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Cosmic Professional Gladiator Volume – Chapter 80 – : Liu Hai’s True Strength

Chapter 80: Liu Hai’s True Strength

In the stands, Xu Jingming and the others watched the two teams on the commentary platform. After an interview and chat, the two teams finally headed for the combat space.

“It’s about to begin,” Xu Jingming said. “Watch this match carefully. Team Fairydance’s situation is very similar to ours; we can draw some experience from them.”

“It’s been a long time since Senior Liu Hai has truly revealed his strength. I hope we can figure out something,” Wang Yi said.

Everyone present watched carefully. Li Miaomiao was among them and appeared to be watching seriously.

The first semi-final match was held on the forest map.


The forest was a little muddy after the rain.

Liu Hai’s team and Zhang Qing’s team landed in different areas. Some were halfway up the mountain, some were on the ground, and some were on the trees.

“The four of you should join forces to deal with the four seniors first.” Zhang Qing wore light armor that clung close to her body and had two swords on her back. She was a rather beautiful woman, but her eyes were as sharp as swords. “Coach Liu Hai won’t interfere in your battle.”

“Yes, Captain.”

“Yes, Master,” the four female team members replied.

In the forest, Team Fairydance’s Sun Yuting, Wang Nuan, Dai Xiaoqing, and Yuan Yujiao fought Xu Hong, Dai Tongda, Tian Yiqu, and Zhou Fan first.

One-on-one clashes ensued, and with the sharpshooter’s help, arrows whistled across the battlefield as they fought.

Liu Hai watched this scene with interest and admired the fights between the juniors. Under my guidance and the constant honing through the competition, the moves of Zhou Fan and the others have become more shrewd. Their teamwork has also improved. Those girls… beautiful they may be, but they are too young. They are still not staid enough.

After a round of combat.

Four members of Team Fairydance were wiped out, while Zhou Fan, the archer from Liu Hai’s Elderly Team, survived until the end!


When she was the only one left in the team, Zhang Qing took action. Her figure was extremely fast as she charged at Zhou Fan.

Zhou Fan didn’t escape either; he stood still and watched silently. When Zhang Qing was 30 meters away, he suddenly started strafing with his bow and arrows!

Zhang Qing didn’t dodge and instead charged forward head-on. Her two swords flashed slightly and easily fended off the arrows.


The sword swept past Zhou Fan’s body, and he turned ethereal and disappeared.

Zhang Qing turned her head and looked at Liu Hai in the distance; the latter had already walked over.

“Coach Liu Hai, aren’t you drawing your weapon?” Zhang Qing looked at him.

“I’ll do it when I feel like it.” Liu Hai was tall and stocky, and his hair was disheveled. His eyes burned as he looked forward to this battle. “Make your move.”


Zhang Qing held her two swords as her figure flashed with extreme agility while she lunged at Liu Hai.

Zhang Qing’s sword technique was different from others; it exuded extreme beauty as if it were art. Therefore, Zhang Qing had many fans. This was because watching her use her sword technique was an ultimate form of enjoyment.

Likewise, her sword techniques were very cruel under the beautiful facade. She was recognized as China’s number one swordsman.


The moment Zhang Qing approached, Liu Hai—who was still standing there empty-handed—instantly drew the saber at his waist and blocked the strike.

Zhang Qing didn’t stop at all as she moved. At the same time, she delivered consecutive strikes—stabs, strikes, flicks, and slashes.

A bout of dazzling sword flashes ensued, and for a moment, she had delivered a countless number of strikes. All one could hear was the sound of swords clashing.

Zhang Qing instantly seemed to transform into several figures as countless sword beams surrounded Liu Hai from all directions.

Liu Hai stood still and only used a saber to block Zhang Qing’s sword at the precise moment every time.

Zhang Qing has already pushed the agility of her movement technique and sword to a maximum. Xu Jingming watched the livestream. Master is still the most terrifying. The range of movement afforded by Master’s saber is very short, but he is able to achieve the best effect by moving the shortest distance without wasting any strength.

Master’s control of strength and space has reached an unimaginable level. Xu Jingming was a little surprised. Zhang Qing’s movement technique changes very quickly, and her dual swords are also very fast. However, all the changes in the sword technique’s trajectory are completely within Master’s expectations.

Master said that he could control the enemy’s speed, but now, Master has completely gained control of space. Xu Jingming felt his master’s ease.

“I’ve received more than 100 strikes from you. It’s time for you to receive one strike from me.” Liu Hai—who had stood still and didn’t move a single step—suddenly moved.


With this advancement, his figure turned into a blur.

Zhang Qing’s expression changed. She felt that she couldn’t determine the area where Liu Hai’s final attack was directed, and she paid extreme attention to the saber in Liu Hai’s hand.


Liu Hai’s left fist was as fast as lightning as it tore through the void and struck Zhang Qing’s abdomen.

