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It Is Fate To Be Loved by the Villains Chapter 106

106. Fastest (3)

The flame demon was an old demon who ruled as the ruler of this scorching zone for a long time.

It would be fair to say that the gigantic body boasts the dignity of a fire giant.


And the giant awoke from his long slumber and got up.

As usual, now it’s time to go to sleep in the middle of the incubation period, but for some reason I pushed my eyes at the overwhelming ‘presence’ that smelled.


The enma immediately fell into thought.

What kind of existence dares to make you feel this way?

I should at least see it with my own two eyes.

Having made up her mind like that, Yeomma stood up completely from her seat.

The magic flames that entwine all over the body have the majesty of a disaster, and the endless flow of magic power mixes with the breath, creating a reverberation mixed with super-high temperature flames.

As he proudly appeared and stepped out of the nest, all the other high-level monsters nearby ran away in panic.

Now, the ruler of the wide scorching field spreading around here has revealed his overwhelming majesty to the whole world.


His eyes quickly returned to the direction where he felt the most intense energy.

the sea in the distance.

If it was submerged beneath it, it was something that even a demigod knew.

water dragon. A ruler of the sea with power equal to his own.


However, something is strange.

I can’t feel the energy of the water dragon that I always felt there.

Instead of the aura I thought would be there, of course, I feel something far more insidious than that.

Down to the depths where water dragons usually live.

much deeper.


And, instinctively detecting the energy, Yeomma flinched.

Of course, Yeomma himself is quite an old existence, but what is down there.

Not just old, but close to something indescribable.

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Just by looking at it, something unpleasant rises from the bottom of my consciousness.

As soon as I felt that sensation, I unconsciously backtracked a few times, and then I was startled by the fact and froze on the spot.

It was frightened.

this myself.

He, who had reigned as the ruler of this area for so many years, to the being in the depths of the sea.

We haven’t even met in person, just the energy that’s transmitted from the other side.


It was a little while later that I sensed a ‘change’ taking place nearby, while still stiffening my body from such shock.


I feel something strange.

Something approaching far closer than the grotesque in the distance.

And when Yeomma turned his head toward it, an equally incomprehensible scene was unfolding there.


Yeomma looked at the ground and the sky alternately with a curious gaze.

what is it Did the laws of the world change while you were sleeping?


Why are the guys who should normally be walking on the ground floating in the air?



Goosebumps and screams fill the surroundings. All of them were hit by something, and the witch beasts that floated in the air in a half-harpooned state threw out.

Even among those who were directing such a scene, there were some high-ranking monsters that were powerful enough to make even Yeomma himself nervous if several entities attacked him.

A fire golem made of magic stones of flame, larger than itself in terms of size.

A hound of hell that can tear apart a fair amount of armor with only its teeth and claws.

Even a fire spirit that can pour out a spell that can turn an area into ashes using fire magic.

Each one of them has the power to become a disaster if they go outside, not in this scorching zone.

But, those guys.

They scream at least in dozens and are thrown into the air.


And if you take a closer look at why such a sight is happening, your doubts about what the hell is really happening in the world will deepen.

It was because there was a human over there who was ‘fisting’ like a feather.

As they run, they just throw their hands out as if shaking off dust.

It’s like clearing away a cumbersome obstacle in front of your eyes.

However, even with such a pulseless motion.


The fire golem hit by the tip of the hand is shattered.


The body of the hound of hell kicked in half by an insincere kick.


The flames created by the spirit of fire with all their might, simply ‘repelled’ forward with their bare bodies.

Each and every one of the demons close to disaster was treated as easily as if it were a toy.


Where the hell did he come from, this monster?


Yeomma looked at it blankly with a distraught expression, but soon focused his gaze on those humans a little more closely.

They were a pair odd enough to match such a grotesque sight.

At least, most of the ‘humans’ that Yeomma has encountered for a long time have been rooted in this area, most of them have been nervous and facing themselves.

The tension and reverence felt when facing the demons, which were only in hunters’ tales, were clearly felt even though they were of different species.


these guys

“hey. stand still who killed? Can you just explain what that means?”

