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It Is Fate To Be Loved by the Villains Chapter 160

160. The First Ordeal (2)

“…Hard to believe.”

With Lucien frowning on her face, she uttered those words first.

“I’ll ask you again, Yuria. The reason I want to enter the selection test now is because I want to see the selection process with friends in more detail.”

“Yes, sister.”

“You brought a friend? Not anyone else, but Princess Tristan?”


“Don’t be ridiculous. I’ve never had anything like that before.”

“… Hit me gently.”

Of course, it’s a bit far from calling Princess Tristan her friend.

She’s talking to her sister right now, right?

Yuria’s heart thumped.

“…Actually, those are secondary reasons.”

She said her words with a sigh.

“It’s because of Mr. Dowd, sister.”

It was a sentence that instantly destroyed Lucien’s expression, who was staring at them with her arms crossed and pouting.

“…Because of Mr. Dowd?”

“Yes. According to the student president, Mr. Daud will definitely be swept away by something during this ordeal.”


Lucien bit her lip and turned to El Nore.

I’m staring at the artificial dungeon where the candidates for the hero just jumped into.

As if I could feel something inside me.

“…Do you have any evidence?”

“If it was the president of the student body, he wouldn’t have said that without thinking. And, above all.”

I have not received any information.

There is the most solid reason.

“That’s Mr. Dawood. He must be attacked by a woman somewhere else.”


“Your sister will know, but that person. She always brings trouble-“

“…Yes. It’s understandable, you can do it in one room.”

Lucien said, placing her hand on her waist.

“…Anyway, if an outsider participates in the selection process, there could be an uproar-“

“Let me in, sister.”

Lucien’s words were interrupted by Yuria.

Her usual expression of determination was unimaginable, but this time Lucien couldn’t argue with her.

“I don’t want to go through the same thing again.”


“…What if something happens to Mr. Daud?”


There is one image that comes to mind.

Even when everyone was dying, even with that stupid person who cared about Lucien and Yuria.

The image of herself, where she couldn’t do anything and she just looked at it, is still stuck in her head.

The guilt she felt at that time is still stuck in Lucien’s heart like soot.

As YuRia said, if it’s a matter related to the man’s ‘comfort’, he becomes infinitely weaker.

“Please, sister. Let me in.”


“Because I won’t have an accident. Huh?”


Lucien, who scratched her head as she spat out those words as if she was moaning, eventually wrapped her head around her head and uttered it in a mushy voice.

“…Even if you can’t let them into the dungeon, I’ll try to arrange for them to get close…”

“Sister is the best.”

Seeing Yuria holding her thumb up, Lucien let out a sigh filled with her sense of shame.

“By the way, what are you looking at?”


Lucien brought out those words, but Yuria’s appearance was still unsteady.

Even while she was talking with her, Yuria’s gaze was fixed on the picture of Daud delivered by El Nore the whole time.

To be exact, on that face.

“…Mr. Daud, he looks like this- I thought.”


“Because he was always wearing something on his face in front of me.”

Lucien tilted her head.

Sometimes it seems…

Every time YuRia was around, Dawood would paranoidly wear a mask.

“Did you tell me why you were doing that?”

“…Well. I haven’t heard anything else either.”

Having said that, Yuria was silent for a moment before continuing her words.

“But now that I heard that, it seems like he always went naked when I wasn’t around?”

“Is that so…?”

Isn’t it rather strange to keep wearing it?

While such a question ran through Lucien’s head, Yuria chanted again in a low voice.

“I’m a little disappointed.”


“[I want to see it myself]”

As soon as that sentence came out.

Involuntarily, Lucien instinctively took a step back.

‘…Just now.’

In Yuria’s voice, ‘something’ was mixed.

Something insidious enough to instantly make goosebumps rise all over her body.

“Why? Is there anything nearby?”

She didn’t even realize that she had spilled it and was looking around her.

