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Cosmic Professional Gladiator Volume – Chapter 95 – : Aircraft Descends

Chapter 95: Aircraft Descends

Translator: CKtalon

September 7, 10 a.m.

China, Life Evolution Bureau.

“Everyone.” Director Zhou looked at the other four deputy directors and placed the document with a red-letter head on the table. “The highest authorities have decided on the second patronage list.”

Fang Hong, Zhang Tongfang, Liang Qian, and Wang Shuqi immediately saw the name list on the red-letter head.


Xu Jingming was in first place, and Fang Yu was in second.

“All preparations have been confirmed,” Director Zhou instructed. “Once it’s confirmed that there are no errors, Xu Jingming, Fang Yu, and Zhao Fan will be invited. Of the previous batch, only Liu Hai will receive a second round of grooming. The level of grooming will be equivalent to Xu Jingming’s.”

The four deputy directors nodded.

“Make the best use of your time and act quickly. Make sure everything is ready by 2 p.m. this afternoon,” Director Zhou instructed.

At noon.

After lunch, Xu Jingming and Li Miaomiao sat in the living room, eating fruits and watching a program on the projection as they chatted.

“Senior Brother.” Xu Jingming received a video call, and Fang Xinglong appeared on the projection.

“Jingming, I was entrusted by the White Bear Group to invite you to join the team they’re building,” Fang Xinglong said with a smile. “You don’t have to consider me. I’m just a messenger.”

“White Bear Group?” Xu Jingming was surprised. “Such a large corporation wants to establish a combat team as well?”

There was a gap even between the Tiger Shark Group at its peak and the White Bear Group.

The White Bear Group was a large state-owned corporation, and it was the world’s number one giant in producing batteries. All cars and even many appliances nowadays used ‘batteries.’ Battery technology was also a core technology. Although the White Bear Group was number one globally in market share, it also had competitors from other countries.

Meanwhile, the White Bear Group also had its own cars and even produced aircrafts.

“The state-owned corporations are a little slow,” Fang Xinglong said with a smile, “but once they decide to enter the virtual world, they are filled with determination. They invited you to be the captain of the team! The base salary is 100 million a year, and you can take 50% of the team’s prize money. As for the livestream tips, they are all yours. The restrictions they have on you are also very low.”

“I don’t plan on disbanding Team Pearwood for the time being,” Xu Jingming said.

“Alright, I’ll send you the details. Contact me again if you have any thoughts,” Fang Xinglong said with a smile. “However, I’ll give you a suggestion. The virtual world has only been launched for a month or so, and all countries are guiding their citizens in martial arts combat… This isn’t as simple as a game. Don’t tie yourself to any party easily. Even if you sign a contract, you mustn’t be tied down by too much.”

Xu Jingming nodded.

“Speaking of which, your leaving my combat center is like a dragon returning to the seas. You’ve shot to prominence,” Fang Xinglong said with a smile. “Alright, let’s not chat anymore. Keep up the good work.”

After the call ended, Li Miaomiao said a little sourly, “You had so many calls today. All of them are inviting you, but none of them are inviting me.”

“They’re idiots. How can I go over if Sister Cat isn’t invited?” Xu Jingming smiled.

Suddenly, he received a call.

Xu Jingming accepted the call again.

“Young Master Heng, what’s the matter?” Xu Jingming asked.

“An acquaintance asked me for help.” Heng Fang held back his laughter. “I’m just a messenger. If you want to curse, don’t direct it at me.”

“Just get to it,” Xu Jingming urged.

“It’s that… that Cheng Zihao you don’t like very much has invited you to be the captain of Team White Dragon,” Heng Fang said. “The salary…”

“Tell him to f*ck off!” Xu Jingming said.

“I know you would curse. Regardless, I’ve delivered the message.” Heng Fang smiled. “Oh right, I wanted to ask you. Captain, you probably won’t leave Team Pearwood, right? Also, you won’t chase old members like us out, right?”

Xu Jingming shot him a glare and hung up.

Li Miaomiao said in disbelief, “How thick-skinned can Cheng Zihao be. He still has the cheek to invite you?”

In the office.

“Boss, Xu Jingming rejected the offer,” Zhou Feng said.

“Oh.” Cheng Zihao sat at his desk and didn’t look up. He asked, “What did he say? Any conditions?”

“He only said a few words—Tell him to f*ck off!” Zhou Feng said.

Cheng Zihao’s heart instantly burned with fury, and his expression twisted slightly, but he forced himself to control it. He smiled calmly and said, “How narrow-minded. It’s fine if we can’t get him; it’s just a try anyway. There’s no need to spend money trying.”

“Yes, Boss. How can Xu Jingming compare to you? He’s just a martial artist,” Zhou Feng flattered.

“Alright, you may leave,” Cheng Zihao said.

Zhou Feng immediately left silently and carefully closed the office door before leaving.

When he was the only one left in the office, Cheng Zihao’s calm face twisted completely.

“What the hell?” Cheng Zihao suddenly flung the document and pen in his hand and cursed, “I did it so nicely and invited him politely, but he didn’t even care? Who would dare to treat me like this back when the Tiger Shark Group was still my family’s? It’s truly the case that losing one’s position and influence subjects one to much indignity!”

“I’ll suck it up! I have to be able to tolerate what ordinary people can’t tolerate when it comes to managing a company.” Cheng Zihao gritted his teeth.

This was the first time in so many years that he had managed a company seriously; he spent almost all his time on the company.


In the afternoon, Xu Jingming was practicing Heavenly Python Evolution in the courtyard.

Suddenly, he saw a large aircraft appear in midair. It was still descending, and it was heading for his residence.

What’s going on? Xu Jingming stopped cultivating his evolutionary method and looked up.

“What’s wrong?” Li Miaomiao walked out of the living room and stood in the yard, looking up at the sky.

A large, almost triangular spacecraft slowly landed with China’s flag on it, only stopping when it hovered over the villa. Light then enveloped the surroundings and Xu Jingming’s house, preventing the neighbors from seeing what was happening inside.

The aircraft’s door opened, and a metal staircase descended to Xu Jingming’s yard.

Three figures walked down the stairs, led by an elder.

“Zhou…” Xu Jingming looked at the old man surnamed Zhou and couldn’t help but be dumbfounded. Although this person rarely appeared on shows, this old man had already been one of the country’s leaders more than 30 years ago—a time before he was even born.

“Hello, Xu Jingming. I’m Zhou Yuyang,” Zhou extended his hand and said.

Xu Jingming was a little flattered. He immediately extended his hands and shook hands. “Greetings, Mr. Zhou.”

“I’m now the director of China’s Life Evolution Bureau,” Director Zhou said with a smile. “The Life Evolution Bureau is in charge of the evolution of China’s commoners. The virtual world is also managed by the Life Evolution Bureau.”

Xu Jingming was surprised.

He had never even heard of the Life Evolution Bureau! However, its authority was astonishing. The significance of Life Evolution to humans was obvious, and China’s servers were managed by the Life Evolution Bureau.

“Join me on the aircraft; we’re heading to Binhai,” Director Zhou said. “We’ll talk on the way.”

“Alright.” Xu Jingming nodded and turned to look at his girlfriend. “Miaomiao, I’ll make a trip to Binhai.”

“Hello, Li Miaomiao,” Director Zhou said with a smile. “I’ll be taking your boyfriend with me. He’ll probably be back in a day or two.”

“Director Zhou, alright. Go ahead.” Li Miaomiao was a little nervous. She never expected to see this old man in her life.

Xu Jingming immediately followed Director Zhou and climbed the metal stairs under the escort of two guards.

The stairs retracted, and the few of them entered the aircraft.

After entering the aircraft cabin, Director Zhou pointed at a seat beside him. “Have a seat.”

Xu Jingming sat down obediently.

“I invited you because of the country’s grooming plan,” Director Zhou explained as he sat down. “And you will receive the country’s highest level of grooming. The highest level of grooming is limited to only you and Liu Hai..”

Cosmic Professional Gladiator

Cosmic Professional Gladiator

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