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It Is Fate To Be Loved by the Villains Chapter 123

123. Seal (3)

“…a black devil?”

Tatyana, narrowing her eyes, spat out those words.

It makes no sense. Was the existence of the devil created so easily?

Humans who have some knowledge about the material world and the second dimension will easily understand how ridiculous that is.

It is true that even the ancient gods, who now have the power to blow the entire furnace of struggle, boast the power of a mouse standing in front of a cat compared to the beasts of the Underworld or Pandemonium.

And, it is the demons who make even those beings into dust-level presence.

Angels of the underworld.

Demons of Pandemonium.

The most powerful beings throughout all of the multidimensional universe. Divine beings who can turn the entire material world upside down just by manifesting.

That such an existence was created ‘artificially’?

“Strictly speaking, he’s not a devil.”

Saying that, Toker swept away all the accessories hanging from one arm.

Rosaries, crosses, amulets, keepsakes of saints, bracelets engraved with Ouroboros…

All sorts of shamanistic and religious ornaments filled his hands in an instant.

Each one of them is worthy of being treated as a national treasure no matter which country you go to.

For Toker, it felt like a disposable product that could be used lightly and thrown away.

“Real devils don’t end like this. The moment the main body jumps out like that, you and I all go straight to the nether road together. Just looking at that guy, isn’t that enough?”

It was a bit embarrassing to say such a thing, but it was just a while ago that Princess Tristan, who had the strongest demon among real demons, was easily subdued with just one accessory.

However, that was due to her extremely low proficiency in handling ‘power’.

“But, this guy.”

The existence in front of me is a little different from that.

It would be difficult to say that he harbors the devil’s natural intimidation.


At least the ‘sense of intimidation’ transmitted to the whole body to the extent that this spine shuddered.

It is to the point of sounding an alarm bell that is more than an immature devil’s vessel.

If you intuitively realize it.

If I don’t catch it right now, I think it’s going to be really big later.

‘…It’s already too late to purify it.’

Talker’s brain spun violently after confirming the black aura surrounding Daoud’s body.

It is different from Princess Tristan’s inexperienced Magi.

It was a level that was possible because he was hit one-sidedly without even realizing the true nature of his ability.

But, didn’t he cut it off with his wind as soon as he showed signs of doing so in the first place? The odds of success by trying something similar again don’t seem very high.

in the first place.

No matter how mantra it may be, the devil’s hierarchy is unparalleled even in the multidimensional universe. The magic of the material world cannot be a means of control after all.

So, if it’s demonic energy that has been ‘full-blooded’ and ‘materialized’ to that extent, it’s safe to say that even Talker has no way to suppress it.

‘Then, I’ll beat you with a fight!’

The fact that you don’t feel the level of intimidation of a ‘real devil’ means that, of course, there is a high probability that your fighting power will be lower than that.

with that thought.

The first exchange started with the talker.

Several of the trinkets that were pulled out shine at the same time. It is a role that makes the ‘communication’ of the Unryeongsa, who can talk with the laws of the world, more smooth.

The Unmyeongsa will be able to deliver a much stronger ‘wish’ to them than before.

As a result.

-Ah, I hope.

-Ah, I hope.

– You flame that fuels a life without love.

【Light up the world.】

You might be able to do something like this.

As soon as the flowing sentence was finished, a shallow moan flowed from Tatiana’s mouth as she confirmed the flames appearing in the air.

primordial flame.

It is a being that has even been handed down by legend that it melted even the scales of an adult dragon in an instant.

It is a technique known to be used by angels in the other world. In the material world, it’s a skill that only comes down from legends.

that, this guy.

It was reproduced in just a few seconds while standing.

‘…understanding of witchcraft, knowledge of the multidimensional universe, combat experience, everything…’

It’s overwhelming.

To be honest, Tatiana had never enjoyed being involved with this man, but she had to admit her talent.

Indeed, it is one of the top monsters among the ‘revealed ones’, the executives of devil worshipers. To the extent that the opinion that even that boy king can be defeated 1:1 doesn’t feel like a lie.