This punch was so fast that it came without any warning. Once he attacked… Zhang Qing didn’t even have the time to react. This was a punch that was similar to Xu Jingming’s Shadowless Thrust, one that exceeded the reaction speed of one’s neurons.

Zhang Qing’s entire body was sent flying like a cannonball, and she crashed into a tree behind her, causing it to explode.

Zhang Qing kneeled on the ground and held her abdomen in pain. There was a huge dent in her light armor, and the terrifying impact ruptured her organs. Blood seeped out of her mouth and nose as she looked up at Liu Hai in disbelief. One punch?

Zhang Qing turned ethereal and disappeared from the battlefield.

Liu Hai stood still and sighed softly. “You couldn’t even take one punch?”

He cleared Cosmos Tower 38 minutes after its launch. After more than a month of tough training and the country’s grooming, Liu Hai felt lonely. Even someone as outstanding as Zhang Qing failed to defend against his punch—she died from a single punch.

The forest map collapsed; Liu Hai’s team had clinched victory again.


The entire China’s livestream was a little stifled. The livestream was still replaying the battle from before.

Everything became clearer in the slow-motion replay.

Zhang Qing’s movement technique was as fast as an illusion, and her dual swords were even faster. Liu Hai, on the other hand, only used a single saber and didn’t take a single step. His single saber’s simple displacement completely blocked all attacks. This single saber… was like an all-round defense; any attack within three feet of it would be blocked.

“Senior Liu Hai didn’t even use a shield; he had cleared the third floor of Cosmos Tower with his shield and saber.” The male guest, Jin Fan, said with a trembling voice, “It’s been more than a month since the virtual world’s launch. What kind of attainment has Senior Liu Hai reached?”

“Is the gap between other experts and the experts on the Cosmos Ranking that exaggerated?” The female guest, Ju Wenqing, was Zhang Qing’s fanatical fan, but the gap in this battle was too great.

“Perhaps it’s because Senior Liu Hai is world number one that there’s a huge gap between him and the others,” Liu Xin said.

The male guest, Jin Fan, retorted, “Senior Lei Yunfang is the world’s number one movement expert. His movement speed is even more terrifying than Senior Liu Hai’s.”

“I finally understand why the officials held the Firestarter Cup and fixed Senior Liu Hai and Senior Lei Yunfang’s teams to Team 1 and Team 2.” Ju Wenqing shook her head. “They’re too strong.”

Countless audience members were in a daze.

“After watching so many matches, I’ve always felt that Team Fairydance is very strong.”

“They won every match, and Zhang Qing appeared very relaxed the entire time. She didn’t even use her full strength. But in front of Liu Hai… why couldn’t she withstand a single punch?”

“Can’t light armor block swords, sabers, and arrows? How can Liu Hai’s fist kill his opponent just from hitting the armor?”

“Is Liu Hai’s fist a fist? That’s even more terrifying than a heavy hammer! Didn’t you see that Liu Hai can split heavy armor in half with a single strike?”

“Liu Hai’s realm is too high. I reckon his physique and his combat techniques are ridiculously high. That’s why he can crush her so easily.”

“Is this the strength of the world champion?”

“It’s said that young people have potential. Why do I feel like the gap between the young and this old man is getting wider and wider?”

Countless comments flooded in.

People in China had mixed feelings about Liu Hai. First, they were proud of him for being world number one. Second, they felt that Liu Hai was too strong, far stronger than others.

Master is really strong. Xu Jingming was secretly surprised. Master only truly revealed a portion of his strength after meeting Zhang Qing throughout the Firestarter Cup. However, it’s also strength that throws one into despair.

The other teammates could only look up to him.

If Xu Jingming could see through many things and felt that he could exchange eight to ten moves with him, his other teammates felt that he was stronger, far stronger than them.

“Liu Hai is really strong. With his current realm, he should still be world champion, right?” Pang Ze said in the stands.

Director Zhou nodded gently. “Although the other experts around the world are improving quickly, Liu Hai has also been improving. His combat strength is still world number one.”

“It’s our country’s fortune to have such an expert,” Pang Ze said.

Director Zhou said, “We now value him very much and are willing to groom him with all our might. It’s just that Liu Hai didn’t ask for any new resources after choosing the Lv. 5 Shield Saber Technique.”

“I think highly of him.” Pang Ze nodded. “His future is limitless.”

Director Zhou’s heart stirred; he knew very well how sharp Pang Ze’s judgment was.

“Other than him, who else are you optimistic about among the experts in China?” Director Zhou asked.

“Don’t you already know?” Pang Ze smiled. “I got my son to learn spearmanship from Xu Jingming three years ago. Who do you think I’m optimistic about?”

Director Zhou nodded slightly. Do you think so highly of Xu Jingming?

Cosmic Professional Gladiator

Cosmic Professional Gladiator

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