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Cosmic Professional Gladiator Volume – Chapter 282 – Online Transaction (1)

Chapter 282: Online Transaction (1)

Now, I have to successfully escape with these treasures. Xu Jingming sensed the dark tidal psychic force that enveloped the area and understood that it wasn’t easy to escape with the treasures after being targeted by the world.

“Hide it well.” Xu Jingming handed the Purple Cloud Treasure Jade to a Lv. 8 cosmic lifeform beside him. He then picked up a bundle, while Liu Hai and Tu Ling each grabbed one.

There were also rules for the distribution of the bundles.

Xu Jingming’s bundle contained gold, unencrypted banknotes, and other items—they were much more valuable! Liu Hai and Tu Ling’s bag contained a lot of silver, jewelry, and so on.

The three bundles looked about the same size, but just the bundle in Xu Jingming’s hands was comparable to the other two combined.


“Everyone, please abide by the rules and don’t move. If anyone dares to take a step, kill them!” Xu Jingming instructed. “Alpha Team, retreat!”

“Let’s go!”

Xu Jingming, Liu Hai, Tu Ling, the three Lv. 8 cosmic lifeforms, and 60 first-rate experts evacuated! As for the 100 second-rate experts, they remained in Emerald Pavilion and eyed their surroundings with hostility.

None of the customers, including the courtesans and beauties of Emerald Pavilion, made a single move.

The corpse of the Duke’s Estate’s third son lay there, and they knew very well that… they would really die if they moved!

Outside Emerald Pavilion.

“Some of the bandits have fled, but more than half of them remain in Emerald Pavilion!” The dozens of Blood Rain Guards and more than 100 auxiliary guards who had arrived had sharp eyes. Through the windows and gaps, they could see figures fleeing into the darkness in the distance, and they also saw many bandits guarding the area.

However, the Blood Rain Guard and auxiliary guards remained where they were.

A pursuit? That was suicide!

Even the guards of Emerald Pavilion didn’t make pursuit!

Outside Emerald Pavilion, there was also a thin old monk holding a wooden staff. His immense psychic force enveloped a distance of five to six kilometers, and he clearly discovered that the fleeing bandits were divided into four teams.

One fleeing team consisted of a lone Lv. 8 cosmic lifeform that held the Purple Cloud Treasure Jade.

One fleeing team consisted of Xu Jingming, a Lv. 8 cosmic lifeform, and 30 first-rate experts.

One fleeing team consisted of Liu Hai, a Lv. 8 cosmic lifeform, and 15 first-rate experts.

The last team consisted of Tu Ling and 15 first-rate experts.

The team with the largest number of people carries banknotes, gold, and other items in their bundle. They are the most valuable, but they are also the hardest to obtain. The thin old monk instantly came to a conclusion. If the Lv. 8 cosmic lifeform led the 30 first-rate experts to attack him… he would also be in danger of dying.

He couldn’t be like Dean Ming of Martial Academy, who could ignore first-rate experts. He alone couldn’t snatch the most valuable bundle.

The Purple Cloud Treasure Jade has extraordinary significance to the Duke’s Estate. The thin old monk took a step and chased after the Lv. 8 cosmic lifeform that was acting alone. My good man, I don’t mind you keeping the Purple Cloud Treasure Jade if you join my Red Lotus lineage.


Xu Jingming’s team of more than 30 people turned into afterimages and was extremely fast. They traveled at about 50 meters per second and quickly ran several kilometers away.

“I can’t sense the mysterious expert’s psychic force,” said the Lv. 8 cosmic lifeform behind him. “He didn’t chase after us.”

Xu Jingming nodded.

Even if he chased after them, with his group of powerful subordinates helping to intercept him, Xu Jingming could also escape far away!

Hu! Hu! Hu!

The team continued flying forward. Along the way, they encountered several Blood Rain Guards who had rushed over as reinforcements.

Some Blood Rain Guards pretended not to see them, but there were also Blood Rain Guards who attempted to stop them! The Blood Rain Guards who did… naturally lost their lives instantly.

In just a moment, they escaped more than ten kilometers away from Emerald Pavilion and arrived in a secluded alley.

“Everyone, you can go offline,” Xu Jingming said with a smile. However, his smile looked a little ugly with the human skin mask on.

The group of experts nodded and disappeared. All of them went offline.

As long as no natives saw them, they could go offline! This was Blood Rain World’s rule.


Xu Jingming carried his bundle and quickly ran. Soon, he arrived at a residence hundreds of meters away.

This was an ordinary residence that Pang Ze had personally rented from a gang. This was the intersection of South Wing and East Wing, so it was barely considered part of the former.

After entering the residence, Xu Jingming entered the house with great familiarity. With the starlight from the window, he opened his bundle and began to examine it carefully.

This bundle of mine is my greatest gain this time. Xu Jingming began doing the math. There were stacks of gold leaves, some gold bars, and other items, as well as unencrypted banknotes. There’s a total of 22,300 silver taels’ worth of unencrypted banknotes; that’s 2,230 gold!

Xu Jingming took out the scale he had prepared and began weighing the total amount of gold.

There’s a total of 39.6 kilograms of gold, which is 3,960 gold! Xu Jingming smiled. It looks like there were more people carrying gold at Emerald Pavilion than banknotes.

And that was the truth—people just needed to carry a few golden leaves for change. Even if gold was distorted and deformed, it didn’t affect its value!

As for the unencrypted banknotes, they were paper after all. Once they were damaged, the money would be gone. Therefore, only some big shots brought relatively large amounts. They felt that gold was heavy, so they felt uneasy carrying it.

Banknotes were lighter.


“Retreat.” As the remaining 100 second-rate experts dispersed, they disappeared in a few seconds.

These second-rate experts escaped in a rather disorderly manner. Some went into the underground tunnels of Emerald Pavilion, some fled to different areas around Emerald Pavilion, and some ran to the top of the building… However, most of them disappeared without a trace.

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