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Cosmic Professional Gladiator Volume – Chapter 61 – Xu Hong’s First Battle

Chapter 61: Xu Hong’s First Battle

On the third floor of Cosmos Tower, in the rainforest.

Vines grew wantonly in the dark and moist rainforest.

Xu Jingming held his dual shields and ran through the forest like a phantom. As for the massive tigers, they were equally fast and agile as they roared and pounced at the human, cooperating very naturally.


As Xu Jingming dodged, he smashed his shield into the head of a fierce tiger, causing it to stumble and tumble before getting up.


Be like fire. With a thought, my body will unleash its might.

The shield techniques Master taught me are more about control, utilizing the enemy like a chess piece. That works well with the Be Water realm, Xu Jingming thought. I’m different from Master. Although I’ve reached Lv. 3 and have broken through in my evolutionary method, my body is like lightning and fire. I can unleash it with a single thought. Therefore, my spearmanship, shield techniques, and footwork should be something that suits my style. My shield technique shouldn’t be about control but a rampage—an ultimate rampage!

Rampage! Xu Jingming’s eyes turned faintly red as he charged forward. A single strike from his shield sent a large tiger flying, and a poke from the edge of the shield caused the tiger to spew blood and suffer heavy injuries.

It was obvious that after his evolutionary method broke through, his physique wasn’t inferior to these large tigers, and he had the advantage in techniques.

As long as the tiger king didn’t make a move, the tigers were good sparring partners.

Eight Extremities, Tiger Pounce! Xu Jingming directed strength to his feet and took two steps forward, his entire body turning into a blur. His shields were like two huge tiger claws that collided head-on with the tiger.


Xu Jingming stood in his spot despite slamming into the large tiger with his dual shields. His feet sank until the ground reached his knees, but the large tiger was sent flying. After falling, blood foamed from its nose and mouth, and it convulsed slightly before turning still.

The force delivered by the Eight Extremities Tiger Pounce is quite smooth, but the force delivered by other moves is a little awkward. Xu Jingming looked at his personal combat strength interface; his shield techniques and footwork remained at Lv. 2 99%. It was obvious that the virtual world’s system had determined that his shield technique hadn’t reached Lv. 3.

Lv. 3 spearmanship is about unleashing force at will, and every move and stance is executed smoothly. But for shield techniques… only one move can barely be considered smooth, Xu Jingming thought to himself. I still have to practice more.

If my shield technique can achieve a breakthrough, my control over my body will be even more perfect. Xu Jingming understood this and continued fighting the tigers.

The massive tigers surrounded the human as they attacked him with their full strength.


In the morning, in the courtyard of his house.

Xu Jingming practiced Heavenly Python Evolution in the courtyard. He practiced it three times a day in reality, and each time, he only needed to practice at least one hour apart. It was still very easy.


After practicing once, Xu Jingming’s entire body turned red as steam rose from him. His lifeblood boiled, and his muscles and bones trembled. His body naturally emitted heat waves as they surged around him.

Li Miaomiao ate some buns while her eyes were peeled to a screen. She couldn’t help but say, “Jingming, your entire body is red from practicing the evolutionary method. I can feel the heat waves even from a few meters away. Nothing happens when I practice the evolutionary method.”

“There will be something when you reach Advanced with the evolutionary method,” Xu Jingming said. He felt as if there was a huge furnace in his body, and the surging heat affected his entire body at a deeper level.

“I’m only at the Beginner level of the evolutionary method; I’m still far from it.” Li Miaomiao sighed. “Oh right! For the Firestarter Cup’s main competition, the opponent we will be facing in the first round is Team 22, Team Thousand Sails. Have you read the information on their team? What do you think?”

“In Team Thousand Sails, only Hao Fan was a national team member back then. The other team members are civilian contestants, and they don’t even have an archer,” Xu Jingming said. “It’s very rare for such a team to be ranked at number 22.”

Li Miaomiao nodded.

“Their team is very outstanding, and those civilian contestants are gems,” Xu Jingming said, “but they aren’t a threat to us.”

“That’s good,” Li Miaomiao replied.

In a rural courtyard.

