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Cosmic Professional Gladiator Volume – Chapter 36

Chapter 36: Challenging Cosmos Tower

Translator: CKtalon 

Why are there so many wolves? Li Miaomiao wore soft leather armor, and she had a small shield in her left hand and a sword in her right. The shield was only 30 centimeters in diameter, just slightly larger than a person’s palm.

At this moment, Li Miaomiao was somewhat flustered. These wolves are just too big and fast.

This is only the first level of the Cosmos Tower? Li Miaomiao watched the wolves in the distance begin to surround her as she dashed. I have to run. I have to find an opportunity while running! I can’t let these wolves encircle me.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!


The wolves coordinated well and were fast as though they were hunting. They patiently limited Li Miaomiao’s range of movement and wouldn’t attack her alone.

These wolves are too cunning. Li Miaomiao felt bitter. I can’t find a chance to defeat them one at a time.

As her range of movement decreased, three wolves finally pounced over.


Li Miaomiao leaped. As she did so, she raised her small shield with her left hand and blocked the wolf’s claws. With a swift stab with her right hand, she stabbed it in the neck.

After all, this was the seventh day of the virtual world’s launch. Li Miaomiao also received Xu Jingming’s personal guidance every day. The latter had once taught her: “You only need to learn one move—Thrust! This is also the most suitable move for a sword. Forward Thrust, Backward Thrust, Backhand Thrust, Spinning Thrust… In short, no matter how you move your body or even when you are falling, you have to be able to deliver this strike!”

“Hold a small shield in your left hand. After all, you haven’t practiced using a shield. A normal shield will affect your swordsmanship too much. A small shield… will also allow you to block and defend with your left hand.” Xu Jingming taught her patiently.

Pu! Pu!

Li Miaomiao dodged left and right as she blocked with difficulty with her small shield. She also thrust rapidly with her sword, dispatching the three wolves. However, more wolves pounced over.

It’s over. Li Miaomiao instantly tapped ‘exit’ when she saw the large pack of wolves pounce at her.

After exiting, she returned to the area outside Cosmos Tower.

Looking at the towering Cosmos Tower, Li Miaomiao murmured, The first level of Cosmos Tower requires one to deal with more than 100 wild wolves? What’s the third level like? I wonder how Jingming is doing.


On the second floor of the Cosmos Tower was a primitive forest that had undergone heavy snowfall.

It’s so cold. Xu Jingming felt the cold air pass through his armor and eat at his body. He also carefully observed his surroundings.

Xu Jingming immediately saw a huge cave in front of him, and five giant brown bears were playing outside.

These brown bears’ appearance made Xu Jingming’s expression turn solemn. They were more than four meters in length, and their shoulders and backs were bulging with terrifying muscles. The thick brown fur that resulted from adapting to the cold environment was very thick and long. The thick fur and hide were natural armor!

A giant brown bear that’s more than four meters in length weighs at least 3,000 kilograms. With its physique, it probably can deliver an impact of more than 10,000 kilograms with a single slap. It will only be more terrifying during the clash. It’s not wise for humans to fight them head-on. Xu Jingming observed and made a judgment. Its fur and hide are thick, and it also has subcutaneous fat! It probably won’t be easy for a spear to pierce through it. I have to target their vital spots.

The five giant brown bears stared at the uninvited guest, Xu Jingming.


One of the giant brown bears suddenly moved. Although it was fat and muscular, its speed was terrifying when it charged.

The other four brown bears stood up when the huge brown bear suddenly charged at Xu Jingming, but they weren’t in a hurry to attack. They clearly believed that their companion was enough to deal with this intruder.

Xu Jingming stood in the snow and calmly watched the giant brown bear charge over.

The brown bear was very fast; it leaped up and struck out with its huge bear paw when it came close.


Xu Jingming moved his feet and agilely took two steps to the side, causing the giant brown bear to miss.

As he dodged, Xu Jingming thrust out his spear.


The spear was like a venomous snake exiting its hole as it instantly stabbed into the bear’s neck. This was already the bear’s ‘vital spot,’ but Xu Jingming found it extremely difficult to pierce deeper due to the immense resistance. He only managed to drive the speartip in a little!


Xu Jingming retracted his spear to avoid the bear’s counterattack and stabbed out again.

This strike was even faster—the spear tore through the air with a unique sound, and the speartip instantly stabbed more than half its depth into the giant bear’s neck. As the spear was pulled out, blood gurgled as the giant bear began to collapse weakly.

Ordinary jabs aren’t powerful enough, and they can’t even pierce deep into the neck. I only managed to stab the giant bear to death with Shadowless Thrust. Xu Jingming evaluated, and he looked up at the cave in the distance.

The other four giant bears didn’t consider the intruder a threat, but the latter only took two strikes. One strike to injure their companion and another strike to kill it. They felt the dire threat while feeling enraged!



The four giant bears ran over, their roars filled with sorrow.

