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It Is Fate To Be Loved by the Villains Chapter 143

143. Nursing (4)

Fortunately, it didn’t lead to a hellish situation where everyone sat in the hospital room all day long until I came to my senses.

Sir Indra, who supervises the medical unit, is a middle-aged woman with a blunt personality.

He is a kind-hearted person who always puts the health of his students first.

You can tell how strong that heart is by just looking at the way I ran to it as soon as there was a loud noise in my hospital room.

“A guy who needs to rest, what is everyone doing in the hospital room? Get out!”

It would be a sentence that is not lacking at all even if it was said that it was bold to take out against a group that included Princess Tristan and even a saint.

“…But, Lord Indra. Now we are making an important decision-”

However, Elnor also seems to be responding with a polite tone rather than putting a special offense there.

Unlike general professors, the people who are in charge of the head of a particular facility are people with achievements and authority comparable to that of the dean. If it’s inside the academy, even the princess can’t speak carelessly.

That’s why these words come out.

“You’ve already taken care of me enough, Princess Tristan. One more word and everyone here will be banned from entering?”


“If you are going to come, come back tomorrow. Visiting hours are over, so disperse quickly!”

At such a threat, everyone was finally kicked out of the hospital room, even with dissatisfied faces.

Lord Indra is a goddess.

I will not accept any objections.


Watching the people leaving the hospital room disapprovingly following their instructions, such words naturally flowed out.

[Then why don’t you take this opportunity to choose a caregiver and leave the hospital as soon as possible?]

“…that won’t work.”

There’s no way Lord Indra would see that.

Because I left threatening to rest unconditionally for at least two days.

Even Princess Tristan is a person with the knack to kick out. There’s no way they’ll listen to me just because I ask.

[Then what are you going to do? The other side would be upset?]


That’s right.

It wouldn’t be strange if the other side was distorted by jealousy and the Corruption value was accumulated as it is.

The situation itself called ‘nursing care’ means staying close to the target for a long period of time.

So, in the first place.

“…Apart from that, choosing a caregiver is itself a problem.”


“Whoever becomes the caregiver will cross the river of no return as it is.”

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Just look at what Elnor was trying to do right now.

If the saintess didn’t come, then.

would have been eaten

“Well, since I developed a seal, something… I feel more dangerous, right?”

It’s nice to be able to contain the energy of all demons as the restrictions of the Fallen Seal are lifted.

In doing so, it feels like it came with other characteristics that I didn’t want.

Strangely, when I see demons and vessels, I feel like I lose control more easily than before.

[What are you talking about?]

“So, if it was over to the point where you just wanted to monopolize me… Now, just being in front of me gives you a strong feeling of ‘getting violent’?”


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Just looking at Elnor right now, that’s the case.

In the past, the feeling of being obsessed was a little severe, but like now, there are a lot of ‘guilt’ and all, but it’s definitely a strange situation for you to do this to me.

It sounds like the possibility of something… ‘dangerous’ happening is much higher than before when it’s stuck with the dishes.

[…Then, is that the context in which that lady named Yuria did such a thing?]

After hearing my words, Caliban asked such a question.

Are you like that?

[Why, that lady isn’t the kind of person who would say such a thing out of her own mouth. Saying it feels good to be hit, or asking me to walk on a leash.]

“…Is that likely?”

[…then you’re in big trouble.]

“…I agree.”

Honestly, I wonder what could be bigger than this.

The masochism that opened up to YuRia before could also be just the beginning, that.

It is said that such a terrible future where all kinds of fetishes of demons are opened may not be far off.

In that sense.

“If I ask those guys to stick with me for a day, is there anyone who won’t have an accident?”

I’d rather leave the fish to the cat.

Caliban thought about my words for a while, then replied with a sign of agreement.

[There is no one to trust.]


Sadly, yes.

Yuria, Elnor, and Seras, I can’t trust anyone.

“The good news is that there are options.”

[What choice?]

“There’s one safe guy.”

There is only one guy.

The only person who is free from this problem.

next day.

There was silence in the hospital room, like walking on thin ice.

To be precise, everyone seems very disapproving of the ‘caregiver’ I’ve chosen.

“…Can I do it like this?”

In a cold voice, Elnor held out the patient’s tableware that had been cleaned nearby.

Fenol Laipeck responded with a smile.

“No, Princess Tristan. I think it would be better if I just do it myself.”

“What part is lacking-”

“Here, here, here is not cleaned properly. I can’t give patients these unsanitary utensils.”


“Well, at this level, I can’t do the ‘replacement of the caregiver’ that you previously requested. Because my skills are so immature.”

Elnor was defeated in the first round.

Of course, considering his status in the first place, he would never have had the opportunity to do such a trivial job.

“Ah, it’s almost cleaning time.”

When Fenol said that and stood up, Yuria and Lucien stopped her.

“We already did that.”

At least Lucien has lived a strict and ascetic life unique to religious people, and Yuria has lived a wild life for a long time, so she is more familiar with this kind of behavior than Elnor.


“It’s a mess.”