Seeing her like that, Lucien took a deep breath and wiped her chest.

“…Oh, no. Nothing.”

Did I see it wrong?

I definitely felt something, but Yuria’s appearance now is definitely the same as usual.


But, that just made it clear-

“Then I’ll ask for that, sister!”

But before Lucien could even finish thinking about it, Yuria was running towards her El Nore.

YuRia, not noticing Lucien’s worried gaze following her on the back, immediately stood near El Nore and lifted her feet up to examine her expression.

“I got your permission, Chairman. Even if you can’t get into her course, you can get close to her-“

The sentence that Yuria was about to say cut off abruptly.

Her state of El Norre was obvious, so it wasn’t like she was concentrating on her at all.

“President, what are you looking at?”


The answer is silence. As if she hadn’t even noticed that she was near her.

She is looking at you as if possessed by something. Before, she kept staring at the inside of the dungeon, but now she’s in a different direction.

Yuria’s eyes followed Elnor’s fixed direction.

Since the selection was in progress, the area was packed with spectators.

That gaze.

I went exactly to ‘someone’ in the middle of the crowd and was stuck.

Even Yuria was confident in her own eyesight, so she was able to quickly follow who her eyes were set on.

A bodyguard carrying a huge sword behind his back, and a woman in front of him.

I couldn’t tell who it was because it covered most of her body, including her face, but judging from the curves of her body and other things, it was clear that she was a woman.

Although it was quickly buried in the crowd and disappeared,

“…Your Majesty?”


Those words came out of Elnor’s mouth in a daze.


YuRia also heard her words in a blank voice.

Your Majesty, Ramen.

There is only one person I can point to.

The current Emperor of the Empire, Cecilia XI.

The most powerful man who divides the empire with Chancellor Sullivan.

I heard that I was participating in this selection as a ‘host’.

However, isn’t it normal for an emperor to sit in the best facility and stand by under strict security?

You don’t need to go out in the middle of a crowd like this…?

“Aren’t you looking at it wrong…?”

In response to YuRia’s question, El Noor bit her mouth tightly.

“…No, no. It can’t be.”

As if she was trying to deny what she had just seen.



After saying that in a blunt voice, El Nore rearranged her sword.


However, the ‘excommunication’ that was happening in my heart was still ongoing.

What she just ‘felt’ was still etched into her nerves.

‘…I felt it.’

It’s only for a short while.

In a crowd.

Someone who looks exactly like the emperor she knew.

Something ‘same’ as the one she had.

Something ‘gray’.

Holding in the body.

Smells like that.


She slapped her head.

The emperor, along with Beatrix, is one of the only bonds she can trust.

What kind of wild thoughts did she have with someone she had known since her days as the princess?

“…Let’s go. You wasted your time on trivial things.”

El Nore continued her, assuming her calmness.

I tried to convince myself that that couldn’t be the case.

“…If you don’t go quickly, you won’t be late, sir?”

“No. This speed is just right.”

The sound of Elijah urging like that came from beside her, but she ignored it and walked slowly through the dark tunnel.

At a pace that makes you yawn.


Next to her, Elijah sighed in displeasure, but instead of arguing, she kept pace with me.

“Well, everything you say must have a basis…”

Seeing her say that, it seems that she has a lot of complaints. She is pouting all the way to her lips.

Otherwise, my walking speed is the same. Slowly, I walk through the dungeon like an old man walking.

[…What are we going to do?]

At Caliban’s voice, he glanced back at the Soul Linker.


[What is the speed at which this slug crawls?]

‘You must not forget your purpose, Caliban.’

Respond in a serious tone.

Certainly, as this person said, everyone else must be digging through the dungeon with their teeth gritting in order to move forward as quickly as possible. Only then will you get the highest score in this ordeal.

So I understand your impatience.

‘Our goal is to piss the other guys off by doing crap.’


‘Because I need to strengthen Elijah.’