Although it’s a little thorny, I can finish off the four. Xu Jingming determined the situation clearly. These giant bears have the advantage in physique and strength, but their speed and agility are inferior to mine. They can’t block my Shadowless Thrust.

But at this moment—

“Roar!” A much deeper and more powerful roar suddenly resounded from the cave, making Xu Jingming’s expression change.

The cave trembled, and an incomparably huge bear rushed out. It was a giant brown bear that was six meters long. Compared to it, the five giant bears from before were like little cubs.

Perhaps these five small bears are its children? Xu Jingming thought to himself, but a cold glint flashed in his eyes. Not only did he not escape, but he even took the initiative to fight the four angry bears.

His footwork was unpredictable. He did a quick change of direction and thrust out his spear when he came close to the four bears.

Xu Jingming’s spearmanship and shield techniques had improved in the past seven days, but his movement technique had improved the most! The four giant bears appeared too clumsy in front of Xu Jingming.

“Pfft.” The spear stabbed deep into the neck of a bear.

When another bear lunged over angrily and swung its paw, Xu Jingming immediately retracted his spear and dodged. During this process of dodging, he turned around and thrust his spear back! He unleashed his full strength and stabbed into the neck of the bear.

In just a few steps, he killed two bears in succession.

Those top experts will maintain their distance and defend carefully, not giving me a chance to unleash Shadowless Thrust. But these bears… They don’t defend at all and only know how to charge. After Xu Jingming killed the two bears, he shot a glance at the giant brown bear charging over.

The bear king is here. It’s even faster than me; it’ll be a tough fight, Xu Jingming thought to himself.


As he moved, he delivered another Shadowless Thrust, leaving a huge hole in the neck of a bear. Now that there was only one smaller bear left, it turned around and ran at the bear king in fear!

That’s why I have to get rid of the other bears as quickly as possible. Xu Jingming didn’t have any qualms about the bear king running over. Instead, he took the initiative to chase after the last bear. He still had the advantage in speed compared to these bears.


He pursued the bear head-on and unleashed Mountain Shattering! The bear turned around to block the strike, only to have the spear stab through its mouth and penetrate through its skull.


The bear king roared in extreme rage and lunged forward.

Xu Jingming calmly retracted his spear and dodged, avoiding the pounce.

My physique, strength, and speed are inferior to this bear king’s. I only have the advantage in agility and technique. Xu Jingming had understood a principle in his youth: In a one-on-one battle in the arena, half the battle was lost once he lost his cool.

In a one-on-one battle, he kept his disadvantages at bay and exploited his advantage.


The bear king was massive, standing at six meters. It covered a large area when waving its bear paws.

Xu Jingming ducked using the trees in the forest. These trees… were a boon thanks to his small size.


The bear paw slammed into a large tree, causing it to break apart.

The corners of Xu Jingming’s eyes twitched. He knew that the bear king’s strength was terrifying, but this exceeded his expectations.

I’m a goner if I’m hit. Xu Jingming carefully dodged and searched for an opportunity to attack.

The bear king chased after him.

Xu Jingming used the terrain to his advantage and kept dodging.

Trees collapsed one after another, sending the snow into the air.

Amidst the snow, a spear suddenly stabbed out! The spear was as fast as lightning and had appeared at close range.

The furious bear king slammed right into the spear.


The spear stabbed into one of the bear king’s eyes and ended up stuck; it didn’t penetrate all the way through.


Xu Jingming instantly retracted his spear and retreated.

“Roar!” The bear king—who was now blind in one eye—became even angrier and crazier.

It’s still not dead? Xu Jingming found it unbelievable.

The frenzied bear king chased after Xu Jingming, who constantly dodged with the help of the forest. Occasionally, he would counterattack with a spear.

The bear king very carefully protected its only eye, but Xu Jingming also managed to stab its neck repeatedly. After 18 minutes of difficult combat, the bear king finally collapsed weakly.

Xu Jingming was also exhausted. 18 minutes! This highly intense battle took 18 minutes! I stabbed so many holes into the bear king’s neck and bled it to death. 

Xu Jingming felt helpless. It’s too thick-skinned.

I can’t pierce through its chest or back at all. Xu Jingming felt resigned. He looked around him and saw a large number of collapsed trees, leaving the area a mess. Thankfully, my footwork has improved a lot in the past seven days. If I had encountered this bear king on the first day, I probably would’ve been killed with a single smack. I wouldn’t have been able to hold it back for so long.

Xu Jingming’s footwork became much more fluid after training the technique of force delivery while being surrounded by more than a hundred valiant bandits.

“You have cleared the second level. Prepare to enter the third level of the Cosmos Tower.” A voice sounded in his ears.

Xu Jingming’s fatigue dissipated, and his body returned to its peak state. His spear and armor also became spotless.

The scene in front of him began to change as he arrived at the third floor of the Cosmos Tower.

Cosmic Professional Gladiator

Cosmic Professional Gladiator

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In 2036, humankind steps foot on Mars for the first time.


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