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It Is Fate To Be Loved by the Villains Chapter 220

220. Save me (3)

It was only recently that the gray devil returned some control over his body.

Of course, there’s no point in running away or resisting because of that, so I’m just obediently doing what this side asks me to do.

As he thought so, he looked down at the naked body in front of him.


To be honest, it is a beautiful body.

Enough to stop the consciousness before the blood rushes to the groin.

If you recall that most of the demons resemble the bowls very similarly, Elnor’s graceful body must have been taken almost as it is.

No, in fact, it would be more correct to say that it is more voluptuous than what it looks like.


Remembering that fact, Daud involuntarily closed his eyes for a moment.

Somehow, a sense of guilt, immorality, and guilt surrounded my entire body.

[What are you thinking?]

As soon as the question came up, Daud suddenly came to his senses and looked at the gray demon.

The red eyes are fixed directly on him. I didn’t feel any hostility or stern look in my eyes, but there was an atmosphere that made me nervous.


At least, for some reason, I have a hunch that it’s not good to tell this guy what I just remembered.

Instead of saying that, Daoud quietly pressed his lower body against the secret.

It’s my first experience, but I’ve been faithfully receiving s*x education. I know very well what to do. I was anticipating what it would feel like.


That’s why.

The impact of the first insertion came a little harder than expected.

There may not be such a category, but men’s dirty talk is quite explicit.

A sentiment like that loomed in Daoud’s bewildered head.

Thus, he was idly remembering a trivial noise picked up by one of the slightly drunk humans at a drinking party.

I heard that owners of well-trained pelvic floor muscles through Kegel exercises can probably crush walnuts inside the vagina.

Everybody in the room laughed out loud, saying that it was nonsense, and Daud also thought that one day this person would get into trouble because of his alcohol.

Anyway, the fact that each person’s s*xual function is different was a fact that he also agreed with.

In that respect.

“…If I’m good, I might be able to crush it.”


“Nothing, nothing.”

Daud let out a barely even breath through his clenched teeth.

No, from common sense, is this a possible tightening? Did you put a vacuum press inside the vagina? It has such an adsorption power that such a meaningless thought flows.

It’s not a category like exercise or anything, it wraps around and continuously stimulates his penis as if the whole inside is a living creature.

It feels like being served with the whole body in order to ejaculate a little more pleasantly.

“…It moves.”


When I said that in a hard voice, only a benevolent smile returned.

As the process accelerated, and the heat mixed with her breath was now enough to burn her skin, Daoud gently squeezed her breasts again.

Pinch one side of her breast with her palm and wrist and gently touch her nipple with her forefinger. When I pinched it, the gray demon slightly twisted its entire body as if electricity were running through it.

[Well C¾ð Hane…]

The gray devil pushes the turbid air up to the roof of his mouth. With an excited expression, she raised her upper body and wrapped her arms around Daoud’s slowly moving body. The body temperature between them exchanged hotly.

[Power ¡Á, power… ]


As if to cheer her on, she passionately hugs Daud’s upper body, which is connected to her, and whispers those words in a sweet voice.

With his panting breath, a fawning moan was mixed in. There was even an unusual blush on her face.

I don’t even have a real human body, but I’m imitating a human woman to sincerely ‘satisfy’ myself.

Seeing that, Dawood’s face turned even more distorted.

Honestly, it pisses me off.

Everything from one to ten.

It was a feeling that came about because the other side held the initiative, and there was a strong feeling that this side was ‘looking after’.

It’s not a matter of pride as a man or anything, but it’s a level where you can feel the difference in ‘personality’ as a living thing, so it feels like that.

This woman, if she puts her mind to it, she can crush herself with one of her fingers. She can tear to shreds.

Even so.

She voluntarily “Serves” Herself in order to satisfy herself with her s*xuality, being spread under her self according to her own will.


Undoubtedly, it is a fact that you can feel the difference.

It would be a lie if you didn’t feel s*xual arousal from it.

As much as this moment.

No other male in the world would be able to bond with this woman in this way.

A existence like that.

She has her own, exclusive.

Only you in the whole world can make such a being “Serve” You. She can enjoy it on her own.

A sense of conquest crossed Daud’s mind.

In the meantime, the gray devil’s lips overlapped Daoud’s lips again.

From noble mtl dot com

I feel sincere affection when I express my affection in this way to a subject who seems to be teasing himself from beginning to end.

The mucous membranes that are carefully brushed and the saliva that is exchanged in a sticky and dense manner are fused with politeness and consideration that resembles a charming act.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you for breeding. A sticky kiss like that.

The gray devil, who kissed him like that for a while, soon dropped his face again.

[I love you ¾ð.]

Stimulus rushes like a wave. I can’t even understand the meaning of words properly, but my body is happy enough to react at the cellular level.

[I love you. Love you. I like you. Okay ¾ð year…]

Stimulus overlaps stimulus. Daoud’s whole body trembled.