“…Your eyes are out of focus, Lilu.”

A woman wearing a blue aura all over her body and chasing the man ahead with the momentum of a ghost attached to her back.

And a man who dangles such a terrifying woman and runs away in a cold sweat.

From the way he runs this way while exchanging such conversations.

I didn’t feel the ‘tension’ as much as the snow.

“Oh, I found it.”

Even, the man standing in the front and being pursued rather had a bright smile on his face when he found Yeomma.

Like, this extreme scorching zone surrounding them right now, as well as the powerful monsters filling it up.

It’s as if even the Yeomma who rules those things isn’t even worth caring about compared to the woman who is chasing him behind his back.


and that attitude.

It was enough to scratch the temper of Yeomma, whose pride was hurt by the incident a while ago.


A roar rang out. As Yeomma pounded his chest, several pillars of flame containing his magical energy soared nearby at the same time.

It was a spark of magical power so huge that it could be said that it continued from the ground almost to the end of the sky.

Originally, it was a trump card that he would bring out when he was cornered, but he intended to hit the guys in front of him with all his might from the beginning.

None of the legendary human hunters who survived the Scorching Zone and arrived before him dared not stand against the pillar of fire raised by the Flame Demon. How many creatures have been turned back to ashes with this attack alone?


And when he arrived in front of the pillar of fire, Yeomma snorted at the man who was ‘punching’ without a choice.

Until now, no one had withstood this attack, so what could such a resistance be? It was clear that he wanted to melt into the fire and return to ashes.

he opened his mouth wide He was determined to let out a triumphant roar when he saw the scapegoat, which would soon return to ashes.





It was seeing the fist that ‘scattered’ the pillar of fire that divided heaven and earth and came in.

It was his last memory.


With its mouth wide open, I saw the head of the enma, torn apart and flying through the air.

That’s what happened to me with just one punch.

I looked at the clock and it had only been 5 minutes.

< System Message >

[Target ‘Yeomma’ temporarily disappears! ]

[ ‘Fear imprint’ is engraved on the target! ]

[From now on, whenever the subject sees ‘Dawud’, they will remember that experience! ]

Due to the nature of the boss mob called Yeomma, even if it dies once, it will resurrect periodically as long as it is in the scorching zone.

Thanks to the one-shot grinding, the fear imprinting seems to have gone smoothly.

‘…This really makes no sense.’

Thinking so, I looked down at the gauntlet on my arm.

< Item Info >

[ Infinity Gauntlet ]

[ ▶ Ectoplasm: Shows a very high compatibility rate with various abilities. The effect is doubled when applying enhancement and buff skills cast on equipment.]

[ Attribute: Martial Arts – The effect of standing up is being applied twice! ]

[ ▶ Adaptive Hide: Automatically copies the target’s attributes when hitting. The second hit automatically weakens the target’s attributes. ]

[Copying fire properties. Weakens the fire attribute on the next hit! ]

If it was Yeomma’s pillar of fire, it was a pattern that made people’s heads rot in the game. It was a goal-hitting pattern that dealt fixed damage equal to a certain percentage of the player’s physical strength regardless of the equipment worn by the player and their abilities.

By the way, I just ‘pierced through’ that guy and killed him in one shot, right?

‘…Even if only cancer is desperate.’

Of course, this amount of ‘attack power’ comes from the desperate situation.

All the utilities that can maximize that attack power are provided by this guy.

It’s not written here right now, but even when I just put my arm through the pillar of fire, I didn’t take any damage thanks to ‘dragon scales’.

Truly an air defense unit.

Even if it’s this much, you won’t have to worry about lacking performance when fighting Tatiana.

Even the special iron function that reacts sensitively to divinity and resists curses has not yet been used.

the problem is.

It’s ‘someone’ who is sticking behind me right now.

[ ‘Skill: Proof of Faith’ is activated. ]

[All stat additions are temporarily changed to ‘endurance’ and ‘divine’ stats! ]

[ ‘Skill: Penance’ is activated. ]

[ Due to the effect of ‘Attribute: Divine Power Operation’, 2 are created at the same time! ]

This skill combination has a record of blocking Casa’s fist once before.

