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Cosmic Professional Gladiator Volume – Chapter 255 – Taking Office (1)

Chapter 255: Taking Office (1)

Jingming was recruited by my sister; he experienced many dangers along the way. I’ll leave him in the Blood Rain Guard for a year or two to see if he’s worth placing in an important position. Fei Qing thought to himself. He was in need of powerful people.

The present Xu Jingming hadn’t proved his loyalty, and his strength remained lacking. He still needed some polishing.

“Jingming, you’ve been a guard of my Fei family,” Fei Qing said. “And I personally recommended you to the Blood Rain Guard, so everyone will treat you as one of mine. After entering the Blood Rain Guard, you have to be careful. Most importantly… you can’t embarrass me!

“I understand, sir.” Xu Jingming immediately took on a subordinative attitude.

“Go then. Prepare to take office in three days.” Fei Qing nodded slightly.


“I’ll take my leave, sir.” Xu Jingming respectfully left.

After walking out of the pavilion, Xu Jingming couldn’t hide the joy on his face. It was worth cozying up with the Fei family for the past few months.

He first waited for more than a month to join the Fei family, and he went through two months of danger! Xu Jingming was quite satisfied with the outcome after putting in so much effort—he was a captain the moment he joined the imperial capital’s Blood Rain Guard. As long as he contributed, he could become a centurion!

First-rate experts were very rare in Lanyue City! The three gangs, the Blood Rain Guard, and the hidden experts barely numbered more than ten.

However, the capital was central to Blood Rain World. All the top organizations were gathered here, including cosmic citizen players. The number of first-rate experts exceeded Lanyue City by more than a hundred times. Only super experts could be considered top experts.

According to the detailed information I gathered from the virtual world, almost all the Blood Rain Guard captains in the capital are first-rate experts. There are a total of four wings in the capital, with about 40,000 people! There are nearly 2,000 first-rate experts.

Ordinary Blood Rain Guards are mainly composed of second-rate experts. Only some special positions like clerical positions or those with powerful backgrounds are exceptions, Xu Jingming thought. Furthermore, apart from 40,000 Blood Rain Guards, there are 200,000 auxiliary guards! The auxiliary guards are typically qualified experts.

More than 200,000 qualified experts!

This is the strongest army in the capital by force. It’s also directly controlled by the empire’s highest ruler—the emperor. Xu Jingming sighed with emotion. Although this force was strong, mobilizing them required abiding by strict procedure.

It wasn’t something that anyone could easily mobilize.

If Fei Qing wanted to save someone, he had to get the south wing envoy, Wang Jiuyan, to personally lead a group of elite subordinates.

As for arranging for the Blood Rain Guards to protect his loved ones, it was a private matter! It was a huge taboo!

Even with Fei Qing’s identity, he had done all he could by sending more than 10 first-rate experts and more than 50 second-rate experts to protect his family. These experts even consisted of two top first-rate experts—Guard Lu and Guard Qiu. Together, they could match a super expert.

Xu Jingming sighed with emotion. All kinds of factions are within the capital, but the capital remains stable because of these 200,000-plus qualified experts. Even cosmic citizen players find it difficult to cause much of a stir. They are also suppressed by the Blood Rain Guard.


Two nights later.

“Lord Jing, this is your official uniform, and this is your identity token. You can take up your post at the Principales Office tomorrow.” Someone from the Fei family brought the official uniform and other items into the room. “I’ll take my leave first.”

Xu Jingming looked at the uniform on the table. It was a black uniform with some blood-colored water droplet patterns on it.

He changed into his uniform and looked a little more baneful. Then, he picked up his identity token—it was black with golden floral patterns. The color of the token indicated his identity.

On the front of the token were the words ‘B South Principales Office, Jingming.’ On the back were densely packed words.

I’m assigned to the B South Principales Office? Xu Jingming came to a realization.

“Brother Jing.” Qiu Tong—who was also wearing a uniform—walked over and smiled. “Where were you assigned?”

“I’ll be a captain at the B South Principales Office.” Xu Jingming waved the token. “What about you?”

Qiu Tong also took out her waist token. “I’ve been assigned to the Prison Bureau at the South Wing HQ. I’m only a second-rate expert, so I can only be a deputy captain at best! I heard that the captains of the Blood Rain Guard… are virtually all first-rate experts! There are only a handful of people that were made exceptions and promoted.”

“South Wing’s Prison Bureau? It’s very lucrative,” Xu Jingming praised.

“Yes, Lord Fei has indeed taken good care of me.” Qiu Tong was very satisfied.

The South Wing’s Blood Rain Guard was divided into six Principales Offices and the South Wing HQ. The six Principales each had their own jurisdiction, and the South Wing headquarters had much more authority. South Wing’s envoy, Wang Jiuyan, was in charge of matters there.

Those imprisoned in the South Wing HQ’s prison were all heavily wanted criminals! Naturally, they earned a lot.

“I came to the capital with Junior Sister Xinlan because I wanted to see the legendary magnificence of the capital. I didn’t live my life in vain. Who would’ve thought that I would become an official?” Qiu Tong smiled happily. “A deputy captain is Rank-6.”

“That’s right, an official.” Xu Jingming sighed with emotion. It was a rare experience to be an official in Blood Rain World when he wasn’t one in reality.

Being a captain, he was also a Rank-6 official.

“Let’s go and visit Brother Luo,” Xu Jingming said.

“He needs to recuperate. It’s still early for him to take office,” Qiu Tong said, “but he should’ve been issued his uniform.”

The next morning.

Xu Jingming and Qiu Tong left the Fei family together and took up their posts.

Xu Jingming wore his uniform on the inside and a cyan robe on the outside. He carried his spear holster and walked for an hour before arriving at the B South Principales Office.

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