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Cosmic Professional Gladiator Volume – Chapter 92 – Debate

Chapter 92: Debate

Translator: CKtalon

“Thoughts from the rest of the table?” Director Zhou swept his gaze across the other deputy directors. “Old Fang, you’ve been in charge of the field of martial arts for years. Tell me.”

The elegant middle-aged man, Fang Hong, nodded and said, “I support Xu Jingming.”

The others listened to his explanation.


“Everyone knows what kind of challenges Earth’s civilization will face in the future,” Fang Hong said. “Becoming China’s strongest experts isn’t just for the sake of being the strongest among their peers. They have to constantly break through and become stronger life forms!”

“A breakthrough in one’s level in life depends on one’s realm,” Fang Hong said. “One has to achieve a breakthrough in their technique before they can rely on the evolutionary method to reach a new level.”

“Among China’s Lv. 3 experts these days, the two youngest are Fang Yu and Xu Jingming. They haven’t received any grooming from us either,” Fang Hong continued. “In comparison, Xu Jingming’s growth speed is clearly much faster after reaching Lv. 3. At this moment, his spearmanship has broken through to Lv. 3 56%. Fang Yu’s footwork hasn’t broken through yet, and his halberd technique is only at Lv. 3 21%.”

“Among the Lv. 3 experts in the country, Xu Jingming’s technique growth is the fastest! Of course, Liu Hai is the most comprehensive—he has reached Lv. 3 99% in all aspects. I think these two are the best in terms of technique,” Fang Hong said. “I think we should focus more on technique. Once their realm breaks through, they will be standing on a completely different level in life. The 103% compatibility won’t mean much.”

Director Zhou nodded. “Old Fang has made his point very clear. What about the others?”

“Fang Yu is only 20 years old, and he hasn’t received any grooming. He reached Lv. 3 on his own, and his realm is also applaudable,” Zhang Tongfang said. “It’s just that he hasn’t undergone as much training as Xu Jingming, and he doesn’t have enough life experience. When he’s 29, his perception probably won’t be inferior to Xu Jingming’s. Moreover, you also know that… it’s harder to break through in one’s level in life toward the end. Xu Jingming and Fang Yu will most likely stop at the same level. I think it’s more reliable to groom Fang Yu.”

“I choose Xu Jingming,” Deputy Director Liang Qian said. “There’s no such thing as stability or uncertainty. China will nurture generations of experts. Liu Hai, Xu Jingming, and the others are the first generation after the virtual world’s launch. In ten years, teenagers who are only allowed to fight bare-handed will also grow. Their foundations will be more solid. Once they come into contact with weapons, they will grow faster. There will be a second generation of geniuses appearing, followed by a third… Generations will appear one after another!”

“The first on our patronage list will receive the most amount of grooming. Do we just want someone that’s powerful at the same level?” Deputy Director Liang Qian shook her head. “Many experts will appear in the future. What we need the most now is the strongest lifeform! The stronger, the better!”

“Every country on Earth doesn’t dare to expect too much. China should be more down-to-earth,” Wang Shuqi said.

Zhang Tongfang nodded. “We’ll be paying a heavy price for the first person on the list. We have to be careful and play it safe.”

“With Xu Jingming’s growth speed, he won’t be much weaker no matter how weak. It’s a very safe choice,” Deputy Director Liang Qian said.

“Sometimes, you have to be bold,” Fang Hong said with a smile. “Perhaps a miracle will happen?”

The four deputy directors argued.

Director Zhou nodded and said, “Back then, our first batch of grooming had problems because it was difficult to figure out the domestic situation. We only focused on grooming accomplished combat experts, and the grooming efforts were limited! The second batch… was selected nationwide after the virtual world’s launch. The grooming of the top three this time will be intensified, and the amount of grooming the first person will receive will be unprecedented. I can understand why everyone is being cautious, but if we can’t provide a solution, we can only let the highest authorities decide.”

The four deputy directors looked at each other and insisted on their opinions.

“No matter who I choose, there’s no way to get four people to agree.” Director Zhou nodded and said, “Then, the first and second candidates will be temporarily decided. The five of us need to write down our own opinions and let the highest authorities decide.”

“Alright.” The four deputy directors nodded.

“The top two will definitely be selected from Xu Jingming and Fang Yu. Does anyone have objections with Zhao Fan being third?” Director Zhou asked.

“No objections.”

“He deserves it.”

“He never came into contact with martial arts in the past, yet he defeated some martial arts masters in a month or so. He’s only 18 this year; his talent is really high.”

The four deputy directors agreed.

“The next 17 people will be the 30 people selected by the virtual world through big data. We will vote on them. 17 people will be selected… according to the votes received,” Director Zhou said.

That day, the Life Evolution Bureau reported the detailed information on the list of 20 candidates to the highest authorities. Only the most important first place and second place were undetermined—the candidates were Xu Jingming and Fang Yu.


In the morning, Xu Jingming, Li Miaomiao, and the rest of the family gathered and ate breakfast together to celebrate the Firestarter Cup’s victory.

Although Xu Jingming didn’t win, Xu Hong did!

“The Firestarter Cup’s finals ended early this morning. Liu Hai’s Elderly Team won the championship. Team Pearwood, led by Xu Jingming, ended as runner-up.” The morning news was playing on the projection in the living room.

“I’m done eating. I’ll head to the virtual world first.” Xu Jingming got up.

“Kid, you are already in such a hurry just after the competition,” Xu Hong said.

“I have to quickly review my battle with Master,” Xu Jingming said and smiled at his family. “Take your time eating.”

Then, he immediately went to the bedroom.

The other family members weren’t in a hurry.

Li Miaomiao sat on the sofa and watched the news before switching programs.

“A batch of young experts has appeared in this Firestarter Cup such as Xu Jingming, Wang Yi, and Fang Yu. Although Liu Hai’s team ended as champions, it’s undeniable that these youngsters are strong.” This was a talk show, and the host casually chatted with the two guests.

“Xu Jingming is now the leading figure of China’s younger generation. Back when he broke his leg in the arena, I found it regretful and thought that his future in martial arts was ruined. Who would’ve thought that he would return to the arena in a few years? Now, he’s even more brilliant, and he’s known throughout the country.”

“Xu Jingming is very outstanding domestically, but we have to look at all the experts at his level across the world. Compared to the world’s top experts, we have to admit that Xu Jingming’s strength is still inferior.”

“Yes, it’s obvious from the battle with Liu Hai and Lei Yunfang… Xu Jingming was completely suppressed in a one-on-one battle.”

“The person who’s fourth on the Cosmos Ranking is only 20 years old. The person who just became 7th in the world is only 32 years old. Xu Jingming still has to work harder when compared to these top experts.”

Li Miaomiao frowned slightly as she watched the program.

“You have to be calm.” Li Chen’an sat beside his daughter and said, “After all, these are the world’s top experts on the Cosmos Ranking. Humans shouldn’t always compete with the strongest and give themselves too much pressure. It’s fine as long as you keep improving and becoming stronger.”

Li Miaomiao nodded. “I understand. Jingming has always worked hard.”

In the martial arts arena in his personal space.

Xu Jingming carefully looked at the battle scene in front of him. It was a slow-motion replay of the finals where he fought his master.

I attacked with all my might, but Master blocked it with one saber. Xu Jingming watched. Master blocked Zhang Qing’s dual sword attack with one saber previously. There’s no time to have every move go through the mind. Master is reacting instinctively.

Xu Jingming’s eyes lit up. Right, make all moves instinctive.

Every move of mine is very fast. Xu Jingming watched the slow-motion replay of his battle with his master carefully. But from the looks of it, the commonly used moves are instinctive, while the transitions between combos are a little slow. I can’t be like Master, where all his moves are instinctive.

In Master’s eyes, there might be no more moves. All he sees is the enemy’s flaw! His hand will naturally use the move to deal with that flaw. Without any moves in mind, the moves become instinctive. Xu Jingming could faintly discern his master’s realm.

Just like how a person wouldn’t consider whether to take a step using his left or right leg when walking. It was like typing—when he thought of a word, his hand naturally typed the necessary characters.

In combat, as long as one thought of where they were to attack the enemy, they could instinctively use the most suitable move. By delivering one move after another, it would be terrifyingly fast.

I’ll give it a try… Xu Jingming began to virtualize his opponents and tried out such a combat method.

He had been reviewing the slow-motion replay ever since the finals ended, constantly reflecting and perfecting his techniques.

He planned on challenging the Cosmos Tower after the review.

Cosmic Professional Gladiator

Cosmic Professional Gladiator

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