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It Is Fate To Be Loved by the Villains Chapter 133

133. corporal punishment (2)

[Did you say you failed?]

“…I apologize.”

The emperor on the other side of the screen was very perplexed.

It was the first time she had posted a report like this in all the years she served the Emperor.

The Grand Assassin failed to harm humans.

Even though it’s a relatively low-difficulty mission to do moderately, not to kill.

[…May I ask the reason, Seras.]

“More than I thought… The defenses were better, His Holiness. Fortunately, my identity wasn’t revealed, so I guess I’ll have to spend some time attacking them.”

Seras responded to the emperor over the video call with a feeling that his mouth was drying up.

It’s the first lie ever told. And so many at once.

Clearly there were opportunities. I had gotten close enough to hurt the man deeply.

It is also a lie that his identity was not revealed, much less the need to take time to attack.


When I saw that man, the feeling that ran through my whole body.

A strange feeling I felt for the first time in my life.


Seras involuntarily wiggled his fingers and pressed the hood deeply.

The expression she was making now was clearly one that should never be shown to the emperor.

I don’t know why, but I had a strong impression that it was definitely not the expression an assassin should have when contemplating an assassination target.

[…surely, he’s an erratic man.]

Fortunately, the emperor accepted her words without question.

The relationship of trust that has been built so far is at least to the point where you can easily convince the other person of this level of lies.

It’s a little sinful for her as well, but in the end, it’s just a matter of dealing with that man.

Her loyalty to the Emperor hasn’t waned in the slightest.

[If you need anything, tell me, Seras.]

Beopwang threw those words with a benevolent smile.

[Heavenly blessings are watching you.]

have to agree

At that sentence, Seras bowed his head reverently.

The only one who inherited the will of Heaven, the agent of the angels.

The religion that saved her from being ‘discriminated’ so severely by the empire, the human standing at the top of that religion.

She is a person to be loyal to at the cost of her life.



The human who entangled her to such an extent that she couldn’t even carry out the orders she received from such a person deserves to be explored in a little more detail.

Taking the time to infiltrate Elfante and deal with that man is all in that context.

At least, I’ll try to figure out what might make you feel this way.


Every time I think of that man, my heart beats so much that it annoys me.

And, it starts with gathering a little more detailed information about the man.

First of all, it starts with what the man is doing.

< System Message >

[The target ‘Seras’ is tracking you! ]

[ It is judged to be a light threat to personal safety. ]

[‘Skill: Desperation’ is applied as B grade! ]


I look at the window in front of me with a sigh.

okay. I knew it would come around this time.

So, I also set up my work around this time.

What I’m going to do from now on is the scene I want to show him as well.

Perhaps, it’s also something that will bring about a little change in that guy’s ‘heartbeat’.

[Did you even want to show me this?]


[Actually, if you think about it for the first time, Lucien had a lot of shortcomings as a saint.]

Those words flew from inside Soul Linker.

It was Balcasus who continued to maintain an absurd attitude.

[But looking at it now, it’s not necessarily like that.]

‘…what do you mean?’

[Isn’t that the point of following this now?]

It was clear that the sentence that said that was referring to Lucien, who was being dragged this way, leaving me on a leash.



I couldn’t hear anything except the rustle of grass being trodden on, but I did know that fearful eyes were being fixed on me, who was not looking back.


And in the midst of walking like that for a while.

The voice of the saintess who came out as if she couldn’t stand it patted my back.

“Why don’t you confess right now that you have perverted desires?”


In the meantime, Caliban has been craving me so much that now I don’t even blink an eye in a fair amount of evil, but I can’t stand this.

He turns his head with a puzzled expression.


“Why are you so shameless making such an unfair expression…”

“No, why should I listen to that in the current situation.”


The saintess pursed her lips with an expression of exasperation. It seems that it is difficult to hold onto the mind because it is so absurd.

It was to the extent that it took me quite a while to properly utter the following sentences.

“What in this situation is not perverted?!”

Saying that, at the end of the finger she pointed at was YuRia, who was being dragged along with her head bowed.


Right now, this situation refers to my overall condition as I am walking around the outskirts of the academy at midnight with my two sisters on a leash.

“No, it’s because it’s really necessary, right? There is no such thing as selfishness.”

It might look a bit like that.

This is all necessary work.

It’s such an important job that it can even affect your life.

“So let’s explain the most important part of why this is necessary! Right before I destroy this…!”

“…I’m fine, sister.”


“Because I did something wrong with Mr. Daud…”

YuRia said that while fiddling with the leash with a gloomy expression.

“…At this level, it’s okay. I was prepared to be treated more harshly.”

The saintess, who had been whistling and losing her temper, hardened her expression as soon as she saw it.

Then, soon, Yuria and I look at my abdomen in turn.

It was the part where Yuria had stabbed me in two before.

“…I get it, I get it, really…!”

The saintess said that with teary eyes and sighed.

“…at least, please be gentle. Since earlier, it hurts…”


Here you go, lady.

If you talk like that while sniffling, I’m a trash that I can’t even talk to, but the sisters are caught at the same time, and it’s like they’re forced to cooperate with strict things.

[…Isn’t that more accurate than I thought?]


[Your current appearance, I mean. hmm.]

Balkasus sighed and opened his mouth.


Call it trash again?

[no. Aren’t you overestimating yourself?]


[At this point, I think the word garbage is actually a polite way to refer to you.]


Somehow, while Caliban is sleeping, this man wakes up and is craving me.

He sighed and answered Balkasus.

‘…This way, the other side will also be relieved.’

[What part of this act will relieve the guilt of the other side?]

‘It’s a problem because they’re both too nice, actually.’

If they were bad people, they probably wouldn’t have cared if I did it or not.

