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It Is Fate To Be Loved by the Villains Chapter 162

162. The First Ordeal (4)

“Wait a minute.”

Talion stopped Faynol with that.

Ahead was a dark corridor.

“I’d better go back. The risk is too great to enter this way.”

That would be a reasonable decision.

If you encounter this type of passage in a dungeon, passing through it is an act of suicide. Because it is a dungeon where threats lurk everywhere. The fact that the watch is not secured means that the probability of dying increases accordingly.


Fenol Laipek continued to move slowly, casually, but at a steady pace.

“…Mr. Faynol? Wait, now what-“

The cowardly Talion tried to say that.

Before I even finished the sentence.

The sound of traps, artificial beasts, and elaborately installed magic disruptors being thrown all at once echoed into the darkness.

It happened just by Faynole stepping in there.

“…What are you doing there?”

Fenol tilted his head at Talion, who was looking at him with an absurd expression behind his back.

It was a sign that he was left behind alone because of the problem.


Talion, who had been staring blankly for a while, smiled dejectedly.

Because I briefly forgot what kind of monster the other person was.

In the process of progressing through the dungeon, how many obstacles has this woman casually swept away?

She was suddenly selected as an ‘accompaniment’ of this side, and it’s been a few days since she participated in the selection of her warriors, but she still can’t adapt to this woman’s dragon power.

“…No. I can’t see anything beyond this.”

“Is that so?”

Faynol smiled bitterly.

Should I say fortunate or sad?

She is not the type to rely on her own five senses. She is always a human who is more accustomed to substituting such things through magic operations close to divine.

It’s clear that you can’t even feel the lighting properly.

‘So does that make sense?’

Among the Faculty of Knights, there are people who have mastered rigid combat to the limit and can move even if most of their body organs are damaged, but that is a virtue that is compulsory due to the nature of the job where there are many chances to get hurt and you have to continue fighting in such a state. Am.

Doing such a thing with a completely different ability, such as a magician’s magical power, was a content that showed how advanced the other person’s ability was.



Unlike Talion’s admiration, it was Faynol himself who was more flustered.

‘…Seems to be getting stronger and stronger.’

What her red devil took in return for her reviving her once dead is all she can ‘feel’.

In other words, it is normal that such dominance should become weaker and weaker now that emotions have begun to awaken again.

However, even though she wasn’t particularly generating demonic energy, demonic energy naturally pervaded the magical energy she was using.

As if the devil’s power is getting stronger and stronger.

‘…It’s strange.’

The reason that came to mind was because of that side.

Dowd Campbell.

After the man declared that he would make him happy. At the same time as her emotions are awakened, the demon inside her body also feels “Alive”.

It will be a completely different effect from what was initially expected. Considering the original plan to stop the rampage of the fragmented demon by taking his own life, you should stop contacting the man right away.


-I’ll make you happy, Faynol. You don’t have the right to refuse.


Remembering what she had heard earlier, Fynol carefully stroked her mouth.

Because it seemed like it would make me smile.

At the very least, it was clear that he was a human without common sense.

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Judging by what he said, he must not have known what he had done in the past and why he wanted to die.

To hear such a thing.


I don’t know what to believe in, what to prepare for, or what to do.

If it is that man, I think he will be able to solve even this ‘anomaly’ that is happening to him.

If you do.

‘…Just a little more.’

Let’s believe it.

More, let’s focus on the beating that goes into your heart every time you see that man.

If that man could really return ‘happiness’ to himself.

Because she, too, will pay the ‘price’ to that man.

While thinking that, Talion, who was standing next to her, spoke to her.

“I think we are probably breaking through the dungeon the fastest right now. Because I broke through every obstacle I encountered.”

“Then let’s take a little rest.”

Talion tilted her head at Faynol’s words.

“I think taking a break… Can be like that. I’m not sure if it’s time to relax. Aren’t the other warrior candidates all great people as well?”

“…Well. Actually, that’s a good thing.”

Fay Nole replied, shaking her head.

“I wasn’t interested in who the former hero would be from the beginning.”


“I chose you as my entourage, whom I only met once, because I don’t care who my partner is.”


Talion asked blankly at the bizarre topic that popped up out of the blue.

“…Then why did you participate in the selection in the first place?”

“Because I was ordered to do so.”

That’s because she belongs to the Heretic Inquisition, and Chancellor Sullivan, who oversees the group, strongly pushed for it.

Did I tell you to stay in ‘this place’ regardless of whether you work hard or not?

The fact that she was selected for this nomination in the first place is the result of her influence being very strong.


