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Cosmic Professional Gladiator Volume – Chapter 26

Chapter 26: Apex Showdown (1)


Translator: CKtalon 

In China’s official livestream channel.

“Panda Zhang Qian’s tri-point, double-edged halberd is already amazing.” Huang Yong pointed at the replay and said, “He avoided getting himself into a head-on clash with Gao Chong and relied on his advantage in movement to circle around the latter and attack repeatedly!”

In the replay.

Gao Chong’s spear was like a huge dragon that rampaged forward with terrifying might, but the tri-point, double-edged halberd was extremely tenacious. Even though the shaft bent when it came into contact with Gao Chong’s spear, Zhang Qian would use the momentum to spin and stab out even faster!


The sharp tip stabbed straight at Gao Chong’s eyes, and Gao Chong raised his spear and blocked the thrust.


The tri-point, double-edged halberd slid away upon contact. It did so fluidly before stabbing again.

One stab after another!

“Gao Chong wasn’t world champion for no reason. He has honed his Spear Cleave to near perfection,” Qin Yiwen said. “Gao Chong started using Spear Cleave, and it’s all about instantaneous force delivery! Trying to deflect its force is much harder.”

This was also the case on-screen. Gao Chong began to use Spear Cleave, and every time, he would instantaneously exert strength when the spear was about to touch the tri-point, double-edged halberd! This made it difficult for Zhang Qian to deflect the force perfectly.

After gaining the advantage, Gao Chong kept at it and attacked with 12 consecutive strikes! No matter how malleable Zhang Qian’s tri-point, double-edged halberd was, it was ultimately broken through. A single strike then penetrated his chest, and he lost his life.

“Spear Demon Xu Jingming is truly worthy of his name.” Huang Yong sighed in amazement as he looked at the new replay. “Bloody Ax Wang Qiao is very strong, and he did well defending with his shield technique. However, he failed once Spear Demon Xu Jingming unleashed his full strength. This spear strike clearly struck the shield, but it made Wang Qiao stumble back and lose his balance. In combat, losing one’s balance is very dangerous. Xu Jingming naturally seized the opportunity and attacked relentlessly. He kept it up until Wang Qiao showed a flaw in his defense. He was then dispatched with a single Shadowless Thrust.”

“Terrifying,” Qin Yiwen praised. “Xu Jingming took Wang Qiao down the moment the latter lost his balance! Wang Qiao is a shield expert who once clinched second, but he was over the moment he revealed a flaw.”

“It’s because Xu Jingming’s attacks are too terrifying. His attacks are relentless, not giving anyone a chance to catch their breath,” Huang Yong said. “Any attack at random possessed terrifying might. The final Shadowless Thrust is something that can’t be defended against once used!”

“The core of Shadowless Thrust is that it’s fast, so fast that the other party can’t react in time,” Qin Yiwen said. “After all, there’s a limit to a person’s reaction speed. However, we have to pay attention to Xu Jingming’s strike! Why did Wang Qiao lose his balance? He was struck by the spear head-on, causing him to lose his balance.”

Qin Yiwen pointed at the Mountain Shattering move Xu Jingming had executed.

“Across the world, there are very few people who can use spearmanship to jolt Wang Qiao into losing his balance.” Qin Yiwen sighed in amazement. “As expected of someone who’s recognized as one of the top ten spearmen in history.”

“Top ten in spearmanship doesn’t mean that he’s in tenth place,” Huang Yong said with a smile. “It means that… his spearmanship is one of the strongest in the world. Xu Jingming’s shield techniques are very impressive, but his spearmanship is even more terrifying.”

“This battle is interesting,” Qin Yiwen said with anticipation.

“In this Divine battle, there are only two Divine experts left in the town. One is Gao Chong, and the other is Xu Jingming! They have both demonstrated their strength previously. Gao Chong fought two against one and killed Wu Sai and Zhang Qian. Xu Jingming also seriously injured Goddess of War Sun Yuting and then killed Wang Qiao in a one-on-one battle,” Liu Xin exclaimed in surprise. “It’s such an exciting battle. Who do you think will win?”

“I still think highly of Gao Chong,” Qin Yiwen said. “He made his achievements through many rounds of actual combat after all. There’s no need to doubt his strength considering how he became world champion. Moreover, he’s wearing heavy armor. Xu Jingming’s spear can’t break through it at all; he has to attack Gao Chong’s head. As for Gao Chong… He can attack Xu Jingming’s entire body. Light body armor can’t withstand a stab from the huge spear!”

“When it comes to escaping, Xu Jingming can flee quickly in light armor. However, Gao Chong still has the advantage in a one-on-one battle,” Qin Yiwen said with certainty.

“I’m different from you. My bet is on Xu Jingming,” Huang Yong said. “I’ve always been on the national team, so I’ve interacted with him a lot! He entered the World Martial Arts Tournament at the age of 20. If you look through history, how many people reached the highest stage at that age? He made it into the top 16 back then. Unfortunately, his leg was broken by a shield.”

“He didn’t give up on himself after losing his leg, and he made a comeback five years later. He was even stronger and entered the top eight,” Huang Yong said. “Actually, everyone knows that the gap decreases at the apex! The gap between the world’s top eight and world champion isn’t that great. Back then, Xu Jingming came in eighth with a leg injury. If he didn’t have a leg injury, how strong would he be? We shall now see.”