How many times did you do that?

In the end, a fire-like sensation soared through Daoud’s lower body.

A tingling sensation, as if lightning were roaring in flames, penetrated from the top of the head to the tips of the toes.

My eyes are out of focus. Loss of muscle control It’s hard to even lift a finger.

She is 10 million light years away from her usual self, and she loses all her dignity. She feels the pleasure of being held in this woman’s arms, as if her hair is burning white.

Seriously, the idea of danger rose slightly from the base of Daud’s consciousness. The absurd idea that her whole body might be burned at this rate also stuck nearby and came along with it. He can’t even organize his crushing breath and composes sentences in a mess.

“…Me, I guess, soon-“

At such gasping, a crooked smile crept across the gray devil’s face.

“…Outside, do…”

For some reason, I brought it up thinking that if I ejaculated inside like this, it would definitely be dangerous.

Hearing that, the gray devil’s smile grew even thicker.

Unlike the innocent smiles you’ve shown until now.

It’s the smile of the ‘devil’ that reminds me of a practical joke after a long time.

Suddenly, he brought his face closer to Daud who was about to climax.

And Daud’s eyes widened when he saw that.

Now that the process of changing that ‘appearance’ has clearly come into view.

[It’s a gift C¾ð.]

I hear that whispering voice in my ear.

And at the same time.

[Okay C¾ð, right? This ¡Á kid.]

The gray demon’s body, which was made of gray demonic energy, changed in an instant.

It’s a look that even Daoud is familiar with.

Too much.

It was also a problem because I knew it too well.


That’s Elnor’s voice.

Not the gray devil, but Elnor’s face, and Elnor’s voice came out.

Looking like that.

With teary eyes, panting.

I tightly hugged his body with both legs as if I never wanted to fall. Tears welled up in my eyes.

Indeed, in front of her eyes, El Nore changed into a figure as if intercourse with him.

“Inside, please, please, please…”

I beg you like that.

“Please, don’t take it out, please, please… Well, I’ll do anything- please, inside-“

An excited voice.

The cool, calm and ruthless voice of Elnor that I had just heard before was stained with s*xual pleasure.


Daud glared at him as he gnashed his teeth.

Reason knows.

It’s all acting. It is to play tricks to make fun of him.


At least this moment when judgment was clouded. At least this moment when all the senses are raised to the extreme.

I don’t know reason, but my instincts make a ‘misunderstanding’.

With the feeling of my heart sinking, I unknowingly put my body close to it.

And then, circumstances.

“-! -!! -!!!!!”

Feels like the entire lower body is overheated. It was to the point of even imagining the absurdity that the soul was being sucked out through one hole.

Not at the level of pouring out, but like a dam breaking and collapsing.

The words didn’t come out straight. The only thing that came out of his slightly open mouth was breath like wind escaping from a space that was less than a few centimeters. Other than that, the feedback of pleasure that burns the nervous system white. I couldn’t come to my senses with just the amount of information from that stimulus.

Semen pours out. It vomits his genes endlessly into the gray devil’s body.

Continued, continued, continued.


“Ha… That, ugh—-ugh…”

A groan like the roar of a beast simmered beneath Daud’s vocal chords.

Pleasure is also close to pain at this point. It is at the level of supporting the brain by the pharynx.

He grabbed his head at this. The clock is blurry My mind is dizzy.

[Ha, ah-]

The figure of a gray devil stroking his belly with both hands with an expression of rapture.

It was the last thing Daoud remembered before passing out.

I passed out for about an hour.

As Dawood struggled to push his eyes up, he thought so, and immediately a voice flew in from beside him.

[Are you satisfied?]


Satisfied and sleeping.

I only have memories of playing on the palm of my hand and squeezing it.

“…Now, is it over?”

Daud muttered in a drained voice.

I didn’t really have anything to say back, so I said it, but the gray devil just smiled.


It was a look he had seen in the past, but this time, too, a feeling of uneasiness ran down his spine.

At least, nothing good had ever happened to him since he had such an expression on his face.

Indeed, it was clear that the following sentences undoubtedly supported such a theory.

[Is it over?]


[Still, there’s quite a bit of night left.]


[Shouldn’t you do ¡Á a few more times?]

Daoud ran his hair through his blank eyes.


Do the same thing over and over again.

It was clear that demons were truly insane.

[Am I the most moderate C¾ð among C¾ð ‘us’?]


[You should consider C¾ð fortunate that C¾ð wasn’t caught by the other guys?]

While I was thinking about that, I heard a gray demon purring and chanting as if it were truly fortunate.

It doesn’t look like it was brought up as a joke.



Other demons have s*x tastes that are so much worse that this can be seen as cuteness.

‘…Help me.’


It was clear that such a thought came to mind.

It Is Fate To Be Loved by the Villains

It Is Fate To Be Loved by the Villains

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