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Cosmic Professional Gladiator Volume – Chapter 30

Chapter 30: Master’s Summoning

Translator: CKtalon 

In the virtual world’s martial arts arena, Cheng Zihao stood there, watching the figures arrive.

“Boss, all the managers of the three companies are here,” the middle-aged man said as he stood beside Cheng Zihao.

Cheng Zihao looked at the group of managers and said calmly, “Everyone should be able to guess that the appearance of the virtual world has made the Tiger Shark Group’s days very difficult. We can’t rely on the Tiger Shark Group anymore; we have to rely on ourselves.”

The managers listened obediently.


This was their boss who paid their salary! They couldn’t offend their boss no matter what.

“The appearance of the virtual world is a crisis,” Cheng Zihao said, “but also an opportunity!”

“Of my three companies, one does modeling, and the other two do live-streaming,” Cheng Zihao said. These three companies contracted a group of beautiful women. “Many of the employees in the company were skiving during these livestreams! They only had a single-digit number of viewers, but they didn’t give a damn. They even connected to friends who share the same pitiful number of viewers before chatting for an hour or two. They go offline once they meet their daily quota of online time! They earn 20,000 to 30,000 a month from me! It must be great for them!”

Cheng Zihao glared at them. “I didn’t care in the past, but I can’t anymore!”

“All three companies have to profit!” Cheng Zihao stared at the group of managers. “If you can’t bring in profit, all of you managers are to pack up and leave!”

“Boss, what do we do next? Tiger Shark’s traffic has plummeted,” asked a management staff member.

“Is there a need to ask?” Cheng Zihao said. “I already said that the virtual world is a crisis and a chance! Did you see China’s first Divine battle? It’s unbelievable that there were more than 800 million viewers. This is the charm of the virtual world’s livestream. Our streamers and beauties will all enter the virtual world from today onward!”

“My requirements are for them to livestream in the virtual world at least six hours a day,” Cheng Zihao said. “If they can’t do it, they are fired.”

“Boss, we still have a livestream contract with the Tiger Shark Group…” the middle-aged man said.

“Old Zhou, don’t worry.” Cheng Zihao shook his head and said, “The countries of the Earth Alliance will soon issue regulations to ensure that people have the right to livestream in the virtual world. The Tiger Shark Group will also quickly adjust the contracts with the streamers.”

“Your mission is to think about how to make a livestream more attractive and bring in more viewers,” Cheng Zihao said.

“I believe we can have five beauties form a team! A team of beauties will definitely be attractive.”

“There has to be something special about them too! Some of the beauties need to be cold and aloof, while others are cute. A team of beauties with different styles allows for differentiation.”

“A popular battle team can challenge the other teams in the company and boost the popularity of the less popular ones.”

“We also have to find capable members! The company has to sign a contract with professional gladiators, both male and female. These gladiators… Many of them don’t earn much in Division A and B competitions, so they can be contracted easily! A powerful male gladiator can carry a team with four beauties.”

“We can also form a team of five female archers. Practicing archery is easier.”

The managers came up with all kinds of ideas.

Cheng Zihao nodded in satisfaction. “I believe that beautiful women will always attract attention! Our three companies will definitely have a bright future in the virtual world! I request that you provide me with a complete implementation plan by 8 p.m. tonight. I will officially notify everyone in the company that it will begin at midnight tomorrow.”

It couldn’t be helped; ordinary employees could only spend at most 10 hours a day in the virtual world! They had used up most of their time today.


“Yes, Boss,” replied the management. They had to give it their all to keep their jobs.

Soon, the management left, leaving only the middle-aged man beside Cheng Zihao.

“Zhou Feng, you’ve been with me for so many years.” Cheng Zihao stared at the middle-aged man. “You should know that I have no other way out now. I have to take a gamble. If I succeed, both of us will be rich! If I fail… you can only find another company.”

“Boss, don’t worry. Quite a number of companies have transferred operations to the virtual world,” Zhou Feng said seriously. “But our three companies have an advantage. The streamers and models we chose are all real beauties. There’s no way to disguise oneself in the virtual world; all of them are in their true forms. We stand to gain instead.”

“The competition will be intense; we have to work hard,” Cheng Zihao said. He had watched his father manage the company over the years while his company had also suffered a few setbacks. He still had some managerial experience.

Xu Jingming isn’t on the national patronage list, but he killed Wang Qiao and Gao Chong in a one-on-one. A thin man with a scar on his face watched the livestream. I told the higher-ups that basing the name list on their achievements wasn’t the most suitable. There are too many talented contestants, and their achievements aren’t high for various reasons.