If I continue to feel guilty even though I have expressed that I am okay up until now, then the fact that it almost split me in half right away is not the point.

Until now, things have been building up to make me feel that way.

From my point of view, it was just that these two were important pillars of the main scenario, so they did such a good job, but I couldn’t accept it without paying anything in return.

You can also see it as being weighed down by goodwill. Such people whose innate character is so good that they cannot live without receiving it.

‘It’s to make things work, well.’

From nob le mt l. co m

Giving corporal punishment to YuRia and whatnot are all in the same context.

To be precise, it’s enough for these two people to show me straight how they can ‘help’ me.

I’m sure if I show that, these two will cheer up and work hard for me.


What I’m going to ask these two from now on is something that can be said to be something that can only be done at this time.

When this is over, it wouldn’t be strange if I was immediately insulated from why I did this.

Should I say that I can handle it because I have been craving for guilt?

[…So what does that have to do with walking around on a leash? Doesn’t it matter if you let them walk on their own?]


I do this because I need it.

tell me how many times

‘Well, I have to get used to the taste of my hands.’


‘No, I’ll have to do this more often from now on, right?’


Balcassus shut his mouth with a look of desperation.

After being silent for a long time, not knowing what to say, he forcibly changed the topic with a laugh.

[Well, though, it might be good for Lucien to train his mental power in this way. Usually, the level is so low.]


[Don’t you smoke and drink casually, don’t you usually neglect your training just because you’re born with a lot of holy power, aren’t you still unable to memorize the whole prayer…]


No, can’t you just look at that level as a human being?

How can a person always be perfect?

[The profession itself as a saint is a very old one. And the saints of my era were just basic knowledge.]

Uncharacteristically for Balkasus, he was spitting out remarks that radiate old-fashioned energy from his entire body, but that’s a setting I’m roughly familiar with.

It’s not an old relationship that goes up to the archaeological level of the hero-devil level, but the saintess is also a fairly old job.

If it’s the Balcasus generation…

‘…During the Shinma War, maybe?’

The days when the first warrior who received heaven’s blessings tore the bodies of demons with a holy sword.

The combination of the first hero and the holy sword is the strongest monster in human history that has sealed not one but ‘all’ of the main body of a demon that can destroy the world with just one protruding.

Of course, I received all the backup I could get, including the blessings of the angels in the underworld, but no one can deny that it was a ridiculous feat.

It is also based on that fact that the sage kingdom, which was just a weak kingdom that lived frugally without any significant resources or notable strengths, has grown into a colossal modern hegemon.

It was because the body was called up to that point based solely on the fact that it was a country that produced the first warriors.

Since it was the saintess of the day who stood next to such a human and always assisted him, it could be said that at that time, it was only natural that Balcasus had a high standard for a saintess.


And, if I remember right.

That’s the maximum growth of Elijah that can be shown in the game.

If only I could find the holy sword straight away.

That’s also the core material of Chapter 4, [Red Night], which will be coming soon.

Who will rise to the position of warrior that has been vacant since the previous generation’s hero passed away?

This is a chapter where warrior candidates from all over the continent gather in a golden triangle to uncover the true owner of the holy sword.

Bringing Yuria and Lucien here also serves to prepare for such an event.

If you just finish the ‘reinforcement’ of these two people here, it will definitely be of great help when proceeding there.

“…Okay, we’ve arrived.”

At my words, Lucien and Yuria looked around slowly at the same time.

“This is…”

Lucien, who looked around, opened her eyes wide and said that.

There’s no way I wouldn’t recognize this person.

The barrier of the chiangel, the outermost of them. At the end of the academy, it is a space that touches the void zone and a few spans of land.

a place to remember

It’s a space where I came to communicate with the angels as soon as I got Ultrima before.

What I am doing now is similar to that in the big picture.

It’s much more radical and dangerous, but it’s a problem.

Then, go a little closer and set the Ultramar in place.

Previously, I had to prepare a lot of things, but now it is an item that has been strengthened several times, including the echo of consecration.

It must have been said that the original purpose of the ‘summoning’ ceremony was completed in an instant.



As the haze rising from Ultrima spreads out, the ‘angels’ residing here suddenly appear.


And, as soon as I saw it.

YuRia held her head and sat down in her seat.

“…Ah, ahahahahaha…!”

He lets out a moan full of pain and twists his body as if in a fit.

Disconnect scatters menacing light around. The white curse that is eating away at the guy’s body shakes like a fit.

I know why.

Because right now the white devil inside him must be screaming to the point of tearing his mind apart.

Kill them right now, they are enemies who cannot even share the same sky.


Lucien freaks out and tries to approach it, but I grab the leash and stop him. At the same time as sending Lucien outside the ‘safe range’ as if juggling.

Yuria convulsively grabs her sword and charges toward the angels.



I also hold the leash and restrain it. The string is pulled tight. If it hadn’t been made strong by handing over all kinds of rare materials to Vulkan, it would have broken in an instant.

Lately, his body stats have gone up somehow, and even with a B-class desperate situation caused by Seras, he can manage to this extent.


“… you crazy bastard, what did you bring with you?!”

One memorable angel let out a scream like that.

He is an angel who previously put some abilities into Ultramar. This side, as if recognizing me at once, approached me with a frightened expression.

Perhaps he is saying this after realizing what is ‘in’ Yuria right now.

“Guys, it’s been a while.”

He smiled at the sight and continued talking.

“Will you listen to my one request?”

“What the heck…!”

Not a big deal.

This is the problem related to the ‘reinforcement’ of Lucien and Yuria mentioned earlier.

Come on, us.

Why don’t we talk about how to ‘tame’ a demon together?

It Is Fate To Be Loved by the Villains

It Is Fate To Be Loved by the Villains

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