“Let’s see how to deal with superlatives!”

With that exhilarating cry, balls of fire flew right at Daud.

The abilities that the angels of the other side of the world have, of course, are the abilities that achieve the climax with the creatures of Pandaemonium.

At least as far as Talker knows, a single-piece bowl can’t even counter this ability and boasts enough power to burn.

Probably, that guy should be prepared to bleed quite a bit to put it to rest using his demonic energy.

Something flashed beneath the dark aura that enveloped Daoud.

Even in that state, it was an amulet that hung on the wrist and emitted light.

At the same time, several ‘Jean’ floated up on that arm.

Since it was only 5 strokes, it was not enough to block the initial flame, but it was still possible to slightly twist the course.

Originally, it was a first-class miracle that landed on the target at the same time as the launch, but Daoud moved through the ‘gap’ created by such a small hindrance.

Regardless of the ceiling or wall, he dodges all of those attacks with acrobatic movements, as if he were receiving gravity separately.

“… Forbidden? are you kidding?!”

And after confirming the ability he used to ward off the celestial flames, an astounding voice erupted from Talker’s lips.

Most of the demons who have energized themselves enough to cover their whole body are usually in a state of runaway, and even if they don’t, the probability that they’ll stay sane if they’re wearing all that stuff with their human body is very low.

Even so, that guy didn’t simply believe in his own strength and go wild, he chose the most efficient method within his hand. As if the ability to find such a choice was imprinted on the instinct!

“Apostle! Please support me!”

I’ll know if I just exchange them. Killing that guy by himself now has a pretty good chance of ‘failure’.

He needs one more hand to be sure!

“Anyway, in that state, attention will only be on me! Closing the distance and pouring out weakening curses or whatever!”

“…you don’t order me.”

Even as Tatiana growled like that, she jumped forward at Talker’s command.

She knew very well that it would be far off to hit her curse with a direct hit against an opponent with such athletic ability anyway.

In order to increase the accuracy rate even a little, the only thing to do is to get closer and insert it while the man’s nerves are all focused on the talker.

And, at that moment.

Daoud moved.

I closed the distance in an instant and reached right in front of Tatiana.

Before Tatiana’s consciousness could properly perceive it.

As if he had “expected” her to act that way.


She chilled and raised the wand.

Certainly, it was an unexpected move.

“Don’t look at me lightly…!”

Although not as good as Talker, Tatiana is also one of the best people on the continent when it comes to curse-related knowledge. There are innumerable ways to prevent a simple charge.

Creates a dark substance that reduces the damage of any demon-attribute attack.

A curse that reflects all physical damage.

A phase change that absorbs all incoming blows to this body and creates a ‘new body’ at the specified coordinates.

However, many such abilities.

[ Forbidden Art: Seal ]

[ The target’s skill is sealed for 0.03 seconds. ]

It was sealed by Jinn, who once again floated on Daoud’s arm.

Forced, unable to use all abilities. The ‘how to use’ is very brief, but completely forgotten.

With that alone, all countermeasures are blocked.

Admittedly, so far.

It was an ability she had never seen before.

Even though this man had run into so many hardships in the furnace of strife. Even after fighting the three ancient gods. Even until I was almost cut in half by the devil just a moment ago.

A skill that has never been used.


If I showed her even once, the countermeasure might leak out.

up to now, until now.

As if you’ve been hiding it all along.

As if, from the beginning, this situation was expected to happen!


And in that short time, access is fully allowed. Beyond that, the opponent even tries an attack that can kill her in one blow.

Seeing the fist flying straight into her face, her face stained with astonishment, she hurriedly grabbed the wand.

A spiritual object that has been passed down to her for generations as a follower of the Apostle of the Overturning Tsunami.

It is said that she cannot use any powers herself, but the function built into this wand is intact even if she cannot use her powers.

It was a perfect answer for a judgment made in less than a comma second.

right now.

In front of his eyes, it would have been the case if Daoud hadn’t had the ‘gray aura’ rise.


Feeling her body slow down, Tatiana’s eyes widened.