Huang Yong smiled and said, “He has always been a contestant underestimated by the general public, but he is recognized by the industry as one of the top ten in spearmanship history. It has to be known that Gao Chong’s spearmanship isn’t in the top ten!”

“Coach Huang, I think getting first place in the world requires comprehensive abilities. It’s not something simply being in the historical top ten can do,” Qin Yiwen said. “Back then, under the sharpshooter’s threat, he suppressed Wu Sai and Zhang Qian. I believe in Gao Chong’s strength.”

As the two commentators argued, countless comments flooded the comment section.

“Is Xu Jingming that impressive? He can kill the world number two in a one-on-one battle?”

“I was wrong. You don’t have to change your name to Shield Demon—you’re still Spear Demon! Your spearmanship is even more ferocious.”

“Xu Jingming only fought one-on-one, but Gao Chong fought two alone. He killed all of them.”

“Gao Chong was the world champion! This is a real achievement.”

“Gao Chong is invincible!”

“Gao Chong’s body is much stronger than Xu Jingming’s!”

“If Xu Jingming can kill world number two, he can kill the world champion.”

“Xu Jingming is more handsome!”

Amidst countless comments, the tips received kept increasing.

During the period when Gao Chong killed two people and Xu Jingming killed Wang Qiao, the tips for the two elevated them to first place and second place.

Gao Chong’s tips reached more than 9 million, and Xu Jingming also received more than 8 million.

This Xu Jingming is that strong? Cheng Zihao couldn’t help but frown as he watched the battle and the tipping numbers.

“Jingming, you can do it!” Mrs. Xu cheered excitedly in the stands. After practicing the evolutionary method, Mrs. Xu’s hair had completely turned black, and her wrinkles were gone. She appeared to be in her thirties and much younger. She was filled with endless vigor as she cheered for Xu Jingming.

“That’s how you cheered me on back then.” Xu Hong looked at his wife.

“Go fight a Divine battle then.” Mrs. Xu smiled.

“My experience with cold weapons is also lacking.” Xu Hong shook his head. “For example, Boxer King Wu Sai was suddenly forced to use dual shields after 20 to 30 years of boxing experience. Although it’s already the most suitable weapon for him, it’s impossible for him to compare it with these weapon experts who have used them for years. I should practice more.”

“Why don’t you just say that you can’t make Divine?” Mrs. Xu teased.

“Soon, soon,” Xu Hong said. He was the sect master of Mingyue City’s Eight Extremities Sect after all. How could he embarrass himself?

“Uncle, does Jingming have a chance of winning against Gao Chong?” Li Miaomiao asked.

Grandpa Xu said, “When it’s at that level, you’ll only know when they fight.”

Xu Hong smiled and said, “Regardless of who wins, this battle will be a great boon for them. With hundreds of millions of viewers, they will unleash their full strength in this one-on-one life-and-death battle. After the battle ends, they can carefully review this battle and reflect on themselves. It will be of great help to them.”

“You can only improve after learning from your mistakes,” Li Chen’an said.

Meanwhile, Li Miaomiao watched the battle carefully.


In the town, the drizzle turned into a pour.

A former world champion. The flames in Xu Jingming’s heart burned. He had fought for years to become world champion, only to retire because of his injuries.

Being world champion remained his dream!

We’ll fight to the death in this one-on-one battle. Xu Jingming’s eyes were filled with fighting spirit.

“Hahaha, Wu Sai’s weapon experience in your team is almost zero! Zhang Qian has never participated in the Martial Arts Tournament after all, so his actual combat experience is still lacking. Only you, Xu Jingming! Only you can barely be my opponent.” Gao Chong’s eyes were red—it was the result of his pumping blood and adrenaline. “However, you’re bound to lose this battle.”

“Bound to lose?” Xu Jingming looked at the man and said coldly, “You’ll know in a while why the World Martial Arts Alliance placed my spearmanship in the historical top ten and not you.”

“The essence of combat is strength and speed!” Gao Chong was furious. With that said, he took a step forward!

Gao Chong—who was wearing 300 kilograms of heavy armor and holding a huge spear—charged. The ground trembled beneath his feet, cracking with every step he took. In just a few steps, he rushed toward Xu Jingming like a charging tank.

Charge. Xu Jingming didn’t dodge and instead charged forward. In just two steps, his speed reached a level that exceeded Gao Chong’s.

After all, the burden of light body armor was much smaller. Heavenly Python Evolution also gave him an advantage in terms of speed and agility compared to Giant Bear Evolution to begin with. In addition, the Eight Extremities that he practiced from a young age was best at instantaneous outbursts. Thus, Xu Jingming was clearly faster when it came to charges.

The moment both parties came close, Xu Jingming used the momentum of his charge and instantly cleaved down. This strike was like an ax cleaving at an enemy.

Gao Chong grinned like a giant bear holding a spear and suddenly swung upward.

One cleaved down while the other swung upward! It was a head-on clash—neither of them cowered from the other!


The two spears collided, producing an explosive boom.

Cosmic Professional Gladiator

Cosmic Professional Gladiator

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