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Cosmic Professional Gladiator Volume – Chapter 63 – Breakthrough

Chapter 63: Breakthrough

Xu Jingming practiced alone in the martial arts arena.

Meanwhile, China’s official livestream was extremely lively. More than a billion viewers across the country were watching this grand competition.

“Where’s Jingming?” Xu Hong returned to the stands and was warmly welcomed by everyone, but he didn’t see his son, Xu Jingming.

“He went to the martial arts arena,” Li Miaomiao said.

Xu Hong was surprised. “He can practice at any time; must he do it now? This is the Firestarter Cup National Tournament, where many experts are gathered!”


“He probably had an epiphany, so he immediately needed practice,” Li Miaomiao explained.

“Keep it to yourself, old man,” Mrs. Xu said.

Xu Hong coughed twice and asked, “Did he see my match?”

Mrs. Xu smiled. “Don’t worry; he saw it! He only left after watching your competition.”

“That’s more like it.” Xu Hong smiled and nodded. “Continue watching the competition. Lei Yunfang is about to enter the arena—he’s one of the top experts in the world.”

Countless viewers gathered in China’s official livestream and watched the competition excitedly.

Every battle was a rare clash between experts. Although experts occasionally appeared in ordinary Divine battles, it was very rare for top teams to clash with top teams.

“Lei Yunfang’s team won, and Senior Lei Yunfang even made a move himself. His footwork was really cool. In just a few steps, the three enemies that came close lost their lives,” Yang Qingshuo praised.

“Zhou Yi’s arrow is really terrifying. It’s much more terrifying than that of his father, Grandpa Zhou Fan. It’s like a heavy machine gun,” Liu Chongyuan said.

“Team Fairydance has so many beauties!” Heng Fang exclaimed. “They’re beautiful, and they won beautifully.”

From the second to fourth matches, the consecutive victors clinched victory in one-sided battles. After all, the strength gap between the last and the first few teams was still very obvious.

“The fifth match is Team Cloud Mountain versus Team White Dragon. This match is interesting,” Yang Qingshuo said with a smile. “Team Cloud Mountain’s Chang Qingpeng has a grudge with Team White Dragon’s Zheng Bailong.”

“From the information I’ve gathered, Chang Qingpeng was apparently crippled by Zheng Bailong?” Li Miaomiao asked.

Wang Yi nodded. “Right, he crippled his manhood! It resulted in a huge grudge! Thankfully, in this era, even limbs can be regenerated with the genetic evolutionary method. Otherwise, it would be too sad for Master Chang Qingpeng.”

In this battle, Team Cloud Mountain had the overall advantage. Captain Huo Qingshan and his good friend—Chang Qingpeng—cooperated and killed the members of the White Dragon Team one after another, leaving Captain Zheng Bailong alone.

How useless; getting eliminated in the first round? Cheng Zihao was very unhappy but couldn’t do anything. He couldn’t hire stronger experts even if he wanted to, nor could he bear to spend that much money.


On the ancient battlefield, Zheng Bailong looked at Chang Qingpeng in front of him.

“Zheng Bailong, what a coincidence to bump into you in the first round of the Firestarter Cup.” Chang Qingpeng’s eyes were cold. Ever since he lost his manhood, it was easy to imagine the torment he had suffered from the judgment of outsiders and the conflict he had with his family and wife.

A martial arts master in his thirties was at his peak, but he fell from his pedestal and into the abyss. Yet, a despicable person like Zheng Bailong didn’t receive any punishment.

There had been many scumbags in the martial arts circle who had attacked unscrupulously, causing their opponents to become disabled or even die. But because professional competitions posed risks, they wouldn’t be punished as long as there was no evidence that it was intentional!

Chang Qingpeng burned with hatred and even had thoughts of murdering him. But considering that his children were still young, he endured everything.

Thankfully, the genetic evolutionary methods had appeared!

“Chang Qingpeng, I’ve already said that it was an accident in combat. When have there been no accidents all these years?” The seriously injured Zheng Bailong smiled and said, “You’re just splitting hairs!”

“Right, I’m just splitting hairs. In the future, I’ll keep an eye on you in the virtual world and kill you every time I see you. The days ahead will be very long; just you wait!” Chang Qingpeng struck out with his halberd, piercing Zheng Bailong’s head.

Zheng Bailong’s figure then turned ethereal and disappeared. Zheng Bailong left the battlefield and returned to the stands.

“Darn it!” Zheng Bailong gritted his teeth in anger. “This era is kind to Chang Qingpeng. Hmph, just you wait. Why would I be afraid of you?”

“Zheng Bailong.” Cheng Zihao walked over.

“Boss.” Zheng Bailong restrained his anger.

“I have nothing to say about you being eliminated in the first round. I’ll unilaterally terminate the contract from before,” Cheng Zihao said calmly. As the sponsor, he had the right to decide whether to terminate the contract based on the results of the competition.

