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Extra After the Ending chapter 35

35. Memory Fragment(1)

Memory Fragment(1)

Siwoo got angry.

It was because he had put Siwoo in danger by failing to aim the magic. Siu was so close to the monster that he threatened it and diverted his attention, but that was just my excuse.

If my skills were better, I would have hit the monster without damaging Siwoo.

I felt so insignificant that I was confident that I was a magic genius. If only he had skills, wouldn’t he have been loved by Siwoo?

Even if Siwoo gets angry, it can’t be helped. Even though I was mean to Siwoo, Siwoo saved me…. Even so, I’m such a stupid b*tch who doesn’t help and only hinders Siwoo.

You fell into your own delusion that you and Siwoo were close to each other and hurt Siwoo, and now you are being punished. It was unavoidable.

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Nevertheless, it was very sad. After the incident at the combat evaluation site, Siu’s attitude completely changed. Even if he tried to think of it as his job, it was difficult to hold on.

Yuri or Anna unnies represent me every time, but in the end, what I wanted was a warm word from Siwoo, so this sadness and emptiness could not be filled.


Today, I was alone on the roof of an abandoned building near the academy to soothe my depression. I found this place while wandering around looking for a place to be alone. It was nice that no one was seen around at night.

All I could see was the night view of the sparkling city in the distance. I felt like I was alone in this world, so it was good to clear my mind.

“Why the hell am I like this….”

I tried to show a good side to Siwoo, but the more I did something, the more I felt like I was falling into a pit. He tries to change Si-woo’s mind, but his actions make him more and more distant, and Si-woo’s attention is focused on Yuri-na, which makes him impatient and makes a bigger mistake.

“It’s too hard…. I just want to be comfortable.”

Today, the deep darkness spreading under the rooftop looked so cozy. Obviously, the disgusting fiancé disappeared, and the life that seemed to be going smoothly in the future was just a series of pain.

I have to pay for my sins to Siwoo… I can’t do this… I’m just here to make up my mind for tomorrow….

Even if I fell from here, I might not die. Even though he was the physically weakest magician among the powerful, he had a strong body compared to ordinary people. Even if it fell, there was a possibility that it would end in fainting for a while.

“I will not die… hehehehe Yes, it ends in a coma for a while. I also have glass, so I can recover… I might get scolded by Siwoo again, but if he were a patient, wouldn’t he treat me kindly?”

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No matter how you think about it, it seemed like a good idea. Alright, let’s get away like this and take a break for a while.

“This is a restricted area except for those involved, so you shouldn’t be here.”

As I was slowly approaching the end of the building, I heard a voice from behind. I turned around in surprise and there stood a large man who looked like a soldier with a huge gun slung over his shoulder.

“… Who are you? I don’t think you’re particularly involved in this building either?”

“hahahaha, I am a soldier dispatched for regional defense. Originally, it was something the police would do, but since manpower is running out, work is coming in for us as well.”


I didn’t know much about this kind of work, so it was hard to argue further. It seemed like there was someone in the off-limits area, but it was like a no-brainer to me.

“Ha ha. I’ll be leaving soon, so don’t worry. It’s not like I’m committing a crime, I’m just here to clear my mind.”

“hahahaha. If you’re leaving soon, let’s go down together. I’ll be waiting for you. It’s late, but the woman can’t send it alone.”

This man was annoyingly persistent. He wondered if he was a criminal impersonating a soldier, but he showed no sign of committing anything. He was confident in my skills, so he was confident to subdue me if I attacked him.

“… Are you a student at that academy? It’s not a monster, and there’s no chance of you getting hurt by a person, so please go.”

“Hey! You were an academy student! Uh, aren’t you that famous wizard by any chance?”

“Eh? Do you know me?”

“A famous student at the academy is well known among the general public. He heard that there was a genius wizard who had come to study in England. I heard he has blonde pigtails….”

“hehehe… Genius Wizard….”

Hmmm, this guy knows something. He corrected the evaluation as a person with common sense, albeit annoying.

“I heard that he was also active in the gate raid. Thanks to the wizard, my comrade was able to live without dying.”