Having said that, Faynole picked up a nearby cleaning tool and swept the area in an instant.

It’s fast like magic. As soon as the work is finished, it is a bonus that the surroundings are dazzlingly bright compared to what the saints and sisters did.

“I have to do this to be able to say I’ve cleaned it, right?”



Yuria and Lucien stared blankly at it.

It seems that he himself does not understand whether this is true that the same person did it.

Fainol, who defeated the three in an instant, quickly turned his head with a relaxed look.

Seras was looking at the scene with a blank gaze.

“Do you want to ask for a change of caregiver too? Then there must be something better than me.”

“…What can I do with nursing care?”


you just get out

It’s been revealed a few times in the game setting, but he has a bit of an idiot’s temperament that can’t do anything except for real assassination.

“Come on, everyone, please leave. It seems like I am the only one who can properly care for her.”

“No, but…!”

“We are the ones who can take care of Mr. Daud the best…!”

After that, the guy who said that drove the other guys who were soon complaining out of the hospital room.

The other guys want to express their dissatisfaction somehow, but the difference in performance just shown is so great that they can’t express their opinions properly.

“…Thank you for your effort.”

“What do you have this much?”

To my congratulations, the guy who defeated all the other vessels in an instant replied with a grin.

‘…This guy has no choice but to be good at this.’

Fynol was originally a person who had a job taking care of the weak by going to a nursing home and an orphanage.

She has a history that is not strange even if she is called a professional nurse.

And, above all.

This guy is completely unaffected by my ‘Fatal Charm’ skill.

Like the other bowls, the chances of something happening to me are very low.

While I was thinking about that background, a system window popped up in front of me.

< System Message >

[You have chosen ‘Fanol’ as your caregiver. ]

[Distinguishing the target’s status…]

[ ‘Likeness’ has not been opened yet. ]

[ An event that can open the favorability of the target will occur soon! ]

< System Message >

[The emotional changes of the unselected subjects are observed strongly! ]

[It is likely to act as a variable in the upcoming main quest! ]


I’m breaking out in a cold sweat just seeing that message.

Let’s think about the rear end later.

Anyway, it was certain that my limbs would disintegrate no matter who I chose. It’s better to toss the crisis to the future than to die right away…!

“…Still, it’s surprising.”

In the quiet hospital room, Faynole said as she pulled a chair in front of me and sat down.

“It’s not common for people to know that I did something like that when I was a ‘human’. How the hell do you know?”

[…Certainly, it’s not even funny.]

Caliban muttered those words in a low, subdued voice.

[The guy who belonged to the Heretic Interrogation Center in the Devil’s Vessel used to volunteer. It’s more comedy than a serial killer making a donation.]


I smile bitterly at Caliban’s shrill voice.

Certainly, it’s not strange that this kind of evaluation comes out just by looking at what this guy did.

‘…I told you, Caliban.’

Like I said to this guy.

‘Painol is a pitiful bastard.’

This guy is, so to speak, an overdose similar to Balcasus.

He appears as the final boss of the chapter in the scenario, but he shouldn’t have faced such an end.

rather than that.

The guy who should have been treated a little better.

“…And I’m sure anyone with that intelligence will remember what I said.”

The boy leaned on his chin and said so.

“Time continues to pass, Dowd Campbell.”

The expression on the guy’s face when he said that was so lifeless and expressionless that he couldn’t feel any emotion.

It feels like a mannequin or doll.

“I wouldn’t have forgotten that I gave you a one-month time limit. If I don’t ‘die’ in it… I don’t know what will happen.”

“…I know.”

okay. remember

In the first place, among the fact that I collapsed from overwork, that fact also occupies a fairly large share.

I let out a sigh and listened to the guy’s words.

“I just want to correct one thing.”


He sighed and said to the guy who tilted his head along with the words of doubt.

“Fenol Laipek.”

At least.

That’s it.

I have to be clear about the things I don’t like about this guy.

“I don’t want you dead.”

You keep dying, you say you’re dying

I don’t like that very much.


The boy’s eyes widened.

Of course, I know what you mean by that.

“There is a red devil in your body, and that is the state that has brought you back to life by force, and you are eagerly trying to pop out into the material world as a host sooner or later. Yes?”


The boy opened his mouth and said nothing.

No way, you wouldn’t have known that I would be so aware of my own circumstances.

However, the boy slowly closed his eyes and pushed them up.

“…If you know that, isn’t the story easier? If I do not die, disaster will soon befall the material world.”


A self-deprecating voice followed.

“…You could say that we are clearing the seeds of disaster, so to speak, Doud Campbell. You don’t have to feel guilty-“



There is a fact that needs to be pointed out to this guy.

“Awakening your feelings is awakening, but that is not the purpose.”

I’m doing this guy’s request.

“I will make you happy, Faynol.”

To give this guy a happy ending.

“You have no veto.”


Hearing my words, the boy’s eyes widened in an instant.

It Is Fate To Be Loved by the Villains

It Is Fate To Be Loved by the Villains

악당에게 사랑받는 운명입니다,Fated to Be Loved by Villains
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