The higher-ups are also afraid of being pointed out for unfair treatment, so they only use achievements to be their benchmark. The scarred man shook his head gently. However, I have to work hard. Otherwise, it will be embarrassing if I’m defeated by Liu Hai’s disciple one day.

The scarred man’s name was Lei Yunfang, one of the three legendary figures in China’s martial arts world.

He first participated in the third World Martial Arts Tournament and became world champion. After resting for a few years, he participated in the eighth World Martial Arts Tournament, but unfortunately, he only came in second. He lost to the legendary player of the United States of America, ‘Kai Saint Mills.’ In the following year, at the ninth World Martial Arts Tournament, he met his old enemy—Kai Saint Mills—in the finals. Lei Yunfang obtained first place this time, but he announced his retirement because of his injuries.

Kai Saint Mills was the greatest martial artist in the United States of America; he had a perfect physique and perfect weaponry techniques. He was also the most popular gladiator in the World Martial Arts Alliance and had been world champion four times in his career. Therefore, the two battles between these titans also became legends in the martial arts world.

Master is right. If Jingming didn’t suffer a leg injury, he would’ve become world champion. The short and fat Tie Lianyun also carefully watched the first Divine battle video.

Tie Lianyun was the disciple Liu Hai was most pleased with. He was 39 years old this year and had taken first place three times during the five World Martial Arts Tournaments he participated in! He was one of the three legendary figures in China’s martial arts world.

In terms of fame, he was ranked last among the three martial arts legends in China because the opponents he had defeated weren’t strong enough.

He wasn’t like Liu Hai, who accomplished an achievement in his later years during the most barbaric of times and who had even taught a large number of powerful disciples. He wasn’t like Lei Yunfang, who people still talked about his battle with Kai to this day.

Fantastic. Retired seniors have all appeared one after another. Geniuses will even appear among countless citizens. I will also prove myself in this era, Tie Lianyun thought to himself. I should be winning the title of being the strongest in China!

Gao Chong, Wang Qiao, and Dong Xu all stumbled. Martial arts masters will also lose!

A 97-year-old senior is already capable of suppressing a martial arts master. If one doesn’t improve, one will be overtaken.

Yang Qingshuo, Heng Fang, Liu Chongyuan, Dai Xiaoqing, and the other experts—including Dai Tongda, Xu Hong, and Grandpa Liu Jianfeng who came from the general populace—were working hard at their training.


In a martial arts arena in the virtual world.

Xu Jingming was watching the replay of his battle and studying his response.

In the future, when I enter the battle map and rendezvous with my teammates, it’s best if I use dual shields. Xu Jingming looked at the scene of him being assassinated by Grandpa Liu Jianfeng. If I had wielded dual shields, I could’ve protected most of my body while walking. It will be ten times harder for assassins to assassinate me. Even if Senior Liu Jianfeng is much stronger, he will be dumbfounded when I put my dual shields together.

It was much safer with dual shields.

In the one-on-two battle, I focused on defense against Wang Qiao and Sun Yuting. I was too conservative; I should’ve defended while throwing in some attacks. Xu Jingming watched. Sometimes, offense is the best defense.

Xu Jingming pondered over the problems in this battle and suddenly received an invite—”Liu Hai invites you to his personal space.”

Master is inviting me? Xu Jingming was a little surprised, and he immediately tapped on the projection.


Xu Jingming felt his vision blur as he arrived at another martial arts arena. The stocky Liu Hai was standing there.

“Master,” Xu Jingming greeted.

He was a little unaccustomed to seeing his master looking middle-aged after all these years of seeing him with white hair.

“Jingming.” Liu Hai smiled at his disciple. “Did you feel pleased after defeating Wang Qiao and Gao Chong in that battle?”

Xu Jingming grinned. “I’m quite happy.”

“Then, I’ll let you calm down.” Liu Hai reached out and held a saber in one hand. “Choose any weapon or equipment. Feel free to come at me.”

“Master, you will just be wearing a cloth robe and using a single saber?” Xu Jingming asked. “You’re looking down on your disciple, aren’t you?”

“Didn’t you want to know how strong I was at my peak?” Liu Hai looked at Xu Jingming.. “Nobody in the world has seen it, but I’ll let you see it today.”

Cosmic Professional Gladiator

Cosmic Professional Gladiator

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