“Oh, I didn’t do anything today. Making a complete mistake and hurting my colleagues….”

“No! My friend said it worked really well! He said it was very clean without any damage.”

“Is that so? But my colleague pointed out my mistake….”

“… Ah! He said that too. There was a difference of opinion with a colleague, so he seemed to fight for a while… But your choice saved that person’s life. If I hadn’t aimed at the monsters, I could have been seriously injured.”

“My choice… Aren’t you wrong?”

“Of course! Your choice saved your comrades and saved my friend.”

My choice was right. Even though it was the first time someone had said it, it was deeply embedded in my heart. I was thrilled and proud at the same time, probably because it was the first time I heard the opinion of a complete third person, not a colleague or a student at the same academy.

“… Is that so. I guess I was useful today. Lol….”

“No! What are you talking about so lowly? Do you know how many people survive each mission thanks to the wizard?”

I felt a bit embarrassed because of the man who kept painting my face with gold, but when I saw his actions, I could see his sincerity, so my confidence seemed to come back. Yes, there was just a difference of opinion with Siwoo. My actions were not wrong. Let’s try a little harder.

I can still do it.

“There’s really nothing I can do about this, and if you don’t mind, I hope you can eat at least this and cheer up.”

The man handed me a thermos.

“… This?”

“It is coffee mixed with Allachne juice. Originally, I brought it to drink during the night mission, but since I met a noble person, I have to give it to you.”

“… Isn’t this pretty expensive?”

“hahahaha… One of the few advantages of field work is that you can pack these materials little by little. It didn’t cost any money, so don’t worry and accept it.”

“Ah. Thank you.”

I received a thermos bottle. Just in case, I used magic to test the poison, but there was no response. It seemed like pure kindness.

“Since he is much stronger than me, I think it will be okay not to worry. Don’t stay long… I will go first.”

“Oh, yes! Oh, I will drink this well!”

“hahahaha. No big deal.”

The man disappeared quietly, as if melting into the darkness just like when he came. Come to think of it, it came through my detection magic… Are you a strong person? He didn’t feel very strong, but was I just distracted?

I sat down on the ledge on the roof and opened the lid of the thermos bottle. The strong aroma of coffee tickled his nostrils.


It was a feeling that made my heart more comfortable.

– Hureuk

“Wow…. This is really good.”

It tasted like you could understand why it was expensive.


When I heard the sudden ringing, I looked at my phone and it was Yuri’s.

“Huh? Hello. It’s yuri Where are you? Yeah, I was out to get some fresh air. Yep. No, that’s fine. I’ll go right in. Alright, hang up.”

… Let’s do our best tomorrow too. You can do it. There are people who support me, Yuri and unnie also take care of me.

“Aja! I can do it!… Suck!”

That’s right! He may not have gone far yet… ! aaa shame! He felt his face heat up. I quickly memorized the order to return to the dormitory.

“… Space Leap!!!”

……………………… ….

… Siu got angry.

One of the magic stones distributed to me is said to be quite valuable. I sold it without knowing it, and because of that, Siwoo had a hard time finding the magic stone again.

But I really didn’t know… I just sold the magic stones I received as usual….

Recently, I thought it was fortunate that Siwoo’s attitude had become a little friendly, but I felt like I was going crazy because all of that seemed to have become a scammer.

Today, I arrived at the rooftop of an abandoned building that I look for when I feel depressed.

“Haaa… How did I get rid of this feeling….”

I just remembered that when I was depressed, I felt relieved when I went up to the roof of this building. However, even when I went up on the roof, nothing changed. Rather, he felt as if the ground beneath the roof was tempting him.

Suicidal thoughts were the worst. Why the hell did you come here?

“This is a restricted area except for those involved, so you shouldn’t be here.”

I heard someone’s voice from behind.


I turned around at the sudden presence, and there was a tall man in a suit standing there.

Extra After the Ending

Extra After the Ending

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Became an extra in the novel. became a real extra. Under the control of the system, they rolled over and over again, doing the chores of the main character’s party. 15 years have passed and the novel’s ending is approaching


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