‘Time’ slows down. Before she can grab hold of the wand and try anything, her consciousness stretches.


Like ‘erosion’, the power of the gray demon.

this ability.

other demon powers.

how did you deal with it


While the deathbed words of such astonishment burst out of Tatiana’s mouth.

‘Blue aura’ wrapped around Daoud’s arm.


Just like when the blue devil uses the power of ‘crushing’.



And then, Tatiana’s head that had been beaten there.

Like a balloon bursting, it shattered instantly.

Silence flowed around.

While Tatiana’s body collapses after losing her head.

Daoud grabbed the corpse with one arm.

The other arm extends near the headless neck.

Right away.

Something is ‘pulled out’ from the inside. It was the spiritual energy that constitutes the human soul.

As if even the soul after death could not be free from that man.

As if the ‘malice’ to do so is full.

“…This feels like sh*t.”

The talker who saw this said in a low voice.

It wasn’t that I was sad because a colleague died.

“Are you playing with me now?”

I can’t help but see what this guy is doing.

From the beginning, it was clear that his purpose was to kill Tatiana, not to fight himself.

Seeing how he acted like that as soon as the opportunity arose.

Even though he could do something like that, he didn’t rush right away, it was for the purpose of making him ‘delusive’ to make it look as if he had lost his temper.

This guy, from start to finish, put him on the palm of his hand and controlled it.

I kept thinking and thinking about what he would do, how he would react, and how this situation would turn out as a result.

In the end, Talker turned Tatiana into a limb.

“I was trying to deal with it in moderation. to be honest.”

And, it’s not just that.

now that guy

You used the powers of two different demons ‘simultaneously’.

‘…That makes no sense.’

Regardless of how such a phenomenon is possible.

If the.

if but

If it is possible to handle the abilities of two different demons at the same time.

Does that mean more is possible?

Then, where is the final point?

Maybe, maybe, but I want to.

Like being able to handle the powers of all demons.


Well, that guy.

What kind of monster are you going to be?

“You really should go kill yourself here-”

“…Enough, Talker.”

At the voice that restrained him, Talker turned around with a voice full of spirit.

There, the Precursor who had just stopped him was staring blankly at Dawood.


“Stop it.”

The words continued with a sigh.

“You can’t kill that. at least in that state. If you are in a state where you can use multiple powers, it means that the attribute itself has already changed from that of a human.”

“…how do you know that? What does that mean in the first place?”

The Seer kept his mouth shut.

It was a motion filled with emotions as if a wound were being dug up.


As if he had a terrible memory of Daoud in ‘that look’.

“…for now, step back. If you take another chance, it will be enough.”

The sentence that followed was a voice that did not contain any of those emotions.

“But, next time.”

Her gaze rested on Elnor, who was pinned to the wall.

“I will make you pay.”

It was a voice filled with unmistakable hatred.


Talker looked at Daud and the Precursor alternately with a puzzled expression.

The expression on his face was openly hanging, asking if he was sane enough to say such a thing.

The appearance of the pioneer was, without a doubt, a stubborn figure without concession.

“…what the. Do what you like.”

In the end, the talker also raises both hands with a sign of steaming.

The Precursor’s gaze rested on Daud, who was looking this way with his arms crossed.

Just by killing Tatiana, he had achieved his goal right away, so it seemed to indicate that he had no intention of fighting this side.

As if one side couldn’t kill the other.

As if the other side couldn’t kill this one either.

It was such an attitude that both knew each other very well.

“…See you later, Mr. Dowd.”

The Seer who saw that figure continued talking with a sigh.

“I didn’t know you would have made such a ‘contract’ with yourself as collateral.”

A portal tearing through space opened.

It was the effect of one of the artifacts possessed by the Seer. A hyperspace mobile device that can move anywhere regardless of distance.

“…I hope you win the future you want.”

The last sentence left by the pioneer standing in front of him.

even if you don’t answer.

“This time.”

It was a voice filled with something like sadness.

It Is Fate To Be Loved by the Villains

It Is Fate To Be Loved by the Villains

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