“Bro, the main competition will begin tonight,” a stocky young man said. “Our opponent is Team Pearwood. Can we win?”

“Qianyun.” A middle-aged man who looked like an old farmer smiled and said, “A competition isn’t just about winning. You have to discover your shortcomings and make yourself stronger! It’s only been a month or so since the virtual world’s launch. Professional gladiators like Xu Jingming and me still have the advantage, but in the future, talented people like you will have a broader future.”

“Brother, you were the world’s top eight. You’re also talented,” the young man said.

“Haha, you’re more talented than me,” Hao Fan said with a smile. “Regardless, I have to admit that Team Pearwood has Wang Yi—one of the top three sharpshooters in the country—as well as Xu Jingming, Heng Fang, Yang Qingshuo, and Liu Chongyuan protecting her… This team is stronger than ours overall. Enjoy the competition with the mindset of learning and the mindset of discovering your shortcomings.”

“The next competition will be when you send waves through the country and the world.” Hao Fan looked at his younger brother in anticipation. After he retired, he returned to his hometown and started taking in disciples to teach. Of the disciples in his hometown, his younger brother, Hao Qianyun, had the most potential. He had more potential than a former national athlete like him.

“Okay.” Hao Qianyun nodded.


The Firestarter Cup’s main competition was held at midnight on September 2.

There was a host and two guests in the official livestream.

“The opening battle of the Firestarter Cup will be between Liu Hai’s Elderly Team and Team Changnan,” Liu Xin said with a smile. “Let’s interview the two teams first.”

The six members of Liu Hai’s Elderly Team and the six members of Team Changnan stood on each side.

“Let’s talk to Teacher Liu Hai’s team first.” Liu Xin walked to the side and asked with a smile, “Teacher Liu Hai, do you have anything to say to your opponent?”

Liu Hai smiled at his five companions.

Dai Tongda—who had a braid—was the best-looking. He smiled and said, “Team Changnan, we won’t go easy on you! If you want to fight Master Liu Hai, you have to defeat the four of us first.”

“You have to respect the elderly and love the young,” the oldest Zhou Fan chuckled.

“The best way to show respect is to wipe you out,” Liu Bo, the bald captain of Team Changnan, said.

Moments later, on the snowy battlefield.

“Stop firing. Stop firing.” Liu Bo’s body was covered in blood as he shouted immediately, “Can you give me a one-on-one chance?”

His four teammates had been killed, leaving him alone.

“Old Zhou, your archery is extraordinary. You can definitely compare with the top ten sharpshooters,” Dai Tongda said with a smile.

The old man holding the bow and arrow, Zhou Fan, laughed heartily and said, “I was the one who taught Zhou Yi how to fire quickly!”

“I’ll give you a one-on-one chance,” the stocky and rather fierce Xu Hong said. He was much more muscular and heavier than his son, Xu Jingming.

“Alright!” Liu Bo became more ferocious as he charged forward and thought to himself, No matter what, I have to kill at least one! Otherwise, it will be terrible if I don’t get a single kill.

Liu Bo ran in the snow with his two axes, and every step he took caused the snow on the ground to tremble.

“Die.” Liu Bo charged at Xu Hong.

He was a little emotional. Finally, he didn’t have to consider the terrifying arrows!


Xu Hong roared, and his eyes were like those of a tiger. The Ferocious Tiger Evolution he had cultivated allowed him to unleash terrifying strength in two steps. He struck out with his shield—a move he had practiced for 40 years! He had focused on this move his entire life!

Compared to Xu Jingming, Xu Hong’s moves were purer and more direct. They even contained Xu Hong’s will.

Nobody can block my pounce!

Even if the sky collapsed, it would happen after a single pounce!

Eight Extremities! Tiger Pounce!


Under the shield’s impact, Liu Bo felt a terrifying force pass through his axes as he couldn’t help flying backward.


A flying dagger stabbed through Liu Bo’s neck while he was in flight.

Dai Tongda held a flying dagger in his hand and smiled. “Kid, I’ll tell you something: Don’t trust your opponent during a competition.”

All members of Team Changnan were defeated!

Cosmic Professional Gladiator

Cosmic Professional Gladiator

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