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It Is Fate To Be Loved by the Villains Chapter 146

146. Practical exam (3)

In my head, the scene from before was playing over and over again.

‘…he said it’s been a while, that bastard.’

I ruminate in my head the last words Chancellor Sullivan left for me.

No, where the hell am I going to meet him?

At least, since I became possessed, I haven’t even met him, let alone get acquainted with him.

[Didn’t we meet once when we were young?]

Suddenly, those words flew from within Soul Linker.


[We met before and forgot, didn’t we?]

‘…How could that be?’

In the first place, Sullivan is a key figure in the main scenario as well. If I ran into a guy like that, there’s no way I wouldn’t remember.

Especially if there was something that deserved attention with ‘complex emotions’.


Are you angry when you think about it?

‘Isn’t he teasing you again for beating up a woman and calling her a trash that you can’t even remember?’

[Do you have any delusions?]


[It’s true that I said that with that intention.]

this man is real


However, there is a possibility.

Even after meeting him, there is a possibility that I will not remember.

Because there is a ‘gap period’.

If I remember correctly, I entered the world of Savior Rising and became ‘Dowd Campbell’ when he was seven years old.

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My memories before that, well.

‘…For some reason, my memory until the age of six is a bit blurry.’

[okay. In the meantime-]

‘But that’s almost impossible, isn’t it?’

According to what my father said, I was so incredibly weak that by that age he had almost given up on whether or not I would survive.

It was said that he was at the level of a vegetative person with only a ‘body’, beyond the level of simply having poor health.

He had never opened his eyes, had never spoken, and was at the level of a piece of meat barely breathing.

I heard that it was a problem that could not be solved no matter how valiant doctors were brought and no matter what medications were used.

I heard that at the age of seven, my body miraculously recovered and I was able to move around.

There was no way I would have met people and done something in that state.

[Your parents must have suffered a lot, hey.]

‘My father must have suffered a lot.’

[…Eh? What is your mother?]


When I sighed without answering, Caliban kept his mouth shut.

It looks like you’re embarrassed, but I don’t want to talk about it either.

What should I say?

It’s a little bit, every time I talk, the chills rise a little.

It’s almost like fear or fear.

[Looking at the atmosphere, it doesn’t seem like a bereavement or anything like that. What is it?]

‘…not knowing is good for you.’

Thinking so, I rubbed my temples.

“Student Dowd-? What are you thinking about-?”

When Sir Ophelia, who was in charge of the exam, said that, he suddenly came to his senses and looked in that direction.

“Are you okay-? Wherever you are, where are you-?”

“…it’s nothing, Sir Ophelia.”

As soon as I finally answered with a flat voice, Sir Ophelia tilted her head and looked this way.

He must have said this because he was worried that I kept thinking without answering while explaining the exam process.

“Could you please continue the explanation?”

When I asked for that with a laugh that I had labored to make up, Sir Ophelia continued her explanation while tilting her head.

“First, in case you don’t know, I’ll tell you again. In the Conquest War, the role of the Daud students is the defense team- Since you are from District 2, you will run into District 1 students with two members of your team-”

After saying that, Sir Ophelia pointed to the hill behind the academy that would be used as a test site.

If you take the flag at the top, the attacking side wins, if you keep it, the defending side wins.

‘…I have to win.’

No matter what you do, if you lose in the test, in the end it’s all a joke.

Even if the variables of the chancellor are aside, the fundamental reason for my suffering in the first place is to finally see the emperor.

Even if it’s just Chapter 4, which is related to Faynol, there are quite a few parts that go back and forth with that side.

“You are free to play with whoever you want to defend with-”

Having said that, Sir Ophelia looked at me and the application form I held out.

“…Are you really okay with these two?”

Looking at it objectively, it is certain that it is a strange line.

Seras is just a freshman who just transferred, and Faynol also has excellent grades, but he is only in the 1st school district.

Usually, in this case, even in the same school district, the defense team is composed of only the three people with the best grades.

However, it is certain that it is the most reasonable choice in the current situation.

in the first place.

This isn’t just about blocking students.


Thinking so, I look at the podium built near the hill.

There is no sense of haste, but it is definitely a look that exudes the feeling of welcoming an honored guest.

“…It’s all right, Sir Ophelia.”

I answered that and looked at the golden-colored woman entering that way.

“With this combination, I will be able to show my skills to my satisfaction.”

He looked straight at it and continued talking.

“No matter what happens.”

I sincerely think so.


Because something really big is going to happen.

He must have made Sir Ophelia so confident.

To be honest, I’m a little anxious.

If both of them say ‘possibility of an accident’, they are holding one big bomb.

‘…For now, this guy.’

Thinking so, he looked sideways at Seras.

Fortunately, the purple demon sleeping inside the body appears to be calm.

Considering his personality, I was worried that he would come out of Seras and do bizarre things.


“What’s going on, sir-“


Didn’t I just try to call you master?

Seras, who actually tried to say such a thing, seemed to be frightened and shut his mouth.

[…the child doesn’t look perfectly fine?]


To agree.

why are you anxious

“What’s going on, that… Senior Dawood?”

“…could you take one of the driveways?”

Saying so, he pointed to one of the roads on the map.

There are a total of two access roads. Faynole will take one side, Seras will take the other side, and I will take the final point, the side where the flag is raised.

“…Are you going to have a student from the Faculty of Divinity fight alone?”

Fainall tilted her head and said that.

