefully, but he must have been suffering because he was suddenly dragged in and treated as if he were going to lose his soul because he felt burdened.


“You seem to have said that when you entered the academy, you wouldn’t have an accident and stay calm, right?”


I didn’t do it voluntarily, but I don’t have anything to say since I’ve come this far.

Because it’s true that I didn’t keep it, really, really, horribly.

“Of course, I didn’t expect that I would keep what you really said.”


“I can’t even remember how many girls you made me cry in the estate, but there’s no way you were really quiet at the academy.”


It hurts.

In that strange part of me, the solid trust hurts so much…

“But, I need to find out why the ducal family is doing this to me.”

My father let out a deep sigh and continued.

Hearing that, I also scratched my head and answered humbly.

“…Probably similar to what my father roughly guessed.”

I’m sure he’d be happy to call his father in advance and create an atmosphere like a meeting or something.

So, in order to plant a good image in advance, I did something like that-

“Did you impregnate Princess Tristan?”


“I knew this would happen. Do you think you’ll have an accident like that someday…!”

“…What the hell do you think of my son, really?”

Even in a scolding situation, I have to say this much.

After calming down my half-mad father with such a sentence, my father sighed with a look of dizziness.

“I heard that His Majesty the Emperor will also attend this harvest festival event, so please, I hope it goes smoothly. Do you know what I mean?”

“Don’t worry about that-“

He opens his mouth like that, showing that he doesn’t care about anything.

It bothers me a little that Elnor said earlier at the Harvest Festival that he was going to get revenge and all, but no matter how much, I’m going to have an accident at the Emperor’s great crowd-

!! Urgent Alert!!

[ An event related to the ‘Main Quest’ will be created! ]

[ Prepare in advance! ]



Before I could finish my answer, I shut my mouth at the window that suddenly appeared in front of my eyes.

Then, I read the other sentences that were attached to the window and came down with a look of bewilderment.

“…Why no answer?”


I’m sorry, father.

You can’t lie anyway.

Thinking that way, I glared at the window in front of me.



As soon as he saw my expression, my father closed his eyes tightly.

He then exhaled several deep breaths. While doing hu-ha-

“…I’m going to buy something again.”


“Since I was little, I have been like that often. That’s what you looked like when you said you were going to catch a bear that haunted the back mountain by yourself when you were seven years old…”


After all, family is family.

I can’t believe the other guys know my traits that they barely figured out over the course of several months.

“…Perhaps at this harvest festival, there is a high possibility that my father will suffer.”

“What do you mean, what the hell? What are you up to?”

“I am not decorating.”

He sighs and shakes his head.

< System Message >

[ Main Quest ]〖Chapter 5 – Great Empire Conflict 〗

[ Related events coming soon! ]

[ Depending on the branch in the event, the progress of the quest will change! ]

[ We will judge the difficulty of clearing and give you some hints to make the process smoother! ]

[ Tip ]

[ We’ll tell you in advance about the POIs you need to pay attention to! ]

[ 1. Yuria Greyhounder

2. Cecilia 11 years old

3. Armin Campbell ]

“…Something is coming.”

It’s always what I do.

This time, too, something didn’t go unnoticed.

Right now, the harvest festival is tomorrow.

Undoubtedly, something explodes there.


Close your eyes and think for a while.

Suddenly, I’m getting used to the fact that unexpected events happen.

To the extent that it is possible to put together ‘insurance’ on the spot and do our best to match it.

For example.



“Please call Hermann. I have some work to do.”

“…Forcing me to do something?”

“I have someone to call.”

At the very least, you should come up with a ‘safety plan’ to the extent that people around you won’t get caught up in it.

On the day of the harvest festival.

The nature of the Duchy of Tristan was very busy.

Especially in the banquet hall where the most people gathered.

“…Carlyle, Argos, Phalandier…”

Lucien looked around while reciting the names of the families.

All of them are the retainers of an enormous empire. They are never going to be ignored anywhere.

The fact that these people gathered in one place for the ‘anniversary’ of a certain territory alone proves the status of the Duke of Tristan.

‘…If it’s strange.’

Is it that there are a lot of people involved in the Presbyterian Council?

Although Lucien is not familiar with imperial political dynamics, she is well aware that relations between the Council of Elders and the Duke of Tristan, who are classified as emperor factions, are not at all smooth.

Even more so, it’s even more strange that the Marquis Bogart, the head of that side, has been present all the way here.

“…It must be up to something. Yuria, what might happen-“

Lucien, who was about to continue her words, shut her mouth as soon as she checked her sister’s condition.

Yuria was looking around her, breaking out in a cold sweat. She is like a frightened small animal.


No, it’s not like she’s scared.

I am afraid.

Obviously scared.

She is a child who, not long ago, lived only in her warehouse without a single person or in the chapel with her alone. It’s only natural that you wouldn’t be able to adapt to such a flashy and flashy place.

“…Should I go back if it’s difficult, YuRia?”


However, at Lucien’s words, YuRia shook her head as she broke out in cold sweat.

“…Miss Elijah.”

The answer came in a muffled voice.

“I told Mr. Dowd that something might happen here.”


“This time, this time I have to protect you.”

If you’ve listened to this far, I can’t say anything.

She’s been plagued with guilt for months and she’s been chewing on regrets about Daud. If it’s related to that, it’s clear that it’s rather unreasonable to say anything.

“…If it’s impossible, you must tell me, Yuria.”

Perhaps this is the limit.

Upon hearing that, YuRia smiled weakly and nodded her head.

While anyone can see that he is clearly overdoing it, Lucien looks at him with concern.

Suddenly, the noisy banquet hall became quiet in an instant.

I looked around because I wanted something, and everyone’s eyes were focused on the entrance of the banquet hall.

“Your Majesty is here!”

With those words, 11-year-old Cecilia slowly appeared, walking with her cane on.


She muttered that as Lucien narrowed her eyes.

It’s not unusual.

Like Margrave Kendride, he is Archduke Tristan, one of the representative loyalists of the imperial faction.

Sending a deputy would be a more normal reaction, but that doesn’t mean it’s all that strange to be personally involved once in a while.


You’re going there yourself, where that roaring council of elders haunts you?


The reason why I told Yuria about what would happen just now was half of it out of an old woman’s heart, but if it goes this far, the probability of something really happening increases exponentially.

I heard that the level of antagonism between the emperor and the council of elders is an attitude openly open to war, unlike the relationship between the emperor and the chancellor, who avoid each other to the point of reluctance.

As the Council of Elders recently began to provocatively expand its power beyond the Emperor’s authority, it seems to be a more noticeable trend.

So though Lucien turned her head to imprint a little more attention on her brother.

Soon, she hesitated.


Yuria’s eyes were shining with terrifying hostility.

For her always unassertive and quiet younger brother, the expression on her expression is intense enough to make her look peculiar.

As if.

Like seeing something disgusting.

“…Yuria? Why?”

“I feel bad.”

It was an incredibly clear expression of hostility that spilled over to her always kind and innocent sister.

“Yuria? What is that-“

Lucien panicked and opened her mouth, but her answer came back in her hard voice.


What should I say about her eyes?

It’s not the emperor himself, it’s a feeling of looking into something a little deeper.

“That guy. Upset.”

As if.

Like feeling something on the “Inside.”

Under Yuria’s eyes, the ‘white’ demonic energy began to flow little by little.

It Is Fate To Be Loved by the Villains

It Is Fate To Be Loved by the Villains

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