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It Is Fate To Be Loved by the Villains Chapter 167

167. Compromise


Daoud said in a trembling voice and wiped his face.

On the other hand, which was shaking dangerously as if it had suffered from tremor, was the leash that the saintess had just left.

The sentence I just heard was playing in my head.

– Go, sometimes, fill this up for me, buy, go for a walk!


-Well, because your health is absolutely important to do that kind of behavior regularly. Be careful not to get hurt! Then I am…!

Although I shot again and again with a look of great embarrassment,

After reminiscing up to that point, Daud continued with a voice full of shame.

“…Well, what were you doing before you lost your memory?”



If you say it now, you’d probably kill yourself, so you’d better exercise your right to remain silent.

[…a number of things happened.]

“Summarizing what I have just heard.”

Daoud said, covering his face with both hands.

“Are you saying that while you were engaged to a hero candidate who was a promising genius on the continent, you dragged the saintess, the idol of all religious people who believe in the faith of the Holy Kingdom, on a leash?”


“…Is that often enough that you come to me and say that you’re a pet or something?”


When I listened to it in summary, it was amazing.

Even though one side is lying, it must be this guy’s work that made me fall in love with such a lie.

It feels like I can feel the level of the incident this guy is driving.

“…Isn’t this an affair, is this?”

[I’ve said it before. It would be good to listen to what the women around you are saying at least once.]

To Daud’s moaning question, Caliban also answered with a sigh.

Of course, in the case of the saintess, there was nothing but the truth without a mixture of instigation and fabrications, but it was never to the point that she begged to be taken for a ‘walk’ anyway.

It’s much more plausible to see that this guy took advantage of his madness and tried to cheat somehow.

‘…wait for a sec.’

A chill ran down Caliban’s spine as he thought of a terrifying thought.

Now, it’s only been two days since he lost his memory, and two men, unable to resist the bird, rushed in and attempted to broil it.

It’s also the kind of people who are less obsessed with this guy.

Then, given the number and facets of the girls around him, this is most likely just the beginning…!

‘…started with my fiancée, then my pet, then what?’

While Caliban trembled at that thought, Dawood suddenly jumped up from his seat. It seemed that he was very determined about something.

“Mr. Caliban.”


“Well, I guess I’ll have to check it myself.”


“Like this, are there any other people who have been scattering rumors about my fiancee?”


“I’m not that crazy of a person, and I don’t think there are more people like that in the situation where I did that to the saintess, but…”

[…you know that. Why don’t you think about it again?]

Admittedly, this is not highly recommended.

What this man has just met is just the tip of the iceberg.

At least two of the most docile people around this guy.

If we meet more, we might not be able to stand it.

At that thought, Caliban opened his mouth to dissuade him.

Soon, the mouth closed again.

if that’s the biggest reason.

‘…It’s karma accumulated by Ji anyway, well.’

You probably don’t know, but even if this guy doesn’t come, they’ll find it on their own.

You’ll find out sooner or later, and I wonder if it’s meaningful to prevent it.

[no. done. Who are you going to meet?]

“…Who should I say? Your question is strange.”


“I’m going to call everyone together and ask if there are any other people I’ve touched-”

[…hey. Sit down for a moment.]

Even if it’s something that will happen someday.

It would be right to stop him from going to commit suicide himself.

There are always people in the world who never fit in with each other.

And perhaps the human beings present here would wholeheartedly agree that that statement is indeed true.



Elnor and Chancellor Sullivan looked at each other.

If there was physical force in his gaze, there was a terrifying hostility mixed with that gaze, enough that it would not be strange even if sparks flew as it is now.

“…You managed to accept the invitation, Princess Tristan.”

Chancellor Sullivan spoke first in a cold voice.

“If you insisted on not coming, I would have sent someone to bring you by force.”

“The Duke of Tristan is a family that knows courtesy, duty and procedures, Prime Minister.”

Upon hearing that, Elnor also responded in a mocking voice.

“It must be an unfamiliar concept to those who are accustomed to killing anyone they can get their hands on and increasing their size.”


He didn’t specifically mention who he was referring to, but it was obvious who he was referring to.

Thanks to that, the attendants and attendants nearby all looked like they were dying.

Two women who belong to the most noble axis in the empire growling to eat each other must have been a blood-drying experience just by being nearby.

I’ve heard that the relationship between the Duke of Tristan and the chancellor is not good, but seeing them gossip about each other like killing each other in private will make you feel it especially well.

“…Since we’re not even chatting with each other, let’s get right to the point.”

And, to paraphrase that fact.

“This is the story of Viscount Campbell, Princess. You guessed it, so you must have strode into my office casually.”

This is a sad fact in many ways.

The existence of a man who could make these two even cooperate with each other, even for a very short time.

“…I think we both came to the same conclusion. You’re not the kind of person whose brain doesn’t work, princess.”

At the sentence that Sullivan brought out in a calm voice, Elnor also nodded expressionlessly.

“…After combing through all the literature, I’ve heard that ‘victims’ of the White Devil are trapped in the mental world created by them. Any outside interference is meaningless.”

So, it must be that even the high-level manpower in Elfante is making porridge in a state where they can’t even touch it.



Elnor and Sullivan looked at each other in silence.

Probably both of you are thinking the same thing right now.

When demon-level beings start to use their strength with sincerity, the only ones who can respond to it are celestial beings who have reached the level of a chiangel.

It’s just the same devil.

“…It’s a sad story.”

Sullivan continued in a sharp voice.

“I can’t do anything ‘by myself’ to save that man right now. I am…”

As she tried to continue her sentence, her voice stopped for a moment.

Then, the eyes are also closed.

It’s like being crushed by memories. As if honoring memories with ‘someone’ from a very long time ago.

It was a sad atmosphere.

“…there are some circumstances.”


“It takes a lot of restrictions to use the power of ‘existence’ within me. Especially if that man is your opponent.”

Elnor frowned slightly.

Also, it’s a story you won’t understand.

It doesn’t matter if I tell you a story that only I know.

It is very unpleasant to constantly weave Daoud into stories he does not know.

It must have been because of that that the voice that followed came out bluntly.

“…The thing in my body is a ‘devil’s piece’, so if you want to be promised cooperation using that power-”


Sullivan cut off Elnor with a sharp smile.

“It’s not just ‘the devil’ that dwells in your body, princess.”

“…What are you talking about?”

“Although it is possible to group them in the same unit, everyone calls them gray devils. It’s a different kind of being, especially among them. So, I am making this request for you as well.”


“It’s something other people can’t do. Only you can.”

“…That’s just fine.”

Elnor, who had been silently listening to the explanation, cut off the story.

“Could you just tell me the conclusion?”

The red eyes stared at the golden eyes with transparent eyes.

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“Can I save Daud if I cooperate with you?”

“You can get it, Princess. Although you may die.”

“What is the method?”

At the answer that came out without hesitation, Sullivan laughed.

“…Why don’t you hesitate a little?”

“It’s about Daud. Risking your life is no big deal.”

Truly true to his words, it wasn’t even a tone that contained any great resolution.

As if it was such a natural thing.

As if he could give up his own life for anything involving that man.


Sullivan lowered his head slightly and closed his eyes.

‘…It’s been like that before. It’s always been like that.’

As much as that heart, it was always the same in every situation she ‘seen’.

No matter what kind of catastrophe it leads to, no matter what kind of choices lead to what kind of ruinous results.

The behavior of Elnor and the Gray Demon was always the same.

For Dowd Campbell.

no matter what the cost

“…It’s just greed.”

However, from a position that can predict the ‘result’, I can only say that.


“it’s nothing.”

To Elnor, who answered in a suspicious voice, Sullivan responded in a voice that said it was not a big deal and looked at Elnor again.

“first. Before explaining the method in detail, I have a question for you.”

As Sullivan said with a stern expression, Elnor’s expression also became serious.

I don’t know what kind of questions will come up, but I’m sure you won’t be talking nonsense when you look at the atmosphere like this-

“What’s the most extreme thing you’ve done with Viscount Campbell?”


“A rationally radical act. I don’t think it’s going to be a big deal since I’m a worm like you, but even if it’s a bed-“

In response to an unexpected question, Elnor put on a blank expression.

“What, what, what are you talking about right now?!”

“The reaction is that I haven’t tried it. That’s good.”

Sullivan went on with a very serious expression.

“Because if you did something I haven’t done yet, I really would have wanted to kill you.”


“I want to take the first one.”

Oh yeah.

You’ve never slept with anyone, including Daoud and the Chancellor.

knowledge has increased

“Well, that was just my personal sad talk…”

Sullivan, who had actually said that, didn’t bat an eye and kept throwing sentences at the bewildered Elnor.

“It is truly fortunate that you did not do such a thing, princess.”


“If you are as promiscuous as your body and have already laid hands on that man, this method is absolutely impossible-

“…Prime Minister Sullivan.”

Elnor opened his mouth, rubbing his temple where he was getting a headache.

Usually, she is the one who gives it to others, not the one who feels it, but this time seems to be an exception.

“Because it’s a request, please explain it so that I can understand it.”

It was a very heartfelt sentence.

It Is Fate To Be Loved by the Villains

It Is Fate To Be Loved by the Villains

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