Perhaps, considering the nature of desperation that increases with puffing, it boasts more powerful defense than then.




okay. I guess so.

Looking at the hands that pierce the two divine shields that are shattering like paper, I can’t help but think that way.

“Why do you keep running away? uh? Didn’t I ask you to explain?”

It is the arm wrapped in blue energy that immediately grabs my collar. The owner, of course, is Rirugo.

eyes are dead no focus.

It is said that it is clear that it has turned around after a while.


uh. however.

I want to answer, but I’m suffocating.

Breathing is impossible thanks to being held by the collar and dangling dangling in the air. A crackling voice leaks out. The eyes flash.

“You, you, obviously liked me before-”

Then, with the veins rising all over Riru’s forehead, she tried to say something.

“yes. until there.”

There is a ‘red aura’ that intervenes there.

It interfered with the blue aura rising from Riru’s body, and struck her arm to make it fall.


I can also feel that Caliban inside the Soul Linker is rapidly becoming displeased.

That’s it, this one.

Because it’s the energy of the red devil.


Turning her head, she sees Faynole perched on a rock holding a staff.

Thanks for calling me here beforehand. Obviously, you’ll need it at this point.

He has a smirk on his face and a red aura rises from his body.

Unlike Liru, who randomly flows her energy around her, her appearance is clearly restrained and orderly.

‘…the only vessel capable of controlling demons.’

I sigh inwardly as I recall those characteristics.

I don’t intend to use that in an actual ‘battle’, but at least I needed it to respond to Liru right away.

Because the only thing that can respond to a demon is the same demon.

He survived because that guy just dropped Li Lu’s arm.

“…what else is that guy?”

“Fenol Laipek. This time, Mr. Dowd’s lover was nominated. Nice to meet you, senior in the waiting line.”


While Riru looks at Fynol, who smiles and waves with a puzzled expression.

While I was distracted, I attached the magic stone I received from Faynol earlier to Liru’s body.

It is a magic stone of ‘space movement’ that anyone with a certain level of skill can craft.

The set coordinates are the outermost smelting furnace of struggle.

The effect is immediate. Liru’s body, with the magic stone attached, immediately swished away and disappeared.

“…Oh, I almost died.”

Stand up from your seat with a chuckle.

There is a deep blue bruise on her neck thanks to Li Lu’s just grabbing.

Even with all kinds of fraudulent skills, it was to this extent.

“…Isn’t this just blindfolded?”

Seeing me like that, Fynol said with a wry smile.

“I did everything you asked me to do, but what does this mean?”

“I can buy time.”


Fainol frowned.

“…blue demons are heavily affected by vessels. Haven’t you been paying attention all this time?”

“I wrote it.”

“yes. But if I just send it to another place without explaining it properly, I’ll get more angry, right?”

“It should be me.”

Rubbing his neck, he rummaged through the broken body of the enma and spoke.

Because I had something to look for in here.

“…Then how are you going to appease such an angry person? If the vessel runs out of control, as in the case of the gray devil before, this area-”

“I won’t appease you.”

I sighed in response to Faynol’s words.

Immediately, the boy’s expression darkened.


“I’m not soothed.”

Because he provoked it from the beginning with that thought in the first place, and sent it flying without explanation.

until the end of your anger. Let the devil’s energy flow more and more.


Throughout the chapter, I really cared and took care of him so that he wouldn’t get angry.

Seeing Alan’s current condition changed my mind.

As I said before, I have to do my own crazy things to deal with a boss I can never beat. To a level that even Tatiana could not have expected,

Meeting Faynol was part of that, but I needed something more… ‘effective’.

So I did some thinking.

What is the craziest thing I can commit in a repairable line?

With a method that is strong enough to break through the boss fight with ease.

So the conclusion is this

“Because the blue devil will run amok once.”


Let’s take a look at the naked Liru.

It Is Fate To Be Loved by the Villains

It Is Fate To Be Loved by the Villains

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