Zheng Bailong looked at Cheng Zihao and sneered. “Do you have the ability to invite an expert stronger than me? What an idiot!”

Cheng Zihao’s expression changed. “What did you say?”

“Get lost. Leave me alone!” Zheng Bailong waved his hand and blocked Cheng Zihao from his list. With more than a billion viewers in the stands, he could block others.

Without the Tiger Shark Group backing Cheng Zihao, Zheng Bailong thought nothing of him! He was only being polite because of the money.

“This Zheng Bailong!” Cheng Zihao was furious when he saw Zheng Bailong disappear and become uncontactable.

The competition continued.

In the sixth match, Tie Lianyun was extremely domineering. His teammates, Zhao Pan and Zhang Feng, were also very dazzling. Fu Xiu and Sun Li also played it safe and obtained a crushing victory.

In the seventh match, the team composed of Fang Yu, Senior Liu Jianfeng, and the other civilian experts was very powerful. Fang Yu wore heavy armor and held a City-Storming Halberd, easily leading the team to victory.

In the eighth match, Xiong Tianshan and Wang Qiao worked together. The two of them used shields and axes, and with their teamwork, they pushed forward with extreme might.

Sharpshooter Zhuang Ziyu easily won the ninth match with the help of Yu Cheng, Zhang Qian, Wu Sai, and other famous experts.

The tenth match was intense—the team led by Feng Baiyu lost to the team composing of Gao Chong and Yang Yu in a close match.


As the competitions that drew the attention of the entire country proceeded, Xu Jingming was completely immersed in his shield techniques in his personal space’s martial arts arena. He repeatedly practiced the five ultimate moves of the Eight Extremities—Tiger Pounce, Crush, Mountain Cleave, Sky Piercing Cannon, and Tiger Climbing—against the 100-ton metal dummy.

The Eight Extremities had other killer moves, but Mingyue City’s branch mainly focused on these killer moves. Xu Jingming had practiced them since he was a child, and he was extremely proficient in every move.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The metal dummy was severely damaged.

“Sky Piercing Cannon!” At close range, the dual shields in his hands suddenly charged forward!

If Mountain Cleave was said to be a furious strike from above like a cleave from an ax, then Sky Penetrating Cannon was the complete opposite—it charged upward! Under the centrifugal force, the speed of the dual shields made them a little blurry, and the upper edges of the dual shields crashed into the metal dummy’s jaw.

The 100-ton metal dummy trembled, and its chin caved in slightly.

After practicing Sky Penetrating Cannon more than a hundred times, Xu Jingming switched to Eight Extremities Tiger Pounce.


He took two steps every time, and in just two steps, his speed rose to 38 meters per second. His figure turned into a blur, and his dual shields crashed into the metal dummy.

The metal dummy immediately moved back by about 20 centimeters, plowing a gully.

Xu Jingming didn’t count the number of times he used the Eight Extremities Tiger Pounce and instead practiced it as he wished. When he felt that he was done, he would switch to another method.

After practicing the Eight Extremities Tiger Pounce dozens of times, he became extremely excited.

He used the Eight Extremities Tiger Pounce again!

Xu Jingming’s eyes turned faintly red, and he felt extremely carefree this time. The strength in his entire body naturally erupted from his feet, and every step he took was like the eruption of lightning. With just two steps, his speed increased to 50 meters per second!

His entire body was like a cannonball that had been blasted out. The might he displayed was clearly much more terrifying than before, and the dual shields in his hands brazenly crashed into the metal dummy.


This collision produced a much louder sound, like an explosion! The 100-ton metal dummy fell back and retreated more than a meter. Finally, due to the tilt, it lost its balance and collapsed.

He overturned the 100-ton heavy metal dummy with one strike.

Even Xu Jingming was surprised by the might of the five killer moves’ most ferocious move—Eight Extremities Tiger Pounce.

I previously felt that I had done a good job with mastering Eight Extremities Tiger Pounce and that my force delivery was quite smooth, but this time… My force delivery is truly smooth. Xu Jingming immediately opened his personal combat strength interface—

Genetic Evolutionary Method: Heavenly Python Evolution (Advanced 5%) (602 days of practice. No room for improvement)

Physique: 190

Technique: Spearmanship (Lv. 3 31%), Footwork (Lv. 2 99%), Shield Technique (Lv. 3 1%)

Basic Combat Strength: 4180

Combat Bonus: 35%

Combat Strength: 5643

A breakthrough in shield techniques allowed my spearmanship to rise from Lv. 3 20% to 31%? Xu Jingming smiled. The improvement in shield techniques does allow me to dig deeper and improve my combat techniques in all aspects.

Many techniques were interlinked.

Cosmic Professional Gladiator

Cosmic Professional Gladiator

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In 2036, humankind steps foot on Mars for the first time.


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