It’s not even funny to ask a freshman in the Divine Faculty to do something like this.

Originally, defense battles are usually tactic in which three people unite and demonstrate teamwork to block at the final point.


In other words.

“Seras will be fine.”

It’s like I’m showing off to this guy that I know he’s not an ordinary freshman at the School of Divinity.



Seras looked at me with strange eyes.


There have been various events in the past, but from this guy’s point of view, it would be reasonable to ask why you are so sure of such a thing.

I open my mouth to say the excuse I’ve been preparing-

< System Message >

[‘Skill: Fatal Charm’ activates! ]

[The favorability of the target ‘Seras’ increases! ]



why do you come

I checked his expression with a sidelong glance, but nothing had changed. It is an expressionless expression that is not much different from usual.

“…Well, I’ll try. Because we have already come this far.”

“…Yes, thank you.”

Even though I responded flatly to the answer that flowed smoothly.

Why is he so obedient…?

In case you don’t know, let’s check it out.

[ Use ‘search plan’. ]

[ Retrieve the information of the target. ]

[ A 24-hour cooldown is applied to the same target. ]

[ Seras Ebatrice ]

[ Feature: Bowl – Purple Devil ]

[ Status: …do you trust me? Are you trusting me to do this? You can take it as a sign of something special… Wait, uh, wake up, Seras! It’s not even His Holiness, it’s too exciting to hear such a thing from a man like this-]


I wondered what he was thinking with his expressionless expression.


Isn’t it too easy for you?

Even though it is a purple demon with characteristics that are the easiest to be attacked by me, it is a bit too much even if I do this.

This guy has a lot of insecurities.

It’s no exaggeration to say that it’s almost a land mine for me.

< System Log >

[ You have successfully completed the emergency quest. ]

[The exclusive quest ‘Betrayal’ for the target ‘Seras’ is now open! ]

< Quest Info >

[ Betrayal ] [ Character Quest ]

[Raise the favorability of the target to ‘Dear’! ]

[The target betrays its current allegiance and gives its allegiance to you! ]

[Chapter 5, ‘Paradise’ has a huge impact! ]

[Connected to the 2nd Quest, ‘Creating a Family’! ]


Betraying the law… is good for now.

The second quest that continues is a bit.

It looks hideous.

The moment they get involved, it gives off a feeling that it will be a ruinous development.

To the extent that it seems better to raise this guy’s favorability slowly as much as possible.


He sighed and turned his head towards Fynol.

It was a motion that questioned whether it would be okay for you to take over the rest of the driveway by yourself.

“I have no problems.”

I shrug my shoulders and nod my head at the answer that comes back like that.

Well, definitely.

Aside from being a vessel of the Red Devil, this is one of the most talented geniuses among the ‘Wizard’ classes that can be encountered in the game.

It’s going to be a piece of cake as long as it blocks the students.


As the discussion ended, a sharp whistle rang nearby.

This is the signal to start the test.

“great. to the location.”

Having said that, send each to its location.

And, before I even move to a location.

Finally, I take a peek at the podium in the distance.

Chancellor Sullivan is there. It looks like he’s talking about this and that to Dean Conrad, who is sitting nearby.

Unlike before, just because I look at it from afar doesn’t really give me an immediate response.

It is also a natural expression that makes me wonder if the appearance I saw before was an illusion.


I sigh and raise myself.

I don’t even know who that guy is exactly.

I don’t even know what it has to do with me.

I don’t know what awaits me in this test right now.

Whatever happened, it’s enough to deal with it somehow.

Isn’t that something you’ve never done before?

I thought so 5 minutes ago.

It reminded me of the idea that I would deal with it no matter what happened.

“…You know.”

He opens his mouth in an astonishing voice.

The fact that I have someone to talk to like this means that there is someone who has reached the final gateway of the test, the flag, within that time.

“…what are you doing here?”

I have no intention of blaming Seras and Faynol.

The target must be this person.

“under! Nice to meet you, Doud Campbell! Revenge of the Chester family is finally-”

“No, you shut up.”

With a triumphant voice, he fiercely shoots at the guy who is talking like that.

I don’t care who you are At least for now.

Because the headache was getting worse like crazy.

He clutches his temples and exhales again like a moan.

“…I asked what you are doing here, Elnor. Why is the student council president in the offensive team?”

“…It’s not Elnor.”

Elnor, who had his hood pressed down deep, said so in a voice that was clearly trying to falsify.

“…I am an unknown freshman who entered the Faculty of Engineering. Elnor, I don’t even know who you’re talking about.”


“There are no problems, no problems, no qualifications. hmm.”




what is this person doing here?

As I was glaring at Elnor with that thought in mind, Elnor opened his mouth and let out a cough.

I guess I’m ashamed of what I’m doing right now.

“I have come to fight a fair duel with you.”

“…a duel?”



The headache gets much worse.

“The loser must unconditionally fulfill one of the demands of the winner.”


“My request is, so…”

Having said that, Elnor remained silent for a long time.

It seems that it takes a lot of courage to bring this up.

To the extent that even I, who was watching it, became more and more anxious.


What are you trying to say-

“…that, you, spend time with me.”


“From dusk to dawn. Just the two of you.”





[…the things you do are cute.]

Caliban giggled and opened his mouth.

[Are you asking for instant death?]


I agree.

It Is Fate To Be Loved by the Villains

It Is Fate To Be Loved by the Villains

악당에게 사랑받는 운명입니다,Fated to Be Loved by Villains
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