Although Caliban kept her mouth shut with a look of bewilderment.

Anyway, the candidate for the hero is Elijah, not me. It should be this guy, not me, who should stand out throughout this entire selection process.

And in order to make use of it, I have to slowly progress through this dungeon now.

‘Other candidates can’t easily break through here anyway. I have a plan, too. That’s it.’

I’ve explored mock dungeons with Elijah before, but compared to this, it’s more like child’s play.

This artificial dungeon was one of the most difficult sections of the entire game. Even by the standard of an old person like me, if you make a mistake, the clearing time increases several times.

The ‘combat difficulty’ itself isn’t really hitting the ceiling or anything like that, it’s just that there are so many crazy gimmicks that unite human malice.

Even when I recall the memory of clearing the dungeon in the game, there were all kinds of malicious traps and dog-like labyrinth structures that made me wonder if this was made by the same person. It was the perfect content to raise people’s blood pressure.

A deadly one-hit trap that flies in from a place with no lighting, monsters attacking from all sides, narrow field of view, terrain features with vicious structures that make it easy to fall, crush or drown if you make a mistake.

Of course, I understand that it has to be a bit difficult since it is a selection of ‘heroes’, but it is nothing else, but when I was playing the game, putting students into a dungeon of such difficulty was a level of demonic that I couldn’t understand.


The last boss that pops out when you go to the ‘deep part’ is the crystallization of such viciousness.

I assure you, there is no point in trying to get the other guys out of the way. Anyway, you have to break through that guy to be recognized as clearing the dungeon, but none of the candidates can do that without proper ‘conditions’.

In that sense.

The action I will take now is also essential to progress.



“What are you doing now…?”



Elijah looks at me with a spirited look, but instead of answering, she just sits on her floor flapping her hair.

“There is someone I need to meet here.”


Now Elijah also asks in a voice full of spirit.

The voice asked what the hell were you doing in a position where you had to break through the dungeon as soon as possible.

“You haven’t met the other candidates for the hero yet, have you?”

“…That’s right… Isn’t it? But why is that…?”

Even in the game, the candidates are put into the ordeal in the form of thoroughly prohibiting the exchange of information about each other until they are put into the ‘ordeal’.

To pursue fairness by limiting information about each other as much as possible. Since the benefits of being a hero are so enormous, a deal or something could happen, or they could check someone out among themselves.

But normally, during the opening ceremony, we get to know each other and go through various events. It’s not like we don’t know each other at all like now.

“Meet one guy.”

In that sense.

“All of the candidates for the hero are interesting guys.”

There is someone I need to ‘introduce’ to this guy.

Saying that, I sat on the floor instead and looked at my watch.

The reason I’ve been walking at such a slow pace so far is to get the timing right.

Let’s see.

If you think about the ‘behavior pattern’, there is no doubt that the guy who will pass here at this point is-


-That’s right.

I smile at the screams coming from behind me.

“What is this dungeon?! I’ve already died six times!”

Your voice is so lively that the entire dungeon reverberates.

To the extent that even Elijah looked back there with an angry expression.

“…What did you do six times?”

Of course, there seems to be something absurd about the content itself.

He gets up from his seat with a smile.

“It came just in time.”

“…Do you know me?”


He continues his conversation with a smile.

“This is your sister.”


Of course, she’s not a sister in the real biological sense.

It’s like a ‘nickname’ that users gave him.

Lana Ray Delvium.

The academy of Seonghwangguk, the 1st year chief of ‘Daishinjeon’.

The main character of the DLC part, ‘Conquest of the Seonghwangguk’, which is an anecdotal part of Savior Rising.

This is one of the world’s strongest ‘tanks’.

One of the pieces that are indispensable for clearing this dungeon.


‘Welcome to the prey.’

It is also the number 1 ‘scapegoat’ that I will throw trash without hesitation.

It Is Fate To Be Loved by the Villains

It Is Fate To Be Loved by the Villains

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