I think I know the reason.

There is probably only one reason for the Prime Minister to care so much about this selection.

‘…To the Chancellor, to Princess Tristan, to the Grand Assassin…’

Fynol, who had been making a list of people who ‘coveted’ the man, opened his mouth with a smile.

“…Excuse me, Mr. Talion.”


“How many pieces do you think Ms. Dowd will break into later?”


“The number of women walking around is a number, but why are they all dangerous…”


Talion stroked his chin.

It was a sign of serious contemplation.

“…Wouldn’t it be more than 20 pieces for now?”

“…That was a joke.”

“What if you ask a question that doesn’t sound like a joke and say that?”


That’s right.

“But since you’re also a big brother, you’re sure to do all sorts of crazy things or eccentricities whenever your life is in danger-“




At the sound too grotesque to resonate throughout the dungeon, not only Talion but also Faynol turned around with a dazed look on their faces.

There was a group of people running at unstoppable speed far below the driveway they had just taken.

“…Hey, it’s obviously the place where the monsters were pouring in hundreds, so this is the driveway we came back from, right?”


Unlike other access roads in a solid open area, it is a solid road to the deepest part, so if you can run properly, you can guarantee a record for entry in the shortest period.

It’s a place where there are so many fearsome enemies that even Faynol’s output can’t handle it, it’s the driveway that even she turned her way after hearing Talion’s briefing.

Even now, the scale of the demonic beasts’ footsteps pouring down from all sides is enough to give a chill to anyone listening.

By the way.

“…That, now…”

Talion opened his mouth in a voice of disbelief.

“…Are you using a living person as bait to ‘control’ the monster wave?”

It is also clearly visible from here that Elijah is running with someone on his back.

The fact that Daud chased after them and ran, and that they were being chased by a huge number of monsters.

What I don’t understand.

The point is that someone on Elijah’s back is ‘tied’ with a rope to a stick.

It’s like hanging rice cakes to catch fish.

“Teacher! If you keep going like this, you will catch up!”

“…Give it to me.”

After saying that, Daoud took over the rod that Elijah was carrying and Lana tied to it.


With those words, Lana’s body fluttered in all directions around her.

The beasts’ eyes began to glint more whitely at the smell of blood that flowed from her battered body. Guided by instinct, their bodies lean toward Lana’s flurry.

“How can all the kids catch a fish just by shaking the line a little…?”

“I did a lot of fishing when I was young.”

“I don’t think working hard doesn’t make it possible?!”

“If I couldn’t do that, I would have starved to death.”

It was a flat conversation with actions and results that did not match the situation, but the effect was great compared to that.

Lana’s staggering body makes the entire wave sway as if a beast is being trained in a circus.

Because of the magic beasts rushing to hit or bite Lana even once, the ranks of the entire group collapse and their speed decreases.

Naturally, Daud and Elijah, who are running away from there, also run away much more easily.

Naturally, Lana, who became the decoy, had more scars on her body, but instead of getting angry, the person who had been subjected to such a cruel thing burst into a cheerful laugh.

“Wahhahahaha-! Mr. Campbell is such a funny man! This is the first time I’ve ever seen someone who thinks of passing me by using me like this!”

That kind of voice rang out.

“You use me as a raft in strong acid rivers, you keep pushing me in crushing traps and break the traps, and you use my entire body as bait in large-scale monster waves!”


“Being an idiot, I couldn’t have imagined how to use my body like this! How amazing!”

“…Not great.”

While Elijah narrowed her eyes and muttered her words, Daoud retrieved the ‘human fishing rod’ again with a calm expression, even though she was breaking out in a cold sweat.

And Talion, who had been watching her all along, opened her mouth in a daze.

“…Excuse me, Mr. Faynol.”


“Isn’t 24 slices too generous?”



There was a tacit agreement between the two of them.

“…Still, thanks to the teacher, I am breaking through very quickly.”

She kept saying that even as Elijah glared at me with her narrow eyes.

After breaking through the monster wave, the deepest part of the dungeon is right in front of you. Just cross the huge stone gate in front of you and you’re at your destination.


If you break through that far, the first ordeal will break through without difficulty.

It really feels like my heart is being stabbed, but I’m getting through this pretty easily-

< System Message >

[A shockingly broken personality! ]

[ ‘Title: Waste’ added! ]

[ When equipped, the effect of making the other person angry when you commit evil is increased! ]


This bastard?

It Is Fate To Be Loved by the Villains

It Is Fate To Be Loved by the Villains

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