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Cosmic Professional Gladiator Volume – Chapter 87 – Defeat Me!

Chapter 87: Defeat Me!

Translator: CKtalon

“We are all part of the Earth Alliance, so we need to work together,” Director Zhou said with a smile. “After all, we are fighting for Earth’s civilization.”

“Well said, Zhou. We are all doing this for Earth’s civilization.” The caucasian elder nodded. “It’s precisely because of this that we have to abide by the shared will and decisions of the entire alliance.”

“What does it mean by shared will? It’s not just that handful of countries, nor is it limited to the Council countries, but every country on this blue planet,” Director Zhou said with a smile. “We can talk about this in the future. Everyone, please take a seat. The competition will begin in a while.”

“Take a seat.”


All the envoys nodded.

Upon closer inspection, one would discover that the envoys spoke in different languages, including English and Japanese. However, the final sounds produced… were in Chinese.

This was the virtual world determining the language. In China, Mandarin was the lingua franca.

Director Zhou and the others accompanied the entire Earth Alliance’s envoy delegation and sat in the stands, watching the competition that was about to begin.

On the commentary platform, three people were sitting. They were Liu Xin, Lei Yunfang, and Zhang Qing.

“After several days of fierce combat, we are finally ushering in the finals of the Firestarter Cup. The two strongest teams have gone through many battles to meet at the finals.” Liu Xin’s excitement showed. “The arrival of the virtual world begins a new era for humans, and the Firestarter Cup… is also destined to go down in history in this new era for us as the first National Tournament in China.”

“It’s 11:43 p.m. now, and the number of viewers in the livestream has reached 1.12 billion. It can be said that 90% of those online in the virtual world have entered the livestream. It has also broken all previous livestream records.” Liu Xin looked to her side. “I’m also very honored to have invited two guests. They are also the two captains of the top four teams, Teacher Lei Yunfang and Teacher Zhang Qing.”

“Hello, everyone.” Lei Yunfang and Zhang Qing waved their hands.

Everyone cheered. Although Lei Yunfang and Zhang Qing didn’t proceed beyond being in the top four, they were very popular.

“The two teachers should be quite familiar with the two teams that have entered the finals,” Liu Xin said. “I hope that both of you can give a prediction about which team will win from a professional point of view. Let’s start with you, Teacher Zhang Qing.”

Just as Zhang Qing was about to speak, another round of cheers rang out. The cheers were so loud that Zhang Qing couldn’t help but smile, causing the cheers to reach a new crescendo.

“It looks like the audience loves Teacher Zhang Qing,” Liu Xin said with a smile. “Everyone, quieten down. Let Teacher Zhang Qing make a prediction.”

Only then did it gradually quieten down.

Although Zhang Qing was in her forties, she appeared very young even before she obtained the evolutionary method. She practiced martial arts all year round and had a good figure, making her a beauty. Moreover, she appeared much younger after cultivating the evolutionary method. She was truly like a sword immortal.

Her eyebrows were straight, and her eyes had a soul-stirring edge.

She was different from ordinary women; every move she exhibited emitted sword intent. She was a natural sword genius.

“Xu Jingming is the most talented spearmanship genius I’ve ever seen,” Zhang Qing commented. “As for Wang Yi, she’s also the most talented archery genius.”

“Teacher Zhang Qing, are you saying that Wang Yi’s talent in archery is higher than Zhou Yi’s?” Liu Xin asked. As Xu Jingming was the strongest in China when it came to spears, the host didn’t retort on that point. But for Wang Yi… Zhou Yi had greater achievements as a sharpshooter.

Zhang Qing nodded. “Yes, I believe she’s more talented than Zhou Yi, but he’s more pious and crazy.”

In the stands, Xu Jingming and the others listened to Zhang Qing.

Senior Zhang Qing is right. Wang Yi nodded gently and fell into thought. In terms of piousness and madness, I’m inferior to Zhou Yi.

Xu Jingming also admitted that Zhang Qing was right.

Before the virtual world’s launch, Zhou Yi was a legend in Chinese archery. When he became an adult, he changed his first name to Yi, resulting in plenty of ridicule back then. People felt that he was stupid or had a one-track mind.

However, Zhou Yi didn’t care about how the world viewed him. He even abandoned his secular life and entered the mountains to practice his archery after becoming famous.

Back then, he retired—he didn’t participate in any archery competitions, nor did he know that the virtual world would appear. He practiced archery alone in the mountains and forests… It was purely for his love for archery and his pursuit of higher levels of archery.

After Wang Yi retired, she took on many commercial endorsements and enjoyed life. She had a much more comfortable life.

“Xu Jingming and Wang Yi are very strong individually, and their teamwork is even more terrifying.” Zhang Qing nodded. “But I think… they won’t be Coach Liu Hai’s match.”

“You think Teacher Liu Hai’s team will win?” Liu Xin asked.

“Yes.” Zhang Qing nodded. She couldn’t forget the despair she felt when facing Liu Hai. No matter how she used her dual sword techniques, the latter easily blocked her with a single strike and killed her with a single punch. That crushing feeling… was too great.

“Teacher Lei Yunfang, what about you?” Liu Xin asked.

“Xu Jingming and Wang Yi defeated me with their cooperation,” Lei Yunfang said. “When fighting an expert at Xu Jingming’s level with Wang Yi in the shadows as well, having her arrow trained on you… Anyone who has experienced it will know what it feels like.”

Liu Xin smiled. “Teacher Lei Yunfang knows this very well.”

“I admit my loss.” Lei Yunfang nodded. “I think Liu Hai probably won’t have it easy against these two, but… I still think Liu Hai will win.”

“Teacher Lei Yunfang, you also think Liu Hai’s team will win?” the host asked.

Both guests chose one team unanimously? It was too boring.

Only by choosing different teams would there be a topic of discussion.

“When Liu Hai makes a move, you’ll know why I chose him,” Lei Yunfang said. “It all depends on how much strength Xu Jingming and Wang Yi can force out of Liu Hai.”

“Oh?” Liu Xin asked. “How much strength did Liu Hai use to defeat Teacher Zhang Qing with one punch?”

“I’m not sure either.” Lei Yunfang didn’t say anything else. “All I know is that he’s world number one.”

As the guests discussed, it was nearly midnight.

Liu Xin suddenly said, “It’s midnight on September 6, and the number of viewers in the livestream has reached a new record—1.158 billion. Let us invite the two teams that have made it to the finals!”

A total of 12 people from Liu Hai’s Elderly Team and Team Pearwood appeared on the commentary platform. They were Liu Hai, Tian Yiqu, Zhou Fan, Xu Hong, Dai Tongda, and the substitute member, Qiu Yong.

There was also Team Pearwood’s Xu Jingming, Wang Yi, Yang Qingshuo, Heng Fang, Liu Chongyuan, and the substitute member, Li Miaomiao.


“Cat is invincible!”

“All the best, Sister Yi!”

“Liu Hai, world champion!”

Countless cheers erupted, like a landslide or tsunami. The sound was terrifying, and it left the Earth Alliance’s envoy delegation dumbfounded.

The envoy from Japan turned to look at the countless people on stage and smiled. “China sure has a huge population.”

“It’s very normal for the Chinese to like Chinese experts,” Director Zhou said.

Of the two teams, one sat on the leftmost side of the commentary platform while the other sat on the right.

Liu Xin looked at Liu Hai’s Elderly Team and said with interest, “I know a secret. There are three people in Teacher Liu Hai’s team… who are masters of Team Pearwood’s Captain, Xu Jingming.”

Liu Hai nodded with a smile and looked at Xu Hong beside him.

Xu Hong said, “Dai Tongda and I were Jingming’s childhood masters; you can think of it as us setting the foundation for him. Jingming entered the national team after university, and Captain Liu Hai became his master.”

“There are three teachers in a team. Will Xu Jingming be restricted when he makes a move?” Liu Xin looked at Xu Jingming.

Xu Jingming looked at Wang Yi beside him, who said, “Our team has a clear division of labor. I’ll deal with the two masters from Captain’s youth.”

“This kid.” Xu Hong smiled.

“Get a sharpshooter to deal with us?” Dai Tongda glared angrily. He felt despair when thinking of having a Lv. 3 sharpshooter target him.

Xu Jingming didn’t say a word.

A competition was about winning. He chose to let Sister Yi do the honors of eliminating his dad and Master Dai first.

Liu Xin looked at the time and said, “Teacher Liu Hai, please give the opposing team a message.”

Liu Hai nodded and looked at Xu Jingming and the others. He smiled and said, “Show all your strength. The best way to honor your master is to defeat and surpass him. I’m looking forward to the moment when you can defeat me.”

“Captain Xu Jingming, is there anything for the opposing team?” Liu Xin asked.

“I’m also looking forward to defeating Master.” Xu Jingming looked at Liu Hai. He would use his best Eight Extremities lineage method to challenge his master’s Taiji.

“Alright, the two teams can enter the combat space,” Liu Xin reminded.

Liu Hai’s Elderly Team and Team Pearwood got up and headed for the combat space’s preparation area.

After choosing their weapons and equipment, the ten people on both sides turned into streams of light and landed on the forest map.

The finals officially began!

Cosmic Professional Gladiator

Cosmic